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Newsletter for Members & Friends of the South Fraser Unitarian Congregation, Surrey BC

---------------------------- May 2012 ----------------------------Sunday Services (10:30 am)
May 6 “Confessions of a Cradle Christian” ~Rev. Will Sparks

Global Chalice Lighting- May 2012
The International Council of Unitarians and Universalists announces the 105th in its monthly series of global chalice lighting readings. Congregations worldwide are invited to participate. All ICUU-affiliated groups have been asked to submit brief chalice lightings for the project. Every month, a reading will be distributed to Unitarian and Universalist congregations around the world. We ask each congregation to use the reading for at least one worship service in the designated month, identifying it as the “Global Chalice Lighting” for that month and naming the group which submitted it. Readings will be circulated in English and, where different, in their original language. It is hoped that the ICUU Global Chalice Lighting Project will enhance the worship experience in our congregations and raise awareness of the international dimensions of our religious movement. This Global Chalice Lighting is submitted in English and Spanish by the Unitarian Universalist Society of Spain. It is to be used during May 2012. We light this chalice to remember that life is born again every day. Encendemos este cáliz como recuerdo de que la vida nace de nuevo cada día.
submitted by la Sociedad Unitaria Universalista de España

Within the worldwide community of Christianity there is dazzling diversity that defies summary in one talk. Rev. Will Sparks will speak from his experience as a life-long Christian, a searcher of authentic faith and genuine truth, and twenty years as a minister in the United Church of Canada. Weaving together music and spoken word he will describe his experience of the Christian faith and where it fits into the wider spectrum of the Christian world. As well he will touch on Christianity as a way of life, a way of thinking, a spiritual practice, and as an ethic. May 13 “Unitarian Mothers” ~Mona Milne

A number of women have played important roles in the development of Unitarianism. You will get to know some of them and their efforts for our faith tradition through women in our congregation. May 20 “A Man Called Qoheleth” ~ John Slattery

What do the singer/songwriter Pete Seeger, the expression “Eat, drink and be merry,” and an ancient Hebrew known as Qoheleth (who will be making a special guest appearance) all have in common? And why should we care? Come and find out as we explore the issue of the right way to live taken from an unusual point of view May 27 "The Inner Landscape of Beauty" ~ Rev. Amanda Aikman

A collage of music, poetry and art takes us deep within an experience of the Divine as Beauty.

Calendar of Events for May ’12
Sun, Apr 29: Card/Jewelry Sale (details page 2)

Sun, May 13: Send Your Thoughts to Ottawa (details page 2) Tue, May 15: “Talk About Change” at the home of

Shirley Tempest in Langley
(details page 2)

Sun, May 27: Annual General Meeting


South Fraser’s Bulletin Board
May Birthday Greetings to: 1st 6th Els Pathuis Joan Russell Sakura Nandana 8th Donnie Henderson 15th Gwynneth Quirk 19th Shirley Tempest 20th Regina Ogmundson ------------------------------------------------------------------SFUC’s ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING is on Sunday, May 27th after the Service. ------------------------------------------------------------------A NOTE FROM AMANDA: Can you read? Can you read aloud? Do you have a computer? Can you read from a short script with clarity, feeling and conviction? Then I want your name! I love including short skits or plays in worship. If you are willing to be in a “pool” of reader’s theatre actors, please send me your name via email to When there’s an opportunity for such an event, I’ll email you about a week ahead to see if you are available. If you are, I’ll send you the script by Thursday before the service. If a short rehearsal is called for, it can be done on Sunday morning. Need: MEN, women, kids, youth. Looking forward to hearing from actors of all genders and ages. ------------------------------------------------------------------CARD/JEWELRY SALE: On Sunday, April 29th, hand-crafted greeting cards and donated costume jewelry will be on display. Please think ahead to all the birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. for which you’ll want a special card to celebrate the event. ------------------------------------------------------------------SEND YOUR THOUGHTS TO OTTAWA! David Dalley and Sandy Chism will be representing the Congregation at the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) in Ottawa on Friday, May 18. At that meeting, David and Sandy will be voting on behalf of the Congregation on a number of resolutions involving CUC Lay Chaplaincy Program, CUC Policy on Environmentally and Socially Responsible Investing, and CUC Criminal Justice Policy. Full copies of the proposed resolutions are available online at: annual-meeting/ or by request to David or Sandy. In order best represent the opinions of the Congregation, David and Sandy would like to know what you think! You may share your opinions with them at any time. They will also be available after service on May 13 for discussion. ------------------------------------------------------------------Have you visited the SERVICE MARKET tables at the back of the room yet? You will find forms to fill out on which you can offer to help or entertain other members and friends. The donors receive tax credit for their contribution, while the monies raised benefit our congregation’s budget. This is our most important fundraising effort for the year, so we welcome your participation. ------------------------------------------------------------------UNITARIAN FAMILY CAMP: June 1-3. Set in the natural splendor of Belcarra Regional Park, the camp offers swimming, boating, hiking, climbing, a children’s program, campfires and other communal events. Heated cabins with electricity. Meals provided. Reg. deadline: April 30th. Adults: $135; Children: $120; Infant (0-2): Free. Download a brochure/registration form at or email: -------------------------------------------------------------------

