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24 March 2012 (Saturday) 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Feature Concert

Kel Watson Theatre, Forest Hill College, Mahoneys Road, Burwood East Vic 3151, Melway Ref: (62 C5)

stood at a juncture where two roads diverged .. before the onus to nurture her music fell upon Vidwan Sri. it’s no surprise that Sudha won the award . Sudha is a top ranking artiste of the All India Radio and the Doordharshan besides being the artiste in demand by leading recording companies like AVM. Her creative expression in Carnatic music has no par. with a touch of nostalgia. versatile and highly talented individual.” Sudha. and following her Guru’s demise. M. Sudha’s rise was phenomenal.” From 1990. With her crystal clear and almost divine some sense it also reflected how she was in life as well.“Padmasri” Sudha Ragunathan Sudha Ragunathan’s foundation in the world of music was laid at a very young age and it was her mother Smt Choodamani who groomed her. INRECO. Vasanthakumari (affectionately known as MLV).A. Of MLV. Sudha won a Central Government scholarship that gave her the opportunity to come under the wings of this master of a great parampara. Sudha initially wanted to become a doctor but the thought of performing dissections so repelled her that she gave up the idea.there was “something” that was needed to push her onto the road less travelled by. . Sudha is a top ranking artiste for Prasar Bharati.. From this point on. vividly recalls how while singing an Ashtapathi in Ragamalika.Outstanding Student of Ethiraj College . She was the Treasurer and later the Vice President of the Students Union and won the prestigious “Service to the College” medal. B. V. Music had now taken centre stage but for Sudha it would not be at the cost of her academics. She holds an M. Spontaneously. Sudha reached out to the discerning music lovers across the world widening musical communications across the cultural borders. in Economics. she has been considered as MLV’s vaarisu. there was no turning back. Sudha often said “Music was only one of the few things she taught me. L. Today Sudha Ragunathan is known for her beautiful vocal tapestries soaring solos and unusual timbres. a bridge to the rich South Indian cultural heritage. Lakshman. Enter Padmavibhushan Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr. there would come a sangathi in Yaman Kalyani at a higher octave. an achievement which for a long time remained unmatched.for three years in succession. She taught me how to live life to its fullest. a doyen of Carnatic Music. Sudha had the golden opportunity to provide vocal support to MLV for about a decade. She proved her prowess both in academics and in music and now. VANI and AMUTHAM. hailed by many as a musical genius. MLV would stop and allow Sudha to take over. “She was such a generous person on stage…... Chennai and performs at important events of All India Radio and Doordarshan. Being such a vivacious. Her music is known to flow straight from the heart dripping with CMC . In 1977.

