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Comerof ElmendorfStreet Tremper and Avenue P.O. Box 1356 Kingston, NY 12402

I read of a manwho stoodto speakat thefimeral of afriend. He referred to the dateson her tombstone, from the beginningto the end. He notedthatJirst camethe date of her birth (185j). He spokethefollowing date with tears (2012). But he said whm mafteredrnostof all was the dashbetween thoseyears. from "The Dash", a poemby Linda Ellis DearMembersandFriendsof First Presbvterian. We cordially invite you to the Closing Serviceof the church on Sunday,May 6,2012 at 4z00pm. Your presence would be a comfort and an importantpart of the church'slegacyto the community. ' For the last severalyearsthe churchhasbeenstrugglingtlrough financial difficulties andmembership loss.Tlie decisionto tum the controL the churchover to tlie Presbytery }ludson River wasmadet}is past of of Octoberwith the intention of selling the churchbuildings, which underthe Presbyterian form of govemment, belongto the Presbltery.At the Fresbytery meetingheld on March 27th, the peopleremainingon the membership rolls of the former First Presbyterian Churchof Kingston became members the HudsonRiver of Presbytery until suchtime asthey choose join anothercongregation. to Includedin this mailing is a letter of invitation from one of the many areachurches which haveexpressed hopethat someof First Presbyterian's the joining with them.Now it is time to celebrate life of our belovedchurchandto members would consider the celebrate intention of PastorFemandoSalazar's the AssembliesofGod congregation, Secunda Iglesia La Mission, now renting space Saugerties, fust leaseandthen buy our historic building. in to Sincethe decisionwasmadein October,we have donateditemsto other churches within the Presbytery andto otherlocal churches Kingston (seeenclosed in list). CommunionWare,CommunionTable,Baptismal Font andother liturgical fumishingswill stayin the building to be usedby the new congregation. Thesespecial gifts will be dedicated the useof the new congregation the Closing Serviceon Sunday, May 6th. to at We thank you for all your supportandlove tlrough fhesemany years- 1853-2012. Life is not so much aboutbeginningsor endingsbut aboutali of the ministry that hasoccurredin,the dash.,' Blessingson your way, asyou andyours seeka homefor your heartsandyour faith. Please savethe date andcomeshmeyour gracefirlmemorieson Sunday, May 6th, 4p.m. at the historic brick churchon the comer of ElmendorfandTremper. Confidentin the Love of Christ, The former Session ofFirst Presblterilan The fomrer AdministrativeCommissionof the HudsonRiver Presblterv The Trustees HudsonRiver Presbvterv of

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Email:fi rstpreskingston@verizon.net

to in Someof the itemswhich havebeendonated otherchurches the Presblteryandto otherlocal churches iq Kineston: * 3 1 rank Schantz Pipe Organ- First Presbyteria:r Church,Katonah * Choir Robes- Soutl Presbyterian Churcb,Yonkers * Handbelisand Chimes- Pleasant PlainsPresbyterian Church,Staatsburg *Paraments Clinton Ave United MethodistChurcb,Kingston *Palm Sunday Banner- WoodstockRefonnedChurch *H1mna1s Bibles - being offeredto PrattsvilleChurches and @loodVictims) *Trophies andotherhistorical items - Fair StreetReformedChurch,Kingston *Minutes of Session, Dorfelrnianand otherchurchsocieties PresbyerianHistorical Society,Philadelphia *Bulletins 1938-2011 Ulster County Genealogical Society,Hurley *Music from extensive library shared with Oid Dutch Church,Kingston; Pleasant PlainsPresbl'terian Church, ReformedChurchof Port Ewen Staatsburg; *Christnas Pageant costumes Town of Esopus United MethodistChurch Someof tle areachurches which pastmembers First Presbyterian of havebeenattending: PonckhockieCongregational Church,Kingston- Srmday Worship at 11:00a-m. Town of EsopusUnited MethodistChurch Port Ewen- SundayWorship at 10:30a.m. Old Dutch ReformedChurch,Kbgston - SundayWorshipat 10:30a-m. Fair StreetReforrned Church, Kingston - Sunday Worshipat i0:00 a.m. - SundayWorshipat 10:30a-m. ReformedChurchof Saugerties St. John'sEpiscopalChurch,Kingston - Sunday Worshipat 8:00 and 10:30a.m. Trnmanuel EvangelicalLutheranChurch,Kingston- SundayWorship at 8:00 and 10:30a.m. ReforrnedChurchof Port Ewen - SundavWorshinat 10:00a.m.


(845)3312782 RCPE@VERIZON.NET

4pn1D,2012 Friendsin Cbrisl ministry andits Having recentlycelebrated sisterReformedcongregation's a ffis16ris s|6singafter a long andvaliant tenure,we join you in your sadness bidding farewellto a at notable,evenbrillian! phaseof ministry in Kingston. We praiseGod that yow building will continueto serveasa basefor Cbristianpraiseand serviceto God in KingstonWe pray that your grief today will leadto 'Joy in the moming" andthat the manygood memories that bring you to this momenteTillinslrireyou to continueto responsibly hearand answer Cbrist'scall to follow. It haqbeena singularjoy for us that someof you choseto lend your presence gifts to and our worship efforts in the last montbs. We hopeour Srmday give clear moming movements evidence our stong desireto glori$z God andlive aswe profess. of you We offer ourselves'to as an altemativefor a family of faitb- Worshipwith us and join the fellowship time afterward. Get to know us andour faith andwork. Until you tell us to stop,$/e will treat you asa guestunencumbered a healryload of organizational by assignments. You will find us too small a groupto hide i4 but alsotoo intimateto get lost. We hopetlat you will visit our 10:00a-m.worship so we canbecomeacquainted.Yet if we worship togetherbut a singletime, God's graceandpowerwill be praise4 the angelsin heaven will rejoice, andwe wiil be ableto greetoneanother thereafteron the sidewalk,in the stores, at leisureventures. or Please feel free to call us with your inquiriesto that end. Very sincereiy,

James Beukelnaq Pastor

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