Constitution of the University Democrats

At The

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Adopted: September 23, 1984 Last Revised: February 22, 2010

state. informally known as the UMass Democrats or the UDems. Affect political change on the local. physical handicap. with equality. Understanding the importance of participation in the Democratic Party to the preservation of our values and principles. Article I: Name The name of this organization shall officially be the University Democrats. ethnicity. religion. religion. 3. national origin. we dedicate ourselves to organizing the participation of Democratic college students at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.Preamble In order to promote a better America. or sexual orientation. regardless of gender. Article II: Purpose The UDems pledge to support the philosophy and candidates of the Democratic Party. state. Article III: Membership A. physical handicap. and national level. gender identity. the UDems shall educate and train its members so that they may be better able to: 1. . socioeconomic status. socioeconomic status. Furthermore. 2. Democratic college students. Assist in the election of local. In this mission. we call for participation of University of Massachusetts Amherst students. national origin. gender identity. we. regardless of gender. and national Democratic candidates. race. Members: Membership in the UMass Democrats shall be open to any college student currently enrolled in the University of Massachusetts Amherst or another member of the Five College Consortium who wishes to be known as a UMass Democrat and who has the best interests of the UMass Democrats and the Democratic Party at heart. ethnicity. do hereby associate ourselves and adopt this Constitution as the University of Massachusetts at Amherst College Democrats. or sexual orientation. race. opportunity. To these ends. Educate students about the philosophy of the Democratic Party. and freedom within a just and strong society. the UDems declare their intention to support all efforts to increase the participation of college students in Democratic affairs.

The UMass Democrats Executive Board may dissolve any subgroup by a 3/4 vote if it deems it to be acting in ways contrary to the interest of the UMass Democrats as a whole. Candidate Endorsements: The UMass Democrats shall endorse candidates by a vote of 2/3 of the membership. Vacant positions will be filled by presidential appointments and approved by a simple majority of the remaining Executive Board. Campaigns Coordinator. and Secretary. Article V: Organization Authority A. Membership Coordinator. Definition: Substantive authority shall be defined as. Members in good standing: Members in good standing shall be defined as any member. Treasurer. one week following the final election day of its candidate. Meetings shall be opened to all interested members. Section A. The group shall select its own leader. Director of Communications. state. The group may request to become a UMass Democrats subgroup as early as it chooses. In races where the UMass Democrats do not endorse a candidate. All positions will be elected once yearly at the General Elections. with the consent of 50% plus one members of the Executive Board. Vice President.B. who has paid their yearly dues. such an amount as determined by the Executive Board. Article IV: The Executive Board A. but not limited to. with the approval of a 1/2 vote of the Executive Board. Director of Programs. adopting policy statements and platforms. Meetings: The Executive Board shall meet regularly when school is in session. and lose all associated privileges. and national elections. as defined in Article 3. however the group will cease to exist. the organization shall facilitate the dissemination of information for all Democratic candidates in that race. Composition: The Executive Board shall be composed of the President. can close a meeting based on the delicacy of the issues that will be discussed. C. . Substantive Authority a. b. provided that he or she is a member of the UMass Democrats in good standing. and endorsing local or statewide referenda. The President. Campaign Subgroups: A group of UMass Democrats may form a temporary campaign subgroup for the purpose of supporting a particular Democratic Candidate. endorsing candidates in local. B.

policies. and directives of the Executive Board. brainstorming ideas and evaluating the progress of the Executive Board and organization as a whole. Take on projects of his or her choosing. Five College area. c. Define the agenda of the UMass Democrats during his or her tenure. Maintain regular and frequent contact with other RSO’s and the other four of the Five Colleges. including b. Appoint. after approval of a simple majority of remaining Executive Board members. Assist the President in the performance of his or her duties. Substantive Policy Statements: Policy statements shall be initiated by a simple majority of the Executive Board. Fill vacant seats in the Executive Board with appointees. Keep both the Executive Board and general membership of the UDems updated and aware of events and important information as to what is going on within the Five Colleges. Initiate opportunity to network and cosponsor events with the other members of the Five College Consortium and UMass RSO’s. Duties of the Treasurer: The Treasurer shall . Duties of the President: The President shall: a. g. Article VI: Duties of the Executive Board Positions A. B. b. f. e. c. d. and the media. Such statements must then be ratified by a 2/3 majority of the Executive Board at the earliest possible time. and Preside over all meetings of the UMass Democrats C. f. Carry out the mandates. All Executive Board members must maintain active involvement in all of the UMass Democrats’ activities and endeavors. e. Duties of the Vice President: The Vice President shall a.c. ad hoc committees and chairpersons of such committees. Failure to maintain active involvement allows for the possibility of removal. and other RSO’s. after approval of 2/3 of the Executive Board. Be the Chief Executive Officer of the UMass Democrats. Act as the official representative of the UMass Democrats to other groups d. and Perform such duties as the President may assign. D.

