“A Report on Effectiveness of HRD of an Axiata Company:ROBI”


It is our greatest pleasure to inform you that we have successfully completed our report program . and prepared our report. who have supported us though this report period. named. “A Report on Effectiveness of HRD of an Axiata Company:ROBI”.LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL 31st December. We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartiest gratitude to you and to all our friends. we might have some drawbacks in the report but we have tried our best to make it as professional as possible.Submission of a Report on Effectiveness of HRD of an Axiata Company:ROBI Dear Madam. Sincerely Yours. We have truly enjoyed this project and shall be pleased to provide any kinds of further clarification on this project whenever necessary. Dhaka-1216 Subject: . We therefore would like to place this report to you for your kind consideration. On behave of the group members Sania Akther Program: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Major in HRM 2 . However. 2012 Afroza Bulbul Assistant Professor of Management. DBA International Islamic University Chittagong (Dhaka Campus) Dhanmondi.

She is a nice person with lots of valuable guidance & encouragement. At Last. We would also like to thank those people for their unconditional support which they have provided while this report had been prepared. support and co-operation. Without her guidance it was impossible to complete this report. We are also especially thankful to our course instructor Afroza Bulbul. 3 .ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all we would like to express thanks to the Almighty ALLAH (SWT) for giving us the endurance to complete this report. we would like to thank our entire family members for their extreme care.

The sample elements are managers & supervisors / officers. on-the-job training technique is more used for providing training. If employees are well skilled. The major finding of study is that “ROBI Company Limited” conducts regular training programs for its employees. The strategy of Human Resource Division is followed from AXIATA strategy. 4 . Like any company “ROBI” Limited is trying to make all those working in the Organization and to access the training needs of those working in the organization. Other findings and discussions are drafted and represented through pie charts.Executive Summary Employee development is the mantra for the successful functioning of any company. it means they are satisfied and so there will be a minimum number of square pegs in round holes. capable and fitted to the job they are expected to do. data collection is based on detailed questionnaires and discussions with concerned persons.

Objectives of the Report -To have a better orientation and practical knowledge about the HR practice of the organization. all of our group members had gone to the corporate office at Gulshan. The following source has been used for the purpose of gathering and collecting data as required. -To get an overall idea about the effectiveness of HRD of “ROBI” Scope The Axiata (Bangladesh) Ltd have great potential to become the leading telecommunication company. human resource policies has to be very well designed and planned. And for that reason that information was very much restrictive within the organization as the telecommunication business is going to be very much Competitive. the recruitment and selection policy.Introduction: To collect information about HRD effectiveness.Ali Ahmed from whom we collect many information was so helpful to contact with us. Primary sources: Personal interview Information from web From textbook 5 . Methodology of the Report Source of Information The scope of the study is limited within telecommunication business in Bangladesh. It is also limited within the organization of “ROBI”. Therefore.

Robi Axiata Ltd. The Award is one of the most coveted of HRD Congress events and is the highest honor which a company can earn according to the World HRD Congress Advisory Council. Robi Right Start Program. Online Chat with top management. ⇒ The company does not have sufficient source of secondary data and collecting of Data was not smooth. 6 . ⇒ Access to more internal information. It was awarded by World HRD Congress. The Jury board was impressed to see so many HR initiatives being successfully implemented within a span of eighteen months. Robi Axiata Limited. India recently. comprising of HR professionals from 100 nations across the world.Limitation of the Report It is really very difficult to find out every single issue within this limited period of time. Introducing Guiding Principles. Mumbai. was invited to nominate success stories in the category of innovative practices in HR. Robi Axiata Ltd. Automation of HR services. shared the story of its transformation journey with focus on the introduction of Blog. This auspicious ceremony was held at Taj Lands End. has recently received “Star News HR EXCELLENCE AWARDS FOR INNOVATION IN HR”. the leading mobile phone operator of the nation. Overall the limitations those we have faced are: ⇒ Time Frame. Introducing Open Office Concept.

