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Dave Hopla- Basic Shooting Technique

Step 1- Then Mental Approach NO BALL First step in shooting is a good foundation o Point both feet to the basket o Slide left foot back to the instep o Should width apart o When you get in Triple Threat position, your shoulder must be in front of your feet, and your head in front of your shoulders o You want your head far enough forward that your heels come off the floor when you bend your knees o A common mistake is turning the front toe, toe is always to the target ADD BALL Read the ball- relaxed and comfortable hand Lock your arm in the form of the letter L with your elbow directly about your foot Ball is not directly in front of your face which prevents you from seeing the basket Elbow keeps the ball straight Get wrinkles in the wrist You want daylight between your thumb and index finger You should be able to stick two fingers between your palm and the ball (shooting pocket) When you bend you are still in the letter L When you shoot finish with elbow above the eye- pretend you are sticking your hand in the hoop Toe-Knee-Hip-follow through are all in a straight line Dont turn and twist on the follow through What is the target? o Look at the center of the hoop o Put the ball in the middle of the hole o Keep your target constant SHOOTER WORKOUT Form Shooting- Start slow and build up to game shots One hand shooting- 2 ft. from the bucket- you get the see the ball go in- gives you confidence Your head stays in the center of your body Then you simply bend and extend Hold your follow through with your elbow above your eye When you make three in a row take a step back Whether you make or miss you have the same form Your feet, hips and shoulder are square The elbow keeps the ball straight Hold the follow through until the ball is through the net When you shoot the ball, stay up on the balls of your feet, dont fall back, all of your energy must be going to the basket Spend 5-10 shooting every day with 1 hand The further you move out the more power you need, you get that power from your legs Non-shooting hand must balance and lift the ballit does not shoot the ball Hand Placementif your hands came together they would form the letter T If you put the non-shooting hand in front of the ball- you cant see the basket Palm does not touch the ball on the non-shooting hand

JUMP SHOT FUNDAMENTALS Show the palm of your shooting hand to the passer, arm is already in the letter L and the wrist is wrinkled Non-shooting handdont show the palm, put it on the side so that you are ready to shoot After the catch you simply lift your arms into the shooting positionlift the L up You have your legs under yougo meet the ball Dont catch the ball and then bend, step to meet the ball, step with your left leg on the receptionyou heel hits the floor first Catchsight target---shoot You should release the ball before the top of your jump When you keep your hands up on the follow throughyou keep your body straight If you drop the non-shooting hand that is when your body turns Keep both hands up on the follow through When you shoot the ball your momentum takes you slightly toward the basket, but under control and on balancedo not drift, all of your motion must be toward the baset EVERY DAY SHOOTERS WORKOUT 1-2 step shooting from the foul line (20 shots)after each shot step backon the reception 1-2 step into your shot o Record your shots o When shooting on your own hold your follow through until the ball hits the floorrebound the ball and dribble with your weak handreverse pass the pass and step in 1-2 shot Free Throws (10 Shots)shoot when you are tired o Rebound the ball and shoot a left hand layup o Dribble back out with your weak hand and make a live ball move Jump Shots from 5 Spots (20 shots) o In between each shot shoot 10 free throws Elbow to Elbow Shooting (Set of 20 shots) o Plant the inside footheel to toe o Point your toe to the target o Stay low in your pivot o Elbow in o Catch Sight Shoot o Record your makes o Then shoot 10 free throws Elbow to wing (same series) o 10 free throws Wing to baseline o 10 free throws

Shooting Workout
Workout Number
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Shot 1-2 Step Shooting (20) Free Throws (10) Baseline @ 15' (20) Free Throws (10) Wing @ 15' (20) Free Throws (10) Top @ 15' (20) Free Throws (10) Wing @ 15' (20) Free Throws (10) Baseline @ 15' (20) Free Throws (10) Elbow to Elbow (20) Free Throws (10) Elbow to Wing (20) Free Throws (10) Elbow to Wing (20) Free Throws (10) Wing to Corner (20) Free Throws (10) Wing to Corner (20) Free Throws (10)
Totals shots- 330