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An enthusiastic post-graduate student with strong analytical and interpersonal skills. Seeking a challenging position with a leading organization to utilize and develop relevant academic, work experience, and transferable skills.


Technical Skills Developed skills and expertise in Operating systems(Windows 98 & Xp) ,Auto CAD Competent in all Microsoft Office packages including MS-Office, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project Microsoft Access. Regularly used it for assignments and projects. . Basic skills in Matlab. Used it as a part of developing image processing programs during my BE. Knowledge and skills of using Microsoft Windows (98, XP, 2000, and Vista). Knowledge of using internet and email systems. Searched my assignments and project material using WWW search engines. Team Working and Team Leading Skills Experience of working in groups and teams during my academic projects, including planning, organization, managing, role allocation, co-ordination, and commitment. Allocated roles of leading my teams on many occasions including the BE final year project that improved my team management and team leading skills to complete the tasks successfully. Regularly supervise group of people to achieve tasks on regular basis in my current job role. Effective Communication Excellent oral and written communication skills developed as part of my degree programme. Presentation skills and confidence demonstrated during the delivery of group tasks and presentations. Strong verbal communication skills developed through close contact with customers belonging to multi-cultural backgrounds and has been awarded employee of the month on several occasions by my current employer for extra-ordinary customer services. Problem Solving and Management Skills Throughout my frontline academic role, I have developed skills to find solutions to customer problems in calm and efficient manner. As a part , I have developed strong management skills. Language Skills

English Fluent Urdu First Language

2005-2009 (BS 4-years), Bachelors in Electrical Engineering Average Grades (% age): 73.4 up to 7th semester University Of Engineering And Technology Taxila,Pakistan Higher Secondary School Certificate (Pre-Engineering) Average Grades: A+ (Ist division) PAF College Mianwali Secondary School Certificate (Science)


2001- 2003


Average Grades: A+ (Ist division) PAF College Mianwali Courses: Elecrical Machines Power Transmission Power Plants Power Systems Protection High Voltage Engineering Power Systems Power Electronics Electromagnetic Field Theory Mobile Communications Communication Systems Microprocessor & Interfacing Computer Networks Signals & Systems Digital Signal Processing

Sep 2008To present Role Profile:

Internship in PAK AMERICAN FERTILIZER(PAF) , PAKISTAN 30 days taken experience in Power Generation & Protection Successfully observed the working of the plant.Acuratly observed The generation and control of power in the plant and the required Measures and methods ,needed in the various plant sections.

PROJECT NAME: Design Of Impulse Voltage Generator PROJECT DISCRIPTION: The Impulse voltage Generator is one of the most important Links in power transmission and distribution system, it also possesses a wide range of Characteristics and certain special features which makes complete protection difficult. These include an increase in phase currents, an increase in differential currents and gas Formation caused by the fault arc. PROJECT OBJECTIVES: The main objective of this project is to design a system That determines which protection device has operated the circuit breaker under abnormal Conditions. For if insulation of material needs to be checked, IVG is required to check.


Design of Digital clock using HDL implementations Line tracking robot using microcontroller Currently busy in Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certefications


Enjoy playing Badminton, watching cricket, enjoy outdoor activities and hanging out with friends including regular walking, watching movies. Keep up-to-date with current technologies and research in my relevant field and current affairs.

PROFESSIONAL AND ACADEMIC REFERENCES Employment and academic references are available upon request.