2010 the company started its new journey with the brand name Robi. Axiata (Bangladesh) Limited. is there for the people of Bangladesh. formerly known as Telekom Malaysia International (Bangladesh). Japan. The evaluation process for the awards involved an initial screening by an Academic Council. on 28th March. Background of “Robi”: Axiata (Bangladesh) Limited is a dynamic and leading countrywide GSM communication solution provider. Introducing new PMS Pantone Matching System Framework. where they want and the way they want. Malaysia and NTT DOCOMO INC. commenced its operation in 1997 under the brand name ROBI among the pioneer GSM mobile telecommunications service providers in Bangladesh. Online Recruitment System.Robi aims to provide the best quality service experience in terms of coverage and connectivity to its customers all over Bangladesh. It is truly a people-oriented brand of Bangladesh. followed by a Professional Council. Robi. Later.Job Evaluation. the people’s champion. 7 . Robi creates distinct services with local flavor to remain close to the hearts of its customers. It is a joint venture company between Axiata Group Berhad. Together with its unique ability to develop local insights.

where they want and in the way they want. and Open Functional: Simple. Being respectful towards everyone. 6. Being passionate and creative in all we do. 3. 5. Creative. Demonstrating individual and collective ownership. 4. Respectful. but also by being an employer of choice with up-to-date knowledge and products geared to address the ever changing needs of our budding nation. in order to help them develop. Keeping things simple in the way we do things. 2. grow and make the most of their lives through Robi’s services. Principles: Axiata (Bangladesh) Limited employees hold themselves accountable to the following guiding Principles for the organization: Emotional: Passionate. Practicing an open culture in communication and interaction Vision & Mission of “Robi”: Vision To be a leader as a Telecommunication Service Provider in Bangladesh Mission ROBI aims to achieve its vision through being number ‘one’ not only in terms of market share. Ownership No matter what they do in order to realize their purpose. they hold themselves accountable to the following overarching guiding Principles for their organization: 1. Ethical. Transparent. 8 . Being trustworthy by action.Objectives of Robi EMPOWERING YOU: Robi is there for people. Being ethical and transparent.

Axiata’s vision is to continuously monitor its customer’s needs and to plan accordingly. and that the main obstacles to their endeavors are lack of knowledge. 9 . The field takes a positive view of workers. and failures of process. and as such should not be thought of as basic business resources.The way Axiata (Bangladesh) Ltd. defines business Axiata (Bangladesh) Ltd. Human resources management Human resources management (HRM) is both an academic theory and a business practice that addresses the theoretical and practical techniques of managing a workforce. assuming that virtually all wish to contribute to the enterprise productively. such as trucks and filing cabinets. It will monitor the development of technology and updated self to meet customer demand. are expressive of the goals and operating practices of the enterprise overall. The theoretical discipline is based primarily on the assumption that employees are individuals with varying goals and needs. HRM techniques. As such. insufficient training. will adopt any cost effective and more efficient technology to provide state of the art and comprehensive service to its customers. With a technological development in future. Axiata (Bangladesh) Ltd. is the Digital Cellular Telephony Business. when properly practiced.

and shall inspire all employees to imagine how they can contribute Salary & Benefits Monthly salary will be transferred to employee individual salary account on 25th of each month with other allowances less deductions such as income tax. contributory provident fund etc. Each employee will receive a monthly pay statement detailing gross pay & deduction. post-structuralism play a major role. industrial and organizational psychology. The goal of Human Resources Management is to help an organization to meet strategic goals by attracting. 10 . namely house rent. sets a common direction across the group.Nowadays. It describes our ambition for future. The strategy of Human Resource Division is followed from AXIATA strategy. Vision Vision crystallizes our employee focus as the cornerstone of everything we do. and maintaining employees and also to manage them effectively. the more traditional synonyms such as personnel management are often used in a more restricted sense to describe those activities that are necessary in the recruiting of a workforce. postmodernism. conveyance & utility. and critical theories. medical. to help our customers get the full benefit if communications services in their daily lives. ROBI Human Resource Division Robi Human Resource system is one of the best systems in Bangladesh. Fields such as psychology. providing its members with payroll and benefits. Allowances Allowances are paid with monthly take-home salary. and administrating their worklife needs. sociology. The strategy that followed by HR is described bellow. therefore it is needed to have an interdisciplinary examination of people in the work place. The basic premise of the academic theory of HRM is that humans are not machines.

