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< Mayda Mayda plays stage 2 at 2:15pm at Lyn Lake Street Fest on May 20. See page 7 for more info.

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may 2012 • Volume 8, Number 5

This Is What Patriotism 2012 Political Unfold Developments Looks Like: Nick Kakos
by Gary Farland By Phyllis Stenerson
He likes to tell people he is “Nick, the bad Greek” because his last name, Kakos, means bad in Greek. Few people would agree with this description. Nick Kakos devotes his life to serving his community and his country. The East Calhoun Neighborhood, St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church, American Legion and Minnesota Veterans Home are some of groups to whom Nick has devoted countless hours of volunteer services. Father Paul Paris, priest at St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church, had this to say about Nick: “Nick truly has a servant’s heart and has been volunteering time to the church and our parishioners for decades. Going back to 1951 Nick was a founding member of the Greek Orthodox Youth of America (GOYA). This was a major national youth movement which had a tremendous impact on the life of the church at large and from which many future leaders arose. Nick’s service has ranged from running the raffle at the annual Greek Festival, to his leadership as a member of the parish’s Missions and Outreach Committee and his efforts on concerns of

On March 24 at Washburn High School Representative Frank Hornstein won an emotional DFL endorsement battle for the Minnesota House District 61A over Rep. Marion Greene. Greene conceded after the third ballot and after impassioned speeches by the candidates and their supporters. Representatives Greene and Hornstein, who presently represent the old districts 60A and 60B respectively, were both redistricted into the new 61A. Greene has said that she will respect the endorsement and will not run in the August 14 primary.

It’s Loco motion
Pedal Pub debuts in Uptown and considers a ‘Foodie Tour’

PoLITICaL page 9

Veteran Nick Kakos at the Soldier’s Memorial in Section 24 at the Lakewood Cemetery. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

religious freedom for our Ecumenical Patriarchate. But where Nick truly shines is the way that he has quietly helped many parishioners in times of need. Nick has assisted the elderly with their finances and has been there to help with funeral arrangements taking a great deal

of stress off of the shoulders of family members. Nick is a busy and dedicated servant, but what he loves most is the one on one time with people and just being able to help.”
KaKoS page 4

The Peddle Pub takes a left onto Lyndale Ave. and 26th St. to make it’s first stop at the C. C. Club. At far right in yellow is Mike Feltault of the Uptown Association, and Katelyn, of the CARAG Neighborhood. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

By Bruce Cochran
(When, in the course of human history . . . it becomes necessary for ordinary citizens . . . to have the courage . . . to rise up . . . in the name of civic duty . . . and absolve themselves of personal luxury . . . and make corporeal sacrifices . . . to cover a story in the line of duty . . . those citizens . . . must take a Pedal Pub tour . . . and write about it) PeDaL page 6

Jeff Farnam Passes away
On April 11 Jeff Farnam, age 64, passed away after a long battle with cancer. Jeff was the former president of the East Calhoun Community Organization and a retired employee of the City of Minneapolis. He enjoyed photography and contributed many pictures to the Uptown Neighborhood News. Jeff was recognized for his photographic description of Block E in downtown Minneapolis before it was demolished, and some of his photos reside in the MN Historical Society Archives. He was also an avid remotecontrol airplane enthusiast. Jeff was a familiar sight in our neighborhoods, riding around in his wheelchair with his dog Reggie. Jeff fell out of a tree in his youth and spent most of his life with only partial use of his upper body. Jeff advocated in Minneapolis for people with disabilities and was instrumental in the implementation of the ADA in Minnesota. FaRNam page 11

“May We Help You?” Enter to Win a Chipotle Dinner for 4
(see details on page 12)

Super Duper CaRaG Sale
One of Uptown’s biggest garage sales is May 19
By Bruce Cochran
Spanning eight hours, 48 city blocks and over 50 sales, the CARAG Super Sale is a great way to condense all of your shopping or selling into one day. If you’re simply rotating the clothes
SUPeR page 8

UNN is seeking an additional ad sales representative for our monthly publication. Part time, commission based opportunity.

AssistAnt Editor/ rEportEr nEEdEd
UNN is seeking an assistant editor/reporter for a 5 - 10 hour/ month contract position. send a resume and writing sample to Uptown neighborhood news at 

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MAY 2012

Honoring our military, Working For Justice and Peace
Commentary by Phyllis Stenerson, editor
Memorial Day is Monday, May 28. As a nation, we must honor those men and women who have sacrificed for our country by serving in the military, some with their lives. And, we must consciously and intentionally make a long term commitment to work for peace. This essential balance was described eloquently by a person who had deep experience with the horrors of war: President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Farewell Speech, 1961 – excerpts “…we yet realize that America’s leadership and prestige depend, not merely upon our unmatched material progress, riches, and military strength, but on how we use our power in the interests of world peace and human betterment. Throughout America’s adventure in free government, our basic purposes have been to keep the peace, to foster progress in human achievement, and to enhance liberty, dignity, and integrity among peoples and among nations... In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military- industrial complex…Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together… As we peer into society’s future, we -- you and I, and our government -- must avoid the impulse to live only for today, plundering for our own ease and convenience the precious resources of tomorrow. We cannot mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren without risking the loss also of their political and spiritual heritage. We want democracy to survive for all generations to come, not to become the insolvent phantom of tomorrow. During the long lane of the history yet to be written, America knows that this world of ours, ever growing smaller, must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be, instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect…” Almost a half century has passed since these wise words were given to our country. These directives can no longer be ignored. The stakes are too high. ...The idea that fewer than 1 percent of Americans are being called on to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq...the overwhelming majority of Americans have no desire at all to share in the sacrifices that the service members and their families are making.... The reason it is so easy for the U.S. to declare wars, and to continue fighting year after year after year, is because so few Americans feel the actual pain of those wars. Bob Herbert, New York Times, December 8, 2009 A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. Joseph Campbell It must be laid down as a primary position and the basis of our system, that every citizen who enjoys the protection of a free government owes not only a proportion of his property, but even his personal service to the defense of it. George Washington Context, information and perspectives are posted at www.

Citizen ACtion
CARAG Neighborhood

East Isles Neighborhood

ECCO Neighborhood
612.821.0131 612.377.5023 311

Lowry Hill E. Neighborhood Minneapolis Information Mpls. Park & Rec. Board
Brad Bourn 612.230.6443 ext. 6 Anita Tabb 612.230.6400 ext. 4

Mpls. Public Schools


City Councilperson (10) Meg Tuthill Mayor R.T. Rybak

Dibble amendment Would Disclose aLeC activities In minnesota
Commentary from Senator Scott Dibble
The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has been in the news lately for its hand in pushing legislation in states around the country. This conservative group has been pulling the strings of Republican state lawmakers nationwide for years, but only recently have its activities been given appropriate scrutiny. Corporations pay up to $25,000 a year to join ALEC committees, comprised of industry lobbyists and state legislators, to develop and push so called “model policies” in state legislatures nationwide. ALEC pays for the member legislators to travel to lavish conferences that arm them with information, legislative language and teams of lobbyists they need to
DIbbLe page 3


State Representative (60A) Marion Greene

State Representative (60B) Frank Hornstein

State Senator (60) D. Scott Dibble


Governor Mark Dayton

U.S. Congressman (5th) Keith Ellison

U.S. Senator Al Franken

We’ve learned a bit about new life, too.

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U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar President Barack Obama



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MAY 2012
DIbbLe from 2

Uptown neighborhood news • 3 .

introduce and push these bills in their respective states. It has been termed by some “legislating by remote control.” Some of the ideas ALEC propels are focused on corporate profits, such as proposing exorbitant business tax breaks, gutting environmental protections, repealing consumer safety laws, pushing greater use of fossil fuels, eliminating labor unions’ ability to effectively function and privatizing public assets and services. Other ALEC measures delve into social issues to tilt the larger playing field in favor of business interests. The Voter Photo ID constitutional amendment to be voted on in Minnesota this Fall, which amounts to erecting ballot restrictions for groups who would largely vote for Democrats, is an ALEC initiative. The “shoot first, ask questions later” bill, that Governor Mark Dayton vetoed earlier this year, and which is very similar to existing Florida law that many are

blaming for the killing of Trayvon Martin, has been pushed in numerous states by firearms manufacturers who are members of ALEC. In response to ALEC’s activities suddenly being exposed to the light of day, dozens of corporate members have withdrawn from the organization in recent weeks. Just days ago, ALEC responded to the backlash by announcing it would refocus its efforts only on ostensibly economic issues, not social policies. We have yet to see how this change will change ALEC’s stronghold on Republican lawmakers, but it shouldn’t take a tragedy to bring this kind of transparency to an organization that is funneling money and influence into statehouses across our nation. Under current Minnesota law, ALEC has been able to push its agenda largely out of sight, concealing itself as charitable organization that does not perform lobbying duties. Yet, more than 60 ALEC-backed bills have been introduced in the Minnesota legislature in the past two

years, and 19 legislators that we know of are part of ALEC’s legislative task forces. Seven of Gov. Dayton’s 12 vetoes this year have been of ALEC-backed measures. I offered an amendment on the Senate Floor in March, which would have required specialinterest groups such as ALEC to be more transparent. This would have armed Minnesotans with the type of information they deserve. Our state already has very strong campaign finance and lobbying laws that require lawmakers to disclose which lobbyists send them money and who is actively lobbying the legislature. This amendment simply would have closed a gaping loophole that allows certain special interests to hide from public view. Unfortunately, Republicans unanimously voted down my amendment. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the Republican majority in Minnesota’s legislature will go to any length to protect their special-interest influences, contributing to the legislature’s hyper-partisanship that is pre-

venting even good, basic work in the public’s interest from being accomplished this year. Minnesotans deserve better than this.

