Behind every cloud is a silver lining. Amidst the crisis, SPRING saw an opportunity for SMEs to build new capabilities and ready themselves for the recovery. With capability programmes to help boost service standards, develop technological innovations, groom business leaders and more, SPRING helped some 3,000 SMEs gain access to new markets, upgrade their capabilities and strengthen their market positions.



38// .CUSTOMER-CENTRIC INITIATIVE Under the GEMS Up movement. Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA). It aims to boost Singapore’s service quality to world class standards. the multi-agency CustomerCentric I n i t i a t i v e ( C C I ) l e d b y S P R I N G . Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF). N a t i o n a l Tr a des Union Congress (NTUC). focuses on promoting service excellence and helping companies raise their service standards.

Regular customer service training sessions and monetary incentives were added for their workforce to improve customer service. in an effort to revitalize the business by redesigning their business processes to improve customer service. to reduce waste and cost. The effects of Han’s new changes are impossible to miss – by 2009.“It is equally important that we raise customer service quality besides enhancing food quality. With such dramatic results. Han’s Group of Companies Facing a grim outlook in 2007 with a 1:10 compliment to complaint ratio and losses at over half of the outlets. Han’s Group of Companies 39// . and increase productivity. staff capability and operational efficiency.” – Mr Han Chin Fook.5. the compliment to complaint ratio went from 1:10 to 1:1. Han’s has proven that adopting a customer-centric approach can turn even the direst situations around. as they implemented the 5S Workplace Management. Managing Director. net profit increased by 387% and the percentage of profitable outlets jumped from 50% to 96%. Han’s decided to embark on the Customer-Centric Initiative (CCI). 5S Workplace Management improves the accuracy and efficiency of workplace and workflow practices. A Japanese philosophy.

40// . BrandPact offers training. incentives and online resources to companies. Through partnerships with business associations and brand experts. allowing them to increase margins and break into new markets.BRANDPACT BrandPact is a joint initiative by SPRING and IE Singapore to help companies gain business competitiveness via an effective branding strategy. brand assessment and consultancy. Companies will learn to differentiate their products and services from their competitors.

Air Division quickly gained worldwide exposure. Mexico.“We knew we needed a stronger brand for the company. Scandinavia. Luxembourg and Denmark. Air Division Pte Ltd 41// .000 jobs.” – Mr Christopher Soh. set up by five friends who had a joint vision to bring welldesigned furniture to Singapore. Air Division is poised to become Singapore’s very own success story. Having developed four in-house brands in collaboration with SPRING’s BrandPact initiative. Marketing Manager. Air Division started out as a small outlet in Novena Square in 1999. even making their way into top of the line furniture companies such as France’s Ligne Roset. With fresh. attracting clients from the United States. the local furniture industry plays a significant role in Singapore’s economic well-being – that is why SPRING is working closely with the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) to develop and grow the local furniture design scene. Air Division Pte Ltd With $700 million worth of value added every year and providing more than 13. Germany. Morocco. as creating a compelling impression in the mind of the customer is crucial to the furniture buying process. And one such company to benefit from their partnership is Air Division. new products released every six months and an expanding international client base.

a business excellence consultant will work with the company for 2-3 months to develop a roadmap to build their business capabilities.SME MANAGEMENT ACTION FOR RESULTS SME Management Action for Results (SMART) is an initiative that provides SMEs with consultancy advice and funding support to develop management systems and processes. Under the SMART initiative. 42// . SPRING will also fund 70% of the qualifying cost of consultancy for the participating SME.

most Chinese businessmen do not believe in advertising. SPRING sent a business excellence consultant to help Kaden effectively communicate and explain the many changes to his director. raising their competitiveness and improving their business.“I had many ideas but had difficulty communicating them. while working with Excel Hardware’s management team to plot a roadmap to prioritise management development.” – Mr Kaden Choa. Excel Hardware has since then begun engaging in advertising and marketing activities. Not all. They also do not believe in marketing. Western companies would normally invest in R&D and marketing. “For example. Operations Manager. Having modernised their management capabilities and internal processes. but not the traditional Chinese companies.” Perceived as young and inexperienced. 43// Excel Hardware Pte Ltd . his father’s furniture parts wholesale distribution company. Excel Hardware is now solidifying their foothold in the local market and already have their sights set on venturing overseas. Excel Hardware Pte Ltd Fresh out of university. Built on traditional Chinese business models. being stopped at every step of the way – that was when he turned to SPRING Singapore’s SME Management Action for Results (SMART) initiative. Kaden Choa had big plans to modernise Excel Hardware. Excel Hardware had various drawbacks that Kaden realised had to go. The consultant from SMART was able to serve as a bridge for communication. but most. Kaden found it a challenge to communicate to and convince the company’s key decision makers to implement the changes and ideas he proposed.

enterprises can implement the recommendations and strategies identified at Phase 1 to produce tangible results for their businesses. enterprises are guided by external Design Facilitators to learn and acquire design thinking principles and tools applicable to their business over a period of 1-3 months. At Phase 2. 44// . At Phase 1.DESIGN ENGAGE Design Engage is part of a $12 million national initiative aimed at helping local enterprises build strategic design thinking capabilities.

