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Sara Mabry Slemmons December 10, 2007 Annotated Bibliography: Becoming Batman Dear Mr.

Wayne, The current circumstances in the city of “Gotham” (a.k.a. New York City, New York) are of great concern to you. You are frustrated by the corruption of those in power and the tendency of criminals to escape punishment because of the justice system’s insistence on “due process.” You have determined that the only course of action is to take action in the form of vigilante justice, becoming the infamous figure known as Batman, while still maintaining a strict personal anti-gun code. Good for you. Now, a new series of difficulties lies before you? How will you turn a cave into an underground fortress? How will carry out your new responsibilities? How will you find out the identities of those in need of capture? What do you do when the city is in danger due to psychosis-causing chemicals? This brief resource guide is intended to assist you in addressing some of these difficulties. These resources are all available on-line to preserve your anonymity. If you have further questions, please contact your local librarian Barbara Gordon for further information assistance. Government Sources That May Be of Use to You City of New York. 2007. District Attorneys. Available at 01c789a0/ (Access December 8, 2007).

Here’s a little bit of useful contact info. It’s nice to be in touch with some of the people who will help to put the people you capture behind bars. It’s also nice for getting in touch with your girlfriend who works down at the district attorney’s office.

City of New York: Police Department. 2007. Contact information. Available at (Accessed December 9, 2007). This is good for when you need to call in and get some information or tell them that you’ve left them a package/tied-up felon downtown. Just don’t Robin use this list to crank call them on a slow evenings, and remember not to call from your actual home residence or you can kiss your secret identity goodbye. City of New York: Police Department. 2007. Most Wanted. Available at (Accessed December 9,2 007). These are the most dangerous criminals currently at large in your city. They are your most immediate problems and with your help will likely remain uncaptured. Hurry and finish reading this bibliography; your city needs you! Federal Bureau of Investigation. 2007. Crime Alert. Available (Accessed December 9, 2007). at

This will provide you with more updates about some current criminals that the FBI is looking for and also a few missing persons. Remember that it’s important for you to stay up to date on criminal activities across the country, because sooner or later all of it will come to you. Federal Bureau of Investigation. 2007. The FBI’s ten most wanted fugitives. Available at (Accessed December 9, 2007). These are some the people you should be keeping an eye out for. While money is not a concern for you, in some cases there is a reward for information leading to their capture. Federal Bureau of Investigation. 2007. Fingerprint identification: An overview. Available (Accessed December 9, 2007). This is a great resource for information on how to use fingerprints to find and track criminals. It’s intended as a resource for law enforcement officers. It includes a section on taking legible fingerprints, which you may find particularly useful. Federal Bureau of Investigation. 2007. Organized crime. Available at (Accessed December 9, 2007). This is the FBI’s portal to information on organized crime. It includes an overview, recent news, a glossary, and information on specific organized crime groups. You should

be able to find a lot of useful information here to help you in your crusade to bring these criminals to justice. Federal Bureau of Prisons. 2007. Inmate locator. Available at (Accessed December 9, 2007). This can be used to look-up information about criminals in the federal prison system. It’s always nice to know if the lunatic you handed over to the police three months ago has been released for good behavior. Federal Emergency Management Agency. 2006. Risk management series: Safe rooms and shelters: Protecting people against terrorist attacks. Available at (Accessed December 9, 2007). This information on making a shelter or safe room should be helpful in building a secure bat-cave. You’ll have to do most of the work yourself if you want to maintain your cloak of secrecy. Homeland Security. 2004. National Response Plan. (Accessed December 9, 2007). In the event of an emergency or disaster, whether that’s citywide fires or a chemical attack involving hazardous vapors and the city’s train system, this is the framework that the government has set up to deal with it. Things probably won’t go according to plan, but this should give you some idea of who to expect to be doing what when the disaster strikes. Interpol. 2007. Criteria: Arrest warrant issued by ICC. Available WANTEDBY=ICC (Accessed December 9, 2007). at

These are some other people you should be on the lookout for. Some of them will undoubtedly become your specific enemies. Keep a special eye out for those with a history of mental instability to ties to organized crime. Medline Plus. 2006. Injuries and wounds. Available at (Accessed December 8, 2007). In the course of your activities, you are likely to suffer both minor and severe injuries. This website contains links to information on various types of injuries, as well as first aid information that could be valuable in the case of an emergency, such as when you incur severe bruising from a fight with your latest nemesis.

Medline Plus. 2006. Mental health and behavior. Available (Accessed December 8, 2007).


Many of the criminals you deal with will be verifiably insane. It is necessary for you to be aware of the symptoms of various mental health problems and able to identify them in your opponents. It is also good to be aware of your own mental health to avoid dangerous obsessions. National Missing and Unidentified Persons System. 2007. Unidentified decedent reporting system. Available at (Accessed December 9, 2007). This will help you find out if the individual you’re looking for has turned up dead. It’s nice to hope for the best, but it’s best to do a little investigation anyway. National Weather Service. 2007. NOAA’s National Weather Service. Available at (Accessed December 9, 2007). This government webpage contains weather information and forecasts. Remember to keep an eye on the projected weather. If there’s going to be a heavy fog while you’re tracking a dangerous criminal or the biggest snow storm in twenty years while you fight a lunatic on a high-rise apartment building, you’ll want to know. State of New York. 2007. Laws of New York. Available at (Accessed December 8, 2007).

Your new project will require a keen understanding of the law, especially the sections Criminal Procedure (CPL). You may find CPL 140.30-140.40 particularly useful as they include information on how to make a citizens’ arrest. Pay special attention to the sections related to peace officers, should you choose to become a “fully deputized agent of the law” (Batman: The Movie 1966). State of New York: Department of Correctional Services. 2007. Inmate population information search. Available at (Accessed December 9, 2007). This tool will help you find information on inmates in the state prison system. Like the similar look-up tool for federal prisons, this will tell you if the Penguin has been released for good behavior or worse, if the Joker has escaped again. State of New York: Department of Motor Vehicles. 2007. Traffic safety tips. Available at (Accessed December 8, 2007). These are the “rules of the road” that ensure that everyone is safe when using state

roadways. Keep these in mind when you’re out cruising in your brand new Bat-mobile. The fact that the Joker’s getting away does not absolve you of using your turn signals. United States Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board. 2007. CSB mission and history. Available at folder=Mission_History&page=index (Accessed December 9, 2007). When ninjas have filled the city with gases that drive everyone crazy with fear, these are the people who will investigate. They’re federal rather than local, so the local criminals might not even have them in their pockets. It’s up to you whether you want to get in contact with them. United States Patent and Trademark Office. 2007. USPTO patent full-text and image database. Available at (Accessed December 8, 2007). You can search in this database for patent information. Many of your foes will have invented fiendish devices and, like all villains, are eager to insure that their intellectual property is protected, so that others cannot market their products. This could be useful if you ever need to find out who holds the patent for exploding sharks.