State Senator D. Scott Dibble, 115 State Office Building, St. Paul, MN 55155-1606, 651.296.4191

Trash or Treasure?

Trash Or Treasure? Plus Tea, a fundraiser for Joyce Uptown Food Shelf, invited Mark Thompson, a professional appraiser, to look at items brought by attendees. Here he’s evaluating an Art Nouveau lamp that he valued at $175-200. Desserts, coffee, tea and punch were served at the April 22 event cosponsored by the Joyce Uptown Food Shelf Board, St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church and the East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO). For more information contact Joyce Uptown Food Shelf, 612.825.4431 or (Photo by Bethany Heemeyer)

THe UPTOWN NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS IS NoW aVaILabLe aT THeSe SeLeCT LoCaTIoNS bremer bank brueggers bagels bryant Square Park Cheapo Records Chiang mai Thai Common Roots Cafe Dunn bros (Hennepin & 34th) Dunn bros (Lake & bryant) Falafel King Famous Dave’s bbQ Gigi’s Café Health Resource Center Hennepin-Lake Liquors Isles bun & Coffee It’s Greek to me Joyce Food Shelf Joyce United methodist Church Kowalski’s market magers & Quinn Lagoon Theatre Parents automotive Pizza Luce Rainbow Foods Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream Cafe Southwest Senior Center Subway Spyhouse Coffee Shop Uptown Diner Uptown Theatre Tea Garden Treetops at Calhoun Vail Place Walker Library Walker Place The Wedge yWCa (Uptown)

Common LaW
By Sarah Sponheim
Common LAW is a monthly column on local issues concerning our common land, air, water and waste.

Let’s Keep Toxic butts out of our Lakes
Did you know that smoking is prohibited in Minneapolis Parks? Regardless, cigarette butts are plentiful in the grass and along the shoreline of our city lakes. They appear to be small and harmless, but cigarette filters are designed to trap toxic chemicals before they reach a smoker’s lungs. When a cigarette butt goes in the lake, those toxins leach into the water, poisoning fish and other aquatic life.

Statement on The Vikings Stadium Proposal
From10th Ward Council Member Meg Tuthill
After listening to many comments on the stadium, I have decided to support the stadium plan proposed by the Mayor and Council President Johnson. Comments from 10th Ward constituents are running 50-50 on this issue. I will not vote to violate the City’s charter. The City’s contribution to the stadium comes from existing Convention Center taxes which are state-authorized and state-controlled. None of the money for the proposed stadium comes from the City’s general fund. This stadium plan includes relief for Convention Center expenses and Target Center debt which will benefit Minneapolis property tax payers. The City is protected against construction and operating cost overruns for the stadium. The stadium, Convention Center and Target Center are important parts of the fabric of our city and state. A multi-purpose stadium will host the Vikings as well as high school, college and pro sports events. In addition, the stadium will host large conventions and other local and national events. As a small business owner, I know how important a multi-purpose facility can be for local businesses. The added construction, convention services, hotel and hospitality jobs will greatly benefit our residents and City and protect Minneapolis Taxpayers. A public hearing on the stadium is scheduled for Tuesday, April 24 from 4 to 6:30 pm in City Hall (350 South. 5th Street), Room 317 (Council Chambers). The City Council will receive public testimony on whether to amend the City’s 2012 legislative agenda to include a statement of support for a proposed stadium financing package and associated economic development. Note from UNN Editor: the monthly newspaper went to press just before the hearing. A report will be included in the June edition.

Water young Trees
Young trees need to be watered regularly. Most guidelines suggest an inch to an inch-and-a-half of water per week. Buy an inexpensive rain gauge at the hardware store and keep track of our rainfall. If it doesn’t rain at least an inch, water your young trees once a week. The easiest way to do this is by using a watering bag, provided free by the Minneapolis Parks for use on boulevard trees (request one today by calling the Minneapolis Parks Forestry division at 612.313.7710).

Recycling Reminders
Brochure in the mail: if you live in East Calhoun, look for a Recycle More Minneapolis brochure in your mail this week, detailing all the new items that can be recycled. Pizza boxes: now we can put frozen pizza boxes in the recycling. But take-out pizza boxes, because they have grease on them, cannot be recycled. They can, however, be composted: please put your takeout pizza boxes in your green organics bin! No more plastic bags for yard waste! Use compostable or kraft paper bags for your yard waste, or put yard waste in reusable bins, 33-gallons and smaller. Minneapolis is no longer picking up yard waste in plastic bags.

Zero Waste Uptown
Zero Waste Uptown (ZWU) is seeking apartment and condominium buildings interested in cutting waste by boosting rates of mixed recycling and introducing organics recycling (composting). Interested? Contact Sarah at or Carol at to learn more. To submit items for consideration in future Common LAW columns, please contact Sarah at

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MAY 2012

crime & safety
annual Fifth Precinct open House
Presented by Inspector Matt Clark and the 5th Precinct, May 14
The Minneapolis Police Fifth Precinct will hold its Annual Open House on Monday, May 14, 5 to 7 pm. The Fifth Precinct station is located at 3101 Nicollet Avenue South. Information displays and demonstrations will include MPD Bomb Squad, MPD K-9, MPD SWAT, 311, Hennepin County Waste Reduction and Recycling, MPLS Police Band, Bouncy castle, MPLS Animal Control, MPD Horse Patrol, P.A.L., MPD Traffic Unit, MPLS Police Reserves, and Community Crime Prevention/SAFE and bouncy castle. Parking is available on the street or in the public parking lot off 1st Avenue South at 31st Street.
KaKoS from 1

Crimes by Location

March 21 - April 20
“burglary of Dwelling” includes garages, attached or unattached.

Chelsea adams, Crime prevention specialist 612.673.2819 or 5th precinct: sectors 1&2: (Uptown)


Nick has lived in the East Calhoun Neighborhood since 1964 and in Minneapolis his entire life. He was born in 1924 at the former St. Barnabas Hospital on the site where the Metrodome, home of the Vikings, now stands. His parents both emigrated from Greece, were introduced by a matchmaker and spoke Greek at home. He graduated from the former Central High School in January of 1946 and left the next day to serve three years in the US Army Air Corps. He worked for 33 years at the Federal Cartridge Company/Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant. The site where that company was located is now currently being considered for the Vikings’ new stadium. When the company closed in 1994, Nick got his CPA certificate and is currently self-employed providing accounting services. Nick’s family includes wife, Janet, daughter Shannon, granddaughter Jessica and son Nick who is serving in Kuwait with the Minnesota National Guard following deployments in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. The Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) was a priority for Nick since its inception in 1996 until its demise in 2011. Roles included being a member of the NRP policy board from 1996 to 2011 and leading ECCO’s participation. One of the outstanding projects benefitting the community was the children’s playground at Lake Calhoun. Nick says the NRP was an excellent program, a model for the rest of the country and disagreed with the takeover by the City. As an American Legion member for 65 years, Nick was commander of his Hellenic American Legion Post 129 in 1951 and 2001. He is now legislative chair for Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District working to remind the Minnesota State Legislature of the state’s responsibility to veterans. Programs for youth and young adults are a priority for Nick. He calls this his avocation. He has been a leader in youth baseball and was named to the Minnesota American Legion Baseball Hall of Fame in 2001. That same year he was named Minnesota’s Legionnaire of the Year. Sponsoring Bingo at the Veterans Home and Armatage School participation in a school patrol camp are projects in which Nick and his Legion Post are active. The commitment of Nick and his Legion Post to teaching citizenship and government to youth is exemplified in their sponsoring Boys and Girls State for 11th graders and an oratorical contest where youth create and present speeches about the Constitution and government. Hellenic American Legion Post 129 is hosting a service in the St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church section of Lakewood Cemetery on the Sunday before Memorial Day. On Memorial Day they produce a program at the Veterans Home including visiting dignitaries, a bagpipe band, lunch and Lt. Col. John Morris, chaplain of the Minnesota National Guard, reading names of those veterans who passed away during the year. Nick says he is determined to be the last living veteran of World War II. It’s a good bet much of that time will be spent as an active volunteer.

