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Ben Cole April 10th 2012 Malcolm Campbell Eng.

1102 Project Reflective Letter I have learned from writing this paper that the Internet is an untouched frontier full of potential that is so far unseen. I as a person would have never seen the possibilities of the social network toppling an empire and breaking a dictatorial government through a protest across a nation. My inquiry started with me researching about the Egypt protest and I related it to other uprisings in North Africa and I was told by Professor Campbell that this was called the Arab Spring and that it was a huge phenomenon that has never happened in the history of the modern age. I was curious at how in a suppressed nation that these countries could unite together against their oppressive leaders and win. It was very interesting to me because I had not heard of anything like this since the Tiananmen Square incident. So how was this different from that? In China it had become a massacre, why was this movement more successful than there is? I did research, and surprisingly most of what I found had nothing to do with web 2.0 it was more about the political situation in each respective nation and I felt that it was an amazing occurrence that people where rallying together for democracy and a voice in there government even at the threat of death. A truly deadly situation that seems to have paid off despite the surmounting danger all around the protesting cities. It was interesting to find the connection to the digital world because up to this point Facebook had been to me a teen faze like MySpace and like twitter. I could have never guessed that it could be used to give group of protesters international support for their fight for equality in their government. It was an experience that made me feel

like an insignificant child. I had used Facebook to stay in contact with people from high school not to fight a political struggle for a whole generation. People my own age were actually making a change in there world and I won’t even drive to vote. I’ve studied subjects before; I’ve been depressed by the holocaust and laughed at Shakespeare, but never have I look at such a daunting subject, where would this go? What could this do? The boundaries were limitless because the internet is limitless who knows what could have happened next then the situation with PIPA and SOPA went down and I was completely shocked at the indications of that. America, a nation of democracy, people had used the internet to shut down those acts dead in their tracks. Corporations worth billions of dollars were stopped by a bunch of people with a few clicks of a mouse. Who can say were this will end could we be the next Cairo? Today it was fortune five hundred companies what will it be tomorrow? The government. Writing this paper was definitely the hardest part of the whole project just putting such a huge topic into prospective just to wright it was very challenging. I had no idea how to approach the subject, which direction to come from at it. So that was the worst part that and staying on prompt with the whole Web 2.0 philosophy I know this wasn’t a history class but I felt like the topic was crippling with the restraints that were placed on use. I know the internet provides an infinite source of things to wright about so I’m not so sure why I found it hard to corner this. The most enjoyable thing was the research because it was extremely interesting and I felt like I was living in the middle of things my kids will one day study. I was not involved but in a sad way I could be a part of history by living in the time when it happened. The part I’m most proud of was my background for the paper I found all the other things just awkwardly placed and slowed down all the momentum of the paper taking away the flow that I love my papers to have and it was very frustrating for me. I think the biggest problem was sources I was struggling with how to say

my information without stealing the sources work. I know it was a bad paper and I’m excepting of that but I learned a lot about the day and age we live in.

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