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study on Brand awareness and consumer awareness of Cream Bell Ice-cream in Jaipur
Submitted in partial fulfillment for the Award of degree of Master of Business Administration

Submitted By: Shobhna Sengupta


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I am desperately searching for words to thank the almighty god for providing me aninstrument to write and prepare this project. This Project Report is the fruit of my intensehard work and dedication during my project work.I a m t h a n k f u l t o Mr. Bhupendra Choudhary, m y e x t e r n a l gu i d e f o r p r o v i d i n g me support and encourage to make and present this project.I m u s t a l s o t h a n k t o m y c o t r a i n e e s S h a l i n i C h a k r e s h , f o r w o r k i n g w i t h m e a n d supporting me in many places as well as giving good ideas. Finally, I wish very very thanks toDr. Taruna Gautam without her moral support this project could not have been a great success for me.

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Shobhna Sengupta

This projectA study on Brand awareness and consumer awareness of Cream Bell Ice-cream in Jaipuris prepared under the guidelines of Mr. BhupendraChoudhary(external guide) and Dr. Taruna Gautam (internal guide). This project report provides a bunch of knowledge about demand of different ice-cream products of cream bell and other companies as well it also provides a detail knowledge about the consumer preference towards different icecream products and companies... There is a plenty of data analysis and conclusions are given in the research paper regarding the study.On the basis of feedback through questionnaire and observation method, I findout that the consumers has changed their strategy towards the ice-cream products ands t a r t s t o p u r c h a s e t h e m o n t h e b a s i s o f t h e i r q u a l i t y . A s t h e r e s u l t , t h e r e i s c l o s e c o mp e t i t i o n b e t we e n t h e c o mp a n i e s . A s e a c h o f t h e m a r e i n c r e a s i n g t he i r p r o d u c t s , qualities, looks and providing better services every day. Our analysis is based on sample results. It was a difficult task to gather the information from respondents by meeting them personally in order to get questionnaire filled. There was a lot of time pressure and sometimes unwillingness of respondents to respond. PRAVIN TRIPATHI MR. BHUPENDRA CHOUDHARY

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Basically the ice-cream business comes under FMCG sector. It refers to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods which are non-durable and daily use products.It is also called as consumer packed goods industry. It deals in five segments, Personal care, Household care, Food & Beverage, Stationary and Oral care. FMCG sector is an evergreen sector and there is no chance of downfall or huge recession in this sector. Vast rural market, consumers increasing spending power, increasing of population and entrance of MNCs in FMCG sector are indicate the upcoming great opportunity in this sector.

In India, the condition of FMCG sector is very well and challenging. India is an important market for FMCG players. The Indian FMCG sector is the fourth largest sector in the economy with a total market size of around US$ 18.1 bn. Penetration level as well as per capita consumption in most product categories like jams, toothpaste, skin care, hair wash etc in India is low indicating the untapped market potential. Burgeoning Indian population, particularly the middle class and the rural segments, presents an opportunity to makers of branded products to convert consumers to branded products. Growth is also likely to come from consumer 'upgrading' in the matured product categories. With 200 million people expected to shift to processed and packaged food by 2010, India needs around US$ 28 billion of investment in the food-processing industry. Around 70 per cent of the total households in India (188 million) reside in the rural areas. The total number of rural households is expected to rise from 135 million in 2001-02 to 153 million in 2009-10.





Ice-cream is one of the most important part of FMCG sector. It comes under Food and Beverage segment. The total market value of Ice-cream trade in India is more than Rs.20000 crore. It is increasing day per day. During the year of 2002-02, there was very little demand of Ice-cream in India but as the time passed away, the demand of Ice-cream is also increasing in India. Now a days, there are six national level companies engaged in dealing with Ice-cream including two MNCs. The demand of Ice-cream is also increases in India.

As the demand of Ice-cream is increasing in India but the market of Icecream is not as much as its share in US and some other foreign countries. According to the survey of Motilal Oshwal, In the present time, the per capita consumption of Ice-cream in india is US $0.2 which is US $49 in USA and US $33 in Germany. The per capita consumption of Ice-cream in India is only US $0.2 which is much smaller than the same in USA, But the main thing is the increasing opportunities for Ice-cream trade.

MAJOR FACTORS:1. The broad market of semi urban market . 2. Least no. of competition. 3. Increase in consumption level of people. 4. Favorable climate for ice-cream in India. 5. GDP growth and growth in per capita income. We can get all the datas regarding the per capita income of India. The GDP of India is increasing in the last 5 years. It has brought a remarkable change in the spending habits of consumers, It has move the consumers preferences from economic to premium products. In those days, people unhasitantly wants to spend money on good and quality products. It has been a gain for food and beverage industry. As the result the ice cream industry is also improving and it develops at an increasing rate.

MAJOR PLAYERS OF ICE-CREAM IN INDIA:At the present time, there are six major companies are working in this trade at the national level, including two MNC . Except of it there are many other local companies are engaged in dealing with ice-cream in different states of India. The details of these companies are given as follows:1. Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (Kwality Walls) CEO-Mr. Nitin Pranjape Major brand- Kwality. Net Turnover (march 2009)- Rs.250 cr . 2. Amul. CEO-Mr. Partho Bhatoli. Major Brand- Stamina. Net Turnover-Rs.78 cr. 3. Mother Dairy.

Major Brand- Mother Dairy. Net Turnover (march 2009)-105 cr. 4. Devyani Foods Industries Pvt. Ltd. CEO-Mr. Kapil Agarwal Major Brand- Cream Bell. Net Turnover ( 2008)-80 cr. 5. Others.-There are some other companies in this trade which are Vadilal, Appu, Big once etc.


"KISME KITNA HAI DUM" On 23th Dec,2009,Celebrating Delhi retail team on winning sucess of contest "kisme kitna hai dum" with CEO Mr.Kapil Agrawal,COO Mr.Nitin Arora and Vice President-Sales Mr.Pradeep Alag at "PIND-BALUCHI" in Gurgaon Objective-"To increase the Reach and hit the volume objective, an aggressive / eye-catching Retail Sales contest for Delhi." In contest ,there was two team . Teams:Rajputana Rifles Headed by General Ranjot Singh Bhati.

Battle Field West Delhi (Retail)Supported By West Delhi Retail Team. Sikh Regiment - Headed by General Gurjeet Singh Gambhir Battle Field Rest Of Delhi (Retail) Supported By South,Central,East & North Delhi Retail Team. Ice-cream is one of the most important part of FMCG sector. It comes under Food and Beverage segment. The total market value of Ice-cream trade in India is morethan Rs.20000 crore. It is increasing day per day. During the year of 2002-02, there wasvery little demand of Ice-cream in India but as the time passed away, the demand of Ice-cream is also increasing in India. Now a days, there are six national level companiesengaged in dealing with Ice-cream including two MNCs. The demand of Ice-cream isalso increases in India.As the demand of Ice-cream is increasing in India but the market of Ice-creamis not as much as its share in US and some other foreign countries. According to thesurvey of Motilal Oshwal, In the present time, the per capita consumption of Icecream inindia is US $0.2 which is US $49 in USA and US $33 in Germany.

We can see it in thefollowing table:-


As given in the above table, the per capita consumption of Ice-cream inIndia is only US $0.2 which is much smaller than the same in USA, But the main thing isthe increasing opportunities for Ice-cream trade.


1. The broad market of semi urban market.2. Least no. of competition.3. Increase in consumption level of people.4. Favorable climate for ice-cream in India.5. GDP growth and growth in per capita income.