A periodic (normally in the month of December) appraisal is conducted with the view to monitoring the employee performances and to find out the training need and developments of each employee. organization’s products and services. information about company rules and practices. Other Variable Bonus TMIB is offering other variable bonuses like. Egypt. as Festival Bonus. The amount of bonus is normally equal to basic salary. Career Development Through appraising their performances & providing with knowledge & skills through proper training and Development programs.Festival Bonus TMIB usually awards two bonuses in a year on occasion of EID/Christmas/. Malaysia. performance bonus (related with individual performance) & company performance bonus (special bonus for company performance/success) to the employees. each employee is assigned with his individual goals. Organizational Development ROBI Management gives immense emphasis on developing its Human Resources by allocating huge money with yearly training programs (both local and overseas training). This new employee socialization program shall be conducted by HR Division. Annual training calendar is drawn up consisting with the training need assessment of all members of the organization. new employee is subject to attend an induction program. Usually trainees are sending to Sweden. 11 . This program provides new employee with basic background information about employer. France. Induction After joining. Performance Appraisal To achieve the overall organization goal. Indonesia and India for various training programs. Good performers are awarded accordingly for their contribution to ROBI. In-house training is also arranged with ROBI’s own facilitators.

all ROBI offices contains fire extinguishers and first aid box and ROBI is in the brink of establishing a comprehensive safety and security policy for safeguard of our lives and properties as well. experience to undertake the job. Promotion is given to an employee when there is vacancy in the higher position and the employee has the required skills. And Selection is a process by which candidates employment are divided in to two classes those who will be offered employment and those who will not. usually undertaken by recruiters.. It also may be undertaken by an employment agency or a member of staff at the business or organization looking for recruits. And after that 12 . Cause by this company makes a person as the member of it. modern and fair. In ROBI recruitment and selection is done by a specific process and which is very much modern. Safety & Security For confronting contingency or any possible accident in the work places.Promotion A systematic promotion policy is followed in terms of promoting the deserving employees in line with the succession plan. In Bangladesh perspective many company does not follow any specific process for recruitment and selection. Recruitment & Selection at ROBI As we know. There are lots of limitations a company face in case of recruitment and selection process. Recruitment and selection is one of the most important for every employee. Management is willing to take initiative by offering following schemes: Performance Bonus Performance bonus may be given to the good performers with accordance with the company rules and mangement discrition as a recognition of ones performance through-out the year. There is a general process of recruitment and selection that a company should follow. It starts with the manpower requisition and end with appointment. Recruitment refers to the process of finding possible candidates for a job or function. But the recruitment and selection process must be developed. Motivation As motivation is a prime factor to job satisfaction.

With a view towards placing the right person at the position. in ROBI following procedures in Recruitment and Selection will be practiced: ROBI’s Human Resource planning will start at the beginning of the year in accordance with the approved business Plan and budget provisions.ROBI arrange various types of training and development program for the employees to develop their skill. Human Resource planning Recruitment and Selection are not simply mechanisms for filling vacancies rather they are viewed as the key factor for suitable placements. Questionnaire about effectiveness of HRD of ROBI an Axiata Company • Has your HR function increased in scope and responsibilities in the last three years? On the answer of this question we found that HR function increased a lot of scopes and responsibilities in the last three years which is very effective for the development of the employee. In true sense ROBI follow a developed recruitment process for selecting right people in right place. Each Division will submit their month wise recruitment plan to HR for the whole year and on the basis of such requirement HR Division will prepare the upcoming recruitment plan of each Division/Department. • How your organizations find information about needs assessment? 13 .

