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1r, JtrLY 2003

Beuerage erupts loophole battle ouer
Iegislators totheaidofspirit-flavored rush beverage-makers
8YS[tltY STn0U Buif,BJml shllwihr Fes of spirit-llavored malt beverages, such s Smirnof Ice, Baddi Silver, Skyy Blue ed Stolichmya Citrona, should sit back, relax md grab mother cold one. Gov Ted Kulongoski signed m emergency bill July 8 embling flavorealmalt beverags to continue to be sold in Oregon grccery stow though state regulatore indi€ted tlose salesbreak Oregon's tight laws on liquor control. The move 6su6 a prolonged row within the state'salcohol indusfry where I]Hy critiG wet spfit-flilored nalt beverags to be dcilied s spirits md eld in state controlled liquor stores. Beer-makeE, already in defeEive mode frghting a pG posedexcis tax, have been outspoken. '"Ttre taes that @uld be mU€ted from malternativg if they were eld s distilled spidts rculd make up for a lot of the tax6 they m trying to get from the breweF- It d@sn't mal{e a lot of *re to me." sid Jim Pdkec ex4utive director of the Oregon Brewer's Guild. But Kulongcki's office sid the grae util IEriod, which giv6 muufactrc Dec.3I, 2004to comply with state laws, is partiB pre merely a chane to let v{io$ pare for m renhral permment cbilge in the law. 'lt pwrys the statu quo for a fixed mout of time," sid Kulong6ki Spokffim Mary Ellen GlJm. A batde owr spirit-flavored MIt beverags hs ben brewing in rent yeas as store sales of the drinirs sky9rcry rocketed, chewing into beer sales. "Malternative" hde crcwded on to gr ery store shelvs next to beer ild wine cmlere. By padaying th€ir nm6 onto the botds of malted beverag€sild into grery
t@ 8fiIU Pugell Cox Ted Xslmgctl spiriL0ecd rliils

mrruIftE sigmd e bill $al rill le st in !rerT su6

local firm ge, createst prOs r0rme

Employees nothelped to kickhabit
tY totn t rmoY
ttdE "krel Cd iih BBins leadere battered by the rising mt of health insllm@ premims may be able to contain costs by covering smoking cessation, accoraling to two recently released studies by Radnor, _ Pa.-based actuarial "l m r lclmr compuy Millimil thatyn tudd USA. Ilowewx, rffih dr rlut yon cro b'y the 'Ibba@Fte C€lition of Oregon shows that few $ritl Oregon iswre rcutinely orer @lrelPflNE{ NTE ing md even fewer ESC0 mver the medi€tiom shom to be €fftrtiw in helping smokeE kick the habit (s cmph). Some iME cite 6t mnerns md quEtioru about the elrstivs progms s ns of smoking wtion l:wm for not offering the bereiit. One imtane of heat failm. which is much more iikely in a smoke!, @sts m average of 923,234 a year in medical
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I It I rmaSes or youg men ln r - [ brightly colored clothing ild outlardish haircuts, s$inB off jmps ud ripping up the landspe to a eudbrack of speed"melal msic Yet only a block &om the shops md boutiques slling books md childEn's toys on the quiet main stret of Multnomah \Rllage, a small @mpany creats pats for ths exheme forms of two-wheled entertaiment. Some of the nation's premier moutain bikere ed off-r@d motorcydists, who chun through mud ad m up gullies, obtain speia.l metal parts for their S@ otAR, Pqe C
'fls Jch Lris, rho g6 by ttc titlc &a e b ffii. Fir of h!*ffi

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tr ountain biling md dirt Ja motorcycling bring up

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flGI!mJ6t C.p-th." e*d a lc of od-rsd Ulc ad DtorF|c rirl6. eiElHr iito .

Affordabitty vtut it afrbiloble Imtsingandwbo is buiUingit? Focus Page 17

Revolutionaries Rebecca and Haas lennifer Karfur



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Gear: Mountain uorhleads newmarkets bike to
Fn0llPiSE I bicycles md motorcycles i:om a compmy in a small building on Southwest 35th Awnue. The companycomists of two divisions: Mountainsp@d makes moutain bil€ psts and Ftrtway Performane builds pilts to enhe@ off-rod motorcydes. Compay omer and fomder Josh Ptris is soft-spoken, his b$iness card, which but identifies him as "Flu Capacitor," is adorned with silver flmes on a black backgmmd. He knows this youth{riented bsiness ftm the inside out. Pilis, 35, grew up w6l of Fomt Crcve, ridirg oFroad motorcycles ftom the age of nre ad st€ring BIVD( bicyelesover bupy dilt coffi. He put in severalyem slling Kirby vacum demeE d@r to dmf, which he eid helped him later in the buines wodd. His compmy dates ftom 1995, when hehad the ideaof substitutingstel springs for the ineffetive rubber bmpers in the ftilt suspemiore of moutain bikes. "I sld my us€d @ md gmbbed whatever nickels I could rub together md had a Itral company make a st of springs for mq" he recalled.Puis felt his bicyde's hadling ws much imprcved by the additjo! of his springs. "I muld go tbrcugh ternh I ws formerly bouced off ol" he sid. So he had 500sts of springs made md tmk them to two important moutain bike nes in the slJlmer of 1995,the NORBA Nationals held at Mmoth Moutai! ild Big B€il, Calii Frcm his b@th at the mceq Pdis p€rsuded the coufy's top nceF to try his spril8s. Altho[gh the goal of his crude busines pLan ws to *ll S30,000 worth of springs his fmt yeal he made back that money in the lmt month. Pdis said his company h6 ben in the black ever sine, with over a million dollm in saleseach yea sine '99. Jxt s importmt, at the nces he made importmt contacts with distributon, racers and otheF in the indusky By i998, mufactwE of Aont sspeEioN had imprcved their products, maldng Paris' Motu>XAction. Dirt Bike Md, Dirt Rid.erto get editorial coverage for his prcducts. "They ride it, test it, ud wite about it," he eid. TtIe compily maintains relationships with prcfssional ridere of both motorcy" des ad moutain bikes, ed its colorfft yeady mtalogs featue photos of riders teiling ttmugh the mud. "Ow products re so critical to their performece that we haven't had to pay them," Ptris claim. Sine the late '90s,the interest il momtain bike mcing hs tapered oF, replaced by the kind of visuaily exciting jmps ild "extr€me" sports that have ben leatued in my youthoriented TV comercials. Mowtainsp€ed's new product, called the Bores Combo, is an attractive, black-finished combination crank and bottom bmckel made of stel to withstand the abwe dished out by extreme rideF doing jmps ud stunts. Stel is heavier t}le alminm, but also strongen SomerideF now leap their bikes up on to nilings md "grind" along them Iike skateboarder do. Stel hs a secondtry benefit of Bliding on rouSh surf,aces like mncrete better thm alminm. while throwirg of visually exciting spadG at night. Momtaispeed h5 nine people on staff, md hs b€en in its Mdtnomah lmtion for thr@ yeas. The biggest chalenge for Peis, sle prcprietor of this S corpomtion, is lffiting fimding to build up his inverto ry md fill the distribution p:p€line. "Demild outsFips supply some months trc to one," he @mptraired. Strong demild is good, but Psis is awe that his customers wmt imediate gratilietion. If they cm't get his parts, they may tun to a competitor instead. Rwing a compmy leaves Pris ls time to ride. but he still ventms otr rod at local momtain biking spots like Forest Park, Powell Butte md Henry Hagg l€ke. JNt s he did when starting out, he consideF his riding adventum part of the reeh ad development pruess. El

O.c of f6twa, Prrfo@b al$ mrft6 slalnlG{teel

prcducrg ls a hddgr.rd thar pmrcds ofr-rfid fooDcgr, sd bmk€ od clutch @nhls.


ttc cmpaay

springs mnecessary But Paris was already into other products. He had acquir€d a ftiend's compary that ws makirg a patented devie caled a chain guide that prevented bicycles from thmwing oS their chains. "In a mce, tvo things @ €us you not to nnish-you get a !l,at tire or you chain comesoE" Pais sid. Roud metal plates surcmd the bicycle's ftont cha.inrirg ed bright omge wthue rclleE kep the chain ir pla@ at top md bottom. guards, which trry the bmd The chain lme MRP-Mostain Racing Prcductsretail for $125to $209, pri@ for which you a pucb# could a complete bicyde at a mas"muket retailer. But thes Darts mn't intended for the mffi market. Pilis acquired Fdtway Performmce, eother local company in 1999. sid tie He motorcycle division hs grcm lm Iprent in the last yes md he expects the sme mout of grcwth in 20(8. Last yea, sals

of moutain bike Dets made up 70perent of mwnue; this yeil Pilis expects the mtio betwen bicycle md motorcycle parts to b€evenly spljl F$tw4y makes stainle$-stel f@tpegs for off.Md motorcydes that ile larger ild more aqjustable the the slck ones. The company also makes handgudds that attach to the hildlebas to prctmt ridere' heds, tr well 6 the brake md dutch contol leveF, which m be dmaged in a cmh. "Their claim to fme is tleir fmtpeg," sid Raym Conlcy parts meager at Power Yma]la in Sublimity "It hs adjstable €mb€r, adjustable height, replaceable pire. It's defnitely something the customerswmt." Mst of the momtain bike parts de outewed, but a milling machine on site hfm out pats for the F6tway division. IrEtead of puchsing much advertising, Pilis works with editom of mageines like

Habit: Emplryers adding claim raises benefi,ts costs
f[0xP 8tI expenses, according to a study on Oregon's commercially insued. The Milliman study ti0ed "Mtrketplae Cost Data for a Model Smoking Cessation Progrm," calcu:ates that it costs about 29 cents per member per month to cover an effetive prcgrm to help smokers quit. "It's simple mth," sid Dam Robbins, health policy cmrd.inator for the ?obacco trle Coalilion of Oregon. "For the cost of that one heart attack, a business could buy a yea's worth of tobac@ cesstion bene " hts for 6,4t1 employes ud dependents. SmokinS is the leading €w of preventable death ad disbility ir the United States, according to the Centers for Dise Control. It is a risk factor for slhma, diabetes, lug disese ed childbtth complications. Studies show that while helging employes quit smoking won't eliminate disee, it makes a dillerence towild deresing it. The Wshington, D.C.'based Center for Tobacco Cessation htr fowd when individuals combine mmeling*gmup, individua-l or telephontswith philmacological treatmert such s Zybil, the €ffetivenessof treatnertdoublesortiples. Patrick Pine, corpomte benefrts meager for stel paris milufactuer ESCO,sid employers sbould cosider smoking a pmductiyity issue. ESCO employs 600 md offere a viliety of cestion strategies including prescriptiom ed cowiing through its t:rre health irsuu@ pl,ans. Pine, who quit smoking 10 Sltl0ll lltos Cdn$II! il.{c.Iont yeils ago, mys he is a better lloltLl employ€ be€Ne of it. He [rFn! [!dt,lhr Yrs h agreed with Robbins that stedard cost-beneht ualyhdnaa! sis reveals that cesstion is a MmarIdS lhrs Yrs Yeg good strategy+ven if only iN{dicr lll0 llt|i one smoker successfully qurts. "Even if a minority of oaE$[tx![f,rrr Putls you employees are smokllh'r&r lerwgrors No ers, smoking is il extreme 00Slkdb Pht h llo ly difficult habit to break md it's a hindrilce to prG lh! lhl$ Plro ductivity. You take more hdfrcrrurr h tlo breaks md have more time n rn|c. 8CgS0 h Xo off the job than otbers becaue you're more prcne he 0!Flls db? Fhd*tbbfirC-rd&rFr lo minor illness. I am a believer that you should do whatyoucantohelppeoplequit-thepaytoquitsmoking. ofr is better pmductivity and it b€nents Grant Moore, owner of Innovation €veryone," Pine said. Benefit Plans lnsurance agency of per yee for il Tobacco use costs $3,500 Portland, said it's possible that many employe's health costs and dtrreased plm don't cover drug benefits becaus of employe produclivity according to the the cost. Premiws ile on the ris, md CDC and the Oregon Deptrtment of inssance compmies know employers Health md Hmm Services. se l@king for svings. Oregon's 2uI2 Behavioral Risk Factors "Drugs [ike Zybilj tre cosu]i md a lot per- of it comes back to employeF wmting to Sweillmce Swey revea:ed that 80 cent of the state's smokere sy they wmt kep the premims dom, ilything they