We can get all the datas regarding the per capita incoma of india from thefollowing table:-


Asgiven in the table, the GDP of India is increasing in the last 5 years.It has brought a remarkable change in the spending habits of consumers, It has move theconsumers preferences from economic to premium products. In those days, peopleunhasitantly wants to spend money on good and quality products. It has been a gain for food and beverage industry. As the result the ice cream industry is also improving and itdevelops at an increasing rate. NEED OF THE STUDY:The ice-cream is a product which comes under super non-durable goods. It takes much care and precaution in delivery from the center of

manufacturing to the home of the consumers. Before some years ago, the trend of ice-cream is only limited to consumer of some special society and ages and parties. But as the time pass away, there is a good revaluation took place in this sector. Now days, each and every person wants to take a ice-cream. Improved quality, diversity, taste and entry of big companies in this trade make this business a challenging business and create a good and bright opportunity in it. The need of my study can be given as follows:-1.To knows about the increasing demand of ice-cream among people.2.For determining the future position of Cream Bell in India.3. To know about the current market capitalization of Cream Bell inIndia.4. To determine about the consumers perception about the products of Cream Bell.5. To know about the consumers behavior upon Cream Bell. DEFINITION OF THE PROBLEM: Opportunities of Cream Bell in Indian ice-cream sector refers to thecurrent demand and future growing possibilities of Cream Bell ice-cream in India. Like other countries e.g.- USA, UK, France etc. in India, the demand of icecream is also increasing day per day. So, for this purpose, many national and international companies has been started their business in this sector (ex- Amul, Mother Dairy, HUL etc.).Cream Bell is a ice-cream brand of Devyani food industries India. Ltd. It is a one of the major brand in the field of the ice-cream business. Present time, it occupies4 The position in market with a market share of more than 15%. Day per day, its progress is increasing and it is on the way to capture a good position in the market. In my study, I have captured all major surveys, data collection, tests, requirements and demands of both consumers and vendors, and at last I have came to a position to give my report on the future opportunities of cream bell in India.

SCOPE OF THE STUDY:W i t h a p o p u l a t i o n o f 1 b i l l o n p e o p l e , I n d i a i s a b i g ma r k e t f o r F M CG companies and now a days specially, the ice-cream industry is very wide and challenging there is a lot of opportunities in this sector for anycompany.T h i s s t u d y c a p t u r e s a l l t h e i n f o r m a t i o n s a n d d a t a s r e g a r d i n g t h e p r e s e n t m a r k e t scenario of

i c e - c r e a m i n d u s t r y o f I n d i a a s we l l a s t h e c o n d i t i o n o f Cr e a m Bell in this s c e n a r i o . Th i s report p r o vi d e s the major

s u g g e s t i o n s r e g a r d i n g t h e i m p r o ve me n t a n d growth of the company. The major scopes of this study can be given as follows:1 . V a s t s e m i ur ba n m a r k e t : S e m i u r b a n a r e a i s a n e w a n d m o s t important market for ice-cream trade. 2. Increasing trend of ice-cream in India:In India, the trend of ice-c r e a m i s i n c r e a s i n g d a y p e r d a y. E ve r y p e o p l e l i k e s t o p r e f e r i c e - c r e a m a s a b r e a k f a s t , food after lunch and as a mean for changing of taste. 3. Good Market:I n I n d i a , t h e r e i s a g o o d m a r k e t f o r i c e - c r e a m which is benefit for any growing company. 4. Competition:There are very few competitors in this segment which is good for entrance of new and unknown company in the market.


1.To know the actual market position of Cream Bell ice-cream. 2. To know awareness of people towards Cream Bell. 3. To know in which segment ice-creams are mostly like/preferred. 4. To know which advertisement tool is mostly preferred by people. 5. To know the preference of Cream Bell ice-cream with comparison toOther competitive brands.6. To know the factors which affects consumers buying behaviour to purchase ice-cream.

INFORMATION REQUIRED:First, I had to know about all the competitors present in the icecreamsegment (Reputed and well established brands as well as Local brands). Before going for the survey I had to know the comparative packs andprices of all the competitors existing in the market. S i n c e i c e - c r e a m i s a p r o d u c t t h a t a t t r a c t s c h i l d r e n a n d yo u n g s t e r s h e n c e I h a d t o t r a c e t h e ma r k e t a n d s e g m e n t i t , wh i c h m a i n l y d e a l s wi t h p e o p l e o f va r i o u s a g e groups. A s i c e - c r e a m i s i n d i f f e r e n t va r i t i e s , t h e ma i n i n f o r m a t i o n n e e d e d i s t h e va r i o u s types of ice-cream available in the market, their calorific value and various other facts. They can be termed as : As Cream Bell ice-creams advertisements are mainly done through hoardings buton television the advertisement is being telecasted timely and on the proper timeor not

#Nero (37-68 A.D.), The Roman Emperor, is said to have eaten a sort of water-ice.

#The Chinese claim that they have been making and consuming Ice Cream since ages. #Supposedly, Marco Polo (1254 1324) carried the Chinese Ice Cream recipes back with him to Venice.

#These were then introduced to the French by Italian chefs retinue of Catherine de Medici when she married Henri II of France.

#Royal Ice Cellars were built in Mesopotamia in around 2000 B.C.

#These were used to cool wines and foods.

#During the late 1600s, The French King Louis XIV was known to have feasts with colored water-ice and liqueurs. #Nicholas Lemerys Recueil de curiositz rares et nouvelles de plus admirables effets de la nature, published in 1674,contained the first recipe for flavored ices.

#The Quaker colonists who brought their ice cream recipes with them introduced ice cream to the United States.

#It is said that Ice Cream was regularly consumed by Ben Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson.

#During the eighteenth century, the spread of ice pails and cookery books with ice recipes, almost everywhere around the globe, resulted in the delicacy becoming more common.

#Robert Green, in 1874, is supposed to have invented the Ice Cream Soda, which took ice cream consumption in America and other parts of the world to great heights.

#The twentieth century saw an explosion of sorts in the popularity of ice cream owing to availability of cheap refrigeration.

#Italian confectioners made Gelato, their own form of Ice Cream, which became immensely famous due its texture and lightness. #During the St. Louis Worlds Fair in 1904, cones were used for the first time to serve Ice Cream.

#A chemical research team in Britain came up with the soft ice cream, which had more air in it. It became immensely popular because of its creamy yet light texture. #Today, it is popularly known as the Softy ice cream.

#In the 1980s, the older, thicker ice creams made a comeback and were referred to as Premium Ice Creams.


What's the difference between gelato and ice cream?
If you've ever visited Italy, you probably experienced creamy, delicious gelato. And maybe you assumed that the only reason it seemed richer and more intensely flavored than American ice cream back home was because you were enjoying it on the foot of the Spanish Steps in Rome, rather than on your couch back home.

But there are actually a few main differences between gelato and ice cream. To find out.

While ice cream legally has a minimum of 10 percent fat, gelato is made with a greater proportion of whole milk to cream, so it contains more like five to seven percent fat.

But don't expect to be able to get Italian gelateria-style results by making a gelato recipe in your home ice cream machine: Gelato is churned at a slower speed than ice cream, so it's denser because not as much air is whipped into the mixture. (Gelato contains about 25 to 30 percent air, while ice cream can contain as much as 50 percent air) Finally, while ice cream is typically served frozen, gelato is typically stored and served at a slightly

warmer temperature, so it's not quite completely frozen.

As for that amazing, rich flavor,"Since there's not as much fat in gelato, it doesn't coat the mouth in the same way. So the flavors are more intense."

But one thing ice cream and gelato do have in common: you won't be able to resist just one more scoop!

The Power of Concentration.

