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How To Eliminate Credit Card Debt Credit card debt can be eliminated without paying a dime if you now

the truth n ecessary to free yourself from the deceptions that indoctrinate you to believe y ou are in debt when ban ers cannot prove a money loss (debt). The first thing you need to now is that ban s loan by creating credit. with a b oo eeping entry. Ban ers create the means of payment for your transactions out of nothing according to Ralph Hawtrey, a member of the British Treasury. Ban e rs cannot prove a money loss (debt ) because they use ban credit for money when it is not money. The second thing you need to now is that if you settle for 50% of a credit acco unt debt, the rest will be reported to the IRS as income and you will have to pa y taxes on it. So don't fall for scams that offer to reduce your debt. They bu y the account from ban ers at 10% to 30% on the dollar and collect the balance from you, leaving you with a tax debt and payments to them. The third thing you need to now is The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prov ides that if you dispute the debt, they must stop collection activities until t hey prove the debt, (money loss) which they cannot.. The fourth thing you need to now is The Fair Debt Reporting Act ma es it unlawf ul for Ban ers and Collection Agencies to report disputed debts on your credit report until they are proved. The fifth thing you need to now is The Credit Card Accountability Responsibilit y and Disclosure Act, ma es it unlawful to charge interest on interest (double c ycle billing) or raise your interest rate if you have late payments on any othe r ban loan (universal default). The sixth thing you need to now is that the Courts have ruled it is unlawful fo r a ban to loan its credit and contracts made for ban -credit loans cannot law fully be made or enforced by either party. Get a free credit report with The Annual Credit Report Request Form at http://w and send a letter to t he addresses of all the reporting companies, disputing the debts and informing them of the six things you now that establishes your legal position. Send a letter to the Credit Reporting Companies listing the alleged debts you ha ve disputed and demand they be removed from the report until proved or the credi t reporting company will be in violation of the Fair Debt Reporting Act and subj ect to suit. Now read what the courts have ruled which proves it is unlawful to loan ban cre dit or ma e a contract for a ban credit loan which ban ers are violating with t he help of the ban er-owned Federal Reserve and a bought and paid for congressio nal majority which violated the will of their constituents by giving ban ers bil lions of taxpayer "stimulus" money so they can continue their unlawful scams. The Court warned that loaning ban credit would allow ban s to ma e a great deal more than lawful interest and The Power Would Be The Mother Of Panics". In Amer ican Express Company Co. V. Citizen's State Ban 194 Nw 427 Neither, As Included In The Powers Or Incidental To Them, Is It A Part Of A Ban 's Business To Lend Its Credit. If A Ban Could Lend Its Credit As Well As Its Money , *It Might Ma e A Great Deal More Than Lawful Interest On Its Money Would Amount To. If Not Ca reful, The Power Would Be The Mother Of Panics. The Court has made it clear that ban -corporation powers are limited by law and ban ers are presumed to now the law and are charged with the notice on the limi tations of powers of a corporation fixed thereby. In First National Ban Of Tall apoosa V. Monroe 69 S.E.1123; "Corporations Are Creatures Of The Law, And Their Powers Are Limited. Every Person Is Presumed To Know The Law, And Is Charged Wit h The Notice On The Limitations Of Powers Of A Corporation Fixed Thereby." Ban ers are ma ing unlawful loans of ban credit they create out of nothing with a boo eeping entry and use as a means of payment, for which ban ers collect pr incipal, interest and fees. Ralph Hawtry, secretary of the British Treasury, sta tes: "Ban s loan by creating credit. They create the means of payment out of not hing. This has caused The Mother Of Panics predicted by the Court. Ban ers ban -

