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SECTION A (Multiple Choice Questions MCQs) Q.1. Choose the correct answers. SECTION B (Short-Answers Questions Zoology) Q.2.

Q.2. Name and define four branches of Biology? Q.3. Name three Muslims scientist and write his three contribution? Q.4. Write the translation of any two Quranic verses about the origin of life? Q.5. Draw a neat and labeled diagram of the brain of frog and explain its three parts? Q.6. Draw a neat and labeled diagram of the ear and eye of frog? Q.7. Write down the four characteristics of virus and class mammalian? Q.8. Write any four differences of the following i. Warm blooded animal and cold blooded animal ii. Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic iii. Light Microscope and Electronic Microscope Q.9. Draw a labeled diagram of animal cell and write four stages of its mitotic division? Q.10. Draw a neat and labeled diagram of human teeth? Q.11. Draw a neat and labeled diagram of arterial system of frog? SECTION B (Short-Answers Questions Botany) Q.12. Write three points of economic importance of Fungi? Q.13. Write three differences of the following. i. Monocot and Dicot plants ii. Combustion and Photosynthesis iii. Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration Q.14. Draw a neat and labeled diagram of the T.S. of the stem and leaves of Brassica? Q.15. Define the following i. Saprophytes Plants

ii. Insectivorous Plants iii. Vitamin iv. Metabolism v. Deduction Q.16. Draw a labeled diagram of Amoeba and Plant cell? Q.17. What is pollination and write the name of its two kinds. Draw a neat diagram of Chlamydomonas? Q.18. Define Pollution? Name any two types of Pollution? Q.19. Write three salient features of Cynobacteria or Blue Green Algae? Describe any three types of bacteria according to their shape. Q.20. Write a short note on Flora of Pakistan? Q.21. Define Germination and write the names of two of its type? SECTION C (Descriptive Answer Questions Zoology) Q.22. Draw a neat and labeled diagram of process of human digestive system? Q.23. Draw a neat and labeled diagram of the digestive system of frog? Q.24 Draw a neat and labeled diagram of vertical section of human eye and human respiratory system? Q.25. What is Portal System? Write two types of Portal System in frog? SECTION C (Descriptive Answer Questions Botany) Q.26. What is meant by Photosynthesis? Describe an experiment to prove that CO2 is essential for Photosynthesis? Q.27. Define complete Metamorphosis and incomplete Metamorphosis and give examples. Write four characteristics of Phylum Molusca? Q.28. Draw a neat and labeled diagram of eh longitudinal section of the flower of Brassica. Describe parasitic and insectivorous plants?