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How does Physical and Occupation Therapy relate to technology?

Dana Goldman Professor Malcolm Campbell English 1103 February 28, 2012

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Kenyon, Lisa K., and Mary T. Blackinton. "Apply Motor-Control Theory to Physical Therapy Practice: A Case Report. of Toronto Press, 1 July 2011. Web. 28 Feb. 2012. This scholarly journal entry is written by two authors and was published through the Press of the University of Toronto and I found the article through a research data base in the J. Murrey Atkins Library. The two authors of this journal, article begin to tell how in the past therapist, doctors, etc. did not know that physical therapy can also help with motor-skills. It would be in more use to children with cerebral palsy and other dieses alike. But it would allow for therapist to coordinate certain body parts with the motorskills that the child also needs help to improve with. They base this off of the three elements of motor control which are the task, the environment, and the individual. (pg.347). The two authors said they observed this at an elementary school play ground on the slide approximately 20 minutes from the physical therapy office (pg.347). They would break this task of a child climbing up a latter in order to get to the top of the slide into which exterminates the child would use, either upper or lower of the body. They would then show how they all work together to get the child up the slide while he or she was also focusing on the other children around them too. It helped the patient to learn how to work his body along with his motor-skills to be able to allow them to get up the slide. This article would most definitely benefit my topic, in the future this type of information could be used to help people with other physically handicapped diseases, not just

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Cerebral Palsy. It could also be used in the occupational therapy field with people who have been in some type of accident and must now learn to talk and walk again they would be able to learn how to coordinate the both again.

Annotated Bibliography Put me back together team. Put me back together group. Nurse Together LLC. 2010-2011. Web. 24.Feb 2012. This site talks about how smart phone applications help physical therapist. It allows not only for physical therapist to be able to communicate with one another via phone call, video, text, etc. But it allows for them to download applications to their phone which could range anything from pictures of different movements of the body to the ROM measurements. This also would greatly help physical therapy students. It will allow them to study no matter where they are, help them when they may be questionative about something they are about to do at their internship or job. It also can allow therapist and students to video call one another. They can talk about a patient and actually show them what is going on not just try to explain it through a phone call. It can also help to diagnose certain problems such as musculoskeletal conditions which they would have not know by just looking at a patient. This article is from a reliable website and also will greatly benefit my topic and me personally. It would allow for me as a student to better prepare myself for situations that I am unsure about. It also could help me to be able to stay in contact with my professor or boss when I am confused or in need of help.

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Rome.Matt.Peterson.Eric.Friday.Allison.Woorden.Quinn.Physical Therapy Nation. Physicaltherapynation.Web.28 Feb.2012. This website that I have found is something you would not have been able to find in the past, it is a site for any physical therapist or aspiring physical therapist to join. When you join this site it allows you to join into open discussions, which are also on their group on Face book. You are allowed to visit their store and purchase anything you like. There are also videos and a lot more which you are available to through their site. It allows for there to be open conversation about any questions you may or if you would like to share something you know. This is very beneficial it allows for you to communicate with other people who are also in the same or similar situation you are in. This site also allows you to a study part of the site to find any information you may need to help you with your school work or anything else or if you just want to know certain information. This site would benefit my proposal because it shows how technology such as the internet and computers are allowing people to be open to many more opportunities which they would have not had the option to use in the past. You can communicate with people across the country or world through this site, and get their opinions on something you may need help with. USCICT, USCICT. "International Physical Therapy Expert Discusses Primesense Camera for Rehabilitation." YouTube. YouTube. 17 Dec. 2010. Web. 29 Feb. 2012. This video is something that shows how a topic which is argued a lot throughout the years is actually helpful to patients recovering from injuries. The camera in the video is called a

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Primesense camera. This camera takes the movement of a person and shows it as a stick figure on a screen or television. It is a way physical therapist can help their patients to the injured part of their body while entertaining themselves. This would probably be more helpful when a child is injured; introducing a child to this is a fun way for them to heal. They would think they are playing a video game which would stimulate their mind but in reality they would really be helping themselves to get better. The camera tracks every move that the person makes, whether it is that they are bending over, jumping, running, etc. I believe that this invention will greatly help physical and occupational therapy. It will allow for an easier way for a patient to heal without the rigorous exercises they do on a normal basis. The Primesense camera would also greatly benefit my field of study if I were to do occupational therapy, while working with patients in a hospital who do not get to do very much.

I have realized my spacing is off with my paper. I had trouble aligning everything, and thought that when I turned it in the spacing was right but I do not think it is. I also think that I could have went a little more in depth with each of my sources, I wrote enough but could have wrote more. Some of the titles of my sources I do not think have the proper spacing and set up. Other than those two thing s I think that my bibliography was ok.

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