Chelithe art of hair... 22 years in
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MAY 2012

Uptown neighborhood news •  .

Food Fight!

Uptown Cafeteria & Support Group–a restaurant review
Finally the service. I’ve been going to Cafeteria for over a year and the staff has always been extremely attentive and caring. What with all the nice amenities and good food, they must love working there. Who wouldn’t? Rich Reeder lives in CARAG.

Y.M.C.A-5k, 10k, or K9?

Nice . . . ah . . . Glacial Till
To further understand the causes of global warming, scientists around the world are religiously studying the sediments left by glaciers (known as glacial till) from Antarctica to Greenland. Coincidentally, as if to capitalize on the concern for global warming, Nice Ride launches it’s 2012 marketing campaign with a thawing bike at Lake St. and Hennepin Ave. Mass transit backdrop courtesy of Metro Transit. (Photo
by Bruce Cochran)

The YMCA 5K Run/Walk on Lake Calhoun brought together runners, walkers . . . and quadpeds, May 21 to benefit the Downtown Minneapolis Y Partners Campaign to support the mission of the Y. The Y is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit social services organization with a focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

(Photo by Bruce Cochran)

By Rich Reeder
Now that the Twins are playing again, it seems appropriate to point to an Uptown bistro that pulls in large crowds for baseball and every other televised sport – people who are typically lively, celebratory, hungry, thirsty and have their game on. Uptown Cafeteria has truly and successfully mixed it up at the corner of Girard Avenue and Lake Street in Calhoun Square. The trays one associates with a public school cafeteria have been colorfully modified in the wall design. That, combined with the floor to ceiling garage door windows facing Lake Street make for a bright and festive aura. And seating? If it’s a variety of seating choices you’re after, Cafeteria has it all: bar stools, booths, tables for groups or families and high top tables adjacent to the high windows. And yes, those windows have been opened to the warm, spring air. OK. But how’s the food? Diverse. Savory. Pungent. The menus (for both regular and the happy hours) would make any cafeteria proud: • Chicken and waffles (sell like, er...hotcakes!) • Handmade corn fritters, walleye and jalapeno-poppers • Short rib beef chili (with a side of toasted crackers the taste of which will have you clamoring for more - and a second beer) • Mac ‘n’ Cheese with a combination of cheeses and a crusty top • Warm banana bread for the weekend brunches The beer? At least 25 domestic and imported varieties can be sampled until you find the one that fits for that evening. A fairly good wine list is also on the menu. Above the elongated bar (with bar stools on both sides) are three screens that will soothe your Twins madness. 

• Uptown neighborhood news

MAY 2012

The Cains Show at Dunn bros
“It’s not You Joe . . . it’s just . . .”
One thing is clear after all of the meetings and discussions about the potential Trader Joe’s development. Almost everyone seems to like the grocery store brand Trader Joe’s. It’s the “how” and the “where” of their plan to move in to the neighborhood that the opposition does not like. After losing a vote by the Lowry Hill East Board to approve upzoning so that Trader Joe’s can operate with a required liquor store component, the project will head to city hall on it’s own. In order to proceed with their development plans for the 2700 block of Lyndale Avenue, the project must win approval at Mpls. City Planning Commission May 21, Mpls. Zoning and Planning Committee on June 21 and the Mpls. City Council on June 29. (Digital
Illustration provided by Architectual Consortium LLC)

PeDaL from 1

As we pull out of the Nicollet Avenue garage on Eat Street, our driver Lisa Staplin of the Kenwood neighborhood begins rattling off a long list of ‘Don’t let me catch you doing this...’ type of statements that sounds like she should be wearing drill boots and have a whistle in her mouth. “No cussing at passersby (I didn’t ask but I think you can still cuss at your fellow riders on the Pedal Pub), no glass, no hard alcohol (just beer and wine), no one under the age of 18, no booze on board unless everyone is age 21, no one over 300 lbs. pedaling, no nakedness (you must wear at least public beach attire), no exiting the vehicle until it comes to a complete stop, no taking your drink with you if you exit the vehicle and we only wave at people with all five fingers.” Her list didn’t end there but it should have because what followed was the kind of detail you would give a three-year-old in potty training like “we don’t urinate on the floor of the bathroom...or...floor of the restaurant.” The Peddle Pub which debuted in the U.S. in the Twin Cities in April 2007, is a 2,340 pound mostly Volkswagen-part built human powered bicycle bar. Al Boyce and Eric Olson the owners, came up with the business model after

they saw the vehicle built by Het Fietscafe of Holland, owned by two Danish brothers, Henk and Zwier Van. The newest addition to the Twin Cities line, the twohour “Eat Street Tour” begins at 26th Street and Nicollet Avenue, (where their garage is) and includes Uptown. The Pub seats 16 plus a driver but only 10 seats have pedals. And in case you haven’t guessed it already, there is no backup power – an often shocking surprise to new customers. The car battery bolted to the chassis is only used for the nighttime running lights and the ipod-enabled stereo. Most customers either use coolers behind the bar or hook up a keg just below the bar mounted tap. When you put it all together the whole operation is greater than the sum of its parts. This Pub is just asking to be ridden on a warm summer night with music playing, liquids flowing and your senses alive. And if you choose, you can call, text or even smoke because those are all legal in this Pub that the City classifies as a “Slow Moving Vehicle.” It rarely travels over five miles per hour. It has all of the perks of bike touring without all of the side affects: like potholes, gravel, broken glass, distracted drivers and severe weather – well, maybe not that last one. When I asked Olson about severe weather protocol he responded as if on cue. “If you get struck by lightning, God wanted you!” So I’m guessing God hasn’t wanted any of his customers just yet. After 4,000 tours and 60,000 riders, Eric claims zero accidents or fatalities in five years. The next step for the company is what they’re dubbing a “Foodie Tour.” Along with the usual bar stops, the tour would include restaurants willing to whip up a small plate that would be delivered directly to the Pub outside. This would serve two functions. First, it would save the restaurant from losing valuable seating during busy hours, and second, it would save riders more time so they could spend it drinking... in the sights and sounds of the Uptown scene. More info at Bruce Cochran is Art Director and in charge of Production for the Uptown Neighborhood News and lives in CARAG.

Ruth Cain will be showing watercolors along with daughter, Anna Cain, who will be showing scratchboard works at Dunn Brothers, 34th and Hennepin. The opening reception is Thursday, May 3 from 5 pm to 7pm. Ruth is a longtime resident of the East Calhoun Neighborhood.

How Does your Garden Grow?
The people who brought you organic, seasonal, local, and sustainable food.

Very soon, June will be busting out all over. Green growing things will spring up from the soil adding life and beauty to Uptown. Help the UNN tell the neighborhood about your garden. Send information to or UNN, 3612 Bryant Avenue South, Minneapolis 55409.

Still listening. Still serving. Still pioneering.
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International Year of Cooperatives

For band line-ups and times, sponsors, and updated information on festival activities, visit

Everyone Welcome, Every Day.
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MAY 2012

Uptown neighborhood news • 7 .

Koo Koo Ka Ch...Kanga Roo
Lyn Lake Street Fest returns with non-stop music, May 20
Settling in after returning back to its original location along a two block stretch of Lyndale Avenue between 28th Street and Lake Street, it’ll be the fourth year for the rebirth of a Lyn Lake tradition. It’s time to celebrate spring with biking, music, artists, craft people, art cars and businesses welcoming each other in Lyn Lake style. With the Blaisdell YMCA supplying the event insurance and the majority of the 90-plus volunteers, over 25 businesses supplying financial support in the form of sponsorships, the Lyn Lake Street Fest continues to grow and take its place as a freewheeling day of celebration of spring in the vibrant heart of South Minneapolis. This year’s biggest change will be the two music stages, back to back on the bridge over the Midtown Greenway, one facing north and one facing south, alternating sets every 45 minutes. Nine local bands are signed on including Halloween, Alaska, Kid Dakota, Omaur Bliss, Mayda, Bloodnstuff, Kill-Me Kare Bare and back by very popular demand, the only band to play consecutive years at the Lyn Lake Street Fest, Koo Koo Kanga Roo! With the increased footprint for the festival, there will be numerous artists and craft booths and more local restaurants like Herkimer, Moto I, Galactic Pizza, Falafel King and others serving up street food. The art car community will be out in full force. The Trustone Financial parking lot, 2817 Lyndale Avenue is hosting a wide variety of family friendly children’s activities. Jugglers and Renaissance performers will also entertain throughout

the event. This event is the brainchild of John Meegan, owner of Top Shelf at 31st Street and Lyndale Avenue. Meegan is a board member of the Lyn Lake Business Association, and also the volunteer community board chair of the Blaisdell YMCA in South Minneapolis. This year It is co-chaired by Blake Iverson, Friedman Iverson Law Firm. Music booking has been graciously donated by Indie Music Resources. All graphic and web design is contributed by Westwerk. The event is a fundraiser. In 2010, the Festival generated over $16,000 for the YMCA and the Lyn Lake Business Association,

and over $2,100 in tips from the beer booth was donated to the Joyce Food Shelf. In 2011 over $23,000 was shared by the three local non-profits. Hopefully the gods of good weather will look favorably again on this year’s festiva.