This power can be described as focused attention. It is the ability to direct the attention to one single thought or subject, to the exclusion of everything else. When our mind is focused, our energies are not dissipated on irrelevant activities or thoughts. This is why developing concentration is essential to anyone who aspires to take charge of his or her life. This skill is essential for every kind of success. Without it, our efforts get scattered, but with it, we can accomplish great things. Concentration has many uses and benefits. It assists in studying and understanding faster, improves the memory, and helps in focusing on any task, job, activity or goal, and achieving it more easily and efficiently. It is also required for developing psychic powers, and is a powerful tool for the efficient use of creative visualization. When this ability is developed, the mind obeys us more readily and does not engage in futile, negative thoughts or worries. We gain mental mastery and we experience true peace of mind.

This ability also plays an important role in meditation. Without it, the mind just jumps restlessly from one thought to another, not allowing us to meditate properly. Do you now realize, why it is very important and worthwhile to develop and improve the ability to concentrate? To develop this power you need to train and exercise it. Forget all your excuses about not having the time or being too busy. Do not say that the circumstances are not appropriate or that you cannot find a quiet place to exercise. With a little planning, desire and motivation you can always find the time to exercise each day, no matter how busy you are.

The Restless Mind Thoughts claim our attention incessantly, and waste our time and energy on unimportant and useless matters. They actually rule our life. We have become so used to this slavery, that we take it for granted, and have become unconscious of this habit, except on certain occasions. While breathing, we do not need to pay attention to each inhalation and exhalation. We become conscious of the process of breathing, only when we have some difficulty with breathing, such as when our nose is clogged, due to a cold, or when we are in an unventilated room. It is the same with thinking. We become conscious of the constant onslaught of our thoughts, and of our inability to calm them down, only when we need to concentrate, solve a problem or study. We are also acutely aware of them when we have worries or fears. Look at the following familiar situation. You need to study something for your job or for an exam. You sit comfortably on the sofa with the book in your hands and start reading. After a while you feel hungry and go to the

kitchen to eat something. You return to read, and then hear you people talking outside. You listen to them for several moments and then bring your attention back to the book. After a while you feel restless and switch on the radio to listen to some music. You continue to read for a little while, and then remember something that happened yesterday, and you start thinking about it. When you look at your watch, you are amazed to find out that one complete hour has passed and you have hardly read anything. This is what happens when one lacks concentration. Imagine what you could have accomplished, if you could control your attention and focus your mind! Work that requires physical strength, such as carrying heavy loads for example, develops physical strength. Yet, it is not as exercising daily to the gym in a systematic manner. It is the same with concentration. Reading, studying and trying to pay attention to what we do, develop some of this ability, but practicing exercises diligently each day is something else, it is like training in a gym.

Inner resistance to developing concentration

In order to develop this ability we have to train our minds. Most people think that concentration is a strenuous and tiring activity, and that it involves exertion and tension, which are difficult and unpleasant. This belief starts at an early age. Parents and teachers expect children to study, do their homework and get good grades. This brings up in the children a feeling of being coerced and forced to do something they don't like doing. When they are too often told that they are not concentrating

good enough, they develop a loathing for concentration, and often for studying too. These become associated with coercion, lack of freedom, doing something they do not like to do, and which is against their will. When they grow up, it is no wonder that their powers of concentration are weak, and they have no desire to strain their minds. Though most people acknowledge the fact that good concentration is a great asset, yet most of them do nothing to strengthen it, mostly because they don't know how. Reading and thinking about its benefits, and about the reasons why it should be cultivated, can help to change the attitude toward it. Concentration can be fun if approached in the right way. It should be practiced with joy, fun, optimism, and understanding of its great possibilities. It has to be approached in a positive manner and then success dawns.

The benefits of developing concentration

Sometimes you can find strong powers of concentration in yourself. When you really and earnestly want to excel in your studies, pass an important exam or solve a problem, this power becomes available to you. In such cases, it appears because of some need or desire, but developing it in a systematic way brings it under your control, and grants you the ability to use it intentionally, whenever you need it. To do so, you need to practice special exercises on a daily basis. Here is what you can gain by developing this power: -Control of your thoughts. -The ability to focus your mind.

-Peace of mind. -Freedom from futile and annoying thoughts. -The ability to choose your thoughts. -Better memory. -Self-confidence. -Inner strength. -Will power. -Decisiveness. -The ability to study and comprehend more quickly. -Inner happiness. -Enhanced capability to develop psychic abilities. -More powerful and efficient use of creative visualization. -Enhanced ability to meditate. -And much more... Seems too good to be true? Develop the power of concentration and find out for yourself! So what about starting to develop concentration power today? In part two of this article you will find advice and exercises for developing and strengthening this ability. The Power of Concentration - Part Two Concentration Exercises By Remez Sasson Sharpening the needle of concentration requires practice, as everything else in life. Do you go to the gym? If you do, how many times during the week and for how long? Do you study a foreign language? If you do, how much time do you devote to it? Developing concentration is not different; training is required. Even ten minutes a day of concentration exercises will

do you good. The mind does not like discipline and will resist your efforts to discipline it. It loves its freedom more than anything else, and will try to stand in your way to master it, in any way it can. It will cause you to forget to do the exercises, tempt you to postpone performing them or make you feel too lazy. It will find many tricks to stop and disturb you, but you can and must be stronger. You will find below, some simple concentration exercises to perform. Always remember that the choice is yours, to be a slave to the mind and its whims, or to be its master. By practicing mental exercises, it is possible to train the mind and master it, and put it in its proper place, as your servant, and not as your boss and master. You are not the mind nor the thoughts that pass through it. Though it might be hard to accept this idea, the mind is not you, the real you, but only a tool that you use. It is an instrument, which has great value, but it has to be taught to obey you. Most people believe that they are the mind, and erroneously believe that controlling the mind means holding themselves back and denying their freedom. They feel that controlling their mind is not natural, and that it is some sort of repression. These beliefs are not correct. The proof that we are not the mind comes with training. Accept the idea in theory, and in time, as your control over your thoughts grows, you will know it as a fact. In reality, you, the real you, is the one mastering the mind. It is not the mind mastering itself.

Advice for Practicing The Concentration Exercises Find a place where you can be alone and undisturbed. You can sit crossed legged on the floor if you can, or on a chair. Sit with your spine erect. Take

a few calm deep breaths and then relax your body. Direct the attention to your body, and relax each muscle and part of it. I will now give you some exercises to practice. Sit down to practice for about 10 minutes, and after a few weeks of training, lengthen the time to 15 minutes. Start with the first exercise, practicing it daily, until you are able to do it without any distractions or forgetfulness, and without thinking about anything else, for at least three minutes. Every time you get distracted, start again, until the 10 or 15 minutes pass away. You have to be honest with yourself, and proceed to the next one, only after you are convinced that you have practiced it correctly and with full concentration. No timetable can be given, as this may be frustrating. If for example, I tell you that a certain exercise has to completed in a week, two things may happen. You may get disappointed, if you cannot get the desired concentration within a week, or you may move on without practicing the exercise correctly. Mastering the exercises successfully might take days, weeks, months and sometimes even more. Put your whole attention into the exercises, and do not think about anything else. Be careful not to fall asleep, daydream or think about other matters. The moment you find yourself thinking about something else, stop the exercise and start again. After you become proficient, lengthen the time, and if possible, include another session in the afternoon. Do not attempt too much at the beginning, and don't try to perform them all at once. Go slowly, without overdoing them or tensing your brain. If you find it too difficult, or thoughts distract you and make you think about other matters, don't despair. Everyone encounters difficulties along the way. If you persevere and never give up, in spite of difficulties and

disturbances, success will crown your efforts. Remember, even those with powerful concentration had to exercise their minds. It does not matter if your concentration is weak now, it can be developed and strengthened like any other ability, through training and investing the necessary time, energy and earnestness. In time, you will find out that you can concentrate anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are. You will be able to focus your mind, think and function under the most trying circumstances, while remaining calm, relaxed and collected. The reward is worth the effort a thousand fold. Now to the exercises. Some of them may be familiar to you, and some may seem too easy to perform. Some were taken from various sources, and others were created by me. For full benefit, it is advisable that you practice each exercise for one additional week, after you are convinced that you are practicing it correctly and with full attention.

