Javier Espinoza Billy James 1234 Blue Street Pleasent City, CA 94990 February 10, 2012

Alex Smith Susan Smith 22 H st Big City, CA 92919 Dear Alex Smith and Susan Smith: The purpose of this letter is to further demand payment of money owed regarding your Open Account. On January 10, 2012, you were mailed a letter reminding you of your obligation and demanding that you send payment on this overdue obligation. As of January 10, 2012, as stated in that letter, the total balance due was $500.00 plus interest of $25.00 plus late charges of $25.00. According to our records, this obligation continues to remain unpaid. A payment of $50.00 was received on January 24, 2012. As of February 10, 2012 the total amount still owed is $500.00 plus $2.50 in accrued interest for each day after February 10, 2012 that the amount due remains unpaid. Please send payment immediately. Unless we receive payment in full, in cash, within 30 days from the date of this letter, legal action to enforce your obligations may be taken. This can result in additional costs of collection that you may be required to pay. Collection proceedings may also hurt your credit rating. You are advised to give this matter your immediate attention. You may contact us at the above address if you have any questions or need additional information. Sincerely,

Javier Espinoza

Billy James

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