In the “excitement” surrounding the changes in the “Home Page” any dissatisfaction with the Site has been

bundled together with the “Home Page” changes even when this is not appropriate. Documents that have disappeared off of the Public Shelf or have been wrongly labeled as “Adult Content” are not examples of willful censorship and can easily be fixed.

What do I do if my public Document does not show up on my Public Shelf (or has been wrongly labeled as having the dreaded “Adult Content”)?
Occasionally you might notice that your Document has disappeared off of your Public Shelf, you cannot “Readcast” (“Share”) it and any comment left on it will not show on the R”Reading Feed.” When this happens, it was explained to me, it means that your document has been tagged by the automatic Spam Filter. Don't Panic! – as Douglas Adams was wont to say. There is a tried method for fixing this problem by following the following steps: 1) Contact the SCRIBD Support Desk, by clicking the support link on the bottom of the page, and explain to them, nicely, that you document has been captured (“Taken Prisoner” … ☺ ) by the “Automated Spam Filter – remembering to include a link to the affected document – and ask them nicely to override the the automatic system.

2) While waiting, patiently, for SCRIBD to fix this you can allow others access to the document by creating a collection to hold the document. Others will be able to access the document from inside the collection … though you will not be to Readcast the document, you will be able to Readcast the Collection. Now the process for getting a wrongfully applied “Adult Content” label removed is exactlly the same, except replace “Automated Spam Filter” with “Automated Adult Content System.”

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