Concentration exercises Exercise 1 Take a book and count the words in any one paragraph. Count them again to be sure that you have counted them correctly. Start with one paragraph and when it becomes easier, count the words in a whole page. Perform the counting mentally and only with your eyes, without pointing you finger at each word. Exercise 2 Count backwards in your mind, from one hundred to one. Exercise 3

Count in your mind from one hundred to one, skipping each three numbers, that is 100, 97, 94, etc. Exercise 4 Choose an inspiring word, or just a simple sound, and repeat it silently in your mind for five minutes. When your mind can concentrate more easily, try to reach ten minutes of uninterrupted concentration. Exercise 5 Take a fruit, an apple, orange, banana or any other fruit, and hold it in your hands. Examine the fruit from all its sides, while keeping your whole attention focused on it. Do not let yourself be carried away by irrelevant thoughts or associated thoughts that might arise, such as about the shop were you bought it, about how and where it was grown, its nutritive value, etc. Stay calm, while trying to ignore these thoughts and not be interested in them. Just look at the fruit, focus your attention on it without thinking about anything else, and examine its shape, smell, taste and the sensation it gives when touching and holding it. Exercise 6 This is the same as exercise number 5, only that this time you visualize the fruit instead of looking at it. Start by looking at the fruit and examining it for about 2 minutes, just as in exercise number 5, and then do this one. Close your eyes, and try to see, smell, taste and touch the fruit in your imagination. Try to see a clear and well defined image. If the image becomes blurred, open your eyes, look at the fruit for a short while, and then close your eyes and continue the exercise. It might help if you imagine the fruit held in your hands, as in the previous exercise, or imagine it standing on a table. Exercise 7

Take a small simple object such as a spoon, a fork, or a glass. Concentrate on one of these objects. Watch the object from all sides without any verbalization, that is, with no words in your mind. Just watch the object without thinking with words about it. Exercise 8 After becoming proficient in the above exercises, you can come to this exercise. Draw a small geometrical figure, about three inches in size, such as a triangle, a rectangular or a circle, paint it with any color you wish, and concentrate on it. You should see only the figure, nothing else. Only the figure exists for you now, with no unrelated thoughts or any distractions. Try not to think with words during the exercise. Watch the figure in front of you and that's it. Try not to strain your eyes. Exercise 9 The same as number 8, only this time visualize the figure with the eyes closed. As before, if you forget how the figure looks like, open your eyes for a few seconds and watch the figure and then close your eyes and continue with the exercise. Exercise 10 The same as above in number 9 but the eyes open. Exercise 11 Try for at least five minutes, to stay without thoughts. This exercise is to be attempted only after all the previous ones have been performed successfully. The previous exercises, if practiced correctly, will endow you with the ability to impose silence on your thoughts. In time it will become easier and easier. The secret of success is constant practice. The more time you devote to the exercises the faster your success arrives. Go on gradually; ten minutes

at the start and in time as you gain the ability to concentrate, give it more time. When you see that you are successful, you will begin to love the exercises, and in time they will become a habit. You will be able to concentrate your attention easily and effortlessly upon anything you want to concentrate on. Are you jogging, exercising at the gym or studying a foreign language? How difficult it was in the start? How many times you wanted to quit? Yet, after a while you started to like what you were doing. It became a habit, needing no effort to perform. So it is with developing the power of concentration. After some of time you will start to feel differently. It will be easier to concentrate. Your mind will be calm and relaxed, and you will radiate peace into your surroundings. Things, circumstances and events that used to agitate and anger you, will not influence your inner calmness. You will experience happiness, content and satisfaction, self-confidence and inner strength. You will be able to cope more easily and efficiently with the outer world. You will feel a new form of consciousness growing in you, bringing you peace of mind. It may come every now and then for a brief moment, but in time it will grow and fill you completely. You will be able to make the mind work for you when you need its services, in a most efficient way. You will be able to silence it when its services are not needed. I assure you, from personal experience, that the attitude to life and the reactions to events change after starting to practice concentration. It is some kind of automatic and gradual process. You come to know many things about the mind and how it functions, and you learn to deal with it efficiently.

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Himalay Food Co is owned by Mr. Sunil Jain , was established in the year 1987 located at South Delhi(new delhi) India, This factory was built keeping in mind the sensitive requirements of the customer in terms of quality of reliability. Our plant has state-of-theart machinery. This plant has a cold storage capacity of 700 metric tones. We are appropriate for many industries particularly for clients that are in need of long term storage space. Whether temporary or permanent, we provide the ideal solution for all cold storage requirements. Total Cold Storage is committed to providing reliable,

quality refrigerated storage space and superior customer service We have been in the business of COLD STORAGE in the name of Himalaya Food Co. for more than 22 years .Cold storage is located in South Delhi(NEW DELHI).. We have convenient access to interstate (highway), railway station and air port. Our commitment to superior customer service has been established. Himalaya Food Co. is a leader in storage of Butter, Cheese, Icecream and as well as in a wide variety of other frozen products. We have 5 HAMBERS for frozen products up to 70 THOUSAND CUBIC FT., and we are planning another 25000 cft. chamber on ground floor. We have one chamber for 0* to 5* c chamber up to 30,000 cubic ft. We have stand by refrigeration compressors and three generators for alternate supply of power. We hope you will find our storage charges most competitive and assure you our best services and cooperation at all time. We have the best refrigeration system to keep the products in their best shape Contact details: Website : Email :, Phone (o) : 011-40634641 (f) : 011293-7503 Mr. Sunil Jain (Prop) : 9810053187posted on 2012-03-21 2 India largest satisfactory and faith fully ice cream for i choice of child posted on 2010-10-16 3 I booked an order on phone for Black Forest Cake at 16.30 for which I received a message from cream bell at 16.42. I had to give 3 reminders and then it was delivered at 19.30. The decoration on the cake was not done at all, since I have used it earlier also. They faltered on the order and said that their employee had met with a

mishap. I rate them liars and unprofessional and below the standard for a name that they claim to be. So dear friends you could be prepared for belated delivery. Col Rajesh Sachdeva, New Delhi posted on 2009-11-01 4 ice creams are really tasty but the only drawback is that the range of fantasia ice creams comes only in big back. I wanted to suggest that it should also launch these flavors in small cups posted on 2009-09-02

DEVYANI FOOD INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD.:Devyani Food Industry is comes under RK Jaipuria group. It is generallyknown as RJ Corporation. RJ Corp (India) started its dairy business in the year 2002 with pasteurized milk & ice cream under the headship of CEO, Mr Madhu Sudan Parikh.Being a well-diversified

organization, RJ Corp is primarily engaged in breweries, realestate, hospitality, healthcare, education, dairy, food services and retail and in the production of Dairy Milk Products like Ultra Heat Treated Milk, soft beverages with annual turnover of about 15 billion. The company has huge operations of Pepsi, Costa Coffee, Pizza Hut, Beer, Ice Cream, Dairy and others in various countries across the globe. With the emergence of economic liberalization, Pepsi came to India in the year 1991 and with this Pepsi came to be partnered by various companies in their beverage business. Mr..Ravi Kant Jaipuria, Pepsi king is a promoter of group and a well-known Pepsi King. Being a professionally managed enterprise possess the largest distribution networks in Nepal and India of FMCG products. They also have various plants in countries like Africa and Asia. Moreover, RJ Corp (India) is a jointure venture organization which is working in conjunction with Sameer Agriculture & Livestock Ltd. Sameer Group is a leading economic force in East Africa, with major investments and successful operating companies in all key business.