Among Ourselves
By Pearle Glen

Oh what a joy it is to be home again. Everything looks extra special - what an Easter treat! Travelers this month are Linda Pugh, who is spending a week in Cuba and the Parker-Suttons, Jane and Geoff, who spent a week in Mexico. Please send you loving, healing energy to those who have had surgery, falls or other mishaps - physical or otherwise. It does help! Thank you again for helping me reach this point. See you all in church. Love, Pearl


Submitted by Carrie Phillips, Board Secretary Highlights from the Board Meeting held Mar 26, 2012

PRESENT: Erin Knudsen, Mike Sands, Carrie Phillips, Sandy Chism, Juan Duran, Rev. Amanda Aikman MINISTER’S REPORT: Amanda distributed a fivepage report of her seven goals and the progress made upon them to date. Possible study group topics discussed for next year included one on U.U. history and another on joyfulness. REPORTS FROM LIAISONS: Membership - The secretary will send letters advising those who have failed to make contributions of record in 2011.A UU 101 course will be offered in the near future for prospective members. Lay Chaplaincy - At present, there are no eligible candidates for the position of Lay Chaplain. CUC - There have been cuts in staff due to budget concerns. Antonia Won stays on as our liaison, but Linda Thompson, Director of Congregational Development, has had her contract terminated. Erin and Sandy will attend a meeting at the North Shore Church on April 7 at which the CUC President, Gary Groot, will be present.

Social Action - A movie night is being planned. The committee has joined the UU United Nations Committee on behalf of our Congregation. New Space search - A checklist is being prepared to identify priorities in the search for a new meeting place. OTHER BUSINESS On Saturday, April 21, a soup or pot-luck lunch, music and games are being planned at the home of Juan Duran. Amanda will be in town on that Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sandy Chism and David Dalley were the two applicants chosen to attend the CUC ACM in Ottawa on May 18 to 20. If requested for that meeting, our Congregation will be asked to contribute to the Empty Bowl on the third Sunday in April. A new librarian is needed. A set of guidelines would be helpful to anyone taking on that task. The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m. The next meeting will be on Tues. May 1 at 6:45 at Erin’s home.

Introducing... Robert Thomas Emeny
By Mike Sands

When I asked Robert to help me with this brief introduction his first comment concerned the eating of salt. So, in case you want to know where Robert first ate salt – well it was in Scotland - as he had been evacuated at the age of 5-ish to Edinburgh, from his birth city of London due to WWII. I suspect he would be pleased to tell you more about the salt if asked. Robert has been a professional printer, a security guard during Expo 86 and a partner in an advertising agency. His first religion was Presbyterian, I am grateful to Renie McRae for having introduced Robert from the Kwantlen Philosophers Cafe's to South Fraser – and I am particularly grateful because Robert and I have already had several very enjoyable, interesting, energizing conversations. He knows a lot, he knows how to share it gracefully and with humor and he is interested in what you know. He has a daughter, a son, and three grandsons.


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