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Malaysian Interactive Cultural Learning Experience (MIRACLE) 2008

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Dear AIESECer, Applying to be in the Organising Committee of the first Universiti Putra Malaysia initiated Project based on Exchange (PBOX), is one of the decision solely in your hand, which will definitely give you an unique and great learning experience. This will strongly affect your development as an individual who would be leading changes in our community later on in life. There will be several important questions that you will be asking yourself in deciding for this course of action. However, this will be an important decision not only for you but also for the whole of AIESEC in Universiti Putra Malaysia. As a member of the Organising Team, you will be shaping the future of this organisation. It is an honourable and a very demanding task. It will challenge you to think beyond what you’re used to. MIRACLE 2008 needs COMMITTED, FOCUSED, PERSISTENT and PASSIONATE leaders to drive positive changes for our society and members. Do You, feel the drive and urgency to contribute your countless time and endless energy, your passion and love for MIRACLE 2008? Do You, want to make a positive difference for AIESEC and the community? If You do, we would welcome you to apply for one of the positions in the MIRACLE 2008 Organising Committee.

There’s no Limit, To what we can Dream, No end to what we can Do, No mountain is too high to Climb, If you just Trust in yourself And, Believe

Information about MIRACLE 2008
The Malaysian Interactive Cultural Learning Experience (MIRACLE) PBOX 2008 is the annual project from LC UPM and it has been successfully organized and bought tremendous impact to our society for the past 4 years. For the past 3 years, our focus was on 5R issue (RETHINK, REDUCE, REUSE, REPAIR, RECYCLE).We aimed to instil 5R awareness among the public, specifically targeting the youths. This year, our theme will be “Environmental issue with entrepreneurship” We believe by empowering the youths with entrepreneurship as well as awareness to protect our environment, we can produce a generation of change agents to bring greater impact to our society and environment.

MIRACLE will run for 2 months during our semester break. It consists of a few main events as followed: 1) Integration Week Matched Interns from around the world will arrive. The main objective of integration week is to integrate the interns into local culture, educate them on the MIRACLE issue, brainstorm and plan all the upcoming events with the local Organising committee members!! By applying for integration week, you can learn to organise a bonding and planning camp which consist of more than 30 local members, and around 10 international friends! 2) Opening Ceremony & Closing Ceremony The “head and tail” of MIRACLE. Want to learn how to coordinate a formal event at places like Menara KL? You will learn to how to communicate with people from various walks of life , including CEO, VIP , interns etc. You will learn the correct formal event protocol and learn how to run it smoothly! 3) School Interactive Programme Since the target group of MIRACLE is youth, the interns will be sent and allocated at different schools in Klang Valley. You are responsible to contact and recruit schools to be participants in MIRACLE. you will learn to communicate, marketing and negotiate with people. Besides, you have to find local families to host our interns during the school programme.

4) MIRACLE Youth Conference (MYC) A 5 days 4 nights conference with delegates from all around Malaysia! Have you been to NLDS? Yeah, it’s as great as that! Your responsibilities include organising MYC (settling the hall, transport, accommodation, food etc). Besides, the whole MIRACLE team will assist you to do promotion and delegate recruitment around Malaysia! Cool right? 5) Community Home Service In order to reach out to the unfortunate ones in the society, this programme aims to allocate the interns at different community homes so that we bring impacts to the poor ones. Your responsibilities include finding homes and invite them to be our partners, communicating with the homes and follow up as well. This is the most meaningful part of MIRACLE when you see the smiles on the children’s face!

Criteria for Candidate
Application is opened to the following: • Current AIESEC UPM Members with basic AIESEC knowledge and passion for business/ financial/ agricultural/ environmental issue and wish to contribute positively to the society. • Members who truly can dedicate themselves to making MIRACLE a success. Candidates must also prepare for the following: • Interview and selection by PD, LCP and ex-officios of MIRACLE 2007.

Available Positions
Part A (Management) 1. Financial Controller and Administrator( Finance and Admin Department ) • Have some knowledge in finance and accounting. • Able to work independently. • Honest and sincere. • Able to do documentation and recording in and an organized manner • Open to discussions and opinions/comments.

2. Corporate Communications Executive ( Marketing Department ) • Wish to take the opportunity to talk to corporate managers and CEO. • Wish to learn self-management, ability to cope with stress. • Able to work independently • Good in human relations and able to deal with externals • Responsible of raising sponsorship in term of monetary and inkinds to sustain the project 3. Matching Agent ( Matching Department ) • Have the passion in communicate with interns • Able to work independently

4. Public Relation and Publicity Executive ( Publicity Department ) • Ability to communicate clearly and have good judgement • Have self confidence and outgoing personality • Responsible of generating media and public interest in the project

Part B (Events) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Integration Week Opening Ceremony & Closing Ceremony School Interactive Programs Youth Conference Community Homes Service

**Candidate is required to choose one post in management department (Part A) and ONE event (Part B) that you want to participate in according preference.

 Deadline for all Candidates is by 0000 on 31th DECEMBER 2007. Please send your application to (019- 3465090) as well as CC one copy to  Late submissions and incomplete forms will not be entertained.  ALL questions to be answered in the following format:

   

Type written (If hand written then please be neat and readable) 1.5 spacing Font size 14 Times new roman

 Candidates MUST answer ALL questions.  Please insert a latest photo.  Please name your manifesto name to Miracle2008_application_[your name]  Candidates are required to attend an interview which will be set at a later time.  All decisions made during the whole election process would be FINAL.

Application Form

Please include your picture (compulsary)

General Full Name NRIC Date of Birth Mobile Number E-mail Address Address (university) Address (permanent) Course & Major

(Contact Information)

Please provide details of your highest academic level achieved, studies completed and other relevant academic backgrounds, in chronological order (starting with the most recent) Year Academic Background

Please give details of all relevant working experience (this include practical training /internship) in chronological order (starting with the most recent) Year Working Experience

Please list all positions held in organizing project and for which year(month) in chronological order (starting with the most recent) *AIESEC EXPERIENCE (Current) Current Designation Position held in AIESEC (Past) Year Designation Main Responsibilities

* 1 year members do not need to fill this part.

Please list all AIESEC Conferences/ Seminars you have attended and the role you had played in chronological order (starting with the most recent) Year Conferences Role

*Role can be as a delegate, facilitator, trainer, chair person.

Please give a short description about yourself (not more than 50 words) Brief introduction about myself

Applying for the position of (Part A): Applying for the events of (Part B):

Application made by:

_________________ Signature of Applicant Name:

Manifesto Questions
Your Motivation to be in the Organising Team
1. State which position (Part A) you are applying for and why.

2. State which event (Part B) you are applying for and why.
3. Suggest 3 characteristics that the OC must posses to make this project

4. Imagine yourself as the Project Director. Give an example of a project

related to business, finance, agriculture or the environment that should be included in MIRACLE 2008.
5. In your opinion, what can MIRACLE PBOX contribute to society?

6. Write down your expectations towards this project. (Your expectations are

towards yourself AND to the project at large, written separately)

**Please to state your answers under each question and in Times New Roman, font size 14.

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