as they believe that the most important asset for Axiata (Bangladesh) Ltd. It has put its keen eyes in developing its employees through proper training. So they are ensuring quality services by quality people as a part of their HRD strategy.□ □ □ To conduct with employee To make an observation To depend on the willingness of top level management. ROBI strongly believes that subscribers are their most valuable assets. ROBI depends to find information about needs assessment to conduct with employee and also to make an observation • Does your organization have a □ Yes Mission Statement HRM/HRD strategy □ □ □ No □ □ □ Don’t know □ □ ROBI has a Mission Statement & HRM/HRD strategy. They followed it and try to implement their strategy. 14 . On implementation stage the HR function is involved in its development. • If your organization has a business strategy then at what stage the HR function is involved in it’s development? □ Participates in the strategy formulation □ Through subsequent consultation □ On implementation □ Does not participate. (ROBI) is its staff members. • Which one are two most effective from below to capacity building? □ □ □ □ Training Workshops Consultancy Research Capacity building is based on detailed questionnaires and discussions which refer to cconsultancy with concerned persons.

internally from organization it means on-the-job training technique is more used for providing training. • What type of training has provided from your organization? (You may choose two of them) □ Classroom based training □ Computer based training □ Outdoor training 15 . • In what way your organization provides training program? □ Internally from organization □ Purchase from outside The major finding of study is that “ROBI Company Limited” conducts regular training programs for its employees. Annual training calendar is drawn up consisting with the training need assessment of all members of the organization.• Approximately what percentage of employers has received training within last years? □ 20% -30% □ 30% -40% □ 40% or above ROBI Management gives immense emphasis on developing its Human Resources by allocating huge money with yearly training programs (both local and overseas training). Approximately 40% or above of employers has received training within last years.

Strength: → Strong Brand images to overall Customer through Advertising. Sponsorship etc. Indonesia and India for various training programs. 16 . → Offer quality products. Usually trainees are sending to Sweden. Robi always support entrepreneurs thats why the organization have different product for them named Uddokta & Easy Load Tariff .Computer based training has provided from ROBI but they also mentioned outdoor training has also provided. Egypt. • What types of methods are used by your organization for collection of data for HRD evaluation? (You can tick more than one) □ Interview □ Questionnaire □ Direct observation □ Tests and simulations Questionnaire & Direct observation methods are most popular in ROBI an Axiata Company. Malaysia. In-house training is also arranged with ROBI’s own facilitators. Posturing. Weakness: → The customer of Robi face Network problem outside the Dhaka and sometimes even inside Dhaka. France. → The company could not cover all the rural area with their network which is making some dissatisfaction among the customers.

which type of qualified employees they have. Conclusion Mainly the precious resource for any organization is their knowledge based efficient workers. recruitment and selection process.DeSimone → www.Recommendations • Strategic planning: Successful employment planning is designed to identify an organization human resources need. They can participate in career and job fairs and open houses and must develop and support educational programs and become more involved with educational institution that can refer more diverse talent pool. But the strategies of the company will make the company “number one” mobile company of Bangladesh. They must attempt to develop their own low level employees for higher positions through more internal search.com 17 . employee satisfaction and relations at Robi is a very developed and effective one. • Checking Policy: When the candidates come for interview or written exam the authority doesn’t check the person with the picture that the candidates attached with the application. To do so they must ensure a communication network notifying interested persons of opportunities. It covers the whole Bangladesh by its network. • Emphasize on internal search: Robi Axiata Ltd. including advertising within the organization like “position open” bulletin board in every department. Framework & Application by Jon M. From the above discussion we can easily understand that Robi Axiata Ltd. can use software to keep employees update. So we can easily find out the Human resource practice. (Robi) is one of the top mobile Company of Bangladesh. At this moment the company is in growing position. forecast future requirement of qualified employees like other MNCs (telco). The organizations should more cautious on this issue to ensure the quality and ethics.axiata. basically relied on external search for recruiting purpose. Robi Axiata Ltd. Bibliography → Human Resource Development: Foundation. Werner & Randy L. • Job fair: All of these organizations must use open up recruiting efforts to the external community like job fair through external search.

→ www.com → www.robi.bd → www.google.wikipedia.com.com 18 .

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