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7TH Grade ELA Collaborative Meetings November 10, 2011

We addressed the Guiding Questions Issues: Make sure we accommodate EC students in the scoring grid/ and accommodate testing for them (Test differentiation) Want kids to be able to apply strategies when taking test. Give students a copy of the test to apply the strategies. Alternate testing (Benchmark on ClassScape/ Next Benchmark December 14 Change slide with number of student number proficient with Assessment slide so that columns track the same - move overall rating column on the one slide to the 2nd column rather than the last column so that both slides columns track the same. Look in to top five or top six objectives to observe strategies for Reteaching Accelerate rather than remediate Students are to use the graphic organizer that has them explain their answer choice and prove why the other three choices are incorrect. Teacher directed instruction/guided practice/independent practice Make them figure out how to learn better The longer you wait to reteach the longer you will spend on reteaching the same objective The ones that got it, help move along the other ones Help students own it so they can feel good about it(help students learn how to reteach others) Invite Ms. Hardy to discuss Stars, giving students a copy of weekly assessment Each day work with a group of students who need help (E.C., low percentages) 2 H and 2 L are working on a specific objective to show 2 L the strategies how to reach the final answer Then allow 2 H to do more work on objective and 2 L to do more examples as practiced from questions wrong Agree create own acceleration lesson plan for that week based on power-point for Mr. Pit Pit Lessons need to be turned in for Thanksgiving week on Monday

November 18, 2011

Recorder: Bryan Ruffin Opening Pitpit P. Baker -talked about AR strategies. -6th Grade-all teachers are checking out library books and having students take tests on those books. -6th grade-parents sign reading log to hold students accountable for reading at night. Mrs. ____ mentioned shes already doing this, have called parents, still not having success with this procedure. However, had decided to incorporate short summaries of reading every morning, which includes vocabulary words from the word wall. -Mrs. Baker suggests that because 6th grade has such successful strategies that they need to share their strategies with the rest of the school. -how to incorporate the rest of the 7th grade teachers to support the AR program by incorporating AR books into their teaching instruction every week. -one strategy that 6th grade does is to keep a cart on their hallway all the time and they schedule their teams so that one team takes AR tests in the morning one week with on LA teacher, and the next week the other LA teachers team keeps the carts and takes their tests in the morning. -They go to the library the last 10 minutes of Social Studies class to return their books. -SSR 10 minutes and 5 minutes required writing a short summary and including at least 3 vocabulary words from the word wall in their summary -test day on AR will be on Friday (student can take tests during the week, but have to have it taken by Friday) --Mrs. Baker will show LA teachers how to pull out reports that help us hold the students accountable -Mrs. _____will check out books from the library that she can incorporate into their Social Studies lesson every week. ________________ -We couldnt produce data analysis results last week because the tests were graded by hand due to a lack of Scantron however; Mr. Ruffin was the only team that had enough Scantrons to get computer-generated data. -Mrs. Hardy joined meeting; STARS rotating between the 7th grade classes because of lack of coverage; keeping kids remediated 3 days to a week on a particular objective. -Chowan meeting: based on research; Kyleen Beers, Marzano; honing in on vocabulary. collaborative planning - what should it be; what should it look like. *common resources - example; two poems but you can add to it. each person pulls in activities (quality resources), a story that all teachers will teach; however, teachers can pick and choose what they want to use, but there should be some common resources that we all use. Collaborative Planning Meetings-sharing strategies and resources; each teacher will write their own plans. Lesson Plans should be completed for the entire week.

Nov.21, 2011
6th grade Common Assessment : They dont do it each week; they do it every two weeks : Common Assessments are used to look into how much our students have learned, how do we meet mastery : Student led Conferences on Mondays with test : Teachers need to reflect on our practices : Objective test are good to be taken to see what objectives are mastered : Make your own lesson plans, point out ways you can assess through the week, continue Friday assessments. : Collaborating on Wednesdays and also discuss Common Assessments : Accumulation of old objectives, and 5 new questions for new objectives (Vocabulary, Current Skills, Previous Skill) Vocabulary Bingo (Comprehensive Study Guide: Add to Edmodo) Vocabulary (Introduce 8-10 words a week then assess 5 only. 10 mins of Reading, 5 minutes Summary) 5 mins (Rotate Grammar review with warm-up/homework) 10 mins of Explicit Vocabulary instruction (refresh) 15 mins for guided instruction 15 mins for independent practice Consistent see the routine everyday Exit Slip/Formal assessment Decision on what we need to focus on for End of Grade Testing Grammar -15 minutes Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) -10 minutes AR books Writing -5 minute summary using 3 vocabulary words Vocabulary strategies -10 minutes of Vocabulary instruction Reading Instruction -15 minutes Student practice -10 minutes Exit Ticket Homework: Alternate between Grammar and Gourmet Appetizers

EOG vocabulary (add to word wall list) 1. most likely 2. awe 3. illustration 4. encouraging 5. emphasize NOVEMBER 23 15 questions for ClassScape to Christmas, then gradually increase after then to more Look at old EOG tests, then look at words you think you need to teach to get kids familiarized with Theme for December: Diversity Ms.____ - ePassage Poetry Project

6. explain 7. personalize 8. effective 9. descriptive 10. symbolism 11. irony 12. imagery