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“Why is the Neolithic Revolution considered one of the most significant turning points in human history?

The Neolithic Revolution is the time and era where the most important

advancements were made in our human history. In this time period civilization, poverty, social stratification, religion, professional armies and war government, specialization, and agriculture were invented. These inventions are the basis, root and core of where and how we live and function presently in our modern lives. Our societies, our communities and most importantly our world became more stemmed and enlarged. These inventions are exactly what our world consists and constitutes of. Some of these discoveries and creations have bettered and promptly added to the destruction of our social order. The Neolithic Revolution is responsible for the life and world that exist as we now know it. The Stone Age or Neolithic Revolution stirred the intelligence and awakened the curiosity in men. In this time many inventions and discoveries were made. Such discoveries were sun dried bricks, which then sparked the beginning of architecture and pottery technology. Felt garments also came along which were made of wool, hair, fur, and strips of bark. From felt garments along came weaving of textiles. Henceforth the spindle evolves and develops into spinning thread. From that came the art of basketry, baskets that proved to be a very effective holding compartment for us today in the forms of modern baskets, purses, backpacks, knapsacks, suitcases, and many different types of luggage. A very important, significant, essential and successful advancement that was made was writing. It may not sound

like a big deal but it is. Imagine a world without the ability to communicate on paper or having to meet someone and talk for every little transaction. The first form if writing or lettering, was called Cuneiform. Cuneiform markings or symbols represented the Sumerian language. This immense finding assembled a broad and remarkable pathway towards other language and writing development. From Cuneiform came Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Chinese Writing, Elamite scripts, Anatalism Hieroglyphs, Cretan scripts, Early Semitic, Alphabets, and Indus scripts. This profound and spanking manner of communication was only exposed to scribes, noblemen or people of some up right distinction and status. This writing development intensified the importance and significance of class structure. This development deepened the need and forced people to separate themselves from others who didn’t possess the same virtues. This natural action is discrimination though mild existed long ago. These modern child-like marks laid the foundation to the system in which our world functions and exist today.

Class structure before the Neolithic revolution did not exist. Everyone was somewhat equal in one way or the next. No one was too important or too great to do a certain job. But when the revolution hit people were no longer equal. A division of people, land and morals began to form. People no longer shared land and it was clear that their motives were to take the best of the best. As a result private ownership of land developed and who better to work the land, farm, and serve others but the commoners. The people who were less fortunate became early slaves. So class construction contributed to the formation and foundation of enslavement and segregation. In this time you were either wealthy or poor as dirt. The slavery development helped emerge the inflation of control and monopolize governments.

Due to the development of the human brain, intelligence, and modern way of thinking trade became current and fresh. Trading goods before this sudden change

was a transaction from hand to hand. The things that were traded were raw materials and resources such as obsidian, amber, and shells. With the new contemporary trading craze “people started trading rare dyes, bottled scents, ivory carvings and precious stones.” In this new development “there was a change not only in what was traded but also how trade took place.” In this growing and expanding society trade had a sophisticated and refined technique. Shops, edifice and markets began to become the place of modern trade. The new way of exchanging goods soon lead to the development of stores and currency the prevailing new way of trading became nationwide.

If natural resources such as fresh water, food and shelter were abundant would there be a need to wander and never stay in one place? I think not. The Neolithic revolution gave early humans an insight on civilization and culture. Permanent settling developed the way and means for communities and societies to develop into a civilization. People settled down into an area that contained and provided food, both flora and fauna, fresh water for consumption, trade, natural protection from animals other humans and from the climate. When these people settled it made way and a sure path for their rapidly developing future. This settlement brightly shone a light upon everything in today’s society. We have communities, malls, stores, supermarkets, laws, status and technology beyond our wildest dreams. None of these developments, growths, progress, improvements, or innovations would have happened or happen as expeditiously if humans didn’t settle.

The surfacing of a society and the upcoming and expanding civilization has a major impact and connection with religion. “As mankind evolved in to a more agrarian society so evolved their religious views and ideals.” The Sumerians religion involved the worship, reverence, and adulation to multiple deities. People had to have someone to thank for their modern and prosperous way of living. They possibly

thought that they were too plain, simple and unworthy of recognition. Their kings, leaders, or rulers who had power over them probably ignited the need and want for religion. They perhaps created gods to represent everything their leader, lugal wasn’t. The gods they worshiped had human qualities and were responsible for life and its works. There were specific gods for every aspect of life, such as: The sun god, water god, sky god, and it continues. These people also thought these gods to be human like in not exactly the physical but mentally and morally. These gods made mistakes, wise decisions, they resorted to trickery, and they were mischievous and very fickle. They weren’t perfect n blameless as we believe our gods to be nowadays. Some of these divinities or spiritual beings are prominent, exist, and subsist presently in our daily lives. The names have changed but the concepts and methods of worships still exist and consistent today.

Agriculture is the most important Human Development. Agriculture in the Neolithic times theoretically speaking happened by accident. “This so called accident,” provided extreme means for survival and endurance. Hunter gatherers turned from wanderers and seekers to farmers and Cultivators. Agriculture didn’t happen as sudden as everyone thinks. These Hunter gatherers settled in small communities in the Fertile Crescent. They learned to produce their own food, sow cereal grains, breeding plants, and Domesticating Animals. Agriculture is basically the only way we can survive today, in this day and age. Agriculture started and opened the field for all development at such a rapid pace. Agriculture unbolted and unlocked the door and gateway to civilization and the necessary needs in order to live as a community. Agriculture gave birth to what we think is normal living. We buy our food from super markets, we don’t hunt for meat, we no longer build our own houses, and we live in peace among each other most of the time. If something horrible like all land for vegetation were to become diseased the world would crumble along with everything in it. We would suffer unbearably then dreadfully die. Some

form of agriculture must be unwaveringly operating or the world as we know it would cease to exist. Our world depended and relies on our food and water supply. Agriculture is vital for survival in this day and age. Without a current and consistent source of food we could never be. All that we have accomplished is a result of agriculture and the growing intelligence of the human brain.

The Neolithic time have to be without a doubt considered the most significant turning points in human history since our world as of today relied on their advancements and breakthroughs. These times are also called the Great Leap Forward, there was a huge and swift change in the way humans acted and thought. As a result of our evolving intelligence and accidental discoveries was the Neolithic Revolution.