cm do to keep the premims dom," M@re said. Regence Bluecross Blueshield of Oregon spokeswomenAngela Hult a8xtrd that cessation programs add cost for price-sruitive premiM puchsers. The company offec coureting md drug benefrts for members with heart. mthm or diabetic conditions, but for less risky members it offere estion only s a rider !n the pLan. "Each time we add a new benent it raises the cost of health insuile to ou consmers. We continually review the effetivenes studies of tobacco cessation prcg]ms ild lhe results to date don't justify the added costs lhat we would have to pass along to ou employer grcups," said. Hult said tie company will continue to evsluate cesstion for possible coverage. Pine said business leaders who re not smokes m smetimes reluctant to cover cessation because of a negative bias towtrd smokers. "I think lt's real easy to ask,'Why should the rest of us pay for sommne else to lquit] a habit?"' Pine sid. But both Pine and D'Ame cilmore, executive director of the Oregon Coalition of llealth Ctre purchasers, argue that tobacco cesstion cil help contain healtb cm costs for everyone ud benelit all employ*s though increasd workerproducuvity O

tblkatlon |m|e6

O?l2ll2AO7 Ot:42 n^

(D) United StatesPatent
(54) MOTORCYCLE F1OOT PE|G (75) lnvenlor: JochuaA. Parls, Portlald, OR (US) (73) Aseignee: Mountalnrpced, Fortlrnd, OR (US)
459t.179 A 4,638,&2 A 4,771,651A 5-1S8.5nrA 5.609.069 A 5538,721 A 5,673597 A 5,6-a7.617 A 5.85,9(I} A


(ro)PetentNo.: US 6J39,972 Bl (cs) Dateof Patent: Jm.22,2402
5/1986 Nakrmun lll9gl Michiyama 9/198E Hrro 3/19rr5 Cbm 3/1997 Sqrcoson 6/|9q7 Un lfllg9f Uo Wells llll9f/ ' l{Y|998 Stcclc ........................28J.m1



to Subjecl anydisclaimer, tcrmof this the patent is extcndodor adjustedunder 35 U.S.C.154(b)by O days.


(21) Appl. No.:lXl/4lt{14 (22) Filed: Od. f4, 1999 (51) lnr. cl.' ............................ vlt; B62J25l0O GosG (52) U.S.Cl. ............................ 74/563: 74554; 2ffi29r '1415U,563,56O, (58) FfeH of Scarch 74/594.7, 594.4,594.6;?3O/291; DIA 125:' 296/75 (56) ReletcncesChed




.................. 74t563

' cited by eramincr Prinory Examiter--1,11*y Ann Graen (741 Attoney, Ageil, or Firn--{,ober1 L. Harrington



3,16r,(f,8A I}242j52 S

A fmt pedal for a cycle bas adjustable components on ils surfae to eltcr thc cngagoncnt of lhc pcdrl wilh lhc bod of a rider of thc cycle. Pegs are tbrcr&bly ictallcd in borcs in the pedet and arc adjustablc upurardly rnd dowowrrdly to U.S. PATENTDOCUMENTS provide e variencc in tbe surfra of the pedrl. ln orc . l/1883Woodwsrdcral. 27OPnA ........-..741563 embodiment, tbc frame of the pedel hrs replaoeeble support ' 91888 Day .........................74/564X 388,4{0 A bbd<s for reeiving thc rdjustablc pcgs. Anothcr variation 388,981 A' 9/1888 B.Ibe.......,...............74/5AX ho upstanding teeth in ombination with the adjusable D26337 S 1V1896Sklwcll pes. l9?9,86rA ' ll/1934 hllock ....................741564X

lUr96.4 Poblkamp ?1986 Nista

7 Clalmq 2 llrawlng Sbeets


' u b l i c a t i o nl m a g e s

0 7 l 2 L l 2 O O 70 1 : 2 7 P M

intr ili ffi ffi ffiffi ffi ffi ilriifriffi ffi ffi lffilll lifr
r us0070.135682

United StatesPatent o2)
(s4),\D,IUS',rABl.l175) I(X)'l' SUPP()R'|'

rrorPatentNo.: us Date of Patent: r+sr
5 . 1 { 1 6 . ( ) f,i\) * (,.319.971lll ( r . 7 1 9 . - 1 l1 l | l6"11 ' Rl t citc{ b-r-cxarnircr Rcfcrenccs ('itcd

7,104,356 82
S e p .1 2 , 2 0 0 6

l n v c n l o r : . l o s h u a P a r i s . l ) o n l : r n t l .( ) R ( t J S )

lJ.S. I'}..\]'UNI' IXX'1iMI:N1'S
l..0 l 0 l ( ) ( ) l (S t c l c . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .! {. 1 9 l I l00l llaris 4 : 0 0 4 A n t h o n y . . . . . . . . . . . . - . . . 1.(.0l 9 l . l. . " ( r l ( X ) 4 L u h m s k i . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .i.4 \ 9 4 6

1 7 3 ) . , \ s s i g n c r : :P r o l l o t o R i l l c t . N a n t p a . I I ) ( t J S ) ( * ) Notice: S u b i e c tt o a n 1 ' d i * - l a i n r c r .t h e t e n u o l ' t h i s putent is extcnclctl or tdjustcd under J5 tl S.('. I54{b) by ?05 days.


Appl No,: l0/64ll.4ll

l'rinnr.t' l).ttmincr []ave M. l''lerning (741 ..lttorncy. .'lgent. or l"irn Sc:lrwahc Williarnson & Wy:rtt

(: 2 )


.rug. 25. 200.1 Prior Publicutlon l)ata

(s7 )


.{ rnctlrtld and apparatrrs is provided that pertains to arr ad.iuslablelixrl support ot a ntolorizet! vehiclc. -tn inscn is placed in a borc ol'lhe ftx)l supp()rl nrounting menrber or the nrounting bracke-t mounting mcmbcr lo cnablc couplirrg ()t'a tJS 2(X)5/(X).t5.11O.\lMlr. 3. 2(X).s fi)ot supfnrt lo:r nlr)unting bracket attachc-dto the motorized 'l'he (51) Int.('1. vehicle. insert can bc insencrl lront eillrer an upJrr side (2(X,6.0t or 1rlowcr side ol'thc rnounting rncnrber. which will adjtrst R60N 26/00 ] (:1. (52) LJ.S. ltl{l/334:7415('4 the lilteral posiliou ol'the lirot supp(ln rclalive k) thc nrountly ing brackc't.thcrctry cryonomrical acconrmtxhting dillcrcnt (-58) l-leld of('lassificatlon Sesrch ........... ltl0i334; . riders' ntrds and prelbrcnces. 7115(A. 21{O/291 : 29(*75'. 5({1. 594.4. 594.6:


l)t2n25 Sw application lirr'h Iilc histor."-'.

2(l ('laims, 2 l)rawlng Shcctr



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llililJ lll lli

Built for snot, rocks, roots and hootin' at the moon




suzuKl Rnil250

Josh prettymuch builtthe RM250 for his buddy Trev.His own machine, a very manicuredand focused YamahaYZ25O(tested in Dift Bike. May '05) is, in his words, the best of the best. When he started this project he honestlyhad no clue that the yellow machinehad the grit to make him In enviousand drooling. Josh's words: "This was a very deliberate process and I knew from past experiences nearlyeverythingrequiredto pull this off. The only part of the equationthat I wasn't sure of was the Suzuki RM 250, since I had no history of concerningthe characteristics the motor and the handling.Trevand I took the machineout for a test ride in stone stock moto condition,and frankly,I was stunned. lt made great power,the suspensionwas too much for our rooty woods, but the handling side of the machinewas seriously good."

lltah Sport Cycles prcvided the underbelly armon FMF a Fatty for good long pulling power and a JD Jefting kit for prcper fuel metering, To help shape the etgos for taller rtderc, Fastway's Evo pegs, mounted in the lowboy position, made the cockpit rcomier. A Bridgestone M&2 is an excellent meat and wo*s well in versatile conditions, Rad's l8-inch rear wheel combo translates into morc bite for the snappy RM.

The woods of the Pacific Notthwest have been the home of many ISDE and are very eclectic in feel, Qualifiers the myriad of obstaclesand variance of elevation. lt's rocky, rooty, snot slickand there'sbig hills,both up and down. Josh went to work on the suspensionfirst thing. "First off, the suspensionin stock form is tolerableat best. While it's good for big hits, it wreaks havoc for the normal pilot, and unlessyou're RodneySmith fast, you have to make it more tolerant in for the little garbage.Generally, motocrossthe basic theory is heavy valving/lighter spring rates, which is polar opposite of my theory for offroad, which is heavy spring rates and very light valvingmated to oil levels to keep it from bottoming metal-tometal. My local suspensionguru DarrylReid (Suspension Design)is by a masterwhen it comes to keeping the wheels planted and tracking in the cobby, rooty and hacky stuff. Darrylbumped the spring rates up two notches at each end and started huckingvalveshimsout of the midvalve with the idea to keep the weight of the bike and rider 'up' in the travel so that it floats through the chop.

Fastway's FIT system handguards mated to a GPR steering damper. Both are credible mods for all otf-road machines.

Valvingis used to control the mid to bigger hits and g-outs, with a focus on eliminatingany spikes on sharp edges (roots,rocks).This is much easiersaid than done, especiallywith Showas, as they have a bit of personality (meaningthey can talk back to you if you go too far one way or the other).Funny as it sounds, but the rebound circuit can have more of an the effect on compression(especially low and mid valves)so it's a delicate balance."

