Syllabus for CDAE 295 Leadership in Practice Course Number: 93458 Instructor: Ellen Rowe, Ed.D.

Address: UVM Extension, 397 Railroad St., Suite 3 St. Johnsbury, VT 05819 Phone: 800-545-8920 x360 E-mail: Office Hours: Usually on Tuesday mornings 8-10 am using Pronto. Appointments at other times can be arranged. Course Overview: There is a growing fascination with the idea of leadership and how to become an effective leader. Looking at the theoretical approaches to the topic provides a picture of a process that is sophisticated and complex. We will study leadership theory to learn how it can inform the practice of leadership. Organizations need to foster the development of both competent management and skilled leadership. During the course we will expand our understanding of these key terms (management and leadership) and how to foster the development of them in an organizational setting. The focus will be on applying leadership theory into personal practice learning how leadership can affect the changes that organizations face. Course Objectives: Students completing this course will come to bridge the gap of understanding between the sometimes simplistic popular approaches to leadership and the more theoretical approaches. Students will explore how leadership theory can inform and direct the way leadership is practiced. Expected outcomes include:  Reflect upon identified leaders practice their leadership by comparison and contrast of the leadership styles.  Analyze observed leadership practice to identify the theories applied by the leader being observed.  Critique your personal leadership style identifying strengths and challenging areas for further development.  Formulate a plan for continued growth and development of your skills and style as a leader. Course Texts: Autry, J.A. (2004). The Servant Leader: How to build a creative team, develop great morale, and improve bottom-line performance. New York, NY: Three Rivers Press. Northouse, P.G. ( 2010). Leadership: Theory and practice (5th edition). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Additional readings will be posted on the Blackboard course site in Course Materials or via the World Wide Web.


Course Structure and Instructional Methods: This course will be facilitated in a manner that requires extensive student participation individually and in small groups through the use of Blackboard. Each week’s tasks will typically involve most if not all of the following: online discussion of required readings, reflections shared in Journal entries, development of three course products, and a final exam. The major course products will include a reflection on leadership interviews, small group presentation focused on a look at leadership, and the final paper incorporating leadership analysis and development plan. These are explained in more detail later in the document. Course Policies 1. Academic Honesty: 2. Assignment Due Dates: Due dates and times for readings and writing assignments are noted in the syllabus. Unless explicitly negotiated with the instructor, all products assigned are expected to be submitted on time. Five points will be docked for each day late, beyond the deadline. 3. Class Participation: Building an engaged community of learners requires constant participation of all class members along with the instructor. This is especially true in an online environment. Since this course is conducted as an interactive online community and involves application of course content within a web-based environment, it is critical that all students participate in the designated weekly activities, discussions and journal reflections. If you cannot participate in your weekly activities, discussion and journal reflections, you need to contact the instructor as well as your small group members. Please note that it will be difficult to go back and discuss a topic if you miss a week of participation. Your group will already have moved on to discuss new material. 4. Format for Writing Assignments and Papers: Unless otherwise noted, all papers should be typed, double spaced in a standard 12 point size and style font, left-justified with margins 1” all around, and clearly presented and labeled with the following information at the top left of the first page: Your Full Name, Assignment Description, Assignment Due Date, and Semester/Course. Subsequent pages should include your last name and the page number at the top right; no cover pages please. Post assignments to the Blackboard folder designated to hold these products. 5. Email Contact and Meetings with the Instructor: I will rely on regularly scheduled office hours for addressing course-related issues. The Announcement folder in Blackboard will be used for me to keep in touch with you throughout the course so be sure and check it regularly. I hope that you will set up appointments (phone calls or Pronto instant messaging would work best for me) as needed to discuss other issues of concern to you in your professional development and exploration of future goals. 6. Special Needs: If you require accommodations, please make this known to me as soon as possible.


