Delhi is experiencing one of the worst winters this year.

You can actually feel the cold just by looking outside at the dense white fog. Such kind of weather ca lls for a hot sumptuous dessert. So I checked my cupboard and I hadn't used my n ew cute red ramekins. The dark chocolate slabs were also in stock. It was the pe rfect opportunity to bake something gooey, chocolaty..So under 35 minutes I was done with whisking, blending, baking and indulging too :) Separate egg white and egg yellow. Whisk them separately, with sugar. Mix the me lted chocolate and butter in the pale whisked yellow. And fold in the whipped eg g white. And yes don t forget the splash of vanilla. Bake it for around 11-13 minu tes and yo you have that molten Chocó lava in front of you. Consume it when hot else it will sink as the rise of the cake is only due to the air trapped while whisking the eggs. Also If it s too cold outside, the runny mol ten may become semi solid or even solid. If you want to use the batter after som e time, say few hours then pour it in the moulds, cover with cling film and refr igerate. Bake it at the moment when you want to eat. You will need to bake for a minute or two more as the batter will be cold. It s too easy to make and very less time consuming as well. Almost like a chocolat e soufflé, it s a yummy dish for those winters when you have a sudden chocolate crav ing. So here are the details: Adapted from joyofbaking (***link***) ------------------------------------Ingredients: 1 egg -- yellow and white separated 25 gms powdered vanilla sugar + 1/2 tbsp powdered vanilla sugar 35 gms butter (unsalted) 55 gms dark chocolate Splash of Vanilla extract 1/8 tsp cream of tartar (optional) ------------------------------------Equipments: Bowls, Hand mixer, Spatula, Oven, Ramekin, ------------------------------------Steps: 1) Pre-heat the oven on 200 degrees Celsius. 1) In a clean bowl whisk the egg yellow on medium speed along with the 25gms sug ar and splash of vanilla till this whole mixture turns pale yellow or even cream in colour.

2) In a separate bowl melt the entire chocolate and butter over a double boiler. 6) The mixture to a greased and sugar dusted ramekin and fill the ramekin to a l ittle more than half the capacity of ramekin as this will rise a lot.This recipe serves one ramekin of 200 ml capacity. 4) In another separate clean and grease free bowl whip the egg white and cream o f tartar on high speed. 3) Add this melted butter+chocolate mixture into the whisked egg yellow mixture and mix it using a spatula. . The cream of tartar here is totally optional and it s just to stabilize the egg whites. Do n ot over mix else you will lose the air. . Once soft peaks are formed add the 1/2 tbsp sugar and whip again till the peaks turn glossy. You can eat it directly from the ramekin (as I did as I could not wait!!!) or wa it for a minute or so to take it out. 7) Bake it in the pre-heated oven on 200 degrees Celsius for about 11-13 minutes and your molten lava cake is ready. 5) Fold in this whipped egg white into the earlier made egg yellow mixture.