Josh says, "Motors are like diamonds; some are rough and some are brilliantand the RM 250 in stock form is dazzling.There are times that havingan unbalancedpowerband can dramaticallyaffect the handling traits of the machine.This couldn't be fartherfrom the truth with the RM250, as it is as near to a Works 250 motor in stock trim as I have seen right out the of the box. The only thing I wanted to accomplishwith the motor is manageability pushing more of the by power to the bottom and mid, and pray that I wouldn't carve too much from the top end. To start I installeda BoyesenCarbon Reed Valve(leaving the stock reed spacer block, which makes for a strongerbottom to mid response). Boyesenalso has water pumps and impellers increase to coolant flow and keep the motor as cool as possible,which keeps it in the power (hot motors lose power!).Next I added the FMF Fatty pipe and Turbinecore 2 spark arrester, the as Fatty mimics the stock powerband, but gives it boost all along the way. The FMF combo did a great job of add some ponies,keepingthingsquieter and keepingthe forest rangers off our hide. "The final motor managementaid was a flywheelweight, and since Suzuki comes with the lighteststock flywheelof any of the 250s, I went with the heaviestflywheelSteahly makes-ten ounces.This keeps the bike from stallingand allowedthe RM four-stroke-like traction. I have never exoerienceda 250 two-stroke with this much available traction;usually you are dancing all over the bike to get yourselfin the right body position to help make traction. Now, there are a couple of other facets of motor managementthat aren't directly related to the motor that have a huge effect on the outcome. and the first is

Ride Engineering provided a steel braided frcnt brake line and, with a set of Honda pads, drastically imprcved the action. Suspension by Design monked on the fo* and shock, making both ends dramatically adept at handling offroad obstacles.

gearing.I knocked off one tooth of the rear sprocket from a 50t to a 49t, which aids in smoothingout the transition of the motor (and now with all the other motor mods it carriesthis gearingwith little effort)and second is going from a 19-inch rear wheel to an 18-inch rear wheel. Becausethe 18inch rear has more mass and weight, this also aids in traction,which translates in more effortlessspeed. RAD Mfg. makes arguablysome of the most beautifulCNC machinedhubs in the industry so the addition of 18inch rear wheel would not have been completewithouta matching21-inch hubs (they front both in Suzukiyellow make them in red too!) with CNC alloy spoke nipples also in Suzukiyellow. "The finale of the motor management is the all-importantclutch; having used Rekluse'sZ- Stad centrificial clutchesfor many years,the benefits pay huge dividendsin the woods and in my opinion no two-strokewoods, rider should be without one. You can't stall the motor-ever! You can ride in any gear and any time, you can stop in the middleof any hill or any mud bog without getting stuck or stopped, and you freewheelon downhills.I could go on and on about these gizmos! Reklusehas unbelievable made some importantimprovements lately,which make the engagement and disengagement the clutch of even more positive and better, all for the benefit of traction and soeed."

Whilethe RM250cannotbe consideredcramped,for riders over six feet (which all of the riders in this test are) adding some room to the cockpit and pegs makes it easierto be faster for longer periodsof time. A set of FastwayPeformance Evo 2 Footpegsallow the user to change the ergonomicson any bike; simply by flipping a collar you can open up the seat to footpeg area by as much as an inch. Next, a Guts Racingseat foam, (which is availablein three hardnesses: soft, medium and firm) and two heights(stock and tall),was fit using a medium firmnessand tall foam. In addition, Guts Racingmakes a good gripper seat cover.A set of RIDEEngineering tripleclamps red firmed up the steeringprecisionand allowed us to go to taller bar risers, which were rubber-mounted help to any trail jar. At the same time, GPR sent down one of their prototype

TreV not a tiny boy manhandles his modified RMn near the testing grcunds in Oregon. Great power and polished damper action were caboosed by awesome traction control via the Rekluse clutch. This machine is a fullblown woods cheater.

Gearing was made taller and Renthal handled the driveline chores while BRP's guide kept things in line. A Pro Moto Billet sidestand is a stellar pefiormer; IMS large fuel cell is totally thin and does not hinder rider mobility. A Guts tall seat foam, Ride Engineering triple clamps and Renthal bars gave breathing room for the rider.

damoers made for under the bar and over the steeringnut for a super low profileand amazingperformance. Finally, set of RenthalFat Bars in the a Windhambend got us in the perfect positionboth standingand seated. In off-road, protectionfor your steed is mandatory and we went with Utah Sport Cycle'sskid's thick, burly and wraps up aroundthe clutch cover and water pump.WorksConnection guards,the brake handledthe radiator frameguardsand theirexcelcalipers, lentAOF clutch perch.Fastwayperformancehandledthe reardisc guard dutieswith their blackanodizeddisc guard,and BRP providedis with their new frictionless chainguide." habitof Josh has the annoying being quite anal about the little stuff, and said "The devil is alwaysin the details;I alwaysthink backwardswhen building new ride,as those little a things in setup make the differences betweena good day on the bike or a bad day. In stock form the RM's brakesare okay,they do the job. But you just don't get that feel at the levers that you know preciselywhen or how

much you will slow down when you pull the trigger.So I junked the front brake line for a Ride Eng. steel braided line and removedthe perfectlygood stock Suzuki brake pads (whichfeel mushy)and replacedthem with stock and bled CR pads (theyfit perfectly) the lineswith some Motul high-temp fluid. The resultswere outstandingin performance and feell Jetting was necessary I put in a JD jet kit which so consistsof triple tapered needles,a ton of brass,and ended up with the red needlein the third position,42 pilotand a 168 main.The resultwas crisp responsethroughoutthe range. Renthaltook over the drive train duties with an O-ring chain, rear and front sprocketsand a pair of their diamond grips.IMS gavethe RM some fuel rangewith a very nice low profile3.4gallonfuel cell and Pro Moto Billet's kickstand(yes,we're trail ridersfirst and like havinga stand!)is excellent, tucks in underthe side paneland mounts up using the footpeg bracket. It's super strong with a huge footprint (large enoughto hold the bike up in a springis so mud bog)and the internal

strong you could full-on motocross with itl"

This modded SuzukiRM250turned into the full cheatertrail bike.Whilethe machinein stock trim is prettystinkin' the wonderful, smoothersuspension, dialedin GPR damperand absolutely ergos made this bike a joy to pound throughthe woods.Then,when you add 100 percenttraction(viathe gnarlygood clutch),no stalling, Rekluse powerand the lightweight cornering there reallywas traits of a motocrosser, on no losinganywhere the trailwith this you bike. Incredibly, could dance throughslimywoods and up tree rooted uphillslike RodneySmith,or do it our way hangingoff the back of the bike,fightingfor control,two gearstoo high and luggingthe bike,and then let it pull you over obstacleswith narya grimace. can't say enoughgood We she eats hacky about it; she handles, terrainand the combo of the Rekluse and the Suzukipower allowyou to perupshiftand lug while maintaining momentum. fect tractionand incredible tr Yahoo,greatmachine.

gJein! .Fltvlzz|5) fltvl25c et s
Throwtwo machines. one )l RM250, othera a woodsmodified the woods modifiedRMZ450,againsteach other in competition. The eventwould take place in Oregon,basically chalin lengingmountains the Norlhwest, of wherethe TraskISDEQualifier was heldfor many years.Both machines received focusedmodifications the to the suspension, setup,and the ergos, alongwith the properwoods accoutermentsthat let you slam-dance over the plethoraof obstacles that plaguethe terrain. " ir, lt's self-serving really; the two-strokehas seguedfrom the dominantforce in the dirt bike world to a The four-stroke, foreverthe dinosaur. sumo wrestler and neverconsidered to be a threatto the two-strokein currentday motocrossand enduro,is now king.And to be honest,in a motocrosshead-to-headwe completelyconcur.But just knowingthat most of the top brandsare yankingin the stringson two-stroke technology and development.and severalof them haveopenlyannounced end the to their production despitethe fact that the two-strokeis the most dominantforce in closed-course off-road just makesour skin itch. racing, We spent considerable time swappingbetweenthree riders, all of them A classpilotswith varying resumes" Ages coveredthe vet to senior(we'rebeing nice to Webb here)and the trio leansmuch more towardswoods riders,ratherthan moto heads.On the final day of testing we set up a five-mile coursewith a good 70 percentbeingnastytight, ugly rootyand menacingly rockinfested. was very mountainous, lt having both verticalascents and several seat-sucker lt descents. also had a good fast section,which was rhythmic and flowed well throughthe woods. and the finaloortionwas a drag race up a dirt road , We stuck with one manufacturer(Suzuki) severalreasons. for First, we were alreadyslated to test a well-modified RM250uo in the Pacific Northwest.Second, its stroker brother is the most dominantforce in the pro motocross-racing world, and third and probablymost impodant,Suzuki has owned the 250 two-stroke world for the last two years yet is slated to drop the machinefrom their lineup. This conjuresup a vast doodle pad of questions, what are their GNCC like racersgoing to pilot in the planet's toughest off-road series? The RM250 is featured in this magazine.Look there for details,but take this to the bank-it's gnarlygood. Buildingan BMZ450into a woods machineis reallyquite a chore.With a big throbby powerbandshoehorned around a four-speedgearbox soothing the powerband, relaxing susthe pensionand dressing the entire machinein pajamasratherthan gladiator duds is one tall order.To handle the suspension choreswe conned 'Works'RG3 susMike Kiedrowski's p e n s i o n u t o f h i m .T h i so n e d e c i s i o n o would take the hit and miss out of the questions. handling Motor wise we prettymuch left it stock,thoughjetted dead-on.We fit an FMF Power Core Ti exhaustwith a quiet insert that reallypedormedwonderfully. A very quiet note and strongpower highlight system.As far as the the woods jewelry, left it to Josh we Paris,and he spent weeks adorning the steed with a montageof superb gismos.Left on its own, this machine was flat wicked.A smootherpowerband,superbsuspension and a sweet cockpit got it as close to a viablewoods machineas possible.

r; F*



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mount. necessity



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Whiteit may not seem tikea huge welght disparity, 18 pounds and lots mote motor mas€hurt the four-stroke on nasf obstacles. The RM25O could pq down hE root-riddled trail while the Z rcqutrd morc rider input, clutch worl< and pilot diligence. t>-



This taught us two very important facets to the 2 versus 4 woods wars. First,the two-stroke is light, easy to maneuver,takes nothing to start and handlesthe nastiestof off-road's reallyas good as its setup, jetting, cockas focused suspension, pit and, dependingon the terrain,the clutch, have a dramatic effect on the smile factor.With the four-stroke,the key is the button. Having an electric start strips away some of the stress of stalling.With that little gem, a focused thumper may stand a chance in the war of the stroke. f,

Whbre does the four-stroke haul the mail? Once it opens up and.the pilot can rip the slide out of the carbun cr.


lYJ rirF


Josh Paris is our buddy from Oregon, who happens to own Fastway PerformanceProducts and spends hls waking hours tinkeing with products and exploring the off-road world. The followingis a story on his personal machine,a brand spankin' new YamahaY2250,and one that Josh equipped with a gaggle of mods, updatesand changesto focus the brute MX appeal of the machineand give it a dose of woods manners. My love affairwith deep woods, axle-deep mud, potholesthat eat Jeepsfor breakfast, clay-infested hills, and milesof slimy rootsand rocks came at a very impressionable of age nineyears.Growingup in the Oregon Coast Rangehad many benefits. One was beingso closeto the infamous "Trask"riding area that you could taste the mud everytime you steppedoutside.
56 www.dirtbi m

