30-Day Past Due Letter

Javier Espinoza The People's Creditor 10 Broadway St Big Town, California 93826 February 15, 2012

John Smith Alexa Smith 111 J St Small Town, CA 93829 Dear John Smith and Alexa Smith: The purpose of this letter is to demand payment of money owed regarding your Open Account. On February 06, 1991, you incurred charges to your Open Account with us by purchasing Computer. The current balance of this account is $100.00. In addition, on February 06, 2011, interest began to accrue at a rate of 8.25% per annum. As of February 15, 2012 the accrued interest you owe equals $8.45. You also owe late charges of $50.00. As you can see by the enclosed copy of the Open Account Agreement, you are now past due in making payment. Demand is made upon you for full payment of the following amount: Principal Balance Accrued Interest Late Charges Total
$100.00 $8.45 $50.00 $158.45

Further, you must pay an additional $5.00 in accrued interest and $5.00 in late charges for each day after February 15, 2011 that the amount due remains unpaid. If payment is not made by March 15, 2012, legal action to enforce your obligations under the Open Account Agreement may be taken. Please give this matter your prompt attention. You may contact us at the above address if you have any questions or need additional information.

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Javier Espinoza

The People's Creditor Enclosure

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