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A. Regular verbs There are three different sets of regular verbs: 1. regular -ER verbs 2.

regular -IR verbs 3. regular -RE verbs

Most common regular -ER verbs: Pronoun je tu il nous vous ils Ending -e -es -e -ons -ez -ent parler > parlparle parles parle parlons parlez parlent donner > donndonne donnes donne donnons donnez donnent visiter > visitvisite visites visite visitons visitez visitent

aimer to like, to love arriver to arrive, to happen chanter to sing chercher to look for commencer* to begin danser to dance demander to ask for dpenser to spend (money) dtester to hate donner to give couter to listen to tudier** to study fermer to close goter to taste jouer to play laver to wash manger* to eat nager* to swim parler to talk, to speak passer to pass, spend (time) penser to think porter to wear, to carry regarder to watch, to look at rver to dream sembler to seem skier* to ski travailler to work trouver to find visiter to visit (a place) voler to fly, to steal

Most common regular -IR verbs: Pronoun je tu il nous vous ils Ending -is -is -it -issons -issez -issent choisir > choischoisis choisis choisit choisissons choisissez choisissent finir > finfinis finis finit finissons finissez finissent russir > russrussis russis russit russissons russissez russissent

abolir to abolish agir to act avertir to warn btir to build bnir to bless choisir to choose tablir to establish tourdir to stun, deafen, make dizzy finir to finish grossir to gain weight, get fat gurir to cure, heal, recover maigrir to lose weight, get thin nourrir to feed, nourish obir to obey punir to punish rflchir to reflect, think remplir to fill russir to succeed rougir to blush, turn red vieillir to grow old

Most common regular -RE verbs: Pronoun je tu il nous vous ils Ending -s -s -ons -ez -ent descendre > descenddescends descends descend descendons descendez descendent perdre > perdperds perds perd perdons perdez perdent vendre > vendvends vends vend vendons vendez vendent

attendre to wait (for) dfendre to defend descendre to descend entendre to to hear tendre to stretch fondre to melt pendre to hang, suspend perdre to lose prtendre to claim rendre to give back, return rpandre to spread, scatter rpondre to answer vendre to sell

B. Stem-changing verbs These verbs take the regular -ER verb endings, but the stem of the conjugation may change, depending on the subject. C. Irregular verbs Irregular verbs end in -ER, -IR, or -RE, but don't follow the regular verb patterns. TRE - TO BE Lessons: using tre | expressions | conjugations | conjugation quiz AVOIR - TO HAVE

Lessons: using avoir | expressions | conjugations| conjugation quiz FAIRE - TO DO, MAKE Lessons: using faire | expressions | conjugations| conjugation quiz DIRE - TO SAY, TELL Lessons: using dire | expressions | conjugations |conjugation quiz ALLER - TO GO Lessons: using aller | expressions | conjugations| conjugation quiz VOIR - TO SEE Lessons: using voir | expressions | conjugations | conjugation quiz SAVOIR - TO KNOW Lessons: using savoir | expressions | conjugations | conjugation quiz POUVOIR - TO BE ABLE Lessons: using pouvoir | expressions | conjugations | conjugation quiz FALLOIR - TO BE NECESSARY Lessons: using falloir | expressions | conjugations | conjugation quiz VOULOIR - TO WANT Lessons: using vouloir | expressions | conjugations | conjugation quiz

French imperfect conjugations (past tense) Here are the imperfect endings and conjugations for the regular verbs parler (to speak) and finir (to finish), the ier verb tudier (to study), the spelling change verb manger (to eat), and the irregular verb tre (to be): Pronoun je (j') tu il nous vous ils Ending -ais -ais -ait -ions -iez -aient parler > parlparlais parlais parlait parlions parliez parlaient finir > finissfinissais finissais finissait finissions finissiez finissaient tudier > tuditudiais tudiais tudiait tudiions tudiiez tudiaient manger > mangemangeais mangeais mangeait mangions mangiez mangeaient tre > ttais tais tait tions tiez taient