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Hi. In this tape, we will continue to build a fierce and powerful state for flirting with and enjoying women. This isn't the kind of thing where you just sit back in a comfortable place, close your eyes, and relax as you go deeper and deeper still into a peaceful trance because we're also going to have some fun. As you relax even more, from your toes, to your legs.. And as your relax each one of your fingers... And allow that relaxation to melt its way up your arms.. You're breathing easier.. While you let your jaw relax.. and notice how that makes it even easier to relax all the muscles in your face.. As you begin to imagine yourself out in nature, on a bright sunny day.. with a cool breeze caressing your skin.. Look around you.. Notice the colors... Notice the way shapes respond to the breeze... Listen to the sounds around you... Feel the warmth of the sun.. and the coolness of that gentle breeze.. Feel yourself connected to the earth.. Feel your mind expanding to the ground beneath you.. So that you can feel each rock.. each grain of sand... allow your mind to stretch out.. until you are aware of the burning center of the earth.. and the snow capped peaks of distant mountains.. Notice the oceans, crashing into distant shores and retreating only to crash again.. Feel the power of life churning all around the earth. From the tiny bacteria bustling through the soil.. to trees reaching into your crust and jutting skyward.. to the gentle tapping of millions of animals running.. up into the buildings and machines of man.. Feel the constant flow of information.. between machines.. between people... between plants.. a constant flow of communication even with the earth itself.. Expand your mind into the sky that surrounds the earth.. Feel the weather.. Powerful storms.. Gentle rains.. While elsewhere there is calm, dry air. Now feel your mind stretching out into the solar system. Each planet, slowly spinning, slowly making its way around the sun.. And there are other stars out there.. Other galaxies.. Each atom is a part of you.. connected... one. Listen carefully.. Hear the sound of so many pieces working together. Allow your mind to wander through this vastness, and listen to the sounds of distant stars... listen to the sounds right here on this planet.. from the sounds of animals in the wild... to the sound of that breeze on your body.. to the sounds of my voice.. and the sounds of your own breath.. Allow your mind to picture different parts of this universe. Just relax, and let the images come to you.. from far away.. from other places... other times..

You understand now what it feels like to be in tune with the universe. to be centered. Let these powerful feelings vibrate through you.. and allow these pictures.. and these sounds.. to surround you.. to wrap themselves around you.. each in turn.. enjoy this now for a few moments.. and relax... .... Now, when you are ready, begin to bring yourself back.. To this time and place.. where you are listening to this voice.. knowing that you can always bring this feeling back.. just by thinking of that place out in nature.. And as you focus your attention again on your body.. so relaxed.. you can make whatever changes are necessary.. to allow you to feel this centered.. this at one with the universe.. as your natural way of moving through the world... with curiosity.. and passion.. and a sense of connection with all people.. and all things.. You see, I don't know how some people can go through life without seizing every possibility, without complimenting and flirting with every beautiful woman, without taking every opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest. Maybe something stood in their way.. inhibition.. hesitation.. maybe even a little nervousness. But when you think about all the things in your past that you've left behind.. that you just don't deal with anymore. you see how quickly those limiting feelings can just fade away into your past... making room for a whole new, dynamic way of walking through the world. It's a walk that takes you down - deeper and deeper still - through all the parts... and all the exciting places filled with interesting people. Beautiful people. And because these people are so connected with you.. They.. like you.. are each a part of the web of life.. And it's the most natural thing in the world for you to just smile and say hello. Now some people like to waste time thinking about.. and analyzing a situation. They're wondering what to say.. Are they doing it right? But you and I know better. We know sometimes, the right thing to do is just open your mouth and say what's on your mind. Go ahead and practice it now. That's right. Imagine.. You're in a crowded place. and there are people all around you. All kinds of people. Allow yourself to walk among them, and notice.. Some are smiling.. some are sad.. some seem playful.. Notice the women especially.. As you're walking along, notice a beautiful girl talking with her friends. Say hello. Say you are so beautiful - I just had to tell you that. Watch her light up.. and smile.. and then just walk away.. That was fun, wasn't it? Enjoy it. Do it again. Feel that connection with the crowd.. notice the feelings that are out there... all the variety.. like an ocean.. Pick a pretty face out of the crowd. Tell her she's pretty.. Notice how it feels to have her attention, and then just smile.. shrug.. walk away feeling great.. The more you find yourself in crowded places, the more chances you'll find to have fun with people. To make people feel good. Go on, do it again. Another girl............ There you go. It's all about feeling good.

