Client Requirements

License Installation Requirements
Please enter the number of licenses required for each type of installation Outlook Version 2003 Professional Citrix Edition Professional Server Edition Professional Stand-alone edition

Client Requirements
Please indicate what benefits you would like to experience through Orla Client Comment At an end user level 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. Response by the Project Manager?

At management level

Standard Operating Environment Audit
A Non-SOE Audit must be completed for every computer not included in the Company SOE IT Environment Question Is Outlook accessed via Citrix or other terminal software? If Yes, then how many users access Outlook via this method? Is there any specialized software typically installed on your user workstations? (In-House Application, MS CRM, Contact Management, ETC) What virus and spyware protection software do you use? What Version(s) of Windows are used ? What Version(s) of Outlook are used? What versions of Microsoft Service Packs are installed on user's workstations? How do you typically upgrade and install software (per machine or via server run routines?) What kind of email server is used? (exchange/IMAP/POP3) Where is e-mail typically saved on your network? (Exchange DB/PST/Server/ETC) What (if any) policies are in place to manage the size of users PST files? Please indicate the size of each user's PST file Is any email compliance software used? If so please provide details Do you run or have installed on Outlook any third party app or com add-ins? If so please provide details As Orla requires Admin Rights to install, can we have Admin access on the day? Testing Can your organization provide a spare test PC to use located on your network? (This "Test PC" would be used to run final tests on in order to ensure maximum compatibility and ease of integration/role-out.) Proposed Onsite Testing Dates Response from Client Response from client

Please ensure that a Project Coordinator has been designated in case of the Project Sponsor's absence

Client Contacts
Name Position Contact Number Contact e-mail Role on Project Project Sponsor Project Coordinator Technical Representative

Orla Contacts
Name Position Contact Number Contact e-mail Role on Project Account Manager Project Manager

Feasibility Study Timetable
Step No. Step Name Description Client Responsibility Deliverable Target Date

Implementation Preparation

1.1 1.2

1-2-3 Meeting Trial Installation



Meeting between the Orla and Prepared as requested First draft of Client Plan D-14 Client Teams Trial installation to ensure possible Ensure Tech Full testing of the Clients' D-14 problems are minimised Representative is Operating Environment present Participants are scheduled for all 4 Registers are completed Completed Learning D-12 Learning Sessions and returned to the Registers Project Manager Clients' approval to continue with the Implementation Successful installation All Participants attend All Participants attend D-3


Client Sign off of Client Plan Client to sign off on the Client Plan Review the Client Plan and sign off after incorporation of any final comments Installation Ensure all requirements are met Group Presentation Group Introductory Presentation Every scheduled Participant attends the full presentation Personal Workshops 1 hour sessions between each Participants are Participant and an Orla Organizer available at their at the Participant's desk Scheduled time Clinic #1 Individaul 20 minute on-site Ensure users are Workshops available at their scheduled time Ongoing Support Support is available to all Forward any urgent Participants via the website and queries to Project through the Project Manager Manager Clinic #2 Individaul 20 minute on-site Ensure users are Workshops available at their scheduled time Day 15 Survey A 2 minute online survey Ensure all Participants complete the survey Feasibility Study Workshop A Workshop between the Orla Ensure as many Team and Feasibility Study Group Participants as possible to assess Orla offer feedback Next Steps Meeting A Meeting between the Client and Ensure meeting is Orla Account Manager to discuss attended by Next Steps recommended individuals Full installation

1.5 Installation and 2.1 Learning Session 2.2

D-2 D D


3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5

All Participants attend Any issues are logged and dealt with by the Orla Team All Participants attend All surveys complete Feedback gathered Decision on the Next Steps with Orla

D+1 Ongoing D+7 D+14 D+18 TBD

Next Steps


Facility Requirements
Please indicate if the listed requirements are available as they may affect the comfort of the Participants and the Orla Organizers Area Training Room Requirement Seating for 4 Participants Space for 2 Organizers at front of room Table for Organizers Projector Projector screen or blank wall Airconditioning/ventilation Appropriate lighting An area to take refreshments Quiet, interruption free location Space for 1 Organizer Chair for Organizer Are all Participants in the same location? Yes/No Comments

Organizers' Break Out Area Participants' Workstations