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Register 13870D 13871E 13873G 13874H 13875J 13876K 13877L 19861Q 19903L 18895Q 08430Q 900F72 32Y705 14593P 33M476 33N477 16614L 33L475 34N305 33K474 36N973 05096R 30F365 30G366 30A360 30B361 03499F 03497D Ship name 376 HAMAL 377 DENEB ALGEDI 379 MIRZAM 380 PEACOCK 381 NAIRAL ZAURAK 382 PLEIADES 383 SIRIUS 416 418 701 EL-MOUNDJID ABIR AIN TEMOUCHENT BACHIR CHIHANI BADJI MOKHTAR BELAHCEL BOUZEGZA BELGHIMOUS BELKACEM GRINE BERRICHE BLIDA BORDJ MENAIEL BRIDES CAP BOUAK II CHELIFF 3 CHELIFF 4 CHELIFF 5 CHELIFF 6 CHIBA 2 CHIBA I

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Identification Register Number: IMO Number: Ship Name: Ex Names: Call Sign: Type & service: Owner: Connecting District: Flag: Port of Registry: Classification Main Class Symbols: Service Notations: I 18895Q 9587491 701 EL 701 EL 7TLA Tug boat / Fire



Navigation Notations: Additional Class Notation (s): Machinery: Equipment: Dimension Gross Tonnage 69: Net Tonnage 69: Deadweight: Overall Length: LPP: Breadth:


1(Ch 42 Q3, Wi

3398 1019 1900 ton 86 m 74.3 m 17.5 m!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_10DQ/.cmd/ad/.ar/sa.shipSearchRe... 3/1/2012

5 kn 1141 m Speed of the ship Speed: Capacity of bunkers Fuel Capacity: http://www. 3/1/2012 .com/wps/portal/!ut/p/_s.VeriSTAR .7 m 6m 2010 Pages 1 2 3 4 Next STX OSV Brattv 20 Dec 2011 745 Steel 5 2 Brattvaag (NOR) Rolls Royce Ber (2) 1920kW 400.7_0_A/7_0_10DQ/.ar/sa. Decks: Holds Total Capacity of Holds: Tanks LBC: Machinery Propelling Type: Licence: Date of Build: Builder: Place of Build (country): Power and rating Total Power (kW): Total Power (HP): Propelling machinery Internal Combustion Engine: Electrical Propulsion Generator: Electrical installation Frequency: Diesel Generators: Emergency Generators: 50 Hz 211(4) 4T 16000 kW 21740 HP Diesel Bergen Diesel 01 Jan 2010 Bergen 10402 0.: Number of Cont..shipSearchRe.Bureau Veritas Page 2 of 3 Register 03498E 17574E Ship name CHOULOU DJEBEL BENI SALAH Dimension Depth: Draught: Freeboard: Hull & Cargo Builder: Place of build (Country): Date of Build: Yard N°: Hull Material: Nb of Watertight Comp. Propellers and propellershafts Propelling system: 1 Bowthruster 3 Bowthruster C 1 Screw Propelle 2 Screw Propelle rpm 19..veristar.cmd/ad/.00 13.

shipSearchRe.cmd/ad/.7_0_A/7_0_10DQ/!ut/p/_s.VeriSTAR . 3/1/2012 .Bureau Veritas Page 3 of 3 Marine general Conditions IACS Commitments Links Bureau Veritas