These women love your attention. It makes them feel pretty and flattered and sexy. When you compliment a woman out of the blue, it's like picking her up, flipping her ON switch, and putting her back feeling great. It's some of the most rapid changework imaginable, and it's so much fun for both of you. Pick another pretty girl. Tell her hello. Compliment her beauty. And as you do, feel a rush of power.. As if you're the hero in your own personal action movie.. Watch the world slip into slow motion.. Notice how everything but the two of you seems to blur into the background.. Hear your theme music swelling up, empowering you.. It's time to get the girl.. So show her that smile of yours.. And this time, tell her who you are.. Find out her name.. And tell her what it is you found so special about her.. Watch her responding to your attention. Is she a little flattered? A little nervous? She's smiling, isn't she? And aren't you? Focus on her.. There are so many things to talk about.. Feel that sense of centeredness with the universe... Let your unconscious guide you.. and explore her world.. So many people don't know how to listen... how to truly connect with a woman.. She's only too happy to let you in. This is the dance.. the game you play.... So as you allow these learnings to become a part of you, as easy and natural as breathing... as you let this new way of acting permeate your soul and integrate itself all the way down to the level of purest instinct... I want you to imagine your timeline... out in front of you, so you can see the past stretching off to the left, and your future blazing on to the right. Float up above it now, just few feet, so you can see your entire life stretching out beneath you. Notice all the opportunities you've had in the past.. The women .. the adventures... the excitement that has come near and entered your life.. Now notice how your future is packed with more opportunities.. more adventure.. more love.. more passion.. more beautiful, sexy women. So take this good feeling that comes with approaching beautiful women and let it spread right out into the future. Let it soak into every opportunity, filling up your future until it absolutely glows with possibility. Now allow yourself to drift towards the future, and as you do, notice that you can see yourself down there, confidently and congruently talking to women of all types and ages..... Notice their reactions. How they love it when you talk to them... Notice how your friends respond to your newfound power. First, they are surprised by the change. Some even tease you. But that soon changes into respect as you improve yourself, creating connections with new people.. growing in skill, leaving the old models of you far, far behind. Notice how your skill improves with time. Soon you radiate such confidence, move with such power that women even approach you! As your skill improves, you find yourself talking to women in ways that make them feel wonderful, as if you can see right into their souls. And in fact, you find yourself enjoying people so much more simply because you do draw out their inner beauty. Now, I want you to see yourself, down on that timeline, a few weeks from now, in a quiet place. See yourself with a strange woman. She

is beautiful.. your absolute picture of beauty.. from her sparkling eyes eyes.. to her hair.. to the shape of her lips.. to the curves of her body. This woman is intelligent, sensual, strong.. everything you could ever want in a woman. Notice how she looks there with you. Feel the connection with her as you step into that picture. Feel what it's like to have this electric power with women, and as you do, take her arm. Pull her towards you. Look into her eyes.. and pull her close.. now.. press your lips to hers... Slip your tongue into her mouth. Pull her closer, closer.. until her body presses against yours. Run your fingers through her soft hair. Breathe with her. touch her face softly as you continue to taste her lips.. Now move your hands down her back.. feeling each muscle.. tracing her spine.. all the way down to the curves of her bottom.. Begin to kiss the rest of her face.. Give her little kisses on her neck. let your tongue flick her gently, tasting the skin on her throat.. listen to the little sounds she makes.. and tell her again how absolutely beautiful she is.. Bring your hands up the back of her shirt.. Let your warm hands massage gently squeeze the muscles in her back.. Then feel her stomach.. let your fingers brush across her abs.. trace the circle of her belly button.. notice how she responds.. Take her breasts in your hands.. Feel them pressing against her bra.. and kiss her again on the lips, passionately.. Now pull her shirt up.. over her head... toss it aside.. and smile at her beauty.. Kiss her shoulders.. and reach behind her.. unhook her bra, and pull it away.. Look at her nipples. Notice the color.. the size.. the shape.. slowly bring your mouth down to her left breast... and take her nipple between your lips.. flick it with your tongue.. Let your passion ignite you.. this experience and far more is waiting for you. Women are eager to share the gifts of their body with you, as you learn how to bring powerful feelings to them... Take this feeling with you now... As you rise out of the scene.. Watch how she responds to you.. how your bodies respond to each other.. as you continue to undress.. notice her fascination with your strong body.. how she puts her hands on your chest.. and works her way down.. notice the expression of ecstasy on your faces as she takes hold of you and pulls you inside.. Listen to yourselves, enjoying each others bodies as you move into each other.. Float back a bit further.. It's not yet time to enjoy this pleasure.. Just notice how you fill the hours with passion.. and how that experience.. and many like it.. come again and again... out into the future.. Notice how many sensual, sexual experiences await you as you continue along this path.. But take a moment now... and look back towards the present time... notice how the past few weeks.. from this beautiful experience with this special woman all the way back to the present.. as you're listening to this.. and notice the events and little changes that have lead up to making these changes in your life... Trace your way backwards.. back through that first kiss... through long, dreamy conversations.. back through that first flirtatious meeting.. through all the other girls... through every subtle change in your personality.. Notice how the roots of your passion stretch all the way back into this moment and on into the past... as you draw on experiences and

learnings from all your life.. Let that passion light up each experience. Let your timeline fill up with raw, sexual energy. Allow yourself to feel this passion now.. Soak yourself in it.. Feel it in your toes.. and let it spread into your feet.. and up your legs to your knees. Feel this sexual energy vibrating through your torso... let it flow into your arms... out to each finger on your hand. Let it fill right up into your head... Feel the excitement building.. so that your face.. your eyes.. your smile.. radiates sexual energy out into the world. Now open your eyes. Take a look at your surroundings. Stretch your arms out and know - without a shadow of a doubt - that you are ready to take these skills out into the world. We've made some powerful changes here today... and things are never going to be the same again. So get up, stretch out your legs... Take a deep breath.. and get ready to party. Go look in the mirror flash that sexy, magnetic smile of yours, and your powerful smile, and say to the girls in the world, "Hello, beautiful." There's no excuses anymore.. There's no need. We've taken off the training wheels.. and hooked up a sixty seven horsepower engine.. So get out there and show the world what you're made of.. Light their fires.. Reach into their souls.. You're on fire now.. So get out there and conquer the world!