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AlienVault ACSA Training

Training Datasheet: AlienVault Certified Security Analyst

AlienVault ACSA Training: Certified Analyst Expertise
AlienVault ACSA training equips operational staff with the tools to manage AlienVault SIEM deployments.

Focuses on: System Fundamentals and Detailed Usage

Covers: Analysis, Incident Management, Console Customization and Fine Tuning Duration: 3-day Training Pre-requisite Basic Network and Security Knowledge

AlienVault Certified Security Analyst Value Security analysts with ACSA certificate are highly valuable to government, MSSP and Enterprise employers around the world. With an ACSA on staff, AlienVault customers will experience greater return on investment, better security and more efficient operational control. Incident Response for maximum protection Usage for maximum efficiency Analysis for maximum effectiveness

Certification for AlienVault Operators and Analysts Intensive 3-Day Course Usage, Analysis, Incident Response and Tuning Globally Recognized Expertise Key to Maximum Efficiencies

A well operated AlienVault solution is the most powerful security solution in the world. ACSA certified Security Analysts assure the highest operational efficiencies are realized with AlienVaults unified security infrastructure.

Certified Professional Analytics

Having an ACSA certification is a badge of honor in the information security industry. The knowledge represented by an ACSA certificate is a culmination of operational expertise, attainable only by those who have reached a level of accomplishment in their careers that most will not achieve.
On the foundation laid by ACSA certification the ACSE course adds a level of depth not often found in industry. Students will learn advanced operational skills using the AlienVault platform that will equip them to manage and customize this sophisticated state-ofthe-art unified security infrastructure. ACSA certification persists for two years. Each successful student is issued an ACSA number, students or employers can validate the ACSA certifications using this number on the AlienVault Support webpage.
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Course Content
Overview Introduction to AlienVault Network Security Review Components Architecture Basic Concepts AlienVault Components Implementation Installation Configuration Administration Operation Inventory Management Security Analysis Policy Management Vulnerability Management Tracking Incident Management Ticketing System Reporting

ACSA classes are held worldwide, please see the schedule posted on the AlienVault web under Services > Training to determine where the next class near you is occurring. AlienVault delivers custom on-site training as well. Certification courses can be tailored to address the specific environment of the customer. Training can be combined with Professional Services provided by AlienVault and its partners to provide sharply-focused knowledge transfer directly applicable to the specific technical and operational needs of the customer. Contact the AlienVault Training team at to reserve space in up-coming classes or to discuss custom training to fit your needs. Join the most elite analytic team in information security by scheduling your ACSA certification today.

AlienVault, LLC 1901 S. Bascom Avenue Suite 220 Campbell, CA, 95008, USA +1 408 465-9989