From our farm it was about a tenminuteride to the power line roads, which could carry me to freedomin almostany direction. The trail systems staded afterabout an hour of slugging throughthe power line 'roads'into an areacalledthe "Tillamook Burn." As the name suggests, was a famous it forestfire in the '30s that burnedpretty much everything sight withina thouin sand souaremiles.The Burn had more milesof trailsthan I could ride in a week'stime. And not one of them had a name or sign,at leastnot knownto me. Eachtrail was lacedwith dense foliageof fir trees,ferns,rocks,roots and lots and lots of mud. Overthe years,and a summerjob on a Christmas tree farm, bikeswere upgradedand improvedupon. Hours and hourswere spent in classdaydreamingof the next adventure. Bedtimewas alwaysspent hiding

underthe coverswith a flashlight and a dirt bike magazine. Everyday riding was an 'epic ride' and I only remember walking homeonce... Fast Forward 2004...After last to the four yearsof checkingvalves,rememberingNOTto twist the throttlewhen loading and unloading, changing oil everyride and hearingthe constant basethump in my helmet,I opted for a changeto mixinggas and the sound of ringding ding. So I sold my 2004 CRF250and boughta 2005 Y2250. that the lasttwoOdd considering strokeI owned was 1999 KTM 300 EXC(l did havea 2002 HuskyWR125, but that doesn't reallycount, does it?). The YZ has been successfully raced from SX to HareScrambles, and is very likelyone of the most versatile bikes made. lt has solid handling, great a motor,and supertrack recordswith guys likeTy Davis,RandyHawkins,

The Paris Projectwas the brainchildof Fastway ownerloperator Josh Parts.He chose the YZ%Obased on the excellent chassis, big torque motor and light weight. The gaggle of parts he hung on the machinewas focusedon making the weapon into a trail bike. Jason Raines, and BarryHawk all winning Championship Titleson them. Did I mentionI'm a trail rider?I'm a singleminded and large-bodied37-year-old marriedguy with a child who is not the fastestkid on the block. I would much rather spend a day in the woods ripping up the trailswith a couple buddies with no starting gate (or startingtime for that matter)and no finish line or roll chart.

A Steafthy 13 ounce (?) flywheel bofts onto the stocker,improvingtrcctabil@ and making it less proneto stalling. control, and the folks at Dirt Tricks havethe goods.The lronmansprockets are the toughest on the planet. Chancesare you'll need a new bike before these sprockets even show any wear! | decided to go from a 507 down to a 48T in the rear and leavethe stock countershaftsprocket. This will make the motor work a little bit more off the bottom and thus helo smooth thingsout and give a bit more top end for the fire roads. Next, flywheelweights are essential for slowing the revs off the bottom and there is none better than Steahly Flywheels. chosethe middle 11I ouncewhich did just the ticket! How about a billet throttle tube to change the powerband? Sounds strangeto me too! But when I did some snooping around I came across an adjustablethrottle tube. I found out the scoop and eventuallycontacted the Sam from G2 Ergonomics, manufacturer of the Throttle Cam Systems, the and he quicklyexplained hows and whys. lt's basicallya throttle tube with a twist, as it comes with three different cam profiles. Each one changes how much throttlecable is pulledin different parts of the throw. One cam mimics stock and the othertwo pull less cable initially and more at the mid and end of the throw. Very cool! The kicker is that the end of the billet throttle tube is a billetplug that can be punchedout easilyfor use with handguards! | love the adjustability, and it reallyworks great. lt is quick and simpleto change! Veryslick! Auto clutch: for those of you who haven't tried one of these, the best way I can explainit would be to imagine a littleguy on your handlebars peryour clutchabsolutely modulating fectly at every given moment. I have used these on severalfour strokes and just loved it, so I thought it would be a good chanceto try one on a two stroke. I was not disappointed.Al, the

Okay, now for the project bike: I choose the aluminumframed Y2250 becauseof the chassis,the big torque good brakes, motor,solid handling, and because it's one of the lightest in its class. But my end goal here is really transforminga 50hp monster into a trail kitten. This machinewas all about buildingsomething that hurts my ego and allows me to ride it all day. My ego lovesall the bling bling,but my body screams in protest at the 30-minute mark and I get arm pump and crash. Most of the trailsI ride require100 yards of straighttrail to a 90 degree turn, up a muddy hill. Repeateveryten seconds with a downhill and water crossingthrown in. lf you're ridinga big bore thumper it is a quarter turn of the throttle for five seconds and one handful of brakes and the other on the clutch. On a good day this is a lot of work and on a bad day it can be downrightpainful. Now it may sound strange at first, but in order go fast, you have to go slow. The goal is to make a 50 hp, 250cc two-stroke into something manthe ageableby removing 'hit' off the bottom and into the middle part of the powerband, eliminating surprises any in the Nodhwestslime. Gearingis probably the least expensive and easiestway to get big gains in

The brand new machine was stripped of all extemal clothing prior to the relaunch.

6'2" frame. As they say,the 'devilis in the details'.First,fuel range.The stock tank is good for about 40 miles,which but will get you to your destination, not back to the truck. Zip-TyRacinghas largecapacitytank. Not an excellent only does it carrya whopping3.2 gal lons and your favoritemixer,but it also carriesit very low in the chassisand narrowin the thighs.Perfectfit. Zip-Ty Racingalso has some necessaryprotection for the cooling systems;some radivery stout and light,wrap-around ator guards to preventdamage in case of a fall. I put on severalproducts that we have developedat Fastway.Our F.l.T. SystemHand Guards Universal are stout,and preventtwistingduring low sidesor high sides by being mountedto the top bar mount clamp, to which also allowsyour handlebars flex naturally trail and helpseliminate impacts.The FastwayF.l.T. System designallowsall your cables,brake linesand controlsto easilymount on your bars without clutter.Most offroadersneeda side stand,and the ProMotoBilletKick stand comes in quite handy,is beautifully machined, and the tensionspringsare enclosed withinthe stand bolts up in about five minutesand you nevereven know it is there untilyou need it. lt's a great product and package. Wheelsand tires were next. I opted to go with a 20-inchfront wheeland tire combo for two reasons.One,to and ensureproper aid in the handling the bite in the corners,and secondly, largerair volumetire aids in the little

Ft\J-f ttVt\Y'S


!y99_DJ JylgD:i

G2's throttle system allows you to alter the internal cam for a longer pull. This is really good for the off-roader. I-ess ballistic feedback makes for more control when accelerating.

An lronman stainless sprocket (two teeth less than sfock/ is hugely strong and made for a smoother transition of power when re-geared. A D.I.D O-ring chain replaced the stocker, mandatory for goo riding,

Josh put on his FastwayUniversalFIT handguards,which mount to the bar perch,give great hand mobility and plenty of room for the controlsand cables. lt trail trash and flat prevention. might be a little'old school' now, but I tell you the 2O-inch works awesome. In my opinionit makesthe bike handle the more like a provides feelingthat the weight bias is on the front wheel,givingit a very sure-footed ride. Sneakers also a bit 'old are school',but I haven'tfound a better combo yet so I keep usingthem. On the front I went with a Bridgestone M59 2O-inch and for the reara Dunlop 756 on the stock 19-inchwheel. I would have out on an 18-inchwheel for flat prevention,but I preferthe handling of the 19-inch. More so, it just holdsthe linesa bit tighter. After only a few ridesso far on this pro1ect'05 25O,I havea newfound YZ respectfor the two-stroke. I wasn't sure if a two-strokecould be made into the ultimatewoods weapon,especially for the Great Northwestwhere fourstrokes are traction kings, but the twostroke can, and it sure is sweet! And I know once the trailsdry out some come summerit will be evensweeter. Y2250 is light,flickThe new Yamaha with an able,agile,fast, sure-footed, unrealmotor. But most of all it exudes confidence...which allowsyou to rideit to your potential day long.!D all
Pro Moto Billet's sidestand rs extremely sano. Mounting is quick; the spring mechanism is sheltered and tucks out of the way handsomely.

$ !E4.99 oANADA

ilililJllililil[ffilll tliltfi


HONDA lndustryinsiders you what they tell

Carbon Fiber Case Left Cuard "Our CRF250 ($59.95) levelof protection offers highest the with the lightest possible weight!Madefrom 100 percent carbonfiber,it is shaped deflect to impact hugging case by the whileadding greater protection. alsooffera one-piece We glideplatdcase guardassembly includes that the leftand rightcase guards the CRF250 for for $199.95 retail."
Lightspeed's Willie Amaradio(7 14) 990-5767.


204 www. motocrossa ct ion m ag. com


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ii a


"Fastway F3 Footpegs' standout feat u r e sa r c t h e s u p e rw i c l c w i r l t h a n d t r a c t i o n p i n s ,w h i c h g i v e t h e r i d c r u n p a r a l leled control and comfort. In addition,all our footpegs have an ergonomic feature w h i c h a l l o w s t h e m t o b c n o s i t i o n e di n s t a n d a r dh e i g h t o r I o w b o y ( u p t o 5 i B i n c h d o w n a n d b a c k l . T h i s i s a r t r e a tb e n e f i t t , o rt h e C R F 2 5 0 ' sc r a m p e c lq u a r t e r s . Fastway's footpegs are stainlesssteel for s u p c r i o r s t r e n g t h T h c F 3 ' sr e t a i l f o r . $ l 0 9 . 9 9 w h i l e t h e F 4 ' ss o f o r $ 9 9 . 9 9 . " f.r-slrlu!"s losh Paris t50 i ) )11 lJJ6u.


"Fac:tory onncction's'works' C a l u m i n u m S h o c k P r e l o a cR i n g s l a r c m a c h i n e df r o m 6 0 6 1 - T ( r l u a m i n u m a n d a r ej u s t l i k e t h c p r e l o a d ringsseenon factory bikes. Lighter t h a n s t o c k a n d a l a r g e ra r e . ra d j u s t e ra r e two of the major benefits. ou can makc Y y u u r s h o tk l o o k l i k e , l ' w ( , r k s 's h o r k w i t h o u l t h e ' w o r k s ' p r i c e t a g .A v a i l a b l ci n s t a n d a r c l l u n r i n u mf o r $ 3 9 . 9 5 a o r i n a n o d i z e d r e d o r b l u e rf o r $ , 1 9 . 9 5 . " .l ) L t ( l ( ) t y( ( ) D n e c t i o r 'Sse y t l,i o s s ( l J O ) 2 2 1 7 5 6 0

2 12 www.motocrossactionmag,com



F.l.T. Hand Cuard system protectthe "Fastway's from roost impact. or Our bikeandthe hands greatly from traditional handguards, design differs hands whichareproneto twisting and exposing By our to and levers impacts. attaching crossbars to to a solid surface the top bar clamp (asopposed on of the handlebar), gainan amazing we amount This strength protection. alsoallowsthe and handlebar flex naturally rider to for ,",4,
comfort. In addition,another k e y b e n e f i tf o r t h e C R F i s o u r


whichtiesthe t"\top bar mount, t I two rubber-mounted bar clampstogether and prevents unwanted twisting a crash. is in lt ( a v a i l a b lfe r $ 1 2 5 . 9 9t h es h i e l d a r e o s in for available four colors $14.99)."
Fastway's Paris- (503) 241-8368. Josh

218 www.motocrossactionmag,com


P\\\Rt'\\\\11U\\N$N1b \SN\\\\\\\NR\\\\\\RT\N\t\

ome may think we arbitrarily select a product for this honor or there may be an influencebased on support for the magazine. We can only rebutby sayingneitheris true.Whilesome yearsour winning product clearlystands alone and the testing and decision phasesare fairly cut and dried, there are times when practicaland costeffectiveproducts cateringto the vast array of off-roadand motocrossenthuThis year,our theme for Productof the Year is based siasts are not prevalent. ideasfrom the aftermarket on innovative sector,both off-roadand motocross. yet not all apply to the masses. All of these products are imaginative, Inventions such as Simons'inverted fork an early'Bospatentthat is now an everyday item in the world of off-road and street motorcycling-ultimately push technology forward. Brokendown into two cateqories. all-around ridinoand off-road. here are this vear'swinners.