music Schedule
noon: Stage 1: Koo Koo Kanga Roo 12:45: Stage 2: Kill-Me Kare Bare 1:30pm: Stage 1: Bloodnstuff 2:15pm: Stage 2: Mayda 3:00pm: Stage 1: Omar Bliss 3:45pm: Stage 2: Communist Daughter 4:30pm: Stage 1: Kid Dakota 5:15pm: Stage 2: Halloween, Alaska 6pm: Stage 1: Night Moves

Rub elbows . . . And Cereal Boxes, With Professional Racers
Bike Festival Seeks Host Families
Organizers of the Nature Valley Bicycle Festival are seeking host families who will share their homes with professional cyclists competing in the prestigious Nature Valley Grand Prix, which runs from June 13 to 17. The Uptown Criterium is Friday, June 15, 4:30 pm to 9 pm. Several families are needed to accommodate this year’s crop of 300 racers who will compete in the Nature Valley Grand Prix. Now in its 14th year, the race has grown to be one of the country’s top rated pro cycling stage races and will take place in Saint Paul, Cannon Falls, Minneapolis, Stillwater, plus Menomonie, Wisconson and for five days this summer. Many families find hosting an extremely rewarding experience and look forward to welcoming a team of cyclists each year. Susan and Jay Kakuk of Plymouth are such a couple. They have gone above and beyond normal hosting duties, actually housing an entire team of 12 two years ago. Susan also cooked for the team during their stay, but this is not expected, and by no means required. “Cooking is my passion, and I enjoy the challenge of preparing nutritious meals on a budget,” Susan Kakuk said. Last year, the Kakuks opened up their cabin in Wisconsin to the Nature Valley Pro Chase and Collegiate All Stars teams who came in early to attend training camp in Menomonie. She plans to do the same this year, and has also recruited
RaCeRS page 8

Walker Library Update
A view from the park, looking south, of the new Walker Library was one of the interior and exterior images of the library developed during the design development phase in which many Uptown neighbors participated. The Walker Library Community Advisory Committee and the Friends of the Walker Library met with Hennepin County staff and architectural consultants VJAA on March 29 to learn about the progress of the new Walker Library project and see images of the design in process. The closing date for the current Walker Library will be late summer/early fall, 2012. Construction will begin in fall 2012 with occupancy of the new library projected for 2014. The city of Minneapolis has approved Hennepin County’s application to vacate the alley that borders the western side of the library property. The alley vacation will allow portions of the current library’s foundation to be re-used in the new building.

You don't need to go far for great care.
There’s a multi-specialty clinic ready to provide expert care right here in Whittier. From family medicine and pediatrics, to orthopaedics and physical therapy, even surgical and imaging services, we’re ready for whatever your family needs. Convenient scheduling with same-day, after-hours and Saturday care, on-site pharmacy and most health plans are accepted.

To make an appointment, call 612-545-9000.

Whittier Clinic
Hennepin County Medical Center

2810 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403 612-545-9000 •

Brooklyn Center Clinic • Brooklyn Park Clinic • East Lake Clinic • Richfield Clinic • St. Anthony Village Clinic

Freshness You Can TasTe! Come Celebrate Our Uptown Grand Opening!
Client: Job# Size: Hennepin County Medical Center HCMC-0212-3 (Due 4/17/12) Color: 4C Publication: Run Date: 7.967" x 3.375" May 2012

Lyndale News/The Wedge/Uptown News

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c Uptown Neighborhood News

FREE Chips & salsa with any Entree! 

• Uptown neighborhood news

MAY 2012

CARAG report
Lake St. 36th St.

Calhoun Area Residents Action Group

The CARAG Board meets the third Tuesday of each month, 7 p.m. at Bryant Park Community Center, 31st and Bryant. All CARAG residents are welcome and urged to attend.

Introductions: Diana boegemann
• The meeting was called to order at 7:07pm and Board Members were introduced.

mid-August. Go to for more info.

aldrich Presbyterian Church: matt Johnson
• Pastor Johnson noted that the church opened 100 years ago in 1912. To celebrate, the congregation is planning a free pancake breakfast for the community on June 30th from 8:30-11:30 am. • Neighbors are encouraged to connect with the church if they have old photos of the church. • The church also host Aldrich Arts Collaborative, which provides arts- related activities for children and adults.

Treasurer’s Report
• Budget tracking reports were available for the CARAG Operations and NRP bank accounts. Generally, the organization is on-track for both income and expenses. However, the NRP/ CPP Admin budget needs to be revised to reflect an increased level of spending on staff due to an increase in hours that started in February. • The Community Participation Program (CPP) guidelines were recently released for the next 18 months beginning July 1, 2012December 31, 2013. CARAG will receive an additional 20% funding as compared with the previous 18-month funding cycle. CARAG will also receive an additional $25,000 in NRP funds which can be used for either administrative or programming. Engel will work with Strong to review the numbers and make recommendations at a future meeting.

Calhoun Area Residents Action Group (CARAG), Monthly Neighborhood Meeting Minutes, April 17, 2012. DRAFT: Subject to approval at the May 2012 CARAG Meeting. Minutes recorded and submitted by Carol Bouska.

Diana Boegemann, Carol Bouska, Jean Jonas, Dan Jenney, Jay Lindgren, Jason Lord and Samantha Strong. Excused Absences: Erick Peterson, Nancy Riestenberg.

Hennepin Ave.

Council member: meg Tuthill
• Tuthill noted that the ‘urban agriculture’ ordinance passed last month. She encouraged neighbors to not plant food in boulevard gardens due to toxic soil conditions near the roadway and to at least get soil testing done first through the university. • A public hearing regarding the City’s proposed stadium funding plan is scheduled for April 24. Tuthill signed a letter of support for the plan, but there is no action to be taken until the MN Legislature acts.

Pitchin’ In

CARAG residents, Jacqueline and Tamara Haley, participate in the April 21 Earth Day Clean Up at Bryant Square Park. As an employee of US Energy Group, a trash incinerator company, Tamara sees first hand what happens to trash. (Photo by Bruce

Bryant Square Park (3101 Bryant Ave S)
On the agenda…
• Recycling & in Minneapolis • City Council Member Meg Tuthill Composting

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 at 7pm

Name Address • Development Phone Email Updates Fee: $10 (Checks payable to CARAG) Deadline: 6pm, Wednesday, May 16 • And more! Send/Deliver Registration to: Rick Pritchett 3236 Colfax Ave S More Info: 612.822.3330 or

Join the CARAG E-update at to receive emails about CARAG activities and events.

CARAG | 3612 Bryant Avenue S | Minneapolis, MN 55409 | | 612.823.2520

Lyndale Ave.

agenda & minutes: Diana boegemann
• Motion, Seconded to approve the meeting agenda as presented. Approved. • Motion, Seconded to approve the March 20 CARAG Neighborhood Meeting minutes. Approved.

bryant Square Park Update: Diana boegemann
• The summer concert series schedule will be released May 1. The first concert, Tuesday, June 5th will include face painting, popcorn and root beer floats. The series will run through

board elections: Diana boegemann
• Jean Jonas and Jay Lindgren were nominated for the CARAG Board at the March 20 CARAG Neighborhood Meeting. Motion, Seconded to elect Jean Jonas and Jay Lindgren to fill two vacant board positions. Approved.

Primebar: Laura boyd, mark W.
• PrimeBar will be taking over the 6,000+ square foot Il Gatto restaurant space in Calhoun Square. The company is based in Chicago and this will be the fourth location. Tentative plans are to open in early summer. • The restaurant is seeking a Class E liquor license and a Sidewalk Café license- the same as Il Gatto. Because the licenses are the same, no public hearing is required. • Boyd noted that Public Works has a policy that will not allow a sidewalk café for new restaurants, but PrimeBar hopes an exception can be granted to allow twelve two-tops, which take up less space than previous restaurants there. The CARAG Zoning committee will review this issue to determine whether CARAG may want to support the sidewalk café license.

