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Subject: Mathematics Form: 5 Number of Students: 25 Date of Lesson: 16 April 2012 Time: 8.10 am – 8.50 am Title of Lesson: Variations Learning Objectives: In the end of the lesson, students can be able to: 1) Determine an inverse variation 2) State inverse variation in the form of an equation 3) Solve problem in inverse variation Content: Inverse variation Student’s Prior Knowledge: 1) Students have learned about direct variation Noble Values: 1) Cooperativeness 2) Responsibility

Teacher Materials Power point . Then. Discuss how relationship of inverse variation written. After students respond. Students then give other examples in science area that are related to inverse variation like Boyle’s Law. the teacher tell them that they will learn inverse variation during the lesson on that day. students need to determine how the data is determined as inverse variation. Student Activity By using tabulated data. Development (15 minutes) : Step Step 1 (5 minutes) Teacher Activity Determination of inverse variation by using example of tabulated data.Materials/Resources: 1) Power point 2) Worksheet Set Induction (5minutes) : Teacher talks about number of hours on watching television with the students. teacher ask the students what will happen to their study and revision time when they spend more times on watching their favorite programs on television.

Students need to solve problems given by finding equation that relates between two variable and value of Power point Teacher guide students that there are two method in solving the problem which are by using y = k / x or x1y1 = x2y2 the variable. y in Student Activity Students are being introduced with a constant. k after 1/x Teacher Materials the form of an equation. rearranging of y into y = k/x. Step 3 (5 minutes) Teacher give a problem of inverse variation to students to be discuss in the class as example. Later on. students are asking to show their solving methods. Discussing on the equation of inverse variation when y is inversely vary as any power of x. .Step Step 2 (5 minutes) Teacher Activity Asking students how to state a inverse variation.

3 and 6. should share with the class about they have learned. . 2) Page 167. Evaluation (10 minutes): The teacher asks students to work on the practice questions given in printed worksheets. 2. number 1(a). the teacher prepared a mind map by using power point as a summary for the lesson to students.Conclusion (5minutes): To conclude the lesson. Students then. number 4 and 6. Students are called to the front to give their answers. Assignment In the text book: 1) Page 155.

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