FAETWAY II.T. gYgTEM HAND GUARDS When it comes to off-road riding, one of the first products added to a bike often happens to be hand guards. In the early years they w€re nothing more thafi bits ot plastic to help deflect rocks and brush. Later vears saw tbe introduction of the Bark Buster,an aluminumbar that wrapped around and attached to th6 haildlgbar ends. That concept underwent redevelopment, and atl sorts of plastic and aluminum guards popped up. The problem with this con' cept was thal, during a crash or when bru$hing up against trses and rocks, the guard mounls twisted and ended up pushing the guard down or up'very annsying. The resultwas you had to beat the guard back into place with either your list or a swiit kisk of a boot. This year, Fa$twaytook hand guards to a new level. What makes the Fastway f,|.T, system so innovative is il circumvents the lraditional two-pieca clamp on ths bar ilself and mwes thB mounting position to th€ top barmount clamp-very ingenious.The system is also capable of hooking up a Scotts or GPR stabilizer with the addition ol an $82.33 mounting kit. The guard system itself goes for $125.68,plus $14.99 if you wish to include p l a s t i cs h i e l d s . Compared with standard aluminum guard systems, the Fastwaysetup retains more of the bar's flex capabilities due to its mounting position.For thinking outside the box and imprwing an existing product, Fashiyaywifls Oirl Rlder's Off-road Product of the Year Award.

FASTWAY PERFORMANGE: 503/244-8368; wwwf astwayperf




Emergency room: Don't be intimidated by the Fastway Evolution footpegs. The lhnm-long removable screyys may look scary, but they wo* better than the shorter screws. Your feet will

Jows of life
o Ever since the ill-foted, but creotive, swivel footpegs of the eorly'90s, {ootpeg development hos been stuck in o rut. The only thing thot's new is the size. Fostwoy's Evolution peg chonges oll thot with removobre ond odjustoble teeth. Footpegs qre o double-edged sword. The shorper they ore, the better they grip, but the higher the rlsk of bodlly horm. Fostwoy's screw-in teeth ore just cs deodly os trqditional footpegs, but they ollow you to unscrew eoch tooth, which is reolly o miniqture Allen bolt, ond replcce it with o shorter or longer on '. By choosing different tooth sizes for dlfferent ports ol the peg, o rider con fine-tune not only tooth length, but qlso tooth ongle. Additionolly, the Evolution pegs con be odjusted for ongle on the frome. Colled the FKMS (Fost Komber Mounting System) o threod-in bolt is used os on ongle odjuster, much like o broke-pedol height odjuster, io ollow the whole peg to be tilted in relotionship to the ground. This is ochieved by using shims to spoce out the odjuster bolt. This feoture ollows one set of Fostwoy pegs to fit on mony dlfferent models, which meons when you sell your bike, you cqn keep the pegs for your new bike.

During our tesiingr we discovered severol things: (I) The footpegs look nosty. (2) The teeth in the center of the footpeg ore not very importont. Do not mqke them toller thon the teeth on the outer edges. (3) Even though the longrer Allen bolts feel too oggressive initiolly, they grip better thqn the short bolts. (4) Fostwoy needs to include o chart thot tells potentiol buyers exoctly how mony woshers they need to use for eoch bike opplicotion. We hod to switch the wqsher configurotion on our YZl25 three times to get the footpeg level. We linolly ended up with one big ond one smoll wosher. (5) The small Allen bolts Iill up with mud ond grit qulckly. This mokes removing or replocing the teeth on iffy proposition down the rood. We spent some time with o smoll pick, flicking dirt out of the Allen heods.

These pegs ore wider thon onything mode, offer the broqdest ronge of odjustment imoginoble, ond ore very light. However, they ore expensive. Luckily, Fostwoy offers the pegs with non-odjustoble teeth qnd in regulor steel for less dough. Thls is the Creotivity Aword winner of the 2000 motocross seoson. A greot ideo looking for riders smort enough to buy in. Contact: Fostwoy ot (503) 497-9099.o

136 vvww.

Intrcducing Our

Rodiotpr Guords
.r25 T6 Alumimtm Maximum Airflow Supcelot Prctcction for $85lqair



cR,toc KtilL R}LYZWR

Roce Tested
fi10 Lotty Wotd #16 lohn Dowd *20 D,Hufrmon fl3 Kflc Lewb *2f |{idtWcy #ltllro'drtbs *tl Ryon Clo*

l(r,trt fthnson *11 Cb*Sttbs/Flf tosoa fhonatt*54 l* 9drlhof *71 lad Cannpbcll#ra MtkcTtcoffil#8,rD F.rlcYollclof-179

Ca rbonFi berV{o
Your Off-RoadProtection Experts

Production footpegs, levers and air filters are all quality parts to begin with, so why change them? Well, Fastway'spegs are larger than slock and somewhat adjustable in their location. The larger surface gives quite a bit more stability for your feet and ankles, and there is a choice ol press{it pins or adjustableheight set screws tor boot traction. Being able to lower the pegs opens up the ride compartment, making it easier to go from sitting to standing and providing more room for a taller rider. When we tested these footpegs on the '03 KX250, we installed them in the lower, slightly rearward position. This made riding the bike a lad easier on the knees but it meant less weight over the front wheel and thus the tire not holding as well in the corners. Also, the foldable pegs got stuck in either the up or down position. Fastway says ours were preproduction units and the problem is being remedied. Then we installed the pegs on our CRF450R. lnstallation on the Honda was easier,and the pegs moved up and down the way they should. We bolted them on at the stock height, and after adjusting the level of the footpegs, we were happy with their performance. The bigger platform

definitely offers a more stable feeling for your feet and ankles on jumps and rough braking bumps. The coolest part about the pegs is that, with the different shim and spacer kits available,they will work on any brand. The peg plattorm looks massivein comparison with the stock pieces or just about any other aftermarketpeg available, yet didn't seem to hinder moving our fest up or down to shift or apply the brake.And they seemed to grip our boots at least as well as stock footpegs in slippery conditions.











T:*'^ s "''
r'.'!,| -" -







IJNEIFIEA}<AEILE LEVEFI jointed clutch lever The double
There's an dd grdlt that comeswhen your bike is damegedmore than you are in a cnsb- Your inoocent steed truss )rou at the controls, and not only do
you drive it straight to disaster, but yur walk away scot-free. It's even wors€ when you place it pmrly on its stanat atd tum ysur back" then hear a crssh. You turn to seeit on its side in a puddle ofgas. A few f'eet away, you see half a clutch lever laying on the grorrnd.Guilt, massive guilt. ASV Invcntions rnakesa guilt rerned.y.The unbreakable clutch lever is double jointed. It bends backrvard r,r'henit takes a hit, then returns to its original 'fhe position. lever is CNC machined from billet alunrinurn. It must take hours fbr an over-rvorked rnill to pop out a single lever. The lever uses a foot-

peg-type spring about an inch away from the actual pivot to do all the dirty work. W'e've beenusingonefora fanrmontls and are delighted to report that we haven't broken it. Of coursE we don't crasrh every srngLe dry. But we have been knswn to occasionally hit the gmund. The only way that the lsver could b€vulnerableis fiorn a hit from the bottom or top. And in that case. rrnless perchis the overtightened,the rvhole lever should rotateon the bars.The ASV ntight well be closeto unbreakable. lf the product soundsfamiliar, that's yon read about another such because ievcrin Dirt Bikca few monthsago-the "ARC." Yeah,it's kind of strangethat thereare trvo suchoddbailproductsout therewith similar names, it was the but end result of a messybusincssdivorce.

E lrtaka Iewwl|/naut orashhrg?gtr' w*sdandfi+* ls efr tt fakesunlessyou have a


double-joined clutch leven The only real difference between the t$'o, as f'ar as we can tell, is that the ASV comes u,ith a perch. It sells for $70, which is a bargain considering the 'lo arnount of rnachining required. contact ASV call ll77-ASV-7000. Outside of the U"S.,the nunrber is (714) 775-5855.-l

Titaniuln with a twist

'l-lte.i, grip.t,orrrbootsjust as u,cll irs convcntional teeth fonn. rnd thc,\'can be arliusted (slightlv) ancl lcplaced if the-rr ever getdLrll. We installctl thc Irls on a YZ and lived happil-vever after. 'I'hele rr,as a brief ailjrrstnrcnt per'iod rvhen u'c discovered that the firotpcgsu,ere sightl-vlorver than sfock, rvhich rnade thc shifter rnd brakc levcr seerrrhigher. We got useclto it. 'fi peSs. t,ikc all the lrastrva.vs r,xpr:nsive S220.But thev trLc at oflcr a lot rnore fbl thc nroncv.And thev *,ill probabl-vorrtlast -\,our next three ntotorcvcles. Iror rnore infbrmation,
contrct Fastrvav at

ranklr'. if vorr har,c over $200 to spend on firotpegis,',r,r think t,otr'rc rr ticak. lJut there are a lot of fi'caks out there rvho are u,illing to sportl htrgechunks of rnone-v litfirr tle chunks of titaniirnr. lirr our cash, rve r.voulcl liker to get 'flrat's something bes'ides thc prcstige of a classv nratcrial. *,h_vr,,,e're irnpresscdrr,ith I.astw'uvI.'l pcgs. Of all the pcople in the Ti-peg business, guvs rvith a littlc bit thcsc rrc thc onl,r, o f i n r a g i n a t i o n .I n s t c a r lo t . j u s t n r a k i n gt l i e s t o c k p e g a l i t t l c u'ider ancl (rna,vltc) little lightcr, tlie-ygavc it sonrc fcatr.rrcs a no other pegshave. I:or onr tlring. thc anglc of the plLrtfirrrnis adjustalllc. Ale t,our firotpcgs bc{inning to rlroop? 'i'hat happens ',vhen the stops on the pegs start to dig into the fiarne. With the Fls. the stop is actually the head of a hardened bolt. Severalshirns arc provided that go rrnder the head of the bolt to adjust the angle of the peg. That same feature allor.r,s the Irls to fil ou r *irlc valicl-r, of bikes. Dicl vou trade vour Honda fbr a Yarnaha?Nd probleml just keep thc shirns. and pegs should go on -\'onr ncxt bike. 'I'he teeth are alsu unique. fhere trren't anv. Instead, the Fls use 22 little set scrcws that stick orrt of the fbotpeg's plat-