Vision It have a vision to be the significant player in the global dairy industry. The company focuses on Asian & African Markets and looks forward to expansion these countries.

Markets:-ASIA : Cream bell Ice Cream have Plants located in North & West of India, Cream bell network Present in Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttaranchal, Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa, Delhi,

AFRICA: Cream bell Dairy have Plants located in Kampala (Uganda) and Nairobi (Kenya), Selling networks are present in Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Congo, Burundi, Tanzania, Angola, Zambia, Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Lebanon, Mauritius Countries. Largest Selling Fresh & UHT milk in Uganda & Significant share of the Yoghurt Business. Whole Milk Powder & Skimmed Moreover, RJ Corp (India) is a jointure venture organization which is working in conjunction with Sameer Agriculture &Livestock Ltd. We entered in to an agreement with the Government of Uganda that came into effect from 1 August 2006 so as to lease the assets of Dairy Corporation, Kampala. Sameer Group is a leading economic force in East Africa, with major investments and successful operating companies in all key business

PRODUCTS INFORMATION:The above are the latest products of company. Among them excluding ball top all the other products are running in the market with a good potentiality. There are some other products which can be given as follows:-


All working people are included both the genders i.e. males and females irrespective of their education level.

Primary data was collected through a self administrated questionnaire. This questionnaire aims to gather information rel a t e d t o v a r i o u s B r a n d e d Electronic Home Appliances.

Secondary data was collected through magazines, research papers, internet etc.


As the questionnaire is self administrated one, the survey is kept simple and user friendly. Words used in questionnaire are readily understandable to all r e s p o n d e n t . A l s o t e c h n i c a l j a r g o n s a r e a vo i d e d t o e n s u r e t h a t t h e r e i s n o confusion for respondents. Choice of research design alternatives & choice Despite the difficulty of establishing an entirely satisfactory c l a s s i f i c a t i o n s ys t e m, i t i s h e l p f u l t o c l a s s i f y ma r k e t i n g r e s e a r c h o n t h e b a s i s o f t h e f u n d a me n t a l o b j e c t i ve s o f t h e research. Consideration of the different types, their applicability, their strengths, and their weakness will help the student to select the type best suited to a specific problem. The two general types of research are:

Exploratory research seeks to discover new relationship, emphasis on discovery of ideas. M a r k e t i n g r e s e a r c h e s d e vo t e a s i g n i f i c a n t p o r t i o n o f t h e i r wo r k o n e xp l o r a t o r y s t u d i e s when very little is known about the problem being examined.

Conclusive studies attempts to determine the frequency with which something occurs or t h e r e l a t i o n s h i p b e t we e n t wo p h e n o me n o n s . U s u a l l y c o n c l u s i ve s t u d i e s a s s u me c e r t a i n under underlying characteristics of the market or have some precise statement of research questions/hypothesis.


I f o n e wa n t s t o k n o w wh a t t yp e o f d e n t i f r i c e p e o p l e u s e , wh a t t h e y t h i n k o f , t e l e vi s i o n c o m m e r c i a l s , o r wh y t h e y b u y particular brands of cars, the natural procedure is to a s k t h e m. Th u s , t h e q u e s t i o n n a i r e me t h o d h a s c o me t o b e t h e m o r e wi d e l y u s e d o f t h e t wo data collection method. Many consumers are now familiar with the telephone caller who g r e e t s them with We are making a survey, and then p r o c e e d s t o a s k a s e r i e s o f q u e s t i o n s . S o me i n t e r vi e ws are conducted in person, others by telephone, and others by m a i l . E a c h o f t h e s e h a s i t s s p e c i a l a d va n t a g e s a n d d i s a d va n t a g e s a n d l i mi t a t i o n s . T h e q u e s t i o n n a i r e m e t h o d i n g e n e r a l , h o we ve r , h a s a n u mb e r o f p e r va s i ve a d va n t a g e s andd i s a d v a n t a g e s . D i s c u s s i o n o f p a r t i c u l a r v a r i a t i o n s w i l l b e m o r e m e a n i n g f u l i f t h e s e characteristics of the general methods are brought out first. A q u e s t i o n n a i r e c o n s i s t s o f list of questions to be asked from the respondents and the space provided to record the answer / responses. Q u e s t i o n n a i r e c a n b e u s e d f o r t h e personal i n t e r vi e ws , f o c u s g r o u p s , ma i l s a n d t e l e p h o n i c i n t e r vi e ws . T h e c h o i c e a mo n g these alternatives is largely determined by the type of information to be obtained and by the type of respondents from whom it is to be obtained. The common factor in all varieties of the questionnaire method is this reliance on verbal responses to question, written or oral. Questionnaire in the project consists of: Multiple choice questions



The non structured techniques for attitude measurement are primarily of value in e xp l o r a t o r y s t u d i e s , wh e r e t h e r e s e a r c h e r i s l o o k i n g f o r t h e salient attributes of g i ve n p r o d u c t s a n d t h e i m p o r t a n t f a c t o r s s u r r o u n d i n g p u r c h a s e d e c i s i o n s a s s e e n b y t h e consumer. Structured techniques can provide a more objective measurement system, one which is more comparable to a scale or a yardstick. The term scaling has been applied to t h e e f f o r t s t o m e a s u r e a t t i t u d e s o b j e c t i ve l y, a n d a n u m b e r o f u s e f u l s c a l e s h a ve b e e n developed.

Sample design is a definite plan of obtaining some items from the whole population. Thes a m p l e d e s i g n u s e d i n t h i s p r o j e c t is two state sampling i.e. cluster sampling and c o n ve n i e n c e s a m p l i n g . T h e wh o l e c i t y wa s d i vi d e d i n t o s o me g e o g r a p h i c a l a r e a s a n d I h a ve c h o s e n O l d De l h i , D a r ya g u n j , C o n n a u g h t P l a c e , S o u t h D e l h i , E a s t D e l h i a n d a l l the areas of Central Delhi.

H e r e t h e wh o l e a r e a i s d i vi d e d i n t o s o me g e o g r a p h i c a l a r e a a n d a d e f i n i t e n u mb e r o f consumers were to be surveyed.

T h i s t yp e o f s a mp l i n g i s c h o s e n p u r e l y o n t h e b a s i s o f c o n ve n i e n c e a n d a c c o r d i n g t o convenience. I visited Garden, Parks, Temple, Superstores, Theatres and Gymnasium.

As per the performance of Cream Bell ice-cream in last few years, it is a good and growing company. It is growing with a faster rate of 20 to 25%. At the present time, its total production is 1.5 lakh tones which was only 20000 tones in the year 2003.Its total market share is 16.34% and occupies 4. The place after Kwality walls, Mother Dairyand Amul.The year wise production of Cream Bell ice cream is given in abovetable. TABLE-1:- YEAR WISE PRODUCTION OF CREAM BELL ICE-CREAM

INTERPRETATION :As per given in the above table, the production of Cream Bell ice-cream isgrowing year per year. It is a good response towards company as well as this trade. Thetotal production in the year 2003 was 20000 tonnes which has been increased to 45000 inthe year 2004, the production is increasing year per year. Last year, it was 125000 tonnesand right now it is approxly 140000 tonnes.

COMPARISON WITH COMPITITORS:There is a good competition in this trade. From the last 5 or 6 years, there are many companies has been entered in this trade. These companies include some local and some MNCs. HUL, Baskin Robbins are some MNCs which are doing a good job in this trade and continuously on the way to capture the maximum share of the market. Some domestic and big companies like Mother Dairy, Amul etc are also at the peak position of the market. We can compare Cream Bell with these companies through following different tables:-


INTERPRETATION :As per given in the above table, the market share of HUL has more than 35% share of total ice-cream industry which is followed by mother dairy, Amul and Cream bell. More than 70% people knows about HULs product Kwality walls, approxly same thing with Mother dairy and Amul. 40% people are aware about Cream Bell in India. In the last quarter, the total increase in the profit of HULs ice-cream sector is 22% followed by Amul and Mother dairy with 19% and 17%. The net profit growth of Cram Bell is more than all the major companies with 36%. The selling and revenue is also growing for all the companies. HULs Kwality walls selling is increased by 31% at the

same time, the growth of Mother Dairy is 22.4% , Amul 20% and Cream bell is 19.6%.