The Rotary Club of Madras presented the “Award of Excellence” to her on 19th July 2004 honouring her talent and outstanding accomplishments. In 1993. “Isai Peroli” and VST Award for excellence from Karthik Fine Arts. The Southern India Cinematographers Association announced Smt Sudha Ragunathan as the Best Female Playback Singer in Tamil for the movie “IVAN” and awarded the SICA Awards for her achievement. Denmark. the highest award conferred by the Tamilnadu Government (India) to outstanding artistes. and as a mark of personal distinction in the propagation of Carnatic Music on 15th December 2003 by the Margazhi Mahotsavam at Chennai. Belgium and Sri Lanka. by the Rotary Club of Madras to coincide with the 75th year “Charter Day” celebrations on 19th July 2004. “Sangeeta Saraswathi” from The Mahasannidanam of Sringeri. Please register your interest in any of the above with one of the CMC volunteers. Sudha has the exceptional honour of being the first Indian and only Asian to have performed at the International Festival ECHTERNACH at Luxemborg. The Middle East. Luxemborg. Singapore. the ease with which she breezes through the “kalpana swaras”. she received the “Padma Sri” from the President of India. AWARDS • On 26th January 2004. Australia. “Bharat Jyothi” in 1998 from The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Best Carnatic Vocalist on 19th August 2005. Sweden. • • • • • • • • • • • • • Are you interested in contributing to CMC’s community service mission? You can do so by making voluntary donations to CMC’s activities. The Netherlands. Hong Kong. she received “Kalaimamani”. Sudha was the recipient of 2003 “WISDOM Star of India” award and the title of “SANGEETA RATNA” for her exemplary service to promote music worldwide. . • • Sudha Ragunathan was conferred the title “ARJUNA” for achievements as a performer. Chennai. A. Sudha Ragunathan had the honour of being named a PAUL HARRIS FELLOW in appreciation of her tangible and significant contribution to the society. Her authentic renditions of “krithis” and refined elaborations of “ragas”. Call it her “Guru Dakshina” to her mentor.classical divinity. Indonesia. “Sangeetha Kala Sarathy” from Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha. Vasantha Kumari. Switzerland. Canada. Representing this form. Sudha is one of the few Indians to have enthralled packed audiences at International Music Festivals and Concerts held in the U. Chennai. As the voice and soul of Carnatic Music. The title “ISAI ARASI” was conferred on Sudha by Sri Ram Samaj. Sudha has contributed immensely to the increasing acceptance and awareness for music in its purest form. L. It was given by the magazine WISDOM on 13th December 2003. Finland. On 30th June 2004. France. Chennai from His Holiness Shri Jayendra Saraswathi of Kanchi Mutt. South Africa. “Bharatha Sangeetha Bhusana” from Sri Bharatalaya. Chennai. Chennai. contributing your time to a community cause. A certificate and gold coin was awarded to Sangeetha Vidwamsini Sudha Ragunathan for lifetime contribution to the propagation classical music on the occasion of the Peetarohana Swarna Jayanthi Mahotsav celebrations of His Holiness Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal on 20th January 2004 at Chennai. “Sangeetha Choodamani” in 1997 from Sri Krishna Gana Sabha.. New York. the Government of India announced the “Padma Sri” award to be given to Sudha Ragunathan in the field of Carnatic Music for 2004. Germany. “Gana Kuyil” from Valmiki Manram. J. This was the first time that Carnatic Music was represented as a music form. her command over the octaves and her supremely sure stage presence combined with unstated humility has given her an enviable preeminence in the world of Carnatic Music. Dr. • Sudha was the proud recipient of VIRTUOSO AWARDS 2005. Malaysia. UK.S. Sudha was also the first Indian vocal artiste to perform at the prestigious Sfinks Festival held at Antwerp in July 2002. Abdul Kalam. Chennai on 23rd April 2004. Phillipines. M. New Zealand. and by attending and supporting CMC events. P. KALASAGARAM Secunderabad conferred on Sudha the title of “Sangeetha Kalasagram” on 29th November 2003.

He has won several prizes and awards from various sabhas in Madras. Become a CMC Member and support the cause. Balamuralikrishna. His playing style is characterized by melodic richness.. As a young artiste he received the appreciation of the President of India for accompanying the celebrated musical genius. Sri T. Sri Sangeetham Meerasahib and became the disciple of the violin maestro Sangeetha Kalanidhi Sri T. clarity at higher tempos and a keen sense of anticipation which all together provides a complementary percussion support that enhances the performance of the main artist and takes the concert to great heights.N. Narayanawamy. Sudarsana Rao. Later he received invaluable guidance and concert experience from Dr. Sri K. CMC offers family membership packages that are economical and provide substantial discounts. Maldives. M. Sri T.L. Sri U. Dr. Sri Sanjay Subramanian.M. Germany. Sri Lanka. Dr N.B. Canada.Yesudas. etc. balanced use of the left and right sides. Krishnan. For more details contact one of the volunteers. Sri K. including. India he keeps trotting around the globe as dictated by his professional commitments for performance and teaching. Mauritius and the Middle Eastern countries. Vaidyanathan blossomed into a full-fledged mridangist with a capacity to accompany all the leading musicians. His artistry grew under the tutelage of Mridangam maestro Shri Karaikudi Mani. Smt M. In 2004.V. He has so far accompanied prominent artists for more than 100 cassettes and CD recordings including live concerts and jugalbandhies. Born in a family of percussionists. Sri T.K. Sri Maharajapuram Santhanam. Gopalakrishnan. Smt Nityasree Mahadevan. Pattamal.C. Sri Ravikiran. His natural sense of rhythm and affinity with the instrument enabled him to perform in concerts even as he was learning. He has participated in the prestigious Bharat Cultural Integration Committee's (BCIC) music festivals organised all over India. Sri Unni Krishnan. Under Shri Mani's guidance.C. technical dexterity. . He was initiated into the niceties of music at an early age of five by his father B. Ramani. Balamuralikrishna.Balamuralikrishna and Sri Bhimsen Joshi for a memorable Jugalbandi at Bangalore. Though Vaidyanathan is based in Chennai. Smt D. he teamed up with Dr. Sankaranarayanan. He had his early training under his grandfather Shri Thiruvarur Kunju Iyer and his uncle Shri Thiruvarur Nagarajan. Sri M.J. Raghavendra Rao has performed internationally and has participated in numerous music festivals of I.A.V. Smt Sudha Ragunathan.. and the prestigious 'Festival of India' programmes. V.S.R. France.Srinivas.Krishna. the U.S. Smt Bombay Jayashri. Vasanthakumari. He has widely traveled all over the world.N.Krishnan. Smt Aruna Sairam. He has accompanied music doyens viz. Attracted by the lure of classical music from his childhood. Tiruvarur Vaidyanathan was initiated into the divine art of mrdangam at the age of 6. Raghavendra Rao Tiruvarur Vaidyanathan Raghavendra Rao hails from a distinguished family of musicians. he trained rigorously on the violin for several years under Guru Shri Balan.