Mountain Speed lnc.,

(.503) 244-8368. B

The world is tull of $ffi titanium footpegs these days. For that kind of money, you should get something special. That's why the Fastway Fls exist

'71 Mqlco 250/400/410

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'77 P.nlo'r/ KIt||| r25/ r75/250t100

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Series Footpegs

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(FKMS) fast kambef morntinQ system patents pendifg foreign USand FIT: Yamana YZ125 /250YZF| 426(S900) WR YZ1251 YzF WR400(97 2501 I 98\ (DM Suzuki Rl!4X com soon) RM/ ng Honda 125l (2000) resCRMount CR 250 requ cR 125l 250/ (95-99) 500 (comlng XR250-400-600 soon) Kawasaki 125/ KX 250/ (97-00) 500 KT1\4 200/250/ 125/ 300/ 380/ 400/520 (98-00) (S9-00) Husquavama' CR/WR 125/250/360 'Soacer fecessary Mod

The "Original" Billet Aluminum Throftle Tube
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Bar Mount Cones

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In the world of motocross,there are gurus of speed:the two separate hop-up artist and the suspensiontechnician. Of the two, the hop-up artist has it easiest.All he has to do is make the motor pump out more Power than the motorcycle'schassiscan handle. It is possibleto make a motor so awesome that the rider will say, "It's too fast!" of Because this, most enginetunersspend their time trying to make "manageable," "usable" or "tractable" power as opposed to "brute" power. On the other hand, the technicianhas a more difficult suspension he task. By fine-tuning the suspension, can make an equally significant improvement in the rider's lap times. However, he can never get a rider to say, "It's too plush!" The curse of being a suspension guy is that the more you improve the suspension quality, the faster the rider will go . . . and the faster he goesthe more he complains aboutthe suspension. The MBA wrecking crew wants to make you complain-especially if your whining is due to the fact that your sus-

Whatthe Prosdon't wantyou to know

Spring thing: Looking for the inside secret to building the ultimate set of Judy fo*s? Look no further than replacing the six microcellular bumperc with a coil spring. Disadvantage? Four ounces. Advantage? Fo*s that work. 1995 / BIKEACTION NOVEMBER 74 MOUNTAIN

pension is so trick, you are able to go faster than ever before. To that end, the MBA test crew set out to improve the most popular suspensionfork on the NORBA circuit today-the Rock Shox Judy. We will reveal inside tricks that only the Pros know. If you feel like complaining after hot-rodding your Judys,we will have done our job. SPEED SPRINGS TO THE RESCUE be the inevitable outcome.(3) With a litThe need: Bright suspensiontuners tle more thought, SpeedSpringscould hit know you can't beat coil springs for the the scalescloser to 65 grams without feel. You can keep ultimate in suspension compromisingperformance.Shortening your elastomers,microcellular foam and the spring and using a spacerwould lessair-nothing touches coiled steel. Howen buckling and make the systemmore tunersknow ever, even dumb suspension economical(in bulk if not in price). that no one makes a coil spring fork for Good stuff: They work! The fasteryou mountain bikes. Now, though, thanks to ride on the stock marshmallows,the farSpeed Springs, you can have the same ther they sink, dive and settle into a very coil spring action that many straight-rate, low spot on the suspension totem pole. of the world's top riders have secretly When you really needfull travel, progresslippedinto their forks. sive spring resistance and an active feel, Installation: SpeedSpringsare incred- the microcellular 'mallows are all used ibly easyto install and the improvements up. It's harsh city! Not so with Speed in spring rate, resistanceto bottoming, S p r i n g s .O v e r a l l r i d e q u a l i t y t a k e s a suppletransitionsand lively feel are nlore quantumleap upwards.The fork remains than worth the $50. All a backyard mesoft and compliant for the first third of chanichas to do is unthreadthe Judy cap, the travel, gets increasingly.firmerin the pull out the shish-kebab skewer,slide off mid-stroke and fights bottoming with a the microcellular marshmallowsand slip very stout final increment.Great springs. on the SpeedSpring. It's a five-minute Worth the money . . . and worth the four job (ten minutesif your friend helps). ounceson a rough trail. Spring rates: SpeedSpringscome in Contact: Mountain Speed, 9220 Barthree spring rates:soft, medium and firm. b u r B l v d . , # l 1 9 l l 4 8 , P o r t l a n d ,O R Downhillers needthe firm spring, but for 97219:(503) 241-2t63. riders from 150 to 190 pounds, medium -Conege prep: springsarejust right. The medium spring Take Rock Shox'sJudy fork from good to great in two easy ressons. rareis 53.2lb./in. Weight: The total weight of one spring MBA installed some prototype stee, to wake up the elasand one aluminum seatis just a hair over Speed Springs tomer's tepid midrange pertormance and on a White Bros.hydraulic cartridge to fine90 grams.Is that heavy?That depends w h e t h e r y o u a r e m o r e i n t e r e s t e di n tune both compressionand rebound The microcellular damping. > weight or performance.

stack weighs 36.5 gramsper six-pack. The difference is approximately two ouncesper fork leg. Spring specs: Want to dazzle your Get ready to friends with techno-babble? mesmerizethem with the fact that Speed Springshave 23.75 coils, 3.89 inchesof spring stroke, fit Rock Shox Judy and Manitou EFC forks and have a 20.6mm outer diameter. Bad stuff: A coil spring kit for the Judy fork is a wonderful thing, but all is not well in Mudville. If we had our druthers, (1) we would make a few changes: Speed Springs aren't made from the highestquality wire. The springs showedconsiderable buckling (lack of straightness within a relatively short amount of time. (2) 3.89 inches of spring stroke is way too much for use in a Judy XC, SL or DH. When a fork only travels two to three inches, you don't need four inches of spring stroke.Less strokewould mean less spring and less spring would mean lessweight . . . and if you followed this to its logical conclusion,world peacewould



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Qotte 20 ZenlimeterFederweg besitzt Don HoAber ouch sonsl s)nebrinks Long-Trovel-Gobel. bietet die grelle Downhillforke Moforrodtechnik pur: Eine Doppelbriicke,30 Millimeter dicke Stondrohre und eine 25 Millimeterdicke NobenKlemmochse. Dodurchsoll die Gobel exhemverwindungssteif sein. lm lnncrnorbeilen.wohlweise Elostomere. OldcimoferStohlfedern oder holten die Schwingungen unfer Konkortuschen ist holle. Die Dcimpfung iibrigensin Druck-und Zugstufe verstellbor.Nochteil der ExtremGobel: Mon konn sie nur mit einer speziellenRohmengibt es eine geometriefohren. Fiir Serienrohmen Versionmil weniger Federweg. entschorfte


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versorichl Girvin ewichbersoornis ohne Reue bei seiner Veclor€orbongobel.Der Shockobsorbersoll knopp 1000 Gromm wiegen und trolzdem noch steifer ols sein AluGegenstiick sein. Die Porollelogromm€obelbietet neben jede Menge interesden CorbonGobelscheiden sonler Feolures. konn mon die Vorsponnung So der Elostomereund ouch die Kinemotik des Porollelogromms ver<indern. noch Einstellung Je touchtdie Gobel donn im Wiegehitt mehr odcr i weniger ob und sprichtunterschiedlich sensibeli' on. ouf kleine Bodenunebenheilen Seit diesem ! Johr besiiztdie Girvin Vectorouch einen hydrou-l lischenDcimpfer, die unkontrollierfen der Schwin-.E gungender Elostomere unterbindef .

\ A /eil viele Fohrermit den Federungseigenihrer Rock Shox Judy nichf zr.r' Y V schoften frieden sind, bieten einige kleine Firmenietzl StohlfederTuningkits Vorne weg: White on. Brothersund Mounloin Speed. Beide ersetzen die Elostomere gegen Stohlfedern. Vorfeile Die gegenijberden Gummipufforn: lcingere Lebens douer und sensibleresFederungsverholten. Weil die serienmciBige kimpfung der Judy mit den schnellen Stohlfedern schnell iiberfordert ist, gibt's speziell obgestimmc D<impfungs Dofronen. bcsbhenous Aluminiumund solSie len deutlich holtborer sein ols ihre KunslstoffKollegen ous der GroBserie

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Workshop: StahlfederTuning ftir Rock Shox

und Manitou

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ie Revoluiion findel im Ver- poket mif 36,5 Gromm zu Buche Ergebnis: Die Federgobeln be I Federweg zur Verftigung. Dos bringt es eine Stohlf€der kommeneine vollkommen ondere sleigerlden Fohrkomfort | | borgenen stott. Mon hort schlcigt, deutlich. | | nichts, mon sieht nichts, oul immerhin90 Gromm. Dos Chorokteristik. sprechensuperSie f mon riechtnichts.Doch im heiBt,die Federgobel Stohlfe- sensibel und geben dem Fohmit on Innern von Rock Shox & Co. der wird um mehr ols IOO rer eine bessere Riickmeldung geht's rund - und den Elostome. Gromm schwerer ols dos ver- ilber den Slreckenzuslsnd.Mon ren on den Krogen. Stohlfedern gleichbore Elostomer-Pendont. hol den sublektiven Eindruck, die Allerdingsschlogendie spirolfiir Federgobeln liegen voll im Doch wos sind schon die poor Gobeln besdBenzwei Zenlimeter bestiickten Federgobeln noch Trend:Auf der WM in Kirchzor- Gromm, orgumentieren Renn- mehr Federweg. Der Grund: Spriingen oder im exlrem rouhen die ten woren fost die H<ilhe oller fohrer, wenn sich die Fohreigen- Durch die - besondersim mifile Gel<indeschon mol heftio durch. Rock Shox Judy- oder Monitou schoften des Bikes durch die ren Bereich- ehros steilere,lineor Die Elostomergobelnlou-fen doEFC-Gobelnmil den stcihlernen S|ohlfedern deutlichverbessern. onsleigende Kennliniesinkendie gegen wesenflich sonfier gegen Spirolenbest0ckt. Argumente Die Federgobeln bei Gewichtsverlo- den Endonschlog. Kein Wunder, der Pros:Leichleres Ansprechvergerungen oder beim Bremsen do sich die Eloslomeregegen hohen, mehr Komfort und eine nicht so sto* ein wie elostomer- Ende des Federwegssp0rbor verhohere lebensdouer. lm Motrcrbesttickte Shockobsorber mit ih- hcirlen und so ein horles Durchrod- und Automobilbousind die Doch Stohlfederkitssind nicht rer teilweise sehr flochen Kenn- schlogen verhindern. weilerer Ein Frontenlcingslgeklcirt.Die Fede- nur den Pros vorbeholten. Jeder linie. Es stehtolso mehr effekliver Kritikpunktzeigt sich bei der um rungen orbeiten fost ousschlieR- Biker konn seine RockShox Judy lich mit Stohlfedern, wdhrend und Monilrou EFC mit Speed Elostomere in erster Linie die Spring-, White Brothers. oder $rilhiff-liltrlrf Funktion von Anschlogpuffern Pure Power-Umriistscitzen tunen. oder Schwingungsddmpfern iiber- lohnt sich der Umbou ftir den nehmen.Worum olso Elostomere Normolfohrer? Die bikeTesrcrew bei Fohrrod-Federungen?Die hot die Probe oufs Exempelge Antworl ist einfoch: Es ist dos mocht und eine umgebouteRock Gewicht. Wdhrend zum Beispiel Shox Judy Sl- und Monitou EFC H trrfiff lr0llrrt-rln ilf, n Jil fd. ein Rock Shox Judy-Elostomer- durchs Gelcinde getrieben. Dos

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oJ' I)ue to prc-productiortsttrtus the Sun and Ringli Ti-Stix ttblt to ritle thcmaspart oJour wheel shootout. whtelsweweren't pronri,,,'rl ridtble versions sool ds they ttrc us d.( Both cttrnpunics Here's preview: a available.