New Recycling Rules: Carol bouska
• Bouska passed around materials describing the City’s new recycling rules and discussed how they will affect waste disposal. • All types of plastics 1 through 7 are now accepted including yogurt, berry, and ‘take-out’ containers. • More types of cardboard are now accepted including milk/ juice cartons, frozen food boxes, aseptic containers and soda/beer cartons. Rinse containers and place them with your paper recyclables. • Yard waste will no longer be accepted in standard plastic yard waste bags. Rather the waste is now accepted in compostable bags, large paper bags or 33gallon (or less) containers with handles. The container should not exceed 40 lbs. • The Director of Minneapolis Solid Waste and Recycling will attend the next CARAG Neighborhood Meeting on May 15 to discuss recycling and waste disposal, focusing on future plans.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:35pm

RaCeRS from 7

some neighbors on her block to share team hosting duties. “The best part of hosting these young athletes is hearing their stories,” she said. “Some are still in college, some have full time jobs, but they all juggle their schedules to make room for training and competing.” The Kakuks also enjoy cheering for the athletes they’ve hosted, as well as their friends on other teams. Some years, they’ve cheered for up to 30 racers during the course of the five-day race. “The Kakuks do an amazing job, but we don’t expect most families to take on an entire team,” said David LaPorte, festival executive director. “If you have an extra bedroom or two, that’s great, but floor space and a couple of air mattresses will do just fine.” Families are asked to host two or more team members from Tuesday June 12 through Sunday morning, June 17. Host families need only provide a place to sleep, a bathroom with shower, laundry facilities and space in the refrigerator for cyclists’ meals and snacks. Cyclists are responsible for their own food, cooking, laundry and transportation during the festival. For more information on hosting a family visit and follow the host housing link or contact housing coordinator Mike O’Day at 612.309.7192 or

CARAG Neighborhood Meeting
CARAG Garage Sale Sale Super The Neighborhood
Saturday, May 19, 8am-4pm
• Only $10 to Register • Metro-Wide Advertising • Sale Yard Sign • Maps Listing 50+ Sales • Renters May Register for a Sale at Bryant Square Park • Register online at!

NRP Report: Carol bouska, Scott engel
• Bike Racks: CARAG is dedicating $1,000 to fund the purchase for 20 bike loops to be installed on parking meters between Uptown and Lyn-Lake. • NCEC Elections: The Neighborhood & Community Engagement Commission (NCEC) will hold elections for four neighborhood districts on June 28. CARAG will select an elector to attend the event and vote for one district 6 candidate on behalf of the organization. • Crime & Safety Coordinator: The group discussed the challenge in hiring and keeping a contractor to fill the Safety Coordinator contractor role. In a 2010 survey crime was identified as the largest concern by residents. However, crime rates remain low and participation in crime prevention activities has not drawn much participation. The group discussed whether to market the position as more of a social or event organizing job rather than just crime. More discussion is needed before moving forward with this project.

Sale Location: Front Back Side Inside Bryant Square Park (Circle) Yes Refreshments: Sale No (Circle)letters or less): Describe Your Items (40

Registration Form

SUPeR from 1

in your closet or clearing out your basement, buying or selling – this sale is the new power shopping. De-clutter, reinvent or simply search for essentials. May 19 is the day and CARAG is the place. And remember, cash is king, pace yourself and recognize that that nagging guilty feeling is because you just got away with some real steals!

MAY 2012

Uptown neighborhood news • 9 .
Attention: If you want help translating this information into a language other than Hmong, Spanish or Somali, please call 311. Hmong - Ceeb toom. Yog koj xav tau kev pab txhais cov xov no rau koj dawb, hu 612-673-2800; Spanish - Atención. Si desea recibir asistencia gratuita para traducir esta información, llama 612-673-2700; Somali - Ogow. Haddii aad dooneyso in lagaa kaalmeeyo tarjamadda macluumaadkani oo lacag la’ aan wac 612-673-3500.

10th Ward News
From Council Member Meg Tuthill
Contact Meg at 612.673.2210,, Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm. Visit us at www.

low-cost onsite consultation and design drawing. The workshops are $10 and will be offered from early April to mid-June. To register, visit www. or call 651.698.1390.

Urban ag
Since I am a gardener, I was thrilled to support the recent amendments to the Urban Ag ordinance. I heard from numerous constituents. Thank you for the great questions and comments as this helped spark a lively conversation at the committee and council level. Your feedback is always appreciated.

27th and Lyndale Development
The issue with the proposed development at 2700 Lyndale is about zoning, period. The issue is not Trader Joe’s. They are very welcome to come to 27th and Lyndale or any other place in the City. Changing the zoning for one business is not good government. Setting a precedent like that is very dangerous. Consistency is both prudent for the community and helps avoid law suits. The City, along with the property owners and the neighborhood associations, looked at all of the zoning on Lyndale Avenue from West 34th Street to Franklin Avenue as part of the Midtown Greenway Rezoning Study. This process took over two years. This was done to incorporate the goals of the Lyn-Lake Small Area Plan and the City’s long range development plan into zoning code. The property owners did not object to the C-1 zoning when the Midtown Rezoning Study was underway. The C-1 zoning on these parcels was incorporated into the Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan in April of 2010.

by Hennepin County Commissioners Gail Dorfman and Peter McLaughlin, Minneapolis Mayor Rybak, and City Council Members Elizabeth Glidden, Robert Lilligren and me. This will be a great opportunity to learn about the progress of the project, see drawings of proposals for the bus/transit platforms at freeway and Lake Street level, the design of Lake Street and the proposed entrance and exit ramps for I35W. If you have any questions or would like to voice your ideas and concerns, this is the perfect chance to do so. For more information on this project and the open house, visit www.35lake. com.

Tree Watering bags available
The Park Board is offering FREE watering bags for small boulevard trees. If your boulevard tree has a trunk with a diameter of less than 5 inches, fill out the Tree Watering Agreement Form. The bags make watering very easy – just fill it once a week! You can find the form at file/1101986827009-58/Tree+Wa tering+Agreement+Form-1.pdf.

CARAG Dine Out
CARAG raised $500 at their inaugural Dining Out For CARAG event. Neighborhood ambassadors during the event included Diana Boegemann (above with Philip AuClaire at left), Carol Bouska, Lisa Klinger and Scott Engel. (Photo by Julie Cohen)

New Videos Help Road Users Understand bicycle markings
Over the past two years, Minneapolis has doubled the miles of on-street bikeways. Whether you are driving a car or riding a bike, it is important that all road users know what all the new markings mean. Two new videos produced by the City of Minneapolis will help bicyclists and motorists better understand how to safely coexist on city streets. For more information, visit w w w. m i n n e a p o l i s m n . g o v / bicycles/understanding-bicyclemarkings. You can check out the videos at www.minneapolismn. gov/bicycles/index.htm.

PoLITICaL from 1

4th annual Lyn Lake Street Fest
The 4th Annual Lyn Lake Street Fest is taking place on Sunday, May 20 from Noon to 7 pm on Lyndale Ave between 28th Street and Lake Street. Rain or shine, it’s free to the public and has activities and music for the whole family. So come on out, have some delicious local food, hear great music from local bands and maybe even buy a few of the local crafts. For more information on the event and to see all the businesses involved, visit the Lyn Lake Street Fest webpage at

House Minority Leader Rep. Paul Thissen (a former East Calhoun resident) was endorsed without opposition. Thissen is presently the representative from the old 63A and was the only representative redistricted into the new 61B. East Calhoun and CARAG are in 61B. Also nominated without opposition was State Senator Scott Dibble. Dibble and Senator Ken Kelash (from former SD63) were both redistricted into the new SD61 which consists mostly of Dibble’s old SD60. Thus, Kelash decided to run in the new SD50 but lost the nomination to Melissa Wiklund. The SD61 Republican Party also held a convention at the VFW on Lyndale Avenue but did not endorse anyone for the Minnesota House or Senate. The Republicans are holding their state convention in St. Cloud on May 18 and may endorse candidates then. The Independence and Green parties have also not reported any endorsements. On April 14 the Fifth Congressional District Republicans endorsed Chris Fields to run for the U.S. House. The 21-year Marine veteran won 75% of the votes on the first ballot. The DFL held its Fifth District convention on April 21 at South High and was expected to endorse U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison. The Minneapolis DFL will hold its city convention Saturday, May 19 at Edison High School. The only endorsements will be for the Minneapolis School Board. Up for election will be one at-large candidate and Districts 2, 4 (which includes East Calhoun), and 6 (which includes CARAG). The announced candidates (so far) are Carla Bates for atlarge, Kim Ellison for District 2, Darrel Washington for District 4 and Tracine Asberry, Curtis Johnson, Alex Phung and David Weingartner for District 6. The Minneapolis Republican Party website does not announce a city convention or announced candidates for the School Board. The official filing period for all candidates is from May 22 to June 5. Regarding redistricting, the Minneapolis School Board has decided to continue using the same district boundaries as the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. These boundaries did not change for East Calhoun and CARAG. The Hennepin County Board is also in the process of redistricting. On April 24 it decided whether to accept a proposed redistricting which would mean that five of the seven districts would have to hold elections. The western districts of 5, 6 and 7 are already scheduled for elections. And if the proposed redistricting plan was accepted (as expected), additional elections will have to be held in Districts 1 and 2 because the populations change more than 5%. (District 2 would have had an election anyway, since Mark Stenglein is stepping down.) Commissioner Gail Dorfman of District 3 which includes East Calhoun and CARAG will not have a scheduled election, along with District 4 Commissioner Peter McLaughlin. The Tenth Ward redistricting was finalized. It stays largely the same, but with the addition of the western part of the Whittier neighborhood while losing the north shore of Lake Calhoun and the Lyndale Neighborhood. Also, District 4 (including East Calhoun) and District 6 (including CARAG) of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board stayed very much the same. Gary Farland lives in the East Calhoun neighborhood.