This new understanding about their customers was further brought to life by developing Personas – representations of their target consumers to help the company and designers stay on track and draw new inspirations from.“We have always been interested in design. increasing market saturation and low-cost imitation designs from China began to flood the market. the Sales & Marketing Manager of Ah Nam Optical. Ah Nam Optical has enjoyed success bringing both imported European brands as well as their own in-house designs to the market for years. opening new markets and delivering what their consumers need. With a much clearer picture of design thinking as a human-centric approach to business and a stronger design strategy in place. Everyone. observing people as they went about their daily lives and bringing the observations back as inputs to the design process. but had always thought of it in terms of product design. Ah Nam Optical is now confident of embarking into new business areas. Ah Nam Optical Corporation Pte Ltd A well-established distributor of designer eyewear. not just the designers acquired the mindset and skills to take on the role of “designer”. decided to embark on the Design Engage programme. Ah Nam Optical Corporation Pte Ltd 45// . slowly eroding their market share. However. Sales & Marketing Manager. The company was able to uncover new insights about people which presented new business opportunities for them. A point of difference was needed to give Ah Nam Optical the competitive edge it needed to survive. Ms Chia.” – Ms Chia Geok Lian.

locating experts in the field for research and development. A range of co-funding and support schemes are also available to ensure SMEs have the financial resources to complete the project.TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION PROGRAMME The Technology Innovation Programme (TIP) encourages the development of technological innovation by providing support and resources. and sourcing for information. advice or potential new business partners. 46// . SPRING offers assistance for finding the right technological platforms.

Delta Optics has over 70 customers.“We are the first and so far the only company in the world which can cut steel directly using diamond. Technical Director. Today. Delta Optics Technologies Pte Ltd 47// . Delta Optics had a definite competitive advantage in the industry.” – Dr Liu Xiang Dong. resulting in optical inserts with four times the lifespan. A vast improvement over existing steel-cutting technology. with plans to develop its own products and designs for optical devices used in entertainment applications and LED lighting. which slashed pre-production leadtime from four months to one. improves quality and reduces production time. so Mr Lee and Dr Liu. they created a “pre-process compensation technology”. two-thirds of which are from the US. co-founders of Delta Optics. and quickly turned a profit within its first year of operations. Tapping on SPRING’s Technology Innovation Programme (TIP). Delta Optics Technologies Pte Ltd A company specialising in hardened steel cutting. Having established themselves in the industry. Europe and China. But these advancements were not enough to convince the larger players who had already invested in their own conventional steel cutting facilities to switch to Delta Optics’ technology. Delta Optics Technologies is the first in the industry to utilise a mono-crystal diamond tool to cut steel directly. decided to refine the technology again. Delta Optics now has its sights set on the future. This technology cuts costs.

financial management. human resource. Managers.BUSINESS ADVISORS PROGRAMME The Business Advisors Programme (BAP) launched last year attaches experienced Professionals. 48// . Executives and Technicians (PMETs) to serve as business advisors to assist SMEs in strategic planning. market expansion and information technology. business development.

along with cost-sharing support from SPRING. Managers. At the same time. knowledge and discipline. Greenpac has been charting continuous growth since its inception in 2002. Greenpac (S) Pte Ltd A knowledge-based company that designs customised. The BAP has become a key driver in propelling the company towards global growth. the company decided to engage professionals with financial and operational know-how to support its global expansion plans. costeffective and environmentally-friendly packaging solutions. Executives and Technicians (PMETs) from multiple industries. PMETs are contributing towards the building of Singapore enterprises. The BAP has allowed Greenpac to access the expertise of these professionals without incurring the high cost of engaging expert consultants. Through SPRING’s Business Advisors Programme (BAP). With access to a pool of highly experienced Professionals. Greenpac (S) Pte Ltd 49// .” – Ms Susan Chong. Greenpac has gained from the experience. who are experienced professionals in their respective fields. The BAP has paved the way for Greenpac to gain access to much-needed expertise. Greenpac also believes that the programme is a win-win situation for both PMETs and SMEs. CEO.“Greenpac recognises that SMEs stand to benefit greatly from the sharing of knowledge by PMETs.

