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His Excellency,

Most respectfully stated that I have come to know through

electronic media, that some posts are lying vacant under your kind supervision. I

offer my services for.

I shall be indeed so grateful if you provide me an

opportunity to prove my worth for the position applied for. I assure you, Sir, I

shall win in any encounter that is put to me.

My CV is attached herewith for your kind observation.

Yours obediently,

Umar Sharif,
House. No. 5, Block No. 28-D,
Sector G-10/3, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Res. Ph. # +92-51-2294971
Certificates Add:
My Bus-web:
Curriculum Vitae

Name: Umar Sharif

Father’s Name: Muhammad Sharif
Date of Birth: 30-03-1984
Religion: Islam Academic
Domicile: Islamabad Qualifications
Nationality: Pakistan.
Qualified NIC Card: Year 61101-2756900-5 Institution
Metric Mobile: 1999 +92-300-5800905 F.B.I.S.E
I-Com Passport number: 2001 CD5129001 F.B.I.S.E
B-Com (IT) Phone: 2003 +92-51-2294971 Punjab University
Address: Block # 28/D, Flat # 5,
Islamabad, Pak.
E-mail Address:
IT Qualifications

Certification Year Course Subjects Institution

Web & Graphic Designing Html, Adobe photo shop,
2003 NICON
Grade: A Flash Mx, xara3D.
Electronic Commerce 2001 Html, Asp, Adobe photo STICS
Grade: A+ shop8, Flash Mx,
ADCS Grade: A 2000 MS Office, PC Troubleshoot STICS

Programming language

Language Description
Variable transport, Form validation, sql queries Php My Admin database, Session
PHP & cookies, File (write, deletion, uploads, include), if-elseif-else statements, looping,
Message send on email,
JAVA SCRIPT Form Validation, if-else statements, simple direct statements.
HTML Forms, Frames, Tables, styles, Images, other many Tags and attributes etc…
ASP Database of records with Access.
IT Skills

 I am an Animated Graphic Designer. I can work professionally to making Presentations,

 During the session of Electronic Commerce Course I developed different web sites, which
were based on graphics, languages, online database programs (ASP).
 Ms office plays role in office works and accounts field specially, which is my perfect skill.
 I am also a troubleshooter of computer.
 I can make music according to my own choice for presentations and for advertisements.

Official Experiences

 In 2005, I was a computer operator in “Saboor Associates” located at F-10 Markaz,

Islamabad. I worked there about 1 year in 2006,
I left this office because of a better job in a Group of Companies bellow.

Last Experience

I paid my services in two companies of a group of companies for one year and about four
months. This group of companies is based on the following four companies.

 Fazal Karim Textile Mills Limited.

 Kashmir Textile Mills Limited.

 Iqbal Power Limited.

 Patiala Jewelers.

I had been working in FKTML as an Assistant Accountant and then Accountant, and in IPL as
a Documentation Officer. Their head office is situated at F-7/1, Marvi Road, back to the Saudi
Pak Tower, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Comments About Last Experience

In Fazal Karim Textile Mills Limited, I had been
maintaining Banks Accounts, Markup Calculations, Cash Flow Statement, Financial Close,
Balance Sheet, Salaries Account, Waste Account, Sales Account, Suppliers Account, Trail
balance in Ms Excel and I used also Q-Book Software.
In Iqbal Power Limited I sent required documents about authorities and project
details to foreign shareholders.

 But as you know the downfall on textiles, This company had been closed.

My Business Plans for Future: You just visit “ “

My Samples: I have samples in my CD, which can be seen on interview date.

Today’s: I am locating a job and learning PHP from a foreigner on Internet to get a better job.

My Hobbies: To listen Islamic scholar Zakir Naik’s debates. To make music and sing.