The misconception of what a driver's license is and what it's used for. The fraud of a driver's license is not in your interest. When they gave you that driver's license, it was to incorporate you, as a corporate person. Your driver's license is a commercial instrument, not identification/ pedigree/ bloodline........ This instrument comes under "excise tax". "EXCISE TAX" is a system that is set up for corporate activity, and for taxing corporations in the capacity of having a privilege or benefit of operating in a corporate capacity. i.e. dealing with "Mercantile Instruments" or "Products of Merchandise", Sales etc... and movement of those things. ARE YOU THAT !!! Is anyone a "Moveable Instrument". Did someone manufacture you? Are you a living thinking being? What the Driver's License does is,,,,, it identifies or tags "Moving Property". This is used to profile you. To extract revenues from you as chattel property. In the Union State Society,,,, the Driver's License Instrument is used Politically to sustain slavery. The principle is dealing with the element of Electricity n Water(water promotes life,, and all things in this particular atmosphere need water to live, and all things are electrical. They have certain amounts of electrical current going through them). The principle of CURRENCY is based in that, what they call MONEY When you look at money, you look at the energy of the three major planets in our solar system (Sun, Moon & Stars). This is written in all the text[Ancient]. I leave these signs for you, the sun, moon, & stars.

This is the center of your universe. winds. So your 4quarter Moons make up your 100% or your 360-degree Dollar or the whole. moves the sediment .?and you start regulating the water. don't you). And in the Symbology you deal with the [E of the Earth] and you take the energy of the Moon. from a scientific perspective.. We took on his idol god religions and fell [that's what our problem is. The 4 Silver-Quarters represent that moral and ethical principle that the dollar is based on. feeds the wildlife.. It's Scientific. and that interaction of that energy is what Moon-E [money] is. Science our Master Astrology. What is one of the things you do politically in order to stagnate their developement and growth? (you build a dam don't you. Albions took our Mathematics . and you want to take their land. because a slave can't be maintained because it's against nature. The Al-Chemical metal for the Moon is Silver (stabilizer) The Al-Chemical metal for the Sun is Gold (enhancer) The Monetary system in civilization has always been based on the Moon and the Sun. Isonomi is the principle of equal rights and service to all the citizens in society..So the slave must be invited to participate in that construct[a license is an agreement construct for you to stop your waters] Now.and it's ancient. and some people live below the flow of the water... tides and causes your heart to beat in cosmic rhythymn and it causes Wombman to bring us here). Our violation of those divine principles caused our fall. or the Crescent and the Star. So you must overstand the instruments that are used to maintain enslavement.. And when you regulate the water. if you're going to kill a river. it's not emotional.. You look at the economies of the moon which governs the Womb of Woman which brings all of us here. and ruled the world. You look at the moon revolving around the Earth (13 times a year) And the Earth revolving around the Sun (12 times a year) The energy that relates to these three spheres (cause the seasons. This is the center of civilization. nourishes the land. All these effectsare there. it's not racism. that water that flows free(which produces fish.

When you don't object to the grammatical error of your name in all capital lettersyou agree/waived.!! If you make a claim of rights from a constitutional perspective you are in error...?! because it's chattel property... leaches... and even when they write letters to you in response where they're suing you [and a ticket is them suing you] for breech of contract. except if it comes before the supreme court. Doesn't it?) and you call it death don't you? And you can talk that person into selling that land for little-bit of finance.. most of the time they will not AJUDICATE a case.according to the moon.. And rights does not exist with anyone. And when you waived. . You stagnate their life you control their family with just that instrument and you stand back and just reap in the benefits.isn't it?? But water that flows is called.. They just won't give us the information to correct ourselves. can't you? It's called movement. The Constitution does not give you Rights. you assume that that's you don't you. They'll do this with our people everyday.and if you can stagnate their economy.. you can stagnate their economy.... and everything. The Constitution is in place to secure pre-existing rights.. or you can starve them out. living water isn't it?? THE LICENSE IS BASED ON THAT... in a civilized society who is transacting business in an alien name. so water that stagnates is called dead water . because it doesn't apply to you. AND that's what that license is for. isn't it.. don't talk about constitutions. A summons is not a warrant.....and the water gets black.. Now. It's to stagnate your flow. And then put on the docket [plaintiff in error]. LAW AND GOVERNMENT DRIVERS LICENSE FRAUD TAJ TARIK BEY PT. Meaning if you're not in your proper person. you can stagnate their life... to keep nutrients going to the land. When you stagnate it then you get mosquitos... If you can stagnate the flow of a people. but it's treated accordingly ...2 Be aware of Constitutional Principles...

..... a.. they just proceed and do their nigger trials. And our people keep calling it two standards of law. blacks and colored] and then they have also.. Means that you can be doing this now until you're 99.. And since usually the person carrying that license is not European they have automatically what you call.. If the people are not aware of that. 3:13 So that they could make sure you could't buy your way out of slavery..[smith..... when we agree to that license... That license is a movement passport. a verbal deed on that person and also creates an injunctive lien.. And also they made sure that you would never handle money anymore.9 times out of 10...a. jones and johnson and goldberg. and then add 10 more years. OR PROPER JURISDICTION.... So if you're transacting business in an alien name. and they can actually take you to court and sue you....... So therefore the family name automatically goes to the state under wardship law. BUT!!! they don't do that because that's the basis of the economics of how they've maintained forced servitude with these Asiatics who insist on calling themselves [negros..... Under the negro codes or the christian black codes of 1724. adopted in all the states when they closed the freed man's bureau. which is why most of the time with our people they just start ajudicating///////////////// They don't deal with STATUS. no matter how many generations you do it.[the negro act. then they do not suspect what that license is for. it's still a fraud. and that's . So the court already has leave . so therefore the courts of prize & booty automatically have jurisdiction . but that's the law their using. blacks and colored] which are all brands.... THEY DON'T DEAL WITH THE ARGUMENT OF VENUE.. so after the "Civil-War" which was actually initiated to overrthrow the Republican Forms of Government in oerder to institute slavery beaureacratically They had to overthrow the republican form of government.. because the person is already within the jurisdiction... And so . And the state automatically has jurisdiction. it has a nomen(name) on it indicating a European family.. the further nomens[names] of ownership... And it doesn't necessarily have to be written. or whatever they may be calling themselves this week] It automatically makes them a ward of the state.. if they have the brands [negros... and their using the christian black codes of 1724 ...

Because they unseated the Asiatics that were already in government.. .. they had to veil it. They will tell you that it's because of them debating about "The Industry" and the Moors who were branded as BLACKS being used in the Industrial North. because it was a process of overthrow. They started the war because they wanted to make sure you didn't blend in and take over. Which is why that Pyramid is on the dollar bill....andthat's why they starte yhe war ....... so they had to burn books. when it actually comes from Ancient Moorish Law.......the real reason of the "Civil War".NO. make you think that the Constitution came from England. competing with the more Agricultural South. So in order to beaureaucritize slavery. reconstruct history.. and that's the federal side or the supreme superior side of this Constitutional Republic..

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