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CSAR Weapon Systems CSAR Commitments Rescue Force Structure CAF Modernization Analysis of Alternatives




Pararescuemen (PJ)

10% AFSOC CAF CSAR is a High Demand / Low Density (HDLD) Asset .CSAR COMMITMENTS l l l Operations NORTHERN WATCH (ONW) and SOUTHERN WATCH (OSW) ACC fills 80% of on-going CSAR recovery platform commitments – 10% AFRC/ANG.

CSAR COMMITMENTS l l OPERATION ALLIED FORCE – Two rescues performed by AFSOC – Pickups accomplished by MH-60G – AFSOC no longer has MH-60Gs – CAF continued to maintain CSAR alert in ONW & OSW – CSAR became an AFSOC. AFRC combined effort mid-way through Allied Force AFSOC is Phasing out their MH-53 . ACC.

FORCE STRUCTURE 210 RQS KULIS 3 HC-130 5 HH-60 303 RQS 4 HC-130 304 RQS 8 HH-60 129 RQS 4 HC/MC-130 5 HH-60 66 RQS 10 HH-60 33 RQS KADENA 8 HH-60 Active units USAFWS 2 HH-60 422 TES 1 HH-60 305 RQS 5 HH-60 58 SOW 9 HH-60 4 HC-130 AFRC units TOTAL ACTIVE / RES / ANG HH-60: 72 (36 / 21 / 15) HC-130: 31 (11 / 9 / 11) 56 RQS KEFLAVIK 4 HH-60 102 RQS 4 HC-130 5 HH-60 41 RQS 14 HH-60 71 RQS 11 HC-130 39 RQS 5 HC-130 301 RQS 8 HH-60 ANG units AETC/USAFWS/TES units .

FORCE STRUCTURE l l l ACC Focus has been on fixing force structure Bought H-60s from AFSOC. 5 HC-130) are an active force-structure gain to ACC . OR. Portland. WC-130s from AFRC On going: AFRC mission swap – 939th Rescue Wing. converts to an air-refueling wing 4QT FY02 – CSAR assets (8 HH-60.

replacement HH-60 . 3 will be deployed to OSW SLEP funding for 20 older HH-60s (10 Now Funded) 241 Radar Upgrades – HC-130 Analysis Of Alternatives .HH-60 RTIC. T1 Mod.CAF MODERNIZATION l l l l l l l Self Protection System (SPS) Block 152 Upgrade & 486 NAV System CDU upgrade 701 engine retrofit HAVECSAR . 3 deployed to ONW.

HH-60 SERVICE LIFE No Extension 100 Attrition Reserve Spares Trainers ANG 50 AFRC 50 100 20 A/C Extended Attrition Reserve Spares Trainers ANG AFRC Active 0 98 0 98 Active 02 06 10 14 18 22 26 02 06 10 14 18 22 26 l l The HH-60G is approaching its service life limits These charts depict force structure for the next 25 years .

5M/18 Month Effort IOC .FY 2007 AoA force level analysis should take Peacetime CSAR operations into account – It may have the largest impact on force structure – Space shuttle support should not be considered a required capability (JROCM 005-99) .ANALYSIS OF ALTERNATIVES (AoA) l l l Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) .$1.

AoA OBJECTIVES l l l l l l Identify best Combat Rescue concept (2010-2030) Update required mission capabilities Document mission area deficiencies Examine nonmaterial and systems solutions Identify and baseline most cost effective solution(s) Set size and distribution of next generation force .

AoA REQUIRED CAPABILITY l l l l l l l High service life Low threat susceptibility Tactical adverse-weather penetration High combat radius Improved situation awareness High payload space Low reaction time .

AoA INITIAL OPTIONS l l l l l l l HH-60G SLEP / Upgrade Commercial Options Currently Fielded Systems Systems Being Fielded Mixed Fleet Options Allied Cooperative Development New Program Development .

BASELINE / SLEP/ NEW LIGHT HELICOPTER SIIRCM SIRFC Advanced IR Suppressor S-92 Wide Chord Blade S-92 Dynamic System Max Gross Weight Increase CEP Engines 20 Inch Longer Cabin Terrain Following Terrain Avoidance Radar S-92 Tail Rotor H-60 Airframe SLEP 16 Inch Longer Tailcone 440 Gallon Single Cell Main Fuel Cell Active Vibration Control 75 Gallon External Fuel Tanks Redesigned Aerial Refuel Probe Sikorsky: HH-60 Pave Hawk Upgrade .

COMMERCIAL OPTIONS SIKORSKY S-92 / BA-109 / MI-8 Bird strike certified tail rotor Composite blades CT7-8 engines (2) Fatigue tolerant design dynamic components Infinite life yoke type rotor head Metal primary structure airframe EFIS cockpit Rear ramp Sponson fuel Seating for 22 troops Forward cabin entrance door Tricycle landing gear Redundant cockpit flight control path mechanical flight controls .



MIXED FLEET Find best mix of cost and effectiveness .


NEW DEVELOPMENT Sikorsky: HV-X Medium Lift Piasecki: VTDP/H-60 Dupont Aerospace: DP-2 Turbofan VTOL .

STATUS OF AoA – DEC 00 l Studies completed – Historical Operational Review – Rescue / Tanker Demand – Terminal Area / Payload Analysis – Force Structure – Possible Acquisition Strategies – Costs Analysis .

STATUS OF AoA l l l Ongoing – Modeling and Simulation – Survivability / Vulnerability – Excursions – Cost – Force Structure – Mixed Fleet – M&S Scenarios Will determine best option Decision by Mar 01 .

SUMMARY l CAF CSAR forces (including AFRC. ANG) will be primary recovery assets in the future – Best trained and prepared – We are applying Allied Force lessons learned – In the middle of major force expansion and modernization – AoA exploring options for the future growth .



ONW HAVE CSAR ARCHITECTURE NATIONAL SYSTEMS (collection) AWACS w/ Tactical Receiver GPS TADIL-A to CAOC PROCESSING LOCATION FLTSAT/ UHF (broadcast) TDDS PLS Interrogation HH-60 HOOK-112 Radio THREATS CAOC l Data Voice Survivor location displayed on HH-60 CDU l Threat information displayed on HH-60 CDU l Near real-time data using National assets .

ANALYSIS OF ALTERNATIVES TIMELINE OF EVENTS Sep 97: Oct 97: Oct 98: Jan 99: May 99: Jul 99: Aug 99: Mar 01: Apr 01: Oct 01: WR-ALC IDs service life problem ACC convenes RDT: Drafts MNS AFROC Validation / CSAF Approval JROC Validation / VCJCS Guidance MS 0 DAB / USD/A&T ADM+Guidance ACC convenes AoA study team USAF/XOR issues PMD Complete AoA Brief Results to AFROC JROC / DAB ? .

AoA UPCOMING EVENTS l l l l l Mar 01 – Complete Analysis Mar 01 – ORD Development Apr 01 – Present results to AFROC Apr 01 – Oct 01 – Complete Milestone B Deliverables OCT 01 – JROC / DAB ??? – Dependent on status of program funding .

ANALYSIS OF ALTERNATIVES (AoA) l l l l The HH-60G is quickly approaching its service life limits USAF CSAR replacement AoA is a $1.5m/18 month effort AoA objectives – Identify best combat rescue concept (2010-2030) – Update required mission capabilities – Document mission area deficiencies – Examine nonmaterial and systems solutions – Identify and baseline most cost effective solution(s) – Set size and distribution of next generation force Decision by Mar 01 .

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