7. Miscellaneous: (a) Graded papers and other products will be available for you as pdf documents attached to e-mail messages for one full year following the end of this semester. (b) Please keep copies of your own assignments, and keep all graded papers and other comments and materials related to your performance for the duration of the semester and until all final grades and other class-related concerns are addressed. Course Requirements:  Online Participation: Each week students will need to participate in discussions, journal reflection entries, and/or collaborative work using Discussion Board, Journal/Blog and Wiki features of Blackboard. These activities are key elements of this online course, therefore your participation is important.  Readings and Reflective Journaling: On Wednesdays, you will need to post your reflections to the assigned text readings by 8pm. You will need to post responses to group member Journal entries on or before 8pm on Fridays. Please note that your Journal Group members may not have time to respond to your posting if you wait until late in the week. Do your part by posting on time. Journal entries are designed as brief (less than 500 words) free writes reflecting on the readings for the week. They will be useful in developing the outline of your Leadership Analysis and Development Plan throughout the semester. Journal entries would focus on a couple of questions:  What is meaningful for you in the assigned readings?  What clarifying questions do you have with concepts presented in the assigned readings?  What experiences have you had with the topics/information presented in the assigned readings? Share about those experiences and what you learned by the experience. Reflections on the journal entries of others in small groupings would be in the form of questions helping the entry author to gain clarity/understanding. They might include comments about what the reader found interesting about the Journal entry and a request for more information on a point of interest. These questions are meant to stimulate further thought and analysis by the author. Instructor will regularly submit reflections as well.  Course Products: 1. Leadership Interviews written analysis: Interview 2 individuals who practice quality leadership from your perspective. You will then compare, contrast, and reflect on their perspectives and your own perspective of leadership. Based on this reflection, you will write a 2-3 page letter to a colleague on the experience, thoughts and ideas interviewees shared and how it related to the developing concept of your leadership. Plan to share this letter with a small group of class members and to discuss insights you gained. Letter due September 30, 2011. 3

2. A Look At Leadership: [October 3 through November 6th] Popular films portray leadership is various forms. Some of these films that come to mind are The Outsiders, Goonies, The Dirty Dozen, Hoosiers, Glory, Serenity, Braveheart and Norma Rae. Small groups of no more than 4 students will select one of these films by October 3th. Using the discussion board created for the film, discuss over a five week period some of the following questions reflecting on the film and assigned readings.         What leadership styles are evident? Did the leader’s actions fall more on the leadership or management end of the continuum (Zaleznik article)? Which of the Five Bases of Power presented by Northouse were used by the leader? What human needs were/were not met by this leader? What Leadership Traits and Characteristics outlined by Northouse ( p.18) were displayed by the Leader? What was the level of follower participation? Were follower’s needs integrated within their tasks? What evidence of organizational adaptation or withdrawal did you observe? Group presentations are to be posted by November 7th. Groups need to present reflections in powerpoint format focusing on five of these questions identified by the instructor. 3. Leadership Analysis and Development Plan: 8-10 page paper following APA format with five citations from text or outside reading, reference list not included in page requirement, due December 2, 2011. It is very important for leaders to know their strengths, weaknesses and to continue to grow in the role as opportunities present themselves. This assigned product is designed to assist in that reflection. Product should focus on two questions. A. In what ways is my leadership conveyed to others? Note the behaviors that demonstrate or characterize your leadership style and your relationships with others. Reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of your current way of presenting yourself as a leader. Critique the aspects of your leadership style that works less well for you, drawing on the course texts and other readings. B. Where do I go from here? Highlight the insight you have gained from the course texts and other readings, text leadership assessment activities, class discussion and personal reflection. Present a plan for continued growth and development of your skill and style as a leader. Focus on building upon your strengths and identifying ways to overcome challenges. 4. Exam: online exam December 12, 2011. The exam will ask students to reflect on 3 workplace scenarios. The task will be to apply leadership theories studied during the semester to address the leadership issue presented in each scenario and develop a plan of action for the leader. 4

Assessment and Evaluation: The criteria upon which participants will be evaluated in the course include the following: 1. The ability, a) to identify, assess, and articulate new perspectives on leadership and management; b) to identify leadership strategies for moving organizations from their current state to a future state based upon new theory and practice; and c) to integrate your theory of leadership.