EXECUTIVE TRAINING PROGRAMME Launched last year. Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Singapore Management University (SMU) with growth-oriented SMEs. the Executive Training Programme (ETP) helps SMEs build a pipeline of potential business leaders by linking talented undergraduates from the National University of Singapore (NUS). 50// .

Besides gaining insights from the young generation. Alliance now look forward to achieving more milestones with the young members on the team. Through SPRING’s Executive Training Programme. Alliance Healthcare Group Pte Ltd 51// . Alliance Healthcare Group Pte Ltd Set up by a group of general practitioners with a shared passion for family medicine. both medical and corporate.“One of the greatest challenges we face is recruiting staff.” – Dr Barry Thng. Alliance provided the guidance and opportunities for their young colleagues to begin their journey into the corporate world. Alliance Healthcare Group took the opportunity to welcome fresh graduates to their team. Recognising the importance of tapping into the creative minds of the young generation for fresh ideas. Alliance Healthcare Group developed the electronic Health Management System – the centerpiece of their plan to expand into disease management and prevention. To expand on the potential of utilising IT as a means of improving healthcare delivery. Chief Executive. Alliance Healthcare Group has since grown into an extensive network of healthcare services.

It comprises three main components – the Advanced Management Programme (AMP) which trains business owners. the Management Development Scholarship (MDS) which co-sponsors MBA programmes for promising young executives. and the Executive Development Scholarship (EDS) which sponsors the studies and work attachments for local undergraduates who are passionate about entrepreneurship or working for SMEs. the Business Leaders Initiative (BLI) focuses on enhancing management capacity both at the top and middle levels as well as building a pipeline of future leaders.BUSINESS LEADERS INITIATIVE Targeting leadership development. CEOs and senior executives. 52// .

Jayaraman is set on achieving a 100% growth this year. The EMBA course helps you understand yourself because there. Jayaraman changed Micro United Network’s negotiation process. Technical Director and Owner. Micro United Network Pte Ltd 53// . Hence.3 million deal with an MNC. Applying what he learnt from the course. and their expectations. you are among equals. The EMBA course modules also taught him how to avoid negative management and leadership styles. their requirements. improve cost efficiency through documentation and better loan practices. Jayaraman joined the APEX EMBA at the National University of Singapore through SPRING’s Advanced Management Programme (AMP). sharing one another’s experiences. Jayaraman wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how multinational corporations think – their procedures. The results were instantaneous – Micro United Network achieved 40% growth last year. and how to negotiate with MNCs. riding on the back of a freshly sealed US$1. Jayaraman mingled with SME and MNC business leaders. Micro United Network Pte Ltd As the CEO of an SME that frequently deals with MNCs. nobody will come up to you and tell you that your methods are wrong. Over the course of 17 months.“As a boss.” – Dr Sathish K Jayaraman. and.

Mr Lim Poh Hiang General Manager.Ms Jamie Woon Geok Peng Regional Marketing Manager. Sky Garden. Thong Yong International Pte Ltd Photo was taken at Fusionopolis Connexis South. CordLife Pte Ltd 5.Ms Gladys Wee Business Development Manager. CordLife Pte Ltd 2.Mr Simon Lee Moh Ming Corporate Development Director.Mr Steven Fang Group CEO. CordLife Pte Ltd 6. Biz Development. Capstone Construction Pte Ltd 4. Stone Forest AccountServe Pte Ltd 9.Mr Alvin Tan Keng Tiong Senior VP. SBCC Clinic Pte Ltd 8.Ms Doris Toh Siew Shuen Group General Manager.Ms Angie Lee Executive Director. Siow Chiang & Company Pte Ltd 7.ADVANCED MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME 2010 TRAINING BUSINESS LEADERS From left to right : 1. Baker Technology Ltd 10.Mr Yip Sin Chi Finance Manager.Dr Tang Chien Her Paediatrician. Level 11 54// . Teamsystem Construction Pte Ltd 3.

Ms Thet Hnin Yi CordLife Pte Ltd. Connexis South. Level 20 55// . Manchester MBA 3.MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT SCHOLARSHIP 2010 GROOMING YOUNG BUSINESS LEADERS From left to right : 1.Mr Ronnie Tan Wee Wah APP Systems Services Pte Ltd. Manchester MBA 4.Mr Kevin Ng Shi Wei Maha Chemical Pte Ltd. UniSIM-Executive Masters in Technology Entrepreneurship 2. Manchester MBA 6.Mr Arthur Ng Hui Teck Allalloy Dynaweld Pte Ltd. NTC-MSc Technopreneurship Innovation Programme Photo was taken at Fusionopolis.Mr Luke Loh Tiong Koon PCI Ltd.Mr Levin Lim Tiong Yeong APP Systems Services Pte Ltd. Nanyang MBA 5.