which. They don different hats and explore different avenues. So how can I even imagine that I have achieved everything? In that context. Chandrahasitam.. Tunes have become rather very simple. there can be a change in approach to the repertoire or the presentation. This is a welcome change in mind sets. Shivashakti. felt and acknowledged by everyone – that is when the award is truly deserved. jamming.. playback singing. CS: Interaction between Carnatic music and film music: there used to be a relationship before. there has definitely been a visible change in Indian film music. and their regular profession and aspire further. on a macro level. Because of their talent they are able to juggle between academics. that brings with it a certain amount of responsibility. However. I feel it’s a little inappropriate for me to even think of it this way. Sumukham. it also throws up a host of challenges that the younger generation is quite capable of overcoming. MLV. and audiences are also opening up to the idea of experimentations. They are courageous enough to take a decision about making music their profession. music. What are your views on this subject? New ragas were already introduced by GNB – Amrutabehag. I consistently keep striving to achieve that recognition. What is it that you would yet like to achieve. I constantly question myself . It is not very surprising that the newer generation is trying out new ragas. has meant greater reach and topping of charts! The change is obvious – the music of yesteryears and today’s music are like two different genres. Expectations from the audience have changed. creating merchandise related to music and conceptualizing different and novel ways of promoting the art form. film music has songs that meander between ragas. Today. . you are feted everywhere you go. What actually matters is the manner and proportion of presentation. The importance of rhythm is kind of fading slowly. Our stalwarts had introduced the gana ragas.Interview with Smt Sudha Raghunathan Chitra Sudarshan’s Interview with Smt Sudha Raghunathan for Keertana Magazine CS: You have won so many awards. Has Indian film music lost that connection now and gone more Western? Yes. your Samudhaya foundation has raised lakhs of rupees for various causes. climbed the peak of your career. Samakadambari. and is also working on other aspects associated with music. There are still so many causes to work for and so many out there who require support and a helping hand.. there was a lot of doubts and trepidation associated with choosing music as a career – especially as a way of earning one’s living. CS: One hears of the new generation trying out new ragams. While it brings in more money to the table. the youngsters know what they want and are very clear about the choices they make. Kadanakuthuhalam. Why are they so important in a concert? – it has rakti. Thyagaraja Bhagavatar. Lavangi. of course. During our times. and Trichy Loganathan were all formal kritis with a particular raaga confined within the norms of the Carnatic framework. On a micro level. Sarangatarangini Malavi. there can never be a radical change as it has its own traditional format that has been set by doyens like Shri Ariyakkudi Ramanujam Iyengar. It’s not just about winning awards but the recognition that comes with it. CS: What are your views on the new crop of Carnatic musicians? Are they different in any way to the previous generation? Are tastes changing in Carnatic music and is the new generation of musicians trying to cater to a new audience? The upcoming group is very bold. they are racy. But now. The previous generation was very conservative about music and restricted itself to only singing. bhakti and majesty that truly embellish a concert CS: Is the Concert format changing? Do you think it is for the better? As far as Carnatic music is concerned. But today’s generation has diverse interests. adventurous and an immensely talented lot. such as opening e-stores for music. should be seen.‘’Why does one think I deserve this?” My contribution should be visible. The preference now is towards thematic presentations. Shri Balamurali Krishna’s Mahati.. Music today can be a breadwinning profession. there can never be a radical shift in the format of Carnatic music and innovations can be introduced only up to a point. and have conversations in between with simple melodies.that you would like to do? There is so much more to achieve and I think I have just come a quarter of the way! There is so much to do in every area. Chayaranjani. What was sung earlier by MS.