Help Plan the Neighborhoods USa Conference
The Neighborhoods USA (NUSA) Conference is taking place in May of 2013 and they need your help to start planning the event! Minneapolis NUSA 2013 is currently looking for residents interested in being a part of the Planning Committee. As part of the planning committee, you would help coordinate neighborhood tours, recruit people to help teach workshops, help with registration and volunteer at special events. If you are interested in participating, please contact Jana Metge at nusa2013minneapolis@ or NUSA hotline at 952.996.6490. Information on the event and on NUSA can be found at www.minneapolismn. gov/ncr/WCMS1P-089093. NUSA is a national non-profit organization committed to building and strengthening neighborhood organizations. Hosted each year in a different city, the NUSA conference brings in hundreds of people from across the country looking to discuss pressing neighborhood issues, share experiences and make a variety of connections.

City expands Plastic and Carton Recycling
City of Minneapolis recycling customers can now recycle cartons including milk, broth, soup and wine cartons, juice boxes and plastic containers including yogurt cups, cottage cheese containers and deli and takeout containers. Minneapolis recycling crews will pick up these additional items with the regular recycling. Cartons can go in the same bag with the paper. Customers can also now recycle the plastic caps and lids on plastic containers. Please leave caps on the container (after rinsing, of course) or they will literally slip through the cracks of the recycling machinery.

Nicollet ave Reconstruction
Please support the businesses in the construction zone. Access to all businesses will be maintained during the construction. Areas not under construction will be open to traffic and local access will be maintained through the construction zone. Major construction expected to start early May. The construction schedule is:
• May and June - Lake Street to 32nd Street. • July and August - 32nd St to 35th Street. • September and October - 35th St to 36th Street.

Raingarden Workshops are Coming Up!
Get ready for spring by planning a garden that beautifies your yard and helps keep our water clean. Register now for a two-part workshop series, taught by landscape design specialists from the nonprofit group Metro Blooms. These workshops sponsored by the City of Minneapolis will help you learn how to:
• Limit fertilizers and pesticides without compromising a beautiful yard • Capture rainwater on site with rain gardens • Plan your garden. Location! Location! Location! • And so much more!

Busses will be detoured onto 1st Ave and Blaisdell Ave. If you have questions regarding the project please contact Beverly Warmka at 612-673-3762 or beverly.warmka@minneapolismn. gov. Additional info can also be found at www.minneapolismn. gov/cip/all/cip_nicollet31-40_ index.

meet with meg
Please join me on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 from 12 to 1pm at the 5th Precinct’s Community Room (3101 Nicollet Avenue). Meet with Meg is a chance to ask me questions and voice any concerns you may have. Bring your sack lunch! Cookies and lemonade are provided! Meet with Meg is held the second Tuesday of every month.

I-35W Transit/access Project open House
An open house on the I-35W Transit/Access Project is being held on Tuesday, May 1 from 5 pm to 7 pm at the Whittier Community Center (425 26th Street West). It will be hosted

brunch • dinner • latenight sun-th 8am-1am fr i-sat 8am-2am 1600 w lake st minneapolis 612-827-5710

Participants are also eligible for a

10 • Uptown neighborhood news

MAY 2012

ECCO report
Lake St. 36th St.

East Calhoun Community Organization

ECCO meets the first Thursday of each month, 7 p.m. at St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church, 34th & Irving. All ECCO residents are welcome and urged to attend. more information.


Tin Fish
Athena and Sheff Priest, from the Tin Fish attended the meeting to thank Sarah Sponheim and the community for offering support during their recent contract negotiations with the Park Board. They have a three-year contract. At that time, the contract will go out to bid and the Tin Fish will be invited to bid. The Priests have some planned improvements (adding a quick serve window and a security camera). They have asked the Park Board to use the escrowed money to improve the bathrooms.

ECCO Board Meeting Minutes for April 5, 2012 at St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church Minutes recorded and submitted by Harry Savage and Monica Smith and approved by the ECCO Board by electronic vote prior to publication. Board Members Present: Sarah Sponheim, President; Blake Harper, Co-VP; Glen Christianson, Treasurer; Harry Savage, Secretary; Brad Durham; Judy Shields; Heather Wulfsberg and Jim Smith. Board Members Absent: Anja Curiskis, Kate Davenport, Gael Ellis and Linda Todd. ECCO Board President Sarah Sponheim called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

remains in Ward 10). • Yard waste pick up begins the week of April 9 with a 30 day grace period for plastic bags, then need to switch to compostable or paper yard waste bags. • Street sweeping begins April 10. • City Council has not yet voted on the stadium issue but CM Tuthill is supportive of the stadium plan that includes Target Center.

Phyllis Stenerson: editor, Uptown Neighborhood News (UNN)
The UNN is looking for a new editor and another ad sales rep. Phyllis will phase out, as the new editor gets up to speed. Help spread the word. Contact with ideas of candidates.

Board will consider changing the program’s income guidelines (at the May 3rd meeting). The Board unanimously approved maintaining ECCO’s private mailbox at the UPS Store. Calhoun-Isles Area Sewer Improvement Open House is April 10, 6:30 pm at Jones-Harrison Residence, 3700 Cedar Lake Ave. A rabid bat was found at Lake of the Isles on March 25. See your doctor if you had contact. Paint-A-Thon is accepting applications for free exterior painting for low-income clients. More information at:

Committee Reports
Livability Committee met with Mesa Pizza on March 27 regarding their request for extended weekend hours. The committee supports Mesa Pizza to continue to add extra staff when crowded and to do a thorough job of picking up trash after close. On April 2, the City denied the request for extended hours. Amore Victoria is applying for extended weekend hours for their rooftop patio. The committee will meet with them at their next meeting. Jim Smith will attend a public
eCCo page 11

Hennepin Ave.

Lyndale Ave.

• Jennifer Case, from Hennepin County Medical Center is working in East Calhoun to screen candidates for medical assistance through Medicaid. Contact her at 612-384-4501 or


Leslie Foreman: aide to Council member meg Tuthill
• Urban Ag ordinance was approved with a few amendments: Hoop houses will be restricted to 6½ ft on properties with 1-4 dwelling units (12 ft allowed for larger properties) and sales will be limited to 15 days per year with a running maximum of 72 hours. • Proposed Trader Joe’s at 27th and Lyndale is asking for a rezoning from C1 to C2 to accommodate a liquor store. The Wedge neighborhood is opposed to the zoning change. • Redistricting for City Council has been finalized (ECCO

monica Smith: Staff Report
• The City Council approved the second phase of Community Participation Program (CPP) funding for July 1, 2012-December 31, 2013. ECCO’s allocation will be $35,880. Guidelines will be published the week of April 9. • The funding for the current CPP program ending June 30, 2012 was reviewed. • ECCO’s home improvement grant and loan programs remain available to residents. The loan program has not had any activity for many months. The ECCO

East Calhoun gets out the vacuum
A new couple (at right) to East Calhoun gets cleanup direction from Sara Sponheim for the 2012 Earth Day Cleanup of Lake Calhoun surrounding park land on April 21. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

MAY 2012
t h u r s d ay, m ay 3 7:00 -9:00 p.m.

ECCO Super Sale
Saturday, June 2, 2012 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The Super Sale is an annual event sponsored by the ECCO Board in which Registration information

The 40th Annual

ECCO Board and Neighborhood Meeting st. mary’s Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving ave s
W E d N E s d ay, m ay 9 7:00 p.m.

all ECCO residents are encouraged to have a garage or yard sale on the same day.