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wheel with discoBreak thebell bottoms-our came athoroughly out funky, woven For an ized multi-colorpattem intothecarbon. theless is and striped model. versionavailablewell a rcd gold as as all-black t0 wheel appearance, in but offers some The issimilar theHed Sun Most which features, obvious the are exposed nipples sit spoke unique the fiber. strip of 0nanaluminum justinside edge thecarbon Brass requires high very nipples mandalory because thecarbon truing are fortho The specifically Buzwheel. spoke tension. rimisdesigned is tothis to the Abig advantage wheel designtheability true wheel pluses removing tire. the 0ther include increased strength without and lighter due the weight to shorter spokes. (pre-produclion) 14 (r) 0399 I lb. PRIcE: (fl; $475 welcsr: oz.(fl cornct ?19/267-328L


ilIss:A bit bouncy HIT: Easy install;big parformence to upgrade pRIcE:150 (iwosfeel (slgel); (litanium) grams N275 wrtcHT:205 looking morulife for rprlngarnd two seats)IDTAL BUYER: Anyon! in thcir fork. Aggressiva ridtrs. c0NTAcr:503/497-9099


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t3D/lrfeLl rt.tttt practithe Traipsing through halls theAnaheim show, were we 0f bike pulled ofour cally who out shoes the by ever-enlhusiasticRingl6 Geoff wanted show his latest eagerly to innovation. ultra-new The us Hed/Ringl6 wheel anall-new Ti-Stix is version theHed wheel we of lested. What's ditferent? new The wheel a specially uses designed hub that lhe nipples thehub inside Superduperbubba places spoke flange-opposite ol where normally This they are. allows wheel the t0 wilhout removing tire, and strip, betrued the tube rim a solvingproblemthat plagues regular wheel. the standard the Hed Like theTi-Slix features Superduperbubba, hub D-shaped andover axle The sized caps. Ti-Stix end shares same rimasthestandard the Sun gels Hed butonly 24spokes theXC's The XC, uses versus 32. TFSlix itsTidesignation theuse radially titanium from laced 0f bladed spokes -very tricklWeight savingsthree is XC. ounces thestandard over pRIcE: (fl wtrcxr: (pre-production) 1 oz. (fl $395 2 lbs.
c0NTACTT 800/327-0606


get less to Ever super-excited a and prone bottoming out. about noted new chi-chi tofind that Our testers lhaltheperforonly out it good work mance especially with was doesn't likeyouthinkit to? folks ought The at Mountain theimproved'96Judydampe felt way weight will Speed this about per the 0f course, freaks point formance new oftheir suspension out the weightgain-Speed forks. they matters into weight grams 205 comSo took Springs pared 70grams a pair with for of theirownhands. Borrowing a proven from motorcyde Judyelastomer (ilote: idea the stacks. world,they designed with lnvel Speed Riders atwo-inch lork lo mayri,ant choose slighlly to a Springs, sleelcoil spring a replace slandard the than elastomer stiffer spring recommcnded (See fork comprcss bumpers. top rightphoto, Atwo{nch willnot which as shows with afork elastomer a spring much athree-inch as will hke of bumpers alorkwith nextto Speed and not fulladvantage progresive the naturo.) springs.) 0fthe pros Many top are spring's now and Mounlain recommends Speed using springs, they'll coil likely standard equipment for coupling springs Riss6 its with be lor most'97 forks. Racing's cartridge Judy Jem We forks. will Riss6 custom lheir valrte dropped ina setof a pair put, of trail. full Judys hitthe Simply and cartridgetake advanlage h we 'em. lot. liked A Tnvel through- Speed Speed are Springs. Springs progres- available Rock the was for Shox out stroke more Judys, The felt 5, sive. springs especially Manitou 4, Mach EFC, 3, goodattheendolthetravelwhere HeadShok and EDM Cannondale MCUs packed anddead RST Mozo. are rates: There lour are up feeling. the and 0verall, Speed Springs extn soft, soft, medium lim. -Matt Phillips made Judy more feel lively our
m o u n l e i n b l k ! / l €n u a p v r f 8 b p u e r 1 9 9 6 y

rhe Queen's BIIIE Mongoose Amptifier 2
t u b e r e a r s e c t i o n .I t h a s a H o r s t L i n k dropout and a swingarm pivot about two inchesabove the bottom bracketcenterflex from the rear suspension and shorten the effective length of the seatstays. To balancethe bike's unusualrear suspension,Mongoosechosea dual-cartridge Rock Shox Judy DH fork (one leg can be tuned in compression and the other in rebound). With everyoneseekingthat all-important, race-winning setup,the new Judy's tunability gamers major speed points for the descending divas of fat. INSIDE LEIGH DONOVAN'S TROMBONE The actual thru-shaft of t h e M o n g o o s e ' ss h o c k i s 0 . 7 5" i n d i a m e t e r - o v e r twice that of most coil-over d a m p e r s .T h e o v e r s i z e d shaftensures that any lateral force in the rear end will not be translated into lateral flex. Clickers on each end of the shaft control rebound and compression damping forces. The shock's a gas-charged, oildampedunit with a wavewashervalve stack (similar to the Noleen and Fox design).The reservoir,protruding from the lower end of the damper,holds extra oil to keep the shock's internal temperature down during each run. In technic a l t e r m s t h e r e s e r v o i ri s m o r e a c c u r a t e l ya g a s c h a r g e d ,a n t i - c a v i t a t i o n d e v i c e d e s i g n e dt o p u t pressure the sealsand keepthe system on from developingvacuumbubblesat high damperspeeds. we To experience Leigh'sracingsetup. left the bike's suspension exactly as she rides it. Leigh's shock was set up fast in reboundand slow in compression-much like the bike's Rock Shox Judy DH fork performs.

payroll: Leigh Donovlland Brian Lopes. Both picked up the NORBA 5 ,NationalDownhill titles for and Leigh went on to scorer gold medal(the only senioa lold medal for thl o U sS . pa i t h e W o r l d C h a m n . hi ) downhill in was not Germany. Mongoose the leastbit shy abouthand'95 e ine l€ieh Donovan's race oi"r to theMBA wrecking crew for a close-uplook and ride-a-thon.Mongoose w a s a l s o n o t s h v a b o u tt h e movement. It full-suspension w a s a m o n gt h e f i r s t o f t h e big-name o m a n u f a c t u r e rts makethe switch. Mongoose riders For years, campaigned AMP Researchbuilt Mongoose Amplifiers. The MacPherson strut AMP Uites were designed crossas countryracing bikes, and while they were extremely successful both cross-counin try and downhill racing,there was intensepressure deto velopdownhill-specific bikes. was AMP Research not intersted in buildingdownhill w b i k e s ,a n d M o n g o o s e e n t looking for its own factory descender. one-off Mongoose's new downhill bike u'asdesigned and built in Germanyby an engineer named Karl Nicolai.The bike was cleverly named the A m p l i f i e r2 . L e i g h ' s G e r man-built Team model uses an Easton taper-buned front triangle and rectangular-

-I li?:rn'iJ."*,iT':.?,"'l'"',ll ff'

{ Streaking to victory: Leigh Donovan brazes a straightaway on her way to the NORBAnational title. The ex-BMX rider won on consistency and her ability to remain coo! under fire. Leigh was the sur1 prise victor and only medalist tor the USA at the Worlds.

line. Rather than a true Mac-strur,the Amplifier 2 has a tromboneshock.What is a tromboneshock?The shock's thrushaftis boltedto the underside rhe top of and seattube.The shockslidesback and forth on the fixed thru-shaftlike a trombone.The seatstaysare atrached directly to the sidesof the shock.The goal of the tromboneshock is to eliminateall shock

Ecfited byJim Largley

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Thocoi splhgcp.orrid. m&rqitg.otrtldJudy)(C {*dyarcxcclcntfod{ dapbtrd amw' amnlapcordydbrfhc$r* iEteict'<lctouhg2-iE F tth roG urlth!t!lyatrrdge rl thc handrbc. Ihb dafllc {OdqlaanthdwuJdhalr rdlonda&rrgrtoan |'|conrior$hdeglE. Th€
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SpnrEs are avaibble rrr rnediur-1. fimr rates.Oul or tesierus€dtt€ lfuund rn€diuns 3nd lo!?d them. ri oarr sp.tngs adds about | 00 to 3 fork. Mountah Spe€d 503.t97-g09€(OR)





Josh Paris developed Speed Springsto meet a performance need, maker who made

themsomeprototypes. difference The in "lt handling was remarkable, says. was Paris we everything coulddo to keepour mouths shutfor aboutthreemonths whilewe got together enough money startthe to company," adds. he Theytook a thousand setsof springs with differentratesto the Mammothbicyclerace "We in 1995,theirfirstforayin sales. made one smallerror,"Josh Theyhad says. configured springs the Manitou the for fork quitefit RockShox designs, theywouldn't but "On models. the second of the race, day the demand RockShox for springs wasso high that we hadto do the biggest no-nopossible: we wentout and boughta grinder. 'Wegot pretty lucky, though," Parish 'We continues. wereonlyaboutone-to 2millimeters Wehadto grinddownthe off. firstfew coilsso theywouldfit the shocks of all theseracers who wereliningup to buy the (Later company product." the replaced most of thosesprings with a properly designed "l'll modelat no charge.) nevermakea mistake that again," like Parish adds. At the end of the race,Paris was completely worn out from his (literally) grinding ordeal. wearing Despite a hugesombrero that he hadtradeda set of springs he camebackbadlysunburned for, from workingoutdoors the grindingmachine. at . Nevertheless, two men the knewtheywereon to something. Thenextweekend, theywent to Mountainspeed an ideabornout of necessity. BigBear. that time, racers was By hadalready heard josh Paris, who hadtakenup mountain bikeracing, aboutthe springs through word of mouth. They was so dissatisfied with the performance two of returned Portland, to theircarfilledwith orders. forksthat he decided do $600suspension to remains Speed Springs Mountainspeed's main something aboutit. He realized properly that tuned line;currently replacement springsare offeredfor all provided suspension betterwheeltracking and majorsuspension forks."Thelinehasexpanded. I impact absorption, allowing riderto achieve the thinkwe fit about95 percent all shocks of now," higher Paris, speeds. who haddoneeverything from Paris says. stresses company's He the commitment beingan Alaskan fisherman, door-to-door salesman to advanced manufacturing:uses it heattreating, printshop,to starting andownerof a T-shirt a pre-setting phosphate powder shotpeening, and company with his wife that madejewelryfrom old on coating all its coilsprings. Eibach springs used are bicycle components, thoughtthat the performance exclusively manufacturing, adds. for he couldbe improved designing by betterreplacement Forexample, Mountainspeed's combination of put springs the forks.Heanda partner their for bare-metal sprayphosphate treating andelectrostatic heads together designed setof coilsprings and a for powder coating ensures maximum corrosion the forks,thentheycontacted localcoil spring a protection, says. Paris Thisis important maintaining in