Nanyang MBA 2.MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT SCHOLARSHIP 2010 GROOMING YOUNG BUSINESS LEADERS From left to right : 1. UniSIM-Executive Masters in Technology Entrepreneurship 6.Mr Kyo Tan Shuean Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd. Mr Gilbert Pang Choon Chiew Seng Hua Hng Foodstuff Pte Ltd. NUS MBA Photo was taken at Fusionopolis. Manchester MBA 3.Mr Gerald Lim Joo Meng MHE-Demag (S) Pte Ltd. SMU MBA 4.Mr Andrew Ng Eng Ru Allalloy Dynaweld Pte Ltd. Manchester MBA 5. Level 20 56// .Mr Simon Hoo Kia Wei CordLife Pte Ltd. Connexis South.Ms Wong Yu Li MENU Pte Ltd.

Manchester MBA 5.Mr Aaron Aw Phang Liang Allalloy Dynaweld Pte Ltd. NUS MBA Photo was taken at Fusionopolis. Connexis South.Mr Christopher Soh Air Division Pte Ltd UniSIM-Executive Masters in Technology Entrepreneurship 4.Mr Nagarajan Purushothaman Tionale Pte Ltd.Ms Gwendolene Yeo CordLife Pte Ltd.From left to right : 1. Manchester MBA 2. NUS MBA 7. Level 20 57// .Mr Chew Chin Hui Ban Chuan Building Construction Pte Ltd. NUS-PKU MBA 3. Manchester MBA 6.Mr Ng Shee Zher Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd.Mr Alvin Tien Atlas Sound & Vision Pte Ltd.

Social Sciences (Economics) 3. Accountancy Photo was taken at Fusionopolis. Business 5.Ms Ong Xin Yuan NTU.Mr Cedric Soh Wei Xiong SMU. Business 6. Business Management 7.Ms Meenakshi Muthuraman NUS. Chemical Engineering 4. Business Administration (Accountancy) and Computing 2.Ms Loh Yen Jeong NTU. Genexis Theatre. Level 4 58// .Mr Chris Tan Sirisereepaph NUS.Mr Tan Jian Qi NUS.EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT SCHOLARSHIP 2010 DEVELOPING FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS From left to right : 1.Mr Chee Weiyang SMU.

Mr Alvin Chan Ruiqi SMU.Mr Hansel Cao Sheng Hao SMU. Science (Project and Facilities Management) 5.Mr Teo Wee Kiat NUS. Science (Economics) and Accountancy 7.Mr Joseph Ling Zhi Bin NUS. Electrical Engineering and Arts (Economics) 4. Business Management 6.Mr Ng Wei Liang NUS. Genexis Theatre.Ms Sarah Loo Yi Wen NTU. Accountancy and Business Management Photo was taken at Fusionopolis.Ms Loreen Zhuo Xinyuan SMU. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 3. Level 4 59// .From left to right : 1. Business 2.

Environmental Engineering and Social Sciences (Economics) 2. Social Sciences (Psychology) 5. Business Management 8.Ms Vivian Gan Yun NUS. Accountancy 6.Mr Bernard Poh Yong Wee SMU.Ms Soh Sin En NUS.Mr George Goh Chong Teck SMU. Social Sciences (Economics) 7. Level 4 60// . Accountancy and Business 4.Ms Chan Yan Ting NUS.Mr Heman Shen Weiping NTU. Genexis Theatre. Business Administration Photo was taken at Fusionopolis.Ms Eunice Chew Hui Ling NUS. Business Management 3.Mr John Kao Yue Han SMU. Business Administration and Computing (Information Systems) 9.Mr Wee Jia Xian NUS.EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT SCHOLARSHIP 2010 DEVELOPING FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS From left to right : 1.

Arts & Social Sciences (Economics) 5. Science in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry 3.Ms Zoe Ang Shiyun NUS. Business Management Photo was taken at Fusionopolis. Business Management 2. Social Sciences (Economics) 7. Genexis Theatre. Accountancy and Business Not in picture: Ms Ng Jian Fen SMU.From left to right : 1.Mr Bryan Cheang Yi Da NUS.Mr Tan Jun Guang NTU.Mr Tan Ying Quan NUS. Business Administration 6.Mr Ng Jian Wei SMU. Level 4 61// .Ms Geraldine Teo Xiao Wei NTU.Mr Muhammad Khairul Rusydi NTU. Business 4.