Wisconsin School Districts Reporting Health Insurance Savings

School District 2011 Student Count Estimated Savings Comments WEA Trust matched lowest bid and employees will have increased contributions saving 3.1 million. Eliminates post-retirement benefits, reduces sick-leave accumulated days to 60 from 90 and the school $3,100,000 calendar is removed as a bargaining item. The savings presented here reflect only those from switching insurance providers to Health Partners. It is $377,979.77 also for the first fiscal year only. "In Ashwaubenon, where the district saved $1m by $1,000,000.00 switching health care providers…" Layoffs will be determined by performance, professional development and seniority rather than seniority alone. Switch from WEA Trust to Dean $600,000 Health Plan saves $660,000 $190,000 Change to less expensive insurance plan. Switch from insurance carriers to Dean and Mercy. Switch in healthcare will save $250,000. Tax levy will actually drop. Added a co-pay, changed their prescription drug card, Higher deductible Health Savings Acct. At least $500,000 in savings just from healthcare change. District is allowed to bid for health insurance. This will save at least $500,000 with just healthcare change Retains insurer after WEA Trust lowers total rate by $1 million after competitive bids are brought in.







Baraboo Cedar Grove-Belgium Clinton* Cochrane-Fountain

3,142 1,139 1,236 657


Durand Edgerton Germantown Hamilton Hartford

978 1,834 4,034 4,600 1,761

$500,000 $500,000 $1,000,000



$380,000 Saved $380,000 in healthcare changes. $536,936 $536,936 in savings from health switch from WEA. "The Hartland-Lakeside School Board voted during a special meeting Thursday to switch insurance providers and save $690,000". From WEA Trust to United $690,000 Healthcare.



Hudson Kimberly Lakeland

5,530 4,641 834

$1,000,000 Switched from WEA Trust to WCA. Step and lanes frozen for two years. Less sick buyout. Moved to Health Partners and Delta Dental expected $1,100,000 to save district $1.1 million annually. Change in health insurance carriers is expected to save $821,000 $821,000. $117,000 Change to less expensive insurance plan.

Little Chute*





Menomonee Falls



Mequon - Thiensville



Monona Grove Onalaska

3,100 2,986


It dropped WEA Trust as the insurance carrier, reduced personal days to one from two or three, depending on years of service, and changed the layoff policy. "The district will save $850,000 by switching health insurance carriers." Act 10 allows them to balance their budget. Balanced Budget and 1% lower taxes in 2011-2012. Also saving $1.2 mil by switching from WEA Trust to Humana "the district stands to save 8.9 percent in the first year of implementation by making the switch from WEA Trust."… "the district will save $49,000 in the 2011-12 budget cycle by switching to Delta Dental." The annual district calendar set by Board. Language requiring internal transfers of staff will be determined by seniority is eliminated. Post retirement benefits are substantially reduced. $1,009,000 in healthcare savings.

$900,000 Change to less expensive insurance plan. From WCA to Arise, also switched to a higher $513,689 deductible plan. Switched to a high deductible plan, which saves the $120,000 district $10,000/month $16,804,605



Tri-County Totals: Per-student savings: Per-district savings:

686 79,475 $211.45 $730,634.99

*Estimated savings in Clinton and Little Chute were not available at the time of publication, just reports that health care would be change

h Insurance Savings in 2011

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Appleton Post Crescent.

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orts that health care would be changed.

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