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occ oo cc oOo A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) START ‘CHAPTER 7 CONTENTS: OD CHAPTER 8 UST OF FIGURES CHAPTER 9 PREFACE CHAPTER 10 CHAPTER 1. CHAPTER 11, CHAPTER 2 CHAPTER 12 CHAPTER 3 APPENDICES CHAPTER 4 GLOSSARY CHAPTER 5 INDEX CHAPTER 6 A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) 2000 Edition Project Management Institute Newtown Square, Pennsylvania USA brary of Congress Cataloging in-Publication Data ‘A guid tothe project management body of knowledge (PMBOK® guide)~-2000 ed P. et Includes bioblographeal references and index ISBN 1-880410-22-2 (alk. paper)-ISBN 1-880410-250 (pbk alk paper) 1 Indust projet management. 1 Tle: PMBOK® guide. Project Management 69.75 G84S. 2001 5a.¢04—deat 0051727 ap 1s BN: 1.840410-23-0 (paperback) ISBN: 1:86041022-2 (hardcover) SBN: 1880410.25-7 (CD-ROM) Published by: Project Management Institue, ne our Campus Boulevard ‘Newtown Square, Pennsylvania 19073-3269 USA ‘Phone: 620-256-4600 or Vis our website: woe. Ema: pribg@ pmo, (© 2000 Projet Management Insite ne Alright reserved. AI Pubishing Division welcomes comeations and comments on ts documents. In addon to comments dkected 19 PM abou the substance ofA Gude vo he Project Management Body of Knowle please fel fee to Send commen ‘on eypographlal, formatting, or other errs. Simply make a copy ofthe relevant page ofthe PMBOK® Guide, mak ‘the era, and send ito: Pl Pblshing Dion, Forty Colonial Squae, Sylva, Newt Carolia 28779 USA, phone '824/586-3715, fx: 828/586-4020, emall:booked@ pm. org “PMI” and the Pat logo ae service and trademarks registered in the United Stats and ater nations; PMP" and ‘the PMP logo ae certication marks registered in the United Stats and other nations; “PMBOK”, “PM Network”, ‘and “Pal Today" are trademarks registered inthe United States and other nations; and “Projet Management Journal” and “Building professionalism in project management” are ademaiks ofthe Projet Management ast PMI books ate available at special quantky dtcount to use ae premiums and sales promotions, or fr use in cor porate taining programs as well as oer educational programs. For noe information, please write to the Business ‘Manage, PAI Publishing Division, Forty Colonial Square, Sylva, NC28779 USA. Or cntact your local bookstore Printed in the United States of Amerie, No par of chi work may be reproduced or ransmited in ny orm ot by any means, electon, manual, photocopying, cording, by any information storage and reueval system, ‘without prior weten permission ofthe publisher. The paper used in tls Book comples with the Permanent Paper Standard issued by the National Information Stan ards Organization (239.48—1984), Printed and bound by Automated Graphie Systems, White Plains, Maryland, USA 9 8 765 4327 2. NAMGATION Links 2 AcnoNNs UST