East Calhoun Green Team Meeting st. mary’s Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving ave s
For more information, contact t h u r s d ay, m ay 1 7 7:00 p.m.



Basic Registration Fee: $5.00 Optional: New this year for advertising your sale: Specializing in anything? Pay $1extra for each item you would like to advertise (max of 5). Check your choices:

Tour de Compost Location to be announced
An evening of home tours learning about organics, rain gardens and worms! Call 612-822-1158 to register for this FREE event. t u E s d ay, m ay 2 2 7:00 p.m.

TOTAL FEE SUBMITTED:__________________________________________________ Registration deadline – Thursday, May 31. Checks are payable to ECCO Board. Mail or deliver registration to: Sylvia Kafkas, 3505 Humboldt Ave S. Mpls 55408 Pick up your lawn sign and customer maps at Sylvia’s home on June 1st. Questions? 612-481-7698

East Calhoun Tree Task Force st. mary’s Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving ave s
The group will be discussing strategies for minimizing the impact of the Emerald Ash Borer in our neighborhood. t u E s d ay, m ay 2 9 7:00 p.m.

Livability Committee Meeting dunn Bros. Coffee, 34th and hennepin
The Livability Committee reviews current zoning proposals in the neighborhood and addresses safety, traffic and parking concerns.

we’re watching our waste
East Calhoun-ites: look for a Recycling Brochure in your mail, listing the new materials that we can add to our recycling. It’s not too late to get your free counter-top compost pail when you request a green (organics) bin. Contact Sarah at
Waste Watchers is a group of East Calhoun neighbors who care about making less waste.

East Calhoun

Save the date

Saturday, June 2
ECCO Super Sale, 9 am-4 pm ECCO Block Party, 5 pm featuring food and entertainment!


MAY 2012
eCCo from 10

Uptown neighborhood news • 11 .

information meeting regarding a proposed 13-story tower on Lake Street at Thomas on April 9. Green Team’s next meeting is April 11, 7 pm at Dunn Bros. Volunteers are needed for the Earth Day clean up at Lake Calhoun April 21, 9:30 am – noon (meet at the Tin Fish). Tour de Compost is being planned for May 17.

Intermedia Arts will be screening Urban Roots, a film about urban agriculture on April 14, 7 pm Reminder that take-out pizza boxes cannot be recycled (however, they can be composted).
Finance Committee ECCO’s finances. reviewed

ly planned for May because they need more information. The tree treatment grant program will be discussed at ECCO’s May 3 meeting.

Short Redhead Reel Reviews
Rating Legend: (4=Don’t miss, 3=Good, 2=Worth a look, 1=Forget it) “bernie” (PG-13) (3)
[Some violent images and brief strong language.] - A quirky, lowkey, factually based, satirical film in which charismatic, likable, singing, assistant funeral director Bernard Tiede (Jack Black), who is hired by the small-town head mortician (Rick Dial) in Carthage, Texas, surprises the preacher (Larry Jack Dotson), the sheriff (Brandon Smith), the little old small-town ladies (Jo Perkins, Mollie Fuller, Glenda Jones, Cozette McNeely, Sylvia Froman, Ann Reeves, Margaret Bowman, et al.), two district attorneys (Matthew MsConaughey and Brady Colman), a stockbroker (Lloyd Hornbuckle), and other residents (Mathew Greer, Sonny Davis, Jack Payne, James Baker, et al.), that he was involved in the death of a mean, ornery, controlling, wealthy widow (Shirley MacLaine) after he begins working for her and being her constant companion.

Committee budget Requests
Social Committee reviewed a budget and calendar of event for social events for 2012. The Board unanimously approved the calendar (leaving August undecided). The Board also unanimously approved the $1,655 proposed budget to include social events and a New Neighbor Campaign. The Tree Task Force’s request for funding has been tabled until further information is provided. The Green Team is hoping to partner with Metro Blooms to sponsor a rain garden workshop and may request funding.

Tree Task Force has postponed the community meeting original-

“The best exotic marigold Hotel” (PG-13) (3.5)
[Sexual content and language.] — Rich, full-bodied characters dominate this colorful, delightfully charming, poignant, touching, witty, romantic comedy, which is based on Deborah Moggach’s book “These Foolish Things,” about an eclectic group of elderly, retired Brits, including a tenacious widow (Dame Judy Dench) looking for a new beginning, a bitter and racist servant (Maggie Smith) looking for meaning in her life, a feisty sexagenarian (Ronald Pickup) looking for a lover (Diana Hardcastle), a high court judge (Tom Wilkinson) looking for a former Indian lover, an optimistic Englishman (Bill Nighy) looking for happiness in a stale marriage to his unhappy and grumbling wife (Penelope Wilton), and a lonely woman (Celia Imrie) looking for a wealthy lover, who become the “elderly and beautiful” guests at a rundown hotel in Jaipur, India, managed by an enthusiastic owner (Dev Patel) who is in love with a comely telephone saleswoman (Tena Desae) to the dismay of his controlling mother (Lillete Dubey).

Community Donations
The Board approved a motion to donate $500 to the Midtown Greenway Coalition for general operating expenses (vote: 7-1) and unanimously approved a motion to donate $500 to the Joyce Uptown Foodshelf. The Board requested additional information regarding costs associated with additional bike racks in Uptown and the art-wrapped utility box program offered by the City of Minneapolis.

“Darling Companion” (PG-13) (3)
[Some sexual content, including references and language.] — When a self-absorbed spinal surgeon (Kevin Kline) loses his dog in the Colorado mountains after the wedding of his daughter (Elizabeth Moss) to a handsome Indian veterinarian (Jay Ali) in this quirky, charming, heartwarming, funny film, the desperate search for the mutt eventually brings him closer together with his traumatized wife (Diane Keaton) and two couples, his sister (Dianne Wiest) and her lover (Richard Jenkins) and his nephew (Mark Duplass) and a gypsy housekeeper (Ayelet Zurer).

Next meeting
The next meeting of the ECCO Board will be Thursday, May 3, 7:00 p.m. at St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church. Agenda will include: ideas to promote ECCO (social media, e-democracy forum), ideas to be more welcoming to visitors and proposed bylaws amendment. The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm.

FaRNam from 1

A memorial service will be held at 3 pm Sunday, June 10, at the First Universalist Church, 3400 Dupont Avenue. A reception will later be held at 5:30 pm at the Minneapolis Photo Center, 2400 Second Street. North, #200.

“The Raven” (R) (3.5)
[Bloody violence and grisly images.] — A compelling, suspenseful, gruesome, well-acted remake of the 1963 thriller based on Edgar Allan Poe’s classic poem in which a Baltimore detective (Luke Evans) and policemen (Oliver Jackson-Cohen, et al.) collaborate with famous, hard-drinking, broke writer Edgar Allan Poe (John Cusack) in October 1849 to solve a series of heinous murders in which the clever murderer kills his victims (John Warnaby, Matt Slack, Jasmina Ilic, Teodora Uveric, et al.) by reenacting murders from Poe’s stories, including “The Pit and the Pendulum,” “The Masque of the Red Death,” “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” and “The Tell-Tale Heart,” and the kidnapping of the gorgeous daughter (Alice Eve) of a wealthy businessman (Brendan Gleeson).

Kenwood Spring musical and Family Night Great Successes
By Nicole Valentine
Kenwood School held its annual Family Activity Night March 20. Events at the school that evening included a free pasta dinner sponsored by the PTA, a book sale to benefit the Media Center, food collection to benefit the Community Emergency Service Food Shelf and a “barn dance” in the gym. “This is such a popular community building event for our families. They get to visit with each other, enjoy a free dinner and kick up their heels all during one event,” said Principal Cheryl Martin. Over 600 dinners were served at the school that night. The barn dance in the gym provided students an opportunity to show off what they learned during the all-school Roots Dance Residency, which was held earlier this spring. East Isles Residents, Kenwood alum parents and ethnic music and dance experts Bob and Julie YoungWalser work with Kenwood music teacher Cindi Quehl each year to offer this unique learning opportunity to the students. Over the course of a week, each grade learns about ethic music and dance from around the

“We Have a Pope” (NR) (3)
[Subtitled] — After a conclave of cardinals (Renato Scarpa, Franco Graziosi, et al.) elects a new pope and the new supreme pontiff (Michel Piccoli) has a nervous breakdown and is filled with selfdoubt in this satirical, engaging, 2011 Italian film that cannot decide whether it’s a drama or a comedy, a distraught Vatican spokesman (Jerzy Stuhr) quickly hires two psychoanalysts (Nanni Moretti and Margherita Buy) to help the new pope face his responsibilities and his worshipping, anxious public.
©1986 through 2012 by Wendy Schadewald. The preceding films were reviewed by Wendy Schadewald, who has been a Twin Cities film critic since 1986. To see more of her film reviews see
ECCO Resident Julian G. shines as Kenwood’s Tinman.
(Photo by Courtney Cushing Kiernat)

world. As always, the dancers were accompanied by a live band made up of volunteer parents, teachers and former students. In the days before Spring Break, the school’s multi-purpose room was transformed into a theater in which “The Wizard of Oz” was performed for friends and family. Each spring, Kenwood School presents a musical play which is a “not to be missed” event. This year’s play featured over 60 fourth and fifth graders as actors and behind the scenes helpers. Over 30 parents and other volunteers also got involved, helping with costumes, set design, choreography and providing live

music to accompany the shows. Arts Coordinator and retired teacher Scott Kohanek said, “this process is such a labor of love for so many people. And it provides the kids involved with some great opportunities to have fun, be creative and grow.” Music teacher, Cindi Quehl, said, “Our annual musical is a great opportunity for elementary level students to be a part of something big and creative. I’m very proud of our students and of our production.” Nicole Valentine and Courtney Cushing Kiernat are parents of Kenwood School students.