INTERPRETATION :In the following above chart table, the comparison of major companies of ice-cream trade has been given as per their performance in different areas. As per this table the interpretation of these companies can be given as follows :HUL (KWALITY) :The performance of Kwality Walls is remarkable ineach area. Consumers have a good awareness and trust about HULs Kwality Walls due to its brand name, outstanding publicity , advertisement and experience. Company has maintained a good supply chain network which is most important , a diversified product line, and a well maintained price variation.

MOTHER DAIY :Mother Dairy is also a good player in the trade of ice-cream. It has been maintained a good price variation, supply chain and product line of Mother Dairy is good but not as per HUL. The advertisement is only point where company is not as per mark.

Amul:Amul is very old and good company in the field of dairy products. After Kwality walls it is second largest company in the field of ice-cream trade. It has a number of economic and as well as premium products. Its supply chain is also outstanding and consumer has a good trust on it due to its brand image.

Cream Bell :Now its time to Cream Bell. It has not too much experience in the market. It has been introduced in 2003. But in the last 9 years, it has been shown an outstanding growth. Company has a good product line and a good verity of goods. Price variation is also as per the mark. The company is lacking in only supply chain and advertisement. The publicity and advertisement of Cream Bell is not as per the mark as against the other repudiated companies. The supply chain is also one of the major problem. In the retail sector, the most important thing is a good and well gorged supply chain network. But the company is lacking in this field. Many areas of Delhi, the companys delivery system and supply chain network is too much poor. So, the company has too work on it.

Others:There are some other companies in this trade including some local companies. But the demand of these companies are not too much and their product line is also not as per diversified


INTERPRETATION:As per given in the following above table, Amul is the leading company in the trade of ice-cream in retail. It has occupies 30% of the market share. Companys major sale is comes from vending, in the retail, it is also

performing well. Mother dairy is occupies second position in the market share of ice-cream in Delhi. It has been occupies25% market share. Kwality walls, such a good brand is also performing a good role in the market. It has been occupies 21% share in the ice-cream trade. Now its time to Cream Bell. As earlier it is said that it not too much old company, but in spite of it, it has been occupies a good position in the market. Present time it is at 4 The position with 15% of market share. The last 9% market share has been occupies by some other companies.


INTERPETATION:As in the retail, Amul tops the market, but in the vending, it is other story. In the vending, Kwality walls tops the market with 31% of market share. Mother Dairy is followed it by 28% market share. Cream Bell is occupies the third position with 20% of market share. Amul is not proper good in

vending. Its total market share is 6% . 10%market share is occupies by some other companies.


INTER PR ETATION:The above table is showing the demand of ice-cream among the different age level of consumers. As per above data chart, the consumption of icecream is more among the teenagers. Due to the season, trend, advertisement, and some other requirements, they prefer ice-cream much more. At the present time, the 41% of total consumption of ice-cream is

done by teenagers. Children are second most demandable consumer for ice-cream. In the other sense we can say that the children are the way to turn a persons mindset for purchasing of goods. Present time, there are 23% of total consumption of ice-cream is done by children. From the last few years, the demand of ice-cream is increased among the service persons, college students, sports persons etc. the 21% of total consumption of ice-cream is made by adult persons. There are some flavors of ice-creamlike strawberry, chocolate etc are most preferred by old peoples. 15% of total consumption is done by old persons TABLE 7:-DIFFERENT CONSUMERS CRITERIA FOR CHOOSING ICECREAM

INTERPRETATION :The above table is showing the criteria of purchasing an ice-cream by different type of consumers and their standard of living. A brief description of them and their criteria can be given as follows:-

: - Foreigners are the premium type of consumers. They are just looking for a good taste and quality. Price is not a big matter for them. As they are new in a country, so they also not prefer too much publicity and advertisement of anything. If once they are satisfy with the quality of a product then they always prefer that product every time. Such a metro city in India where a thousand of foreigner comes everyday from many countries of the world, they are the good opportunity for ice-cream trade and a good quality is a market winner for ice-cream from a foreigner.


:- Here top class people refers to the those people who have a designation of a repudiated post(manager, GM, CEO, etc) or whose income level is higher. They are also a quality conscious peoples. Generally they prefers good brand and a better quality. They provide more than 40% weighted to quality for any product and specially in the food products. So, quality is also market winner for the top class peoples.


:- They are the average peoples and the population of them is more in India. The consumption level of these people is very high. But there

criteria of purchasing is different from other above two level of people. They prefers quality, but at the same time they are much conscious about price of the product. Because they believe the policy of cheap and best. They provide 36% of weight to quality, 25% to the price and 22% to the brand name

OTHER GENERAL PEOPLE:They are the strivers of the economy. Very few times they go for an icecream of good brand or company. They look for a cheap product. More than 65% of weighted provide by them is to the price. Price is a order winner for them.

As per given in the above table, the people of middle class are the most weighted and regular, they are the market gainer of the ice-cream

INTERPRETATION :It is the choosing criteria for a common average person for ice-cream. It is an universal criteria. A common persons expenditures 33% share goes to price, 28% goes to brand name 19% quality 16% taste and last 4% goes to other factors.


INTERPRETATION :The above data shows the different ice-cream flavor which is most preferred by consumers. As per my survey, Vanilla flavor is the most preferred ice-creamflavor by consumers with 43% of market shares. It is preferred by almost all type of peoples. Strawberry is the second most demandable flavor by the customers. Almost 24%of all the ice-cream consumption is comes from strawberry. It is followed by chocolatewith 19% and14% of other flavors.

INTERPRETATION :In the above data, the area wise selling of ice-cream is given. As per theabove data, the sale of ice-cream is more in the metro cities and related urban areas. Butthe sale of ice cream in small cities and semi urban areas are also growing and it is afuture opportunity for this trade.According to the above data, the 42% selling of ice-cream is comes frommetro cities. Most premium and costly ice-cream brands are sale in the metro cities.Because the peoples of these area are quality and brand conscious. Second position isoccupied by small cities with 21% share. It is followed by semi urban areas where theselling percentage is 19%. Last 18% sale of the ice-cream is comes from some other areas.

INTERPRETATION :The above table is showing the different means of selling of the ice-cream. Generally an ice-cream is sale by two ways, 1st is retail which is most common and general and another is Vending .Vending is the one of the special and most popular way to sale a nice-cream. In this kind of sale, ice-cream is sale by a vendor on any place by a push chart. In the push chart, there is a defreeze attached which takes a time of 8 to 10 hrs. to fully charged. After being fully charged, a push chart can work full day. Push chart is the most important mean of selling of an ice-cream. Because it is like a moving shop and it reached at any place. Push chart is good in other sense that ice-cream is not a daily need thing of a consumer for which a consumer has to make a plan to purchased it from a retail store during their daily shopping. Need of an ice-cream can be arise at any place and at anywhere may be during a long drive, playing, visiting, going to shopping

etc at any place. So, push chart is only one way which can fulfill the requirement of the consumer. At the present time, approx 82% of the total sales revenue of ice-cream is comes from vending and other 18% sales revenue comes from retail outlet. Vending is like a life blood for icecram trade

INTERPRETATION :The above table is showing the different product wise sale of ice-cream in a retail store. The sale of different type of products can be given as follows:-

Bricks:bricks are the largest selling ice-cream product sale by are tail store. 32% of total sale revenue of a retail store is comes from bricks.