2. The ability to articulate new learning and to integrate theories and ideas as espoused in the literature through a number of products (see above) and class discussion. 3. Evaluation on course products/processes is a follows: a. Journal entries and responses for group members b. Leadership Interviews written analysis in letter c. Look At Leadership discussion board posts Individual score assessed against Bloom & Krumme Taxonomy d. Look At Leadership powerpoint presentation Same score for each member of the group e. Leadership Analysis and Development Plan paper f. Exam demonstrate the knowledge gained from reading about leadership theory and exploring ideas of leadership by applying theories to scenarios presented The University of Vermont grading system will be applied: 97 - 100 = A+ 94 – 96 = A 90 – 93 = A87 - 89 = B+ 84 – 86 = B 80 – 83 = B77 - 79 = C+ 74 – 76 = C 70 – 73 = C67 – 69 = D+ 64 – 66 = D 60 – 63 = D59 & below = F 20% 20% 10% 10% 20% 20%

Calendar of Topics & Assignments: The calendar & course are organized by weeks which always begin on a Monday and end on Sunday. Assignments for the week include postings to the Journal due by Wednesday of that week at 8pm. Though the course is asynchronous in that one does not need to be online at a specific time, there is still a definite timeframe to content & assignments. Week 1 Date 8/29 Topics & Activities Class member introductions Review Syllabus Begin reading for Week 2 Discussion on Equity: Reading Due Read Stone chapter on Equity Assignments Due Post class member introduction by 8pm Tues 8/30 Post on Equity discussion board by 8pm Fri 9/2 5



Introduction and Overview on Leadership and Trait approach Begin Leadership Interviews assignment by developing a list of interview questions. May include your ideas for interview questions in the Journal entry for group feedback. Discussion on Leadership/ Management continuum

Northouse, chapters 1 & 2 (pp. 1-38) Read Zaleznik article on Leadership vs Management Review Top 25 Leadership Quotations Begin reading for week 3

Post Journal entry (by Weds at 8pm) on readings Post reflections to Journal entries of group members (by Fridays at 8pm) Post to Leadership/ Management discussion board by 8pm Fri 9/9 Post Journal entry Post reflections to Journal entries of group members



Leadership theories: Skills approach, style approach Identify leaders to interview, finalize questions for interviews and begin interviews for Leadership Interviews product

Northouse, chapters 3 & 4 (pp. 39-88) Begin reading for week 4



Leadership theories: Situational, Northouse, chapters contingency, path/goal 5-7 (pp. 89-146) Finish up interviewing for Leadership Interviews product

Post Journal entry Post reflections to Journal entries of group members



Review popular films for consideration for A Look at Leadership product Make selection of popular film for A Look at Leadership product by 8pm Mon 10/3 in the designated poll tool

Begin reading for week 6

Leadership Interviews product due 9/30



Leadership theories: Leadermember exchange, transformation, authentic leadership Small groups of 3-4 students will

Northouse, chapters 8-10 (pp. 147-240) Begin reading for week 7

Post Journal entry Post reflections to Journal entries of group members 6

be formed by instructor based on your film rankings. Begin group work in A Look at Leadership discussion board tool 7 10/10 Leadership theories: Team, psychodynamic Continue A Look at Leadership group work 8 10/17 Northouse, chapters 11 & 12 (pp. 241300) Begin reading for week 8 Post Journal entry Post reflections to Journal entries of group members Post Journal entry Post reflections to Journal entries of group members Post Journal entry Post reflections to Journal entries of group members Post Journal entry Post reflections to Journal entries of group members Post A Look at Leadership product by 11/7 in Blog set up for posts and dialogue Autry, Part Two (pp. Post Journal 37-97) entry Begin reading for week 14 Post reflections to Journal entries of group members 7

Leadership theories: Women and Northouse, chapters Leadership & Culture and 13 & 14 (pp. 301Leadership 376) Continue A Look at Leadership group work Begin reading for week 9 Northouse, chapter 15 ( 377-407) Begin reading for week 10 Autry, Part One (pp. 1-35)



Leadership theories: Leadership Ethics Continue A Look at Leadership group work



Foundation of Character and Vision Continue A Look at Leadership group work



Review A Look at Leadership products. Post reflections/comments for all products on Blog



Servant Leader as Manager



Thanksgiving break! Enjoy!



Realities of Organizational Life

Autry, Part Three (pp. 99-153) Begin reading for week 15

Post Journal entry Post reflections to Journal entries of group members Leadership Analysis and Development Plan product submitted by 12/2



Finding the Balance

Autry, Part Four (pp. 155-239)

Post Journal entry Post reflections to Journal entries of group members

Exam 12/12

Complete exam online through Blackboard course site on Monday, December 12th


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