Int/ext paIntIng

Commercial classified ad sales are 40¢ per word, 10-word minimum and mUst be prepAID. Ad and advance payment are due the 15th of the month. please send a check and ad copy to: Uptown neighborhood news, Attn: Classifieds, 3612 bryant Ave. s., mpls., mn 55409.

Sheetrock (Drywall) Taping, skim coating, textured ceilings. Ceiling & wall repair, water damage, wallpaper removal, power washing, deck staining. Fully insured. References. 24 years experience. A lifelong uptown area resident. 612.825.9959, 612.991.6384

Windows and doors. Siding. Fences and decks, finish carpentry. Sheet rock, plaster repair, taping. Local references, free estimates. Tom 612.824.1554.

All types. Also old comics. 612.600.7075,

1 • Uptown neighborhood news

MAY 2012

community events calendar
(Editor’s Note: We will run community event listings every month on this page. Contact to submit your event information by the 15th of each month to be included in the next issue.) the White-nose Threat,” a program followed by refreshments. profit which runs this event, Children with Autism Deserve Education (C.A.D.E.) via grants.

UnIversAl JAzz AnnUAl ConCert

First Universalist Church - 7:30pm 3400 Dupont Ave. • 612.825.1701
Universal Jazz will include talented young performers from the area along with the regulars in its annual concert. The concert is open to the public and free, with a donation optional.

pAInt It green: Inventor’s workshop

Walker Library - 2-3pm 2880 Hennepin Ave. • 952.847.8400
Registration is required and begins April 21. Limit 30. Kindergarten-grade 6. Create your own invention from a variety of fun and unusual scraps. Assemble your invention using tape, glue and wire. Remember, it is about the idea! Materials provided, but you’re welcome to bring your own. This project is funded with money from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Presented in collaboration with ArtStart.


soCrAtes CAFe

Dunn Brothers - 7:30pm 3348 Hennepin Ave. • 612.822.3292
The Socrates Cafe is an open meeting. The evening is spent discussing a short list of questions of philosophy that range all over the map from self identity, capital punishment, perception and anything else in between. Bring your questions and prepare to engage your mind.

14, 21, 28–MONdAyS
bUDDhA AnD A beer
Bryant Lake Bowl - 7pm 810 Lake St. • 612.825.8949
Buddha and a Beer is the culmination of conversations in what is affectionately known as the Guru Lounge. A simple bench in a Minneapolis park sparked five years of questioning, researching and hacking the inner workings of the mind/ body/spirit koan. Standing on the shoulders of not only the obvious pioneers of philosophy, Jim Walsh and Pete Christensen find every person a mirror that provides them with the reflection necessary to find a peace in the way life flows. It allows them to wean themselves off their historical programming via others. They learn to use the tools of reflection to operate the body-machine with consciousness and intent. The producers of Buddha and a Beer believe there is more to talk about than what is being talked about. 5/14-Topic: Energy Forum Guest: Rhonda Battisto Musical Guest: KO WordRhyme. 5/21-Topic: Baggage of Pain Forum Guest: Beth Barron Musical Guest: Venus DeMars 5/28-The Bi-Polar Label Forum Guest: Nick Hanson Musical Guest: TBD. $8 in advance/$10 day of show.

ThRu JuNE 9

“the mAhAtmAs AnD theIr letters”


brUCe nygren reCent pAIntIngs

Douglas Flanders Art Gallery 910 Lake St. • 651.213.2662

First Unitarian Society - 7pm 900 Mt. Curve Ave. • 651.414.0545
The Theosophical Society will show the movie “The Mahatmas and their Letters,” as part of its “Ancient Mysteries, Ancient Wisdom” monthly series. H.P. Blavatsky was the first person in modern times to claim contact with legendary adept masters Koot Hoomi and Morya, hidden high in the Himalayan Mountains. Blavatsky affirmed in her book The Secret Doctrine that she was given access to various esoteric writings that contained the teachings of the Adept Brotherhood. In 1880, Blavatsky visited journalist A. P. Sinnett in northern India about these adepts. The serious interest of Sinnett in the Theosophical teachings of Blavatsky and the work of the Theosophical Society prompted Blavatsky to establish a contact by correspondence between Sinnett and the two adepts who sponsored the Society. Refreshments. Free.

Saint Sasquatch
With a nod to Albrecht Durer, famous German engraver from the 1500s, the design of the Russian Revolutionary movement, concert posters and our fascination with saints, local artist Joshua Norton creates woodcuts that engage his interest in “the mysterious, unknown aspects of the natural world.” His show is currently on display at Gigi’s, 824 36th St.

Take a break from reality... come see the whimsical paintings of Bruce E. Nygren at Douglas Flanders & Associates. Nygren juxtaposes everyday.


FrIenDs oF wAlker sprIng book sAle

Walker Library - 10am-4pm 2880 Hennepin Ave. • 952.847.8400
The sale features hundreds of adult and children’s fiction and nonfiction books. Most items are priced at $1 or less. The books sale will take place in the meeting room. Book donations accepted at Walker Library starting April 1. From 3pm to 4pm customers can fill bags for $5 a bag.

Flower & Garden Shoppe
612.208.1205 | 910 W 36th St. . Find us on facebook | | Sun: 12noon-5pm Mon-Sat: 11am-6pm Native Plants, Vegetable Starts, Organic Soil, Organic Fertilizer, And Seeds Are In!
c Uptown Neighborhood News

15– TuESdAy

lIzz Free or DIe

Your earth friendly neighborhood florist and greenhouse


FIre & DIstUrbAnCe

“the yeAr oF the bAt”

Minneapolis Audubon Society - 1pm Bryant Square Park • 952.926.4205
Join the Minneapolis Audubon Society for “The Year of the Bat: Minnesota Bats and

Bryant Lake Bowl - 7pm 810 W. Lake St. • 612.825.8949
Fire & Disturbance: Ecology in the Northern Forest. From forest fires to blow-downs, and insect infestations to browsing deer, our most beloved landscapes can change dramatically either over time, or in an instant. Dr. Lee E. Frelich from the UMN’s Department of Forest Resources examines the ecology, history, management, and control of such disturbances in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, and asks how global climate change will impact disturbance regimes in the northern forest.

Magers and Quinn - 7:30pm 3038 Hennepin Ave. • 612.822.4611
Co-creator and former head writer of The Daily Show, comedian Lizz Winstead, will read from her new book Lizz Free or Die. Lizz Winstead is one of the most incisive political satirists and performing comedians working today. She is a co-creator and former head writer of The Daily Show where she also served as a correspondent, and one of the founders of Air America Radio, where she hosted “Unfiltered” alongside Chuck D and Rachel Maddow. As the youngest child of conservative Catholic parents living in the heart of Lutheran Minnesota, Winstead’s journey toward a career in entertainment was almost accidental. In Lizz Free or Die, she writes candidly about the formative episodes from her youth and early adulthood that were so instrumental in helping her develop the unmistakable world view which continues to animate her work today: her childhood dreams of becoming a priest, her fraught teenage relationship with an abusive hockey player, her fascination during college with Prince and other luminaries of the early-80s Minneapolis music scene, and her earliest attempts at making a living through stand-up comedy.

the AUtIsm 5k
Lake Calhoun - 9am Near Thomas Beach
The Autism 5K is a Run/Walk is open to all. The race proceeds will benefit local families affected by autism as well as research and is to be distributed through the non-

May’s Contest: The UNN is Giving Away . . .

Dinner for 4 at Chipotle!
RUles: Winner will be chosen from the first correct answer to this question: Which ad contains the word “free” the most? email your answer to (Previous month’s winners are not eligible)

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