Gallons :Gallons are the second most largest selling productfrom a retail store engaged in selling of ice-cream. 26% of total selling of ice-cream in aretail store is comes from gallons.

REASONS FOR LARGEST SELLING OF BRICK AND GALLONS FROM A RETAILSTORE:There are following main reasons for increase in selling of brick and gallons from a retail store:-1) Demand of bricks for taking after lunch or dinner from consumers. 2) Demands of gallons for party orders ( marriage, birthday party, anniversary, celebration of a special day etc.).3) A pack for whole family in cheaper rate than any individualice-cream.4) Easy avaibility of different type of flavor in bulk.

Cones :- Cones are the good ice-cream product in both segment retail as well as vending. At the present time, approx 18% of total selling of ice-cream from retail is comes from cones.13 % of total selling of ice-cream from a retail outlet is comes from cups and 11% from ice-sticks

INTERPRETATION :In the vending, there is a different story from retails. As in retail stores, the largest selling products are bricks and gallons. But in the vending, these two products are occupies least no. of shares with 6% and 2%.In the retail, sticks and cones of ice-cream captures a good position in the selling. Approxly 39% of total selling of ice-cream from a push chart is comes from ice-sticks. At the same time, 34% of total sale of a vendor is comes from cones. 19% comes from cups.

INTERPRETATION :Above pie table is showing the average peoples buying hobbit of an icecream. The frequency of ice-cream differ a lot where 15% respondents buy it daily,20% weekly, 21% fortnightly, and there is a Hugh chunk of people who buy ice -cream occasionally. There are more than 44% of peoples are buying an ice -cream occasionally. They may be purchases it during the way of going somewhere, during any party or during any other occasion. the main thing is that there is a good response has been found in the weekly and fortnightly consumers. REPORT OF CREAM BELLS TARGET MARKET:The above all the data collection was related to all the ice-cream industry. Now these collection are for the Cream Bell. This can be delivered as follows;-

Have you ever tasted Cream Bell Ice-cream? Yes 90 % No 10%

INTERPRETATION :As per given in the above table, there are approx 90% people are aware about Cream Bell. But still 10% people are available in the market who does not know about Cream Bell. So, the company has to take steps to captures these 10% peoples.

INTERPRETATION :The above table is showing the overall performance and criteria of scaling for an ice-cream by a consumer. The consumer are more satisfy with the price taste, and different schemes of cream bell. There is little bit problem arise with the availability of the products at the time.

PROBLEMS OF CREAM BELL:1. POOR DELIVERY SYSTEM :It is a biggest problem of our company in the concern area. More of the storekeepers are unsatisfied with the delivery system of our distributor in the area . Many retailers complain is that they pay the distributor all amount in advance but in spite of it he is not provide them products within time. As the result, many time they have face major problems. So, they are compiled to give the product of other company. 2. AMULS 2 LITER PACK:Amuls 2 liter pack is a price winner for the company. It is a more popular in both sense, either party pack or personaluse.

3 LIMITED NO. OF COMPANIES BANNERS AND HOARDINGS:Our companys publicity is also limited. Our latest products like Such much aim, milky stick etc. have a good market demand but due to unawareness in the consumers, their selling is not increasing. The stores of old Delhi, are in very conjusted areas, so there is a need of good publicity in the areas. Almost all the retailers demanded for the banners and hoardings of latest products

4 LESS VARITY IN CONE :Our company has very limited varity in thecone sagment. Minimum cost of cone of our company in Rs. 18 but at thesame time our competitor provide, a cone at a price of Rs. 10 which is anadvantage for them.

5. BEHAVIOUR OF OUR DISTRIBUTOR:Most of the retailers of Olddelhi is not satisfy with the behaviour of our dostributor.

6. LESS NUMBER OF SALES/DELIVERY PERSONS WITHDISTRIBUTOR:Our distributor has very less number of delivery persons which is a turning point. Due to this, they are unable to fulfill thetotal demand of the retailers at the time.

7. OTHER PROBLEMS:There are some other problems with our company like- unavilability of cola flavor, taste of tripples, less number of nuts in the butter scoatch, Less promotion of new products including tubsand cakes.

AVERAGE SALE OF CREAM BELL AT A REGULAR STORE AT OLD DELHI:-T he average sale of cream bell at a regular store in old Delhi is Rs. 1000/day.

Soas per given in the above table, it clears all the story. In all the points,Kwality Walls is far ahed from other companies. Thats a reason to grow faster of them .Their banner and poster is more than us, their branding is very good where as our branding is not much good to them, their canopys condition is far better than us, their vendor reaches their place of selling far early than us. At C.P Mainer times, I haveobserved that the pushcart of KW is available at 10 o clock early morning but at thesame time our pushcarts start to reaching their places after 12 A.M that is a major different between and them

FA CTOR ANALYSIS:There are a sample of 30 respondents has been interviewed andwere asked to indicate their degree of agreement with the following segment using aseven point scale (1= strongly disagree, 7=strongly agree).X1= Cream bell ice-cream is very cheaper.X2= The taste of all varieties of cream bell is outstanding.X3= Quality of cream-bell is best.X4= It is most important to buy a ice-cream that is made from pure milk.X5= I prefer icecream that is not melt easily.X6= An ice-cream should available at any place.


MY FINDINGS During the survey it was found that still there are 10% people who have not tasted Cream Bell ice-cream. Lake of Awareness in consumers. Many people are not know about Cream BellIce-cream specially children and teenagers. When I interviewed people then many of the people can not recall Cream BellIce-Creams advertisement. It shows Lake of Advertisement or advertisementis not timely given or advertisement is not given on right time. In its advertisement is not using any brand ambassador which attracts all agegroup people like Kwality walls. There is lake of Sales Promotional Activities i.e. free tattoo, extra weight, toys,quiz contest etc.

1.INTRODUCTION OF SOME ATTRACTIVE SCHEMES; - I t i s a v e r y popular policy to improve the sale. Here the attractive scheme refer to theschemes which are emotionally attract the consumers towards the products like, buy a Cassata chop and get a steel spoon free, buy a fantasia cone and geta mango stick free etc. The period of such type of schemes are very less(1 or t w o m o n t h s ) , b u t t h e y a r e v e r y a t t r a c t i v e a n d a b l e t o g a i n t h e i n t e r e s t o f consumer

.2. INTRODUCTION OF Rs.10 CONE:It is more important for us to introdusa cone of Rs. 10. Besause everyone giver preference to cones in the place of s t i c k s . W e have good varities in cones, but less number of varity in t h e segment of lower price. So we have to introduce it. 3. J U S T O N E C A L L It i s a m a j o r i n i t i a t i v e . W e m u s t b e p r o v i d e o u r consumers and retailers a hot number on which they can call any time andgive their demand. Our delivery person will provide them free delivery at their home but order should be more than Rs. 100.

4.PUBLICITY AT BUS STANDS AND BUSY MATRO STATIONS:The b o a r d s a n d b a n n e r s s h o u l d b e p l a c e d a t m a j o r b u s s t a n d s a n d v i t a l m a t r o stations of Delhi.

5.P R O V I D I N G F U L L I N F O R M A T I O N A T W E B S I T E : T h e fullinformations about the company and its all products should be provided at thewebsite of our company.

6.Company should use brand ambassador which attracts each age segment i.e.Saniya Mirza, Shaktimaan, Amitabh Bacchan, Superman, Krrish, Jadoo etc.

7.Company should launch chocolate in new attractive packing to change imageof Cream Bell ice-cream in consumers mind. 8. Company should introduce sales promotion schemes like free weight, pranky,tattoo, contest, free gifts etc.

9. Advertisement can be done with the help of animations that attracts child renand teenagers because ice-cream are consumed largely in this segment.

