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Cathy Jamieson MP
30 April 2012 5th December 2011

UK warned of Double Dip Recession

As Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls had previously warned, the UK Governments economic policy has seen painful cuts produce no improvement in growth. Last weeks GDP figures confirmed the danger of a double-dip recession. The preliminary estimate for GDP growth for the first quarter of 2012 came in negative, at -0.2 %. Given that there was negative growth in the fourth quarter of 2011 of -0.3 %, this means that the UK had fulfilled the technical definition of a double-dip recession which occurs when there are two successive quarters of negative growth. Once again we have repeated our calls for a change in approach. In the Finance Bill Committee, questions were raised about why a cut in Corporation Tax is only being proposed for the biggest businesses, which will not help help SMEs, which are the backbone of many local areas. I also raised points about the so called Caravan Tax during an Adjournment Debate. A petition has been launched on this, and the petition against the Pasty Tax has been presented in Parliament.

Remember the Dead and Fight for the Living

Louise Taggart from Families against Corporate Killers was the main speaker at this years Workers Memorial Day event in Kilmarnock, and gave a moving speech which focused on the need to keep Health and Safety regulations as a protection for workers. Our local event has grown year on year, thanks to the hard work of Kilmarnock Trades Union Council. This year also saw the unveiling of a public art work, produced by artist John Crosby with the help of St Josephs Academy pupils. A maple tree was also planted, in recognition that International Workers Memorial Day began in Canada.

Clydesdale Bank Centre to continue

National Australia Bank, which owns the Clydesdale, announced the outcome of its review of UK operations. While it was obviously disappointing to see that a number of jobs will go, I was pleased that this will not affect the staff at the Call centre in Kilmarnock which handles customer calls for both the Clydesdale and Yorkshire banks. I visited the Call Centre recently and I am glad that the Bank has shown confidence in our local workforce.

am pleased that I was able to support major land reforms in Scotland when I was an MSP. Locally we have some excellent walking routes, including the River Ayr Way, the Ayrshire Coastal Path, and numerous local routes in East Ayrshire, which I highlighted to everyone at the event!

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Kinder Scout 80th Anniversary marked by MPs at Westminster

As a keen walker myself, I was happy to make a short escape outdoors from Parliament to mark the 80th Anniversary of the Kinder Scout mass trespass with the Ramblers. The historic trespass of 1932 saw hundreds of working class people risk imprisonment to walk through the Kinder Scout moorlands in Derbyshire in a bid to open up the countryside for all. From my time in the Woodcraft Folk I am very aware of the importance of this event, and I

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