CITY SIDEWALK - DAY Steve walks down the sidewalk, shuffling his feet, getting tired from the long walk home. He spots a “Smoothie King” store down the block. smile on his face. HOMELESS MAN (O.S.) Spare some change? Steve jumps, startled, at the approach of the filthy man and his gravely voice. The bald dirty man has a tin cup and a sign that says “Too Ugly To Prostitute.” STEVE WOODSON Accurate sign. Look, I just lost my job and... The helpless look on the bum’s face is too much. reaches in his pocket and pulls out a twenty. STEVE WOODSON (CONT’D) I really wish the first thing I pulled out wasn’t a twenty. Here, pal. Eat well. Steve hands the homeless man the bill and gives him a genuine, caring pat on the shoulder. HOMELESS MAN Thanks a lot, mister. INT. SMOOTHIE KING - DAY There are two lines full of people ready to get their smoothie on. Steve gets into the line on the right just as a beautiful young WOMAN joins the line on the left. She smiles at Steve, who smiles back. Steve turns a bit, his breathing picking up. He puts his hand on his chest as if he’s having a heart attack. The lines continue to move. Steve and the young woman get to the counter at the same time. STEVE & WOMAN (In Unison) One strawberry sensation please. They share an embarrassed smile. Steve This puts a


The CLERK taking Steve’s order rolls his eyes. CLERK What size? STEVE WOODSON Large. Steve digs in his pocket and pulls out just a few dollars. STEVE WOODSON (CONT’D) Better make that the small. While waiting for the order Steve gets a better look at the young woman, with her black hair, toned arms in a businesscasual blouse. Her skirt is long, but not long enough to cover her well-defined calves. The Smoothie King clerk gives the woman her smoothie. She gives Steve one last smile and leaves. Steve watches her the entire time as she exits the store and turns left. CLERK Here ya go. Steve takes his smoothie and makes his way out of the store. EXT. SMOOTHIE KING - DAY Steve stands outside the store. He looks down the left side of the block where the woman walked. She is nowhere in sight. Steve begins walking that way anyway. He glances around but doesn’t see her. STEVE WOODSON I’m walking the wrong way for no reason. Good. He takes a sip of his smoothie and stops. He looks back, considering turning around and going the direct way, but he keeps going. STEVE WOODSON (CONT’D) Maybe I’ll see her. What would I even say? There aren’t so many people on the sidewalk anymore. The buildings get more dilapidated as he walks on. Steve approaches an alley to his left. He looks down the alley and sees a woman being assaulted by two ATTACKERS.

3. As soon as he sees what’s going on, Steve sprints down the alley, trying to get down there as fast as he can. It hits him what he’s running towards. STEVE WOODSON (CONT’D) What am I doing? Steve drops his smoothie. STEVE WOODSON (CONT’D) AND I dropped my smoothie? This is the worst day ever. As Steve closes in, he sees it’s the same woman from Smoothie King. Her skirt and blouse are ripped and the two large men smack her around. The BLACK ATTACKER pulls back the WHITE ATTACKER. BLACK ATTACKER Let me get some. The white attacker sees Steve running at them. WHITE ATTACKER Here we go. The white guy runs at Steve, who looks like he might soil himself. The look of fear is replaced instantly with that of determination. Steve ducks under the punch of the white guy. Steve kicks the back of his leg, bringing him down to his knees. Steve delivers a quick three-punch-combo to the guy’s temple, knocking him out. The black attacker grabs Steve from behind. He squeezes tight, Steve’s ribs cracking loudly. He looks at the battered woman. Run! STEVE WOODSON Save...yourself.

BLACK ATTACKER Aww, isn’t that sweet? Say goodnight, Romeo. The black attacker tightens his bear hug. Just as Steve turns purple, he swings his head back, clocking the large man in the chin and causing him to release the hold. Steve turns, takes a much-needed breath, and runs at the attacker. He takes two steps before launching himself unnaturally high towards the man.

4. Steve’s knees rest on the man’s shoulders as his momentum drives the attacker down to the ground. The attacker’s head hits hard, taking him out of the picture. Steve doesn’t move from this teabag position as he regains his composure. Steve scans the area, a look of shock on his face. He stands up, takes his jacket off and slowly walks over to the pretty young woman. STEVE WOODSON Are you hurt bad? Here, take my jacket. Steve puts it around her shoulders, covering her up. He turns around when he hears someone applauding him slowly. The homeless man stands over the knocked out assailants. HOMELESS MAN Well done. The homeless man doesn’t speak in the gravely voice like before. STEVE WOODSON Hey man, we need to call the police and an ambulance. This woman’s hurt. WOMAN I’m fine. She takes off his jacket and hands it to Steve. The woman doesn’t appear to be harmed or distressed at all now. The woman and homeless man tend to the attackers. HOMELESS MAN You hurt them pretty bad. STEVE WOODSON I had no choice. WOMAN Nobody’s blaming you. HOMELESS MAN Quite the opposite. The homeless man looks as if he might cry tears of happiness.

5. HOMELESS MAN (CONT’D) I told you he would do it. WOMAN I was wrong. STEVE WOODSON What the hell is going on? Who are you people? Why did I soar through the air and teabag that guy? WOMAN You tell us. The homeless man motions for the woman to tend to the beaten men while he speaks with Steve. HOMELESS MAN My name is Aiden. Being closer to AIDEN, Steve notices the homeless man is in good shape for a man his age. AIDEN And this is Tania. TANIA slaps the white assailant in the face, trying to wake him up. AIDEN (CONT’D) And as far as your flying teabag maneuver, you have natural gifts, Steve. Deep inside you. Gifts we need right now. STEVE WOODSON Please don’t take my blood. AIDEN No, not that. We need you to help us. To join us. To be who you’re meant to be. STEVE WOODSON And what’s that? AIDEN An assassin. This monumental announcement by Aiden is ruined when Steve takes in the words for a few seconds, then begins hauling ass back down the alley.

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