As we know that Devyani Foods Industry is very big organization and market leader in food products. It has maximum market share in ice-cream, which are its main/core products. With the help of research, company can find out its week points in icecream product and can increase its market share through rectify mistakes. People h a v e b e l i e v e d i n Cream Bells product a n d t h e y w i l l a c c e p t i t s i c e - c r e a m a l s o i f effective actions were taken. The survey resulted into following conclusions : C r e a m B e l l m u s t c o m e u p w i t h new promotional activities such that people b e c o m e a w a r e a b o u t C r e a m B e l l s P r e m i u m l i k e Ice-cream Cake, Tub,Premium brick etc..

Quality is the dominating aspect which influences consumer to purchase Cream Bell product, but prompt availability of other chocolate brands and aggressive promotional activities by others influences the consumer towards them and also leads to increase sales.

In comparison to Cream Bell ice-cream, the other players such as Amul, MotherDairy , and Kwality Walls provide a better availability and give competition tothe hilt.

satisfied with the overall quality of Cream Bell icecream, but f o r t h e e x i s t e n c e i n t h e l o c a l m a r k e t C r e a m B e l l m u s t u s e a g g r e s s i v e s e l l i n g techniques.


RESEARCH METHODOLOGY:This project is the mixture of theoretical and practical knowledge. Also it contains ideas and information imparted by the guide. The project started with collecting all the raw data and arranging them in perfect order. To add value to the project and to understand the practicality of retailing business, I have visited to various stores selling ice-cream. To understand the consumer better, a field survey was conducted to find out the tastes and preferences, purchasing habits, expectations of

consumers etc. Analysis of this primary data has been done actually to understand the survey in a better way.


Universe is Jaipur City.


The population size or universe in Jaipur City and probability of customers cannot be measured. Therefore non-probability type of Random Sampling can be carried out from the population of total number of consumers consuming ice cream. This technique helps to select the optimum number of samples (i.e. 100 consumers) from the total population of Jaipur City. Thus, 100 consumers are being surveyed with the help of questionnaire method randomly. Questionnaire Method:It includes both types of questions both close ended as well as openended. This research is based on Pilot study or survey with the help of structured questionnaire. In this questionnaire ( attached in annexure )contains two types of questions viz. multiple choice questions(Q. 01-13), in the former the respondents selects one of the alternative possible answers put to him/ her ,and one is table analysis whereas in the latter he /she has to reply the answers in his own words . The question with only two possible answers (yes / no) can be taken as a special case of the multiple choice question or can be named as a closed questions.

Surveys are useful for getting a great deal of specific information. Surveys can contain open-ended questions (e.g., "In which city and state were you born? ____________") or closed-ended, where the respondent is asked to select answers from a brief list (e.g., "__Male ___ Female." Open ended questions have the advantage that the respondent is not limited to the options listed, and that the respondent is not being influenced by seeing a list of responses. However, open-ended questions are often skipped by respondents, and coding them can be quite a challenge. In general, for surveys to yield meaningful responses, sample sizes of over 100 are usually required because precision is essential. Surveys come in several different forms. Mail surveys are relatively inexpensive, but response rates are typically quite lowtypically from 5-20%. Phone-surveys get somewhat higher response rates, but not many questions can be asked because many answer options have to be repeated and only few people are willing to stay on the phone for more than five minutes. Mall intercepts are a convenient way to reach consumers, but respondents may be reluctant to discuss anything sensitive face-to-face with an interviewer. Surveys, as any kind of research, are vulnerable to bias. The wording of a question can influence the outcome a great deal. For example, more people answered no to the question "Should speeches against democracy be allowed?" than answered yes to "Should speeches against democracy be forbidden?" For face-to-face interviews, interviewer bias is a danger, too. Interviewer bias occurs when the interviewer influences the way the respondent answers. For example, unconsciously an interviewer that works for the firm manufacturing

the product in question may smile a little when something good is being said about the product and frown a little when something negative is being said. The respondent may catch on and say something more positive than his or her real opinion. Finally, a response bias may occurif only part of the sample responds to a survey, the respondents answers may not be representative of the population. Testing of Hypothesis : Null hypothesis (H) = Customers usually choose taste and preference as the major factor behind choosing the brand. test is the most significant method to test such hypothesis at the 5% level of significance.

BRANDS Preferenc e Crea Amu Vadila Havmou l r Kwalit y Walls Taste & 12 04 18 00 13 08 55 Mothe Tota

m Bell l

r Dairy l

Preferenc e Except Taste & 17 04 15 01 06 02 45

Preferenc e









The figures shown in the table are observed frequency of consumer taste & preferences.

Therefore, expected frequencies are :-

Aa = 29*55 = 15.95 13.05 100

Ab = 29*45


Ba = 08*55 = 4.40 3.60 100

Bb = 08*45


Ca = 33*55 = 18.15 14.85 100

Cb = 33*45 =


Da = 01*55 = 0.55 0.45 100

Db = 01*45 =


Ea = 19*55 = 10.45 08.55 100

Eb = 19*45 =


Fa = 10*55 = 05.50 04.50 100

Fb = 10*45 =








Frequency(O) Frequency(E) Aa Ab Ba Bb Ca Cb Da Db Ea Eb Fa Fb 12 17 04 04 18 15 00 01 13 06 08 02 15.95 13.05 04.40 03.60 18.15 14.85 00.55 00.45 10.45 08.55 05.50 04.50 -03.95 03.95 -00.40 00.40 -00.15 00.15 -00.55 00.55 02.55 -02.55 02.50 -02.50 15.60 15.60 00.16 00.16 0.022 0.022 0.302 0.302 06.50 06.50 06.25 06.25 0.978 1.195 0.036 0.044 0.001 0.001 0.549 0.671 0.622 0.760 1.136 1.388 E)/E = 07.381 =(O-

= (O-E) = 07.381 E

Degree of freedom = (r-01) (c-01) = (02-01) (06-01) = 05 Table value of degree of freedom 05 at 05% significance level is 07.381. But 11.070>07.381 Null Hypothesis (HO) is true.

Limitation of Study: Results obtained from the whole study may not be 100% true due to the following limitations: 1. Limitations of sample size. 2. The field of study is very vast. 3. Self-selection 4. The research design was not intended to produce results that account for or predict the behavior of a wide classification of people as most experimental studies are. 5. This type of project needs to be done exhaustively but I dont have enough time in my hand to do the in-depth study as demanded by this project. 6. Consumers positive response is required for getting appropriate information. Here problem comes when consumers dont have

enough time to cooperate. As per the consumers convenience I have to ask them questions.

Additional Work Done :-

a) Consumers were made aware of the new flavors launched by

Cream Bell Ice Cream by making them taste those flavors.

b) I visited number of retail stores to conduct every dealer survey,

which helped the company to know the annual sale of Cream Bell Ice Cream.
c) I even visited those stores which were not keeping Cream Bell

Ice Cream were been convinced to sell by making them aware about the quality, variety and profit margin for the retailers.
d) Retailers were facing some problems regarding supply chain

and availability so I tried to keep their point of view in front of sales executive so that their problems can be solved.
e) I even approached to the retailers to purchase Cream Bell

Companys deep freezer and acknowledged them about the services regarding deep freezers.

RESEARCH DESIGN:a) Sampling Unit :- Unit is an individual (i.e. consumers) who consume ice cream. b) Source List :- To select the number of samples I have

visited to various areas of Jaipur City like Malviya Nagar, Raja Park, Barkat Nagar, Mansarovar, Vaishali Nagar.

c) Sample Size :- Hundred customers is the sample size from the total number of consumers visiting outlets which are selling ice cream in Jaipur City.

BIBLIOGRAPHY 6.Research Methodology. ( Harper W.Boyd, C. R. Kothari)

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