. It is satisfying to see the children attracted to classical music in which they are doing extensive work and research – and for them to be found suitable and given an opportunity to participate in these programmes.... 3151 Charles Walker....... But I am not really sure if it will stand test of time and will actually help propagate good music! Remains to be seen.. she also yearns to listen to the older genres....... CS: What are your views on the TV shows and competitions in classical music? Is it one way of reaching a wider audience? Yes. it has generated a lot of interest in music in the younger generation. My vote is certainly for the earlier era of the MS... Yet you have managed to stay trim – and much sought after for sari and jewellery modelling still! How do you do it? Well..There is a feeling that the single raaga format gets too heavy for the audience.. it’s no secret...It’s just a way of life! Acknowledgement Venue Audio Artiste Hosting Nicky Edwards and the staff at Kel Watson Theatre........... Conscious of what I eat......... it’s all about self discipline and my Guru’s blessings...... what worries me is the disappointment that sets in when one does not win...9887 4232 Shoba . what happens after they win? How many of them actually pursue it as a profession? Or is it just that it was pursued as a hobby and winning was all that mattered? But yes... They learn a lot of techniques.... are asked to present in different genres and it gets more intense as the episodes progress.. She would always say that when you are on stage......... If I were to go by her responses............ Imperial Audio Subhadra and Sankaran Ramesh Family Sunitha and Shankar Raman Family Shoba and Ramnath Iyer Family Oviam Creations Design Concert Arrangement Anu and Krishnan Family Arundathi and Sriram Family Chitra and Soundarajan Iyer Family Chitra and Sudarshan Family Mythili and Naga Nagasundaram Family Prabha and Shankar Family Shoba and Ramnath Iyer Family Subhadra and Sankaran Ramesh Family Sunitha and Shankar Raman Family Jayasree and Vasu Srinivasan Family Yogam and Ramanan Family CMC wishes to acknowledge the assistance provided by all music schools of Melbourne in the publicity of this concert.. The most important thing is.... There must be both an aural and a visual appeal! I pack as much in a day and practise as much.......... you are the mother of adult children with a very busy life – both in terms of career and social commitment. I am sure the music of yester years will make a comeback... MLV music...... and to such light music that one can immediately sing along. Today’s trend is light and spirited... it is indeed a way of reaching a wider audience. All channels compete with one another....... in sheer dejection..9800 4612 Vasu ... and move on..... Burwood East Vic..9802 8779 ....... It could all change another 5 years down the line...... give up music – for all one knows...... there is conceptualization of new themes catering to the emerging interests of the younger generation.......... Forest Hill College.. At the same time......... there are at times sporadic creations of melodious and soulful music..... However.. Mahoneys Road. some. Contacts Anu ...9886 8406 Soundar . garnered great viewership.8806 1625 Ramesh ... My own daughter listens to a lot of Western music. At the same time........... While some are mentally equipped to handle losing in such competitions.. is indeed good. in today’s film music. looking at it as a wider canvas....... making time for workouts and ensuring that I am healthy and happy within.. CS: You travel a lot and have a hectic schedule: how do you avoid burn out? It may sound a bit flippant – however.... they could have done brilliantly otherwise........ that will reflect on my external being. it’s not only about singing but also about how you present yourself...

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