credit loans are unlawful. Ban ers credit-loan contracts are illegal and cannnot be legally enforced! A credit agreement (contract) cannot be lawfully made, is not binding and canno t be enforced. The Court has ruled that it is beyond controversy that ban s coul d not loan their credit (a violation of basic principles of ban s and ban ing), but could only loan their money! In Howard & Foster Co. V. Citizen's Nat. Ban O f Union ,133 S.C. 202, 130 S. E. 750 , It Was Said: "It Has Been Settled Beyond Controversy That A National Ban , Under Federal Law, Being Limited In Its Power And Capacity, Cannot Lend Its Credit *All Such Contracts Entered Into By Its Off icers, Are Ultra Vires And Are Not Binding As Such *It Is Not Necessary To Buttr ess It With Elaborate Citations .*Ban s Are Not Eleemosynary Institutions. They May Lend Their Money But Not Their Credit." In Norton Grocery Co. V. People's National Ban , 144 Se 501 "The Objection To Th e Contract , Is Not Merely That The Corporation Aught Not To Have Made It , But That It Could Not Ma e It. The Contract Cannot Be Ratified By Either Party , Bec ause It Could Not Have Authorized By Either. No Performance On Either Side Can G ive The Unlawful Contract Any Validity, Or Be The Foundation Of Any Action Upon It. *When The Contract Is Beyond The Powers Conferred Upon It By Existing Laws, Neither The Corporation, Nor The Other Party To The Contract , Can Be Estopped , By Assenting To It , Or By Action Upon It, To Show That It Was Prohibited By Th ese Laws." Ban ers own the Federal Reserve which allows ban s to deceive you and collect mo ney when ban ers have not paid money for your credit card transactions, which th ey pay with ban credit created from nothing on a fractional reserve basis. The ban er-owned Federal Reserve (not part of the U.S, government) has set up an illegal fractional reserve system for creating money (counterfeit) out of nothi ng. The Federal Reserve's Modern Money Management illegally authorizes ban ers t o create 90 thousand dollars of ban credit for every $10,000 they have in reser ve (deposits, savings accounts, retirement 401Ks, loan payments and the promisso ry notes (obtained for mortgages, which are loans of ban credit). Since ban ers are only required to provide 10% ($10,000) for each $100,000 they use to pay for ban -loan payments to sellers of goods and services, they can col lect loan fees and a few loan payments, bundle up mortgages and credit card acco unts and sell them to secondary mar ets for 10 cents on the dollar, resulting in a nice ban er profit. If ban -credit loans default before they are sold, they a re charged off as bad-debt losses to reduce income taxes and stoc -owner payment s. This is tax fraud and stoc fraud, as unpaid ban -credit-account balances (ba n ers create from nothing with a boo eeping entry and use as a means of payment ) are not ban er-money losses! The more ban -credit loans a ban er can process and sell to secondary mar ets, t he greater the ban er profit. Ban ers go all out to obtain credit card accounts and subprime mortgages (credit ris s) so to maximize ban er unjust enrichment wi th money paid ban ers for ban credit (something for nothing) counterfeiting act ivity. Manufacturing credit cards and credit-card-account chec s to be used as money wh en they are not money is the legal definition of the ban ers' counterfeiting RIC O activity that ma es criminal, loan-shar operations pale in comparison. Ban ers secondary mar ets became overloaded with defaulted toxic credit-loan acc ount assignments for which they paid money (10% on the dollar). They were threat ened with ban ruptcy and could not buy any more ban er toxic accounts. Ban ers, in turn, (with no secondary mar et) shut down credit availability, which caused the stoc -mar et Mother of Panics as the Court had predicted. Wells Fargo Ban actually formed a subprime unit to accumulate and resell toxic accounts that threatened secondary mar ets with ban ruptcy and then collected $2 5 Billion of taxpayer money from a bailout bill as a "stimulus" to allow them to continue destroying the economy. This was revealed in a TV interview of a Well Fargo employee who quit when she discovered the plan. If a ban -credit loan account balance (created from nothing) debt is disputed, t he Ban must prove a debt (money loss) before resuming any collection activity o r be in violation of The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Dispute the debt. T

Darrell G. Miller

he Ban cannot prove a money loss (debt). The Ban has transferred no funds, whi ch is legally defined as the transfer of money. The Ban transferred ban credit (which is not money) as a means of payment (passing counterfeit money). Further more the ban cannnot prove an enforceable contract (unlawful for a ban credit loan) nor has the ban paid any consideration (required for a binding contract). During the second quarter of 2010 the national credit card debt that was charged -off was a whopping $21,827,510,600, 35 % of which ban ers can claim as a bad-d ebt loss, saving over 7,63 Billion of income taxes with a debt (money loss) they cannot prove. This is tax fraud, The ban cannot lawfully sell a ban -credit account Assignment (which by legal d efinition must have value or potential value) to a secondary mar et (collection agency) if it is a ban -credit account with no provable value. The collection ag ency cannot legally act on an Assignment that does not qualify as a legal Assign ment, ma ing all collection activitiy doubly unlawful when the debt is disputed. Meanwhile, bac to the Mother of Panics caused by ban ers-stopping ban -credit l oans because they were ban rupting the secondary mar ets by selling them toxic ( uncollectible) ban -credit-loan accounts. What solution did ban er-controlled fa lse representatives in congress purpose? Use hundreds of billions of taxpayer mo ney to bailout the ban s and their secondary mar ets. Bailout became Stimulus as you bailout accused criminals and stimulate the economy by giving criminal ban ers more money to continue doing what causes continual inflation and has caused the Mother of Panics with millions of continuing job losses. There was sufficient constituent opposition to stop the first bailout bill, but the next attempt was passed when 401K retirement funds were threatened, FICA lim its were raised to $250,000, and congressman were given 150 Billion in earmar s over and above the taxpayer bailout gifts to ban ers. The laborers who produce goods and services for ban ers and others (who produce no goods and services) hold multiple jobs to survive steady inflationary decreas e of the value of wages, savings and investments. They do not realize their ban -credit loans and credit card purchases are enabling ban ers to literally steal the goods and services they produce. Ban ers pay sellers with ban credit (which gives sellers purchasing power in th e amount of the purchase with counterfeit money) and the buyer pays ban ers the amount of the purchase (plus interest and fees). Ban ers do not produce the good s purchased but get paid the amount of the purchase, allowing the seller and ban er to both get the amount of the purchase. This doubles the money supply witho ut doubling the available goods to purchase, causing ongoing inflation. If one realizes that every credit card purchase and every purchase with ban -cre dit loans doubles the money supply, day by day and year by year, they will reali ze they are being played the ban er's fool by buying anything with ban credit c ards or ban -credit loans. Essentially the ban s are getting people to pass thei r counterfeit money and destroy the value of their income and savings with infla tion. Easy credit card debt becomes a final means of economic survival and results in home and property repossessions to satisfy unpaid ban er debts that cannot be pr oved, if disputed. It is ban credit the ban er-owned Federal Reserve uses to bu y U.S. Treasury bonds (increasing taxpayer debt) for the bailout money paid to C hase Manhattan Ban (one of the owners of the Federal Reserve). U.S. taxpayers b orrow money (with interest) from Chase Manhattan Ban to give it bac . What a jo e!