For a limited time, Maxxis will be offering se/ecttire models at Pro-Dealpricesto dealer employees and industry members! The purchase: following tires qualify for Pro-Deal

WormDrive:26 x 1.90kevlar bead Pro-Deal $18.50 Retail$36.99 Gfuteus:26 x2.'lO kevlar bead Pro-Deal $18.50 Retail$36.99 fnstinct: 26 x2.'lO kevlar bead Pro-Deal $18.50 Retail$36.99 Helter:25 x 1.95 kevlar bead Pro-Deal $16.00 Retail$31.99 Skelter:26 x 1.95kevlar bead Pro-Deal $16.00 Retail$31.99

1-Downhill chain The UltraSpeed guide is a uniquesystemof two guide plateswhich sandwichthe chainring,and two rollersto guidethe chainand provide tension. Both the inside plate and the outsideplate rotate with the chainring,while two urethanerollers sealed-bearing guide the chain both on and off the chainringwithout adding drag or friction, unnecessary the companysays.

HefterDH:26 x 2.35I 2ply casing Pro-Deal $25.00 Retail $49.99 Skefter DH:26 x 2.35I 2ply casing Pro-Deal $25.00 Retail $49.99

andZl BAM and are availablein mediumand firm rates only.

MaxxDaddy:20 x 1.85knobby Pro-Deal Retail$14.99 $7.50 MaxxDaddy:2Ox 2.25 knobby Pro-Deal Retail$15.99 $8.00 MaxxDaddyz x 1.85knobby 24 Pro-Deal Retail$16.99 $8.50 20 SfickWiffy: x 1.75semi-slick Pro-Deal Retail$15.99 $8.00 20 SlickWilly: x 2.00 semi-slick Pro-Deal Retail$15.99 $8.00 Call800.4.MAXXIS, Pro Deal for consideration the ultimatetires and and prices. tubes at Pro-Purchase We accept: Visa,MC, Am.Ex., Checks, and C.O.D.
Dealer Direct lnquiries invited.Call for a Maxxis Authorized Representativein your area.
*Please preparedto offer your business be card or payroll stub, and work phone number for Pro-Deal consideration. Pro-Dealprices availablethroughJuly31st, 1998. Ouantitiesarelimited.

on Thereis alsoan emphasis rate the spring's and integrity. technology. with suspension abreast the latest staying for are Therearcoil springs designed optimum performance 20-to 3S-percent of sag,Paris says. of with for in are Springs offered 50 poundincrements different madeout of a chrome The shocks. springs, strokelength lighter and bettermadethanthe silicon, typical are according Paris. to competition, is but in Newproducts constantly development, Paris are Springs, fulfilla real they that,likethe Speed careful "lf performance improve performance, the function. it doesn't 'We we won'tofferit,"he says. ridewhatwe sell." purchased MRP, which In 1997Mountainspeed cross for device downhill, manufacturedchainretention a "lt's a for country and BMX. a nicebalance us,because lot the alsopurchase MRP the who purchase springs of people he stuff," says. downhill got MRP OEspecfor 1998,and is lookingfor more wasawarded U.S. a ChainDevice for 1999.The MRP pending, patentin March and hasforeignpatents Parish says. and to are Sales donedirectly bothdistributors dealers. "andwe're in There some50 SKUs the linecurrently, are Amongthe says. workingon newoneseveryday,"Paris kit, products conversion the offeredarea bottom bracket a general SpeedCrease, drive SpeedLube trainlubricant, purpose grease, wellas the MRP chainguidesystems as springs. andcoiled Mountain Speed. contact Formoreinformation, r (503) 221 Fax: 497-9099, (503) -7930. Phone:



U S. 53.99

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I osh Pariswas so dissatjsfiedwith I the performanceof two $600


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something about it. Paris, who had done everything from being an Alaskan fisherman, door-to-door salesmanand owner of a T-shirt print shop, to starting a companywith his wife that made jewelry from old birycle components, thought that the forks' performance could be improved by designing better replacement springs.He and a partner put their heads together and designed a setof coil spring+ then contacteda local coil spring maker who manufactured someprototypes.The differencein handling was remarkable,Parissays. "It was everything we could do to keep our mouths shut for about three months while we got togetherenoughmoney to start the company," he adds. They took a thousand setsof springs with different ratesto the Mammoth birycle racein 1995,their first sales effort. "We made one small error," Josh says.They had configured the springs for the Manitou fork designs,but they wouldn't quite fit RockShoxmodels. "On the secondday of the race,the demand for RockShoxsprings was so high that we had to do the biggestnono possible:we went out and bought a grinder," Parissays. "We got pretty lucky, though," he continues."We were only about one- to two-millimeters off. We had to grind down the first few coils so they would fit the shocksof all theseracerswho were lining up to buy the product." (Later the company replacedmost of thosesprings with a properly designed "I'll nevermake a model at no charge.) mistakelike that again,"Parishadds. At the end of the race,Pariswas completely worn out from his (literally) Josh Paris developed Speed Springs because he was dissatisfied with the grindingordeal. Despite wearinga performance of his forks.
NOVEMBER 1998 75



huge sombrero that he had traded a set of sprir-rgsfor, he came back badly sunbumed from working outdoors at the grinding machine. Neverthelest the two men knew they were on to something. The next weekend, they went to Big Bear. By that time, racers had already heard about the springs through word of mouth. They returned to Portland, their car filled with orders. Speed Springs remains MountainSpeed's main line; currently replacement springs are offered for all major suspension forks. "The line has expanded. I think we fit about 95 percent of all shocks now," Paris says. He stresses the company's commifment to aclvanced marrufacfuring: it uses heat treating, shot peening, pre-setting phosphate and powder coating on all its coil springs. Eibach springs are used exclusively for manufacturing, he adds. For example, MountainSpeed's combination of baremetal spray phosphate treating and electrostatic powder coating ensures maximum corrosion protection, Paris says. This is important in maintaining the spring's rate and integrity. There is also an emphasis on staying abreast with the latest suspension technology. The rear coil springs are designed for optimum perfotmance with 20 to 35 percent of sag Paris says.Springs are offered in 50 pound increments for different stroke length shocks. The springs, made out of a chrome silicory are typically lighter trnd better made than the competition, according to Paris. New products are constantly in development, but Paris is careful that, like the Speed Springs, they fulfill a real performance function. "If it doesn't improve the performance, we won't offer it," he says. "We ride what we sell." LnL997 MountainSpeed purchased MRI', which manufacfured a chain retention device for downhill, cross

The 21 SpeedBomb is a dual stage coif repface for the Marzocchi 21 Bomber. The main spring is designed to be dramatically stiffer than any OE spring available.This design fits Jr. T., Mr.T,21 andZl BAM and are available in medium and firm rates only. country and BMX. "lt's a nice balance for us, becausea lot of people who purchase the springs also purchase the MRP downhill stuff," he says. MRP got OE spec for 1998,and is looking for more for 7999.The MRP Chain Device was awarded a U.S. patent in March and has foreign patents
nan,lirlo Prriq c:rrc r-'.".,.tf,^*'^-.'.J..


The UltraSpeed 1-Downhill chain guide is a unique system of two guide plates which sandwich the chainring, and two rollers to guide the chain and provide tension. Both the inside plate and the outside plate rotate with the chainring, while two sealed-bearingurethane rollers guide the chain both on and off the chainring without adding unnecessary drag or friction, the company says.

Salesare done directly to both distribubrs and dealers. There are some 50 products in the line currently, "and we're rt orking on new ones everv day," Paris says.Among the products offered are a bottom bracket conversion kit, the in SpeedLube drive trt.r lubricant, SpeedGrease,a gcrreral purpose grease, as u'ell as the MRP ch.rin guiclesystems and coiled sprines. "We build tht'best products we can becausewe want to win," P;rris "We belie'u'e u,av to finish the adde'ci. speecl first is to be the iastcst,becar-rsc /vlB is everything."


76 M O U N T A I N I K I N G B


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Marrocchi BombersTravel Kils Upgrade
From: lncrease Travel 65mm 75mm to Z22 1 - 0 0 m t o1 2 5 m m 1 m

. Superior Performance r4 Diflerenl Rales .TheFastesl Springs Farth on .TheFirsl theFinest. and

ng7 Judy-




,1 2J :{ t
Coil Spring Upgrades forall 0DS* Syslems

"Adding to your these ProFlex give will i t a r i d e h a c a n 'b em a t c h e d . . . t t t ge M o u n t a i n S p e e d d P rp r i n g s la nA . " Spee s o M B A e c'.9 6 D


. A l l m o d e l(s ,X C S La n d o n g C , L Travel loo!) . Progressive SpeedSprings . Inslant Upgrade r Awsome Feel o NoWeight Penalty r Very Active Super and Supple . Get Performance the that's i nt h eN a m e !

Indy'" $peedSprings

G o iS p r i nU p g r a d e l g forMoto 120*

. N oS t i c t i oS , p e r i o r nu Wheel Control . Consistent Compression and ebound R . Easy Tune to . G eS P E E D / t







Also Available: SpeedShokCannondale Headshok* MultiPro- Shox*, Rock RST*, Manitou EFC* 3 Stage Spring System SpeedY- Performance High Swingarm Trek lor Y* 2 5s p S p e e d S p r i n gA - p l i c a t i o n s Speed-O-Rock DH-0* Shox
l] 0u!,r d nrde bll

phone 3207 1stAve SW #215 Porlland, 0regon 97201 503.497.9099503.221.7930 lax s l tt o // A spe M e - m a i lm t n s p e e d @ t e l e p o rh . cp :m w w w . t e l e p o r t . c o m / - m t ns kf o re do u n t a i n S p ep rd d u c ta t y o u rl o c a ld e a l e r . : eo

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by lffit inspd & b Rod( 9s ldt. lLdid EFC Tla I! tIrl.m caBbl .l rh n.lm, lu.

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SpeedTops4" Travel for Judy DH, Kit XC, FSX For Raclng only

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503.497.9099 fax 503.221.7930 http ://www,teleport.con|/- mtnspeed Ask lor Mountainsp€edproducts at yow local dealer.


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"The ultimate in suspension feel." Mountain BikeActionNov 95 "Great springs...Worth the money." Mountain Action Brke Nov 95 "Simply put, we liked'em. A lot." Mountain BikeJan/Feb 96


Full Speed Flacer

Travel conversion kit for all Specialized FSR bikes

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