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Love and Marriage
On 15th October, 1994 a qurrent had come to my office in the evening with his horoscope, of course with prior appointment. While preparing the transit kfor the kday, apart from other discussion regarding his horoscope, he was asked whether he had an association meeting, whether in a friendly way or in connection with business professions with a new beautiful charming and educated lady today i.e on 15 th October, 1994. He was informed that a meeting even with a lady not belonging with a own religion could be involved. With little hesitation, the fact was admitted. A little earlier, the same question was put to another querrent who said the meeting was fixed but the person concerned was not available at the given time. Both the versions given above are astrologically correct. This shown by the following planerary position in 15th October 1994: ketu Saturn Moon Mars

Mery. ® Jup. Ven. ® Rahu

Sun Ascdt.

Position at 5.30 A.M. Ascendent Sun Moon Mars Mercury® Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu R 05 05 10 03 06 06 06 10 06 D 18 27 06 11 10 24 25 12 21 M 25 37 35 55 12 07 10 26 14

The version of the first querrent (time of meeting state to between 2.30 P.M to 3.30 P.M.) is astrologically correct as there was conjunction of Jupiter (indicating educated person) and Venus (lady) in the sign Libra belonging to Venus (beauty). Not only that, at the time of meeting Capricorn Aquarius were rising and the ruler being Saturn who is a Yog-karka for Libra the meeting has to be there. In the case of second querrent, the fact is also correct. The time not indicated could not be held because of Mercury associating with Venus in Libra being Retrograde/Since both the planets Mercury and Venus (meeting was stated to be scheduled for a young (Mercury) Lady (Venus) and belonging to other caste (Rahu speaks of other caste of foreign element). With regard to first querrent, the principle of daily HORA was that of Jupiter at the stated time. was applied. The hora rising

Accordingly it is suggested, that while looking at the transit of planets look for the day, day lord hora rising and sign rising apart form NAKSHATRA ruling the day. (Rikta Tithis i.e. 4th 94th and 14th may not prove fruitful.

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