Graphical Representation and Interpretation of the response from customers on the questionnaire for ascertaining the general perception

about telecom service providers and the services

.Gender Male Female 71 49 Gender Male Female 41% 59% This signifies that the male: female ratio in the sample was male dominated. The reason for this was the non-participation of females in some areas.

. the age group between 21-25 years leads the usage and then comes the age of 26-30 years. In this.Age group Age group 15-20 21-25 26-30 31-40 Above 40 19 41 25 16 19 Age group 15-20 21-25 26-30 31-40 Above 40 16% 13% 16% 34% 21% This chart speaks about the different age group people using telecom services.

except the ‘others’ group which includes housewives and retired individuals. . and then is followed by students and business class. Self employed group uses it less in comparison to rest of the groups.Profession Profession Student Service Class Business Class Self Employed Other 27 39 23 21 7 Profession Student Service Class Business Class Self Employed Other 6% 18% 23% 20% 33% The majority of people using telecom services is the service class.

000-50.000 & Above 22% This shows the various income brackets of people using telecom services.000-40.000/.000 & Above 20 26 29 18 22 5 Income Less than 10.000-30.000 40.000 30.000-50.e.000 50.000-20.Income Income Less than 10. .000-30.000 20.000-40.000 50.000 4% 18% 15% 24% 17% 20.000 30. by people who earn between Rs.000 10. This is led by the maximum of middle class earners.per month.000/.000 40. i.000-20.000 10. 20.

Types of cellular services Types of cellular service Pre paid 74 Post paid 46 Type of cellular service Pre paid Post paid 38% 62% This chart clearly signifies that pre paid users are more in comparison to post paid users. .

Next comes Idea.Brand of cellular service providers Brand of cellular service Idea Uninor Airtel Reliance Tata Aircel Vodafone BSNL MTS 23 24 27 4 10 3 17 8 4 Brand of cellular service provider Idea Uninor Airtel Reliance Tata Aircel Vodafone BSNL 15% 2% 9% 7% 20% 21% 23% 3% The maximum usage is of Airtel followed by Uninor. followed by Vodafone and then others. .

How did you come to know about your cellular service provider? Newspaper Television Radio Friends Internet Other 31 27 5 18 35 4 Source of cellular service Newspaper Television Radio Friends Internet 30% 27% 16% 4% 23% This chart shows that the maximum contribution in providing information to customers about the cellular service provider comes from internet which is then followed by newspapers and television respectively. . Least contribution is from radio where as peer group plays a substantial role in providing information about the cellular service provider.

How frequently do you need to communicate via cellular service per day? Very frequently Moderate Low 59 40 21 Frequency of usage per day Very frequently Moderate Low 18% 49% 33% The frequency of usage per day for people is very frequently these days. .

Kindly rate the network availability on your current cellular service. There is a group of people who believe that further improvement in the network quality can be done so that more and more people can be satisfied and thus the problem of bad network coverage can be resolved. Strong Average Poor 34 61 25 Network Strength Strong Average Poor 21% 28% 51% This chart depicts that most of the people consider the network strength of their service providers as average. .

People want good network strength and lower call rates. Young population wants cheap SMS services and also internet access should be proper. . Averages Low call charges Network strength Low rate SMS service Cheaper applications Internet access 27 31 24 10 28 Priority on attributes Low call charges Cheaper applications Network strength Internet access Low rate SMS service 23% 8% 20% 23% 26% This chart depicts that the maximum priority is earned by network strength.Please rate the following service attributes according to your priority. People don’t give much importance to applications.

.Are you satisfied with the service provided by your service provider? Yes No 71 49 Satisfaction level from Cellular Services Yes No 41% 59% This chart shows that maximum people are satisfied from their cellular services and they have suggested the following improvements for their respective service providers. which we have generalized below:  Services should be made cheap and affordable  Network coverage should be improved  SMS schemes should be properly maintained and customized according to the requirements of the customers  Different tariff plans should be made so as to cover maximum customers with different preferences and priorities.

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