alumni. buttons. and d. and d. Twitter account. Write press releases. Arrange for member training. c. Duties of the Director of Programs: The Director of Programs shall a. Connect students with candidates and campaigns. c. Arrange for member benefits and other means of retaining members. the receipts. F. d. Perform such duties as the President may assign. website. H. G. campaign invasions. . as well as such duties that are customarily performed by a treasurer. bumper stickers. Duties of the Campaigns Coordinator: The Campaigns Coordinator shall a. and other forms of new media that may arise. and other forms of campaign work. and paperwork in case of an audit. d. Maintain a file of Democratic contacts from every level. Publicize meetings and events sponsored and cosponsored by the UDems. b. b. Provide at least one prominent speaker a semester. Coordinate phonebanks.. internship opportunities. Maintain a database of all current members. E. Perform such duties as the President may assign. t-shirts. Coordinate an annual effort to solicit alumni donations. Perform such duties as the President may assign. Work to plan events. both political and social for the UMass Democrats.a. Be responsible for updating the group’s official Facebook page. canvasses. but is not limited to. Coordinate with the Director of Programs to create fundraising activities and prepare all grant applications. and the dues-paying membership and t-shirt sales. c. This includes. Be responsible for calculating event and trip logistics. and e. Perform such duties as the President may assign. Manage the bank account. b. food. Coordinate all tabling efforts. etc. b. and e. and d. Perform such duties as the President may assign. b. Duties of the Director of Communications: The Director of Communications shall a. c. c. and recruits. Duties of the Membership Coordinator: The Membership Coordinator shall a. Coordinate all recruitment drives and other efforts to attract new members.

D. b. on a date approved by a simple majority of current Executive Board members. F. C. Procedure: Candidates are nominated directly before their election. Administrator: The Election Administrator will be a member of the executive board or member in good standing who is not running for elected position. The administrator can vote. Section A of the Constitution or as decided by the election administrator prior to the election. Assist with logistics. e. One vote per person per election. Candidates cannot vote in their own election. He or she will make these rules available for at least one week before the election. Elections shall take place once a year on or before April 30. all paperwork on behalf of the UMass Democrats. Make all necessary preparations for organizational meetings and record and distribute all minutes of the UMass Democrats meetings in a timely fashion. B. Perform such duties as the President may assign. d. The president will be the administrator unless he or she is running for a position or chooses not to serve. E. All members in good standing or students with an expressed intent to become members in good standing will be eligible to run for a position and vote in the election. . Vote counting and declaration of a winner will occur directly after each position’s speeches. Article VII: Elections A. Be responsible for completing and submitting after review by the Executive Board. The Executive Board will appoint the administrator if the President cannot or will not serve. and f. Elections start with the presidency and continue as designated in Article 4.I. c. Duties of the Secretary: The Secretary shall a. The election administrator will determine for how long candidates may speak and other election procedures. Complete and update database entry. Keep written documentation of event and regular meeting attendance.

Article IX: Vacancies A. he or she may drop down to run for another position. The appointee must then be approved by a simple majority of the remaining Executive Board. he will be offered the opportunity at the next meeting of the Executive Board. Drop-down elections: If a candidate loses a race.Poor attendance B. but not be limited to: a. Process for removal: To begin the process for removal.G. If he does not attend this meeting. B. If the vacancy occurs in the President position.No longer being a member in good standing b. Article X: Amendments . Cause for removal is left to members’ discretion. A vacancy shall be declared when a member of the Executive Board dies. 3/4 of the Executive Board must vote for removal for an officer to be removed. C. the issue shall be put to a vote. resigns. totaling 3 elections.Failure to fulfill the duties of the office c. The President must announce the vacancy to the general membership. The officer in question must be offered an opportunity to defend himself at that meeting. Article VIII: Removal A. Section B. After a period of no more than two weeks from when the charges were originally bought. he forfeits the opportunity to defend himself. or is removed from office. He or she may drop down no more than twice. He or she must appoint a replacement within two weeks of the announcement. Causes for removal shall include. Cause for removal: An Executive Board member may be removed from his or her position according to the process prescribed in Article VIII. another member of the Executive Board must charge the officer with the reasons for his or her removal publicly at a meeting of the Executive Board. the Vice President shall assume the Presidency and shall appoint a new Vice President following the above procedures. If the officer in question is not present at that meeting.

Procedure: The Constitution can be amended by a 3/4 majority vote of the Executive Board or with 2/3 approval by the active membership. .A.

b. Elected Members.Newly elected members of the Executive Board shall begin their terms twenty-four (24) days following their elections.Amendments 1. Their terms expire when their successors assume their offices. Appointed Members: Members appointed to the Executive Board assume their office as soon as their appointment is approved by the sitting members of the Executive Board. They retain their office only until the winners of the annual election begin their terms. Terms of Executive Board Members a. .

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