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HBS First Year Marketing, Fall 2008 Course Overview Professors: Deighton, Gourville, Gupta, Keinan, Norton, Ofek, Riis, Rotemberg, and Weaver
Case List Marketing, as we'll use the word in this course, refers to whatever it takes to grow a business by fostering exchanges between the organization and its customers. In general terms, marketing creates value for the firm's chosen customers and extracts a share of the value for the firm. The skill of marketing is the skill to monitor and understand customers, competitors, and collaborators, and to find in each domain a better way to design and deploy the firm's limited resources to serve its customers at a profit. In this way marketing helps to set a firm's strategic direction. Marketing, thus defined, is a broad general management responsibility and not something to be delegated to marketing specialists. Its skills are required of all careers concerned with the strategy of organizations of every kind. This course therefore deals with marketing in a variety of settings: in the old and new economy, service firms, industrial manufacturing companies, as well as manufacturers and retailers of consumer products. Each session of the course will tackle and resolve a problem in marketing. Generalizations about marketing will be found in the assigned readings. We will use the classroom sessions to fit generalizations to concrete situations, to sharpen skills in problem diagnosis, and to assemble a framework for making sense of marketing's complexity. To benefit from this format, you must be willing to prepare every case from the general management perspective, and come to each class confident that you know the problem and know how you would solve it. Course Objectives 1. 2. 3. To develop effective marketing strategies in organizations of all kinds. To illustrate the functional responsibilities of marketing and sales managers. To refine decision-making and analytical skills and be able to express the results of marketing and sales analysis orally and in writing. Structure of the Course

This marketing course has nine modules:

Module 1: Creating and Capturing Value Module 2: Understanding Consumers Module 3: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning Modules 4 - 7: The Four P's of Marketing

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Module 4: Product Policy Module 5: Place (Distribution) Module 6: Pricing Policy Module 7: Promotion/Communication

Module 8: Managing Customers Over Time Module 9: Managing Brands Over Time

Case List Creating and Capturing Value Snapple Note on Marketing Strategy Optical Distortion (A) Note on Low-Tech Marketing Math The Black & Decker Corporation (A): Power Tools Division Understanding Consumers SaleSoft, Inc. PROPECIA: Helping Make Hair Loss History Consumer Behavior Exercise Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Polyphonic HMI: Mixing Music and Math Market Segmentation, Target Market Selection, and Positioning The New Beetle Product Policy Sealed Air Corporation Principles of Product Policy KONE: The MonoSpace Launch in Germany Four Products: Predicting Diffusion Distribution and Place San Fabian Supply Company (Phillipines) Going to Market

Case Order Number

9-599-126 9-598-061 9-575-072 9-599-011 9-595-057

9-596-112 9-505-035 9-596-039

9-506-009 9-506-019 9-501-023

9-582-103 9-506-018 9-501-070 9-506-050

9-582-104 9-599-078

Aqualisa Quartz: Simply a Better Shower Eureka Forbes, Ltd.: Managing the Selling Effort (A) Rohm and Haas (A): New Product Marketing Strategy Pricing Policy Colonial Homes Principles of Pricing Tweeter, etc. Coca Cola's New Vending Machine (A): Pricing to Capture Value, or Not? Promotion/Communication Suave (C) Marketing Promotions Obama vs. Clinton: The YouTube Primary American Legacy: Beyond the Truth Campaign Managing Customers Over Time Harrah's Entertainment Ti-Tech (A) Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service Managing Brands Over Time Mountain Dew: Selecting New Creative Dove: Evolution of a Brand Steinway & Sons: Buying a Legend (A) (Product) Red (A) Understanding Brands elBulli: The Taste of Innovation

9-502-030 9-506-003 9-587-055

9-190-008 9-506-021 9-597-028 9-500-068

9-585-019 9-506-028 9-509-032 9-504-014

9-502-011 9-508-095 9-504-016

9-503-038 9-508-047 9-500-028 9-509-013 9-509-041 9-509-015