Tutor: Brittany Brown Tutee: Ashlee Grade Level: 4 Reading Level: 4 Lesson #: 5 Evaluation/Reflection from last lesson

: N/A Goals:
 To implement strategies for long vowels.

 

To develop inferential skills using a variety of strategies Provide opportunities for student to show growth in her literacy skills which will give her the self-confidence needed to have a lifelong love for reading!

Rationale: Based on the CRI, Ashlee struggled with answering inferential and problem resolution comprehension questions when asked to retell the story. By implementing a variety of strategies, I hope to achieve the goals listed and show Ashlee that reading can be fun!

Familiar Reading (5 min): Ashlee will read “There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom” as I help guide her if needed. After we stop at the pre-selected point, I will ask Ashlee to retell the part of the story we just read.

Rationale & Selection: Ashlee told me that this is one of her favorite books; therefore, I thought this would be a good starting point for our lesson.

There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom By: Louis Sachar

Guided Reading (25 min): Goals: -To develop comprehension skills using a variety of strategies - To reintroduce previously practiced strategies to ensure confidence and mastery of these skills
-To provide literature that presents opportunities to work on comprehension skills.

Smoky Night By Eve Bunting

Before Reading Activity: Ashlee will be doing the “word sort for literature” strategy using the book. *Before reading, I will give Ashlee a word sort containing several different words and phrases from the book. There will be a mixture of 9 words/phrases in a plastic baggie. *Ashlee will review the words/phrases and lay them out in the order she predicts they will appear in the story. *When she lays them out I will ask her to explain to me why she put the words/phrases in the order that she did. *Leaving the words in that order, we will transition into the “during reading activity”. During Reading Activity:

Rationale/Purpose: Ashlee did so well with this strategy in our second session and I wanted her to be able to demonstrate confidence in her ability to use this strategy so I thought it would be good to have her practice with it on our final session together.


*Ashlee will be instructed to move the words/phrases from her word sort around in the order that she hears them appear throughout the story. *I will then read the story aloud to Ashlee as she follows along. *To promote problem/solution inference during reading, I will pause at preselected points to ask Ashlee these questions: - What is the problem so far in the story? - What do you think will happen next in the story and why? - What is a possible solution that you think would help fix the problem?

“Readers move beyond literal thinking to grasp meaning that isn’t explicitly stated in the text.”
Tompkins, Gail E. Literacy in the Middle Grades New Jersey: Pearson, 2004. P. 183

Post-Reading Activity: *Ashlee will be doing the cloze instruction strategy - Ashlee will be given a passage to read with words that have been deleted and in place of the word there is a blank. -I will instruct Ashlee to read the entire passage to get a sense of the meaning of the text. -Ashlee will then be instructed to go back through and fill in the blanks with words that best fit from the word bank at the top of the page. - I will read the passage aloud to Ashlee and she will write in the correct word above the word she had written in the blank. - We will review the passage as Ashlee explains to me what helped her decide what words to choose from the word bank. - To conclude the lesson, Ashlee’s answers will be evaluated as to the similarity of meaning between the deleted word and the supplied word.

Rationale/Purpose *This time I have included a different passage with a word bank so Ashlee can get through it without any hesitation.

Writing (10 min): In her writing journal, Ashlee will do a final quick write in her writing journal demonstrating all that she has learned in our sessions together. She will also write about her favorite strategy that we used.

Rationale/Purpose: By having Ashlee do this quick write, it will allow me to see how far she has come and what she has learned. This will also help me to see which strategy was most helpful for her.

Word Study (10 min)* Ashlee will be doing a student centered open sort. The words will be containing long E and short E vowel sounds. The words are: yes, web, stem, self, shelf, bean, mean, seat, bead, team. Ashlee will come up with her own sort using these words and explain to me why she sorted the words the way she did.

Rationale/Purpose: The QSI assessment that Ashlee was given demonstrates that she is in the middle within word stage. This type of sort is discussed in the Words Their Way pg. 63. The reason we are working on long E and short E vowel sounds is because the QSI assessment demonstrated that Ashlee needed additional help with these particular vowel sounds.

Bear, Invernizzi, Templeton, Johnston. Words Their Way, New Jersey: Pearson, 2008.
Shared Reading (10 min) I will share with Ashlee “Of Thee I Sing” by Barack Obama Rationale & Selection This is one of my favorite books and I wanted to share it with Ashlee on our final session because I think it encourages all of us to dream big and chase our dreams. I think she will really enjoy this book’s positive message and the beautiful illustrations.


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