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Handmade Holiday Crafts

Let Martha Stewart inspire your creativity with the most beautiful holiday
crafts. The 225 handmade projects include cards and greetings, decorations, gifts
and gift wrapping, tabletop accents, party favors, and kids’ crafts, as well as more
holiday-specific activities, such as egg dyeing, pumpkin carving, and tree trimming.
Each idea is sure to make the holidays more festive—and memorable.


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holiday crafts
225 Inspired Projects
for Year-Round

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button-embellished cards
Make a sweet button sampler as a Mother’s Day card, stitching shimmering
bouquets of mother-of-pearl or pretty plastic buttons. This is a great way to
showcase distinctive buttons from a vintage collection or to use up any extras
from the bottom of your sewing box. Vintage buttons can also be found at flea
markets and online auction sites.
WHAT YOU WILL NEED Scissors, white and colored card stock, pencil, needle, thread
or embroidery floss, buttons, thin ribbon, double-sided tape

TJ107-7-2011 IMUS 7/CRA0277 Martha stewart’s handmade holiday crafts W:7.375”xH:9.125” 150L 128 White A M/A Magenta

1 Cut out card stock to desired sizes:
Cut smaller pieces to be embroidered
and slightly larger pieces in contrasting colors for the backings.
2 With a pencil, lightly mark placement of buttons onto the top piece
of card stock, and sketch design for
leaves and other details. Poke holes
along the lines with a needle.
3 Using thread or a single strand of
embroidery floss, embroider lines with
a running stitch, passing the needles
through existing holes, or make French
knot details (see pages 344 and 345
for basic embroidery instructions).
Use thread to attach buttons
(reinforce with glue if you like).
4 Add a ribbon (see page 112 for
placement), threaded through two
holes, and tie in a bow.
5 When you are satisfied with your
design, attach embroidered card to
backing with double-sided tape.

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