IS 441 Database Management Systems

Scansys Inc Database Design & Development Proposal Business Plan

Submitted To: D.A. Driscoll, PhD

Submitted By: Edwin G. Wong Henry Martinez Isuru De Silva Michael Catron Tony Massihi

Date of Submission: May 14th, 2007

California State University, Northridge College of Business and Economics Department of Accounting & Information Systems

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PURPOSE: To design and develop a robust database for Scansys Inc that is customized and tailored to their specific needs and industry. BACKGOUND: Scansys Inc., based in Los Angeles, California has been providing surveillance systems throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico since 1999. Its primary source of goods is CNB Technologies Inc; a Korean based company with whom Scansys has had a long standing business relationship. Over the years, Scansys has established itself as one of the leading providers of surveillance systems within the entertainment industry. The primary contact for the project at hand will be Steven Sung, Director of Sales Marketing. PROBLEM: At present time, Scansys Inc Database Management System (DMS) is an ‘off-the-shelf’ commercially available product. Although at the time of purchase the system was assessed to meet the current needs for the company, as the years have passed and the company along its needs have grown the current DBS is no longer capable of meeting the requirements. Among the major drawbacks of the current system are: • Employee Profiling: The current system does not allow the entry of employee detailed information, and only allows the entry of ‘initials’ per each employee. As sales increase, Scansys has decided to implement a bonus/commission system as a means to boost employee morale. However, the inability of being able to identify each individual employee negates such implementation. • Bonus/Commission: The current DMS does not have a module to create bonuses/commissions based on any given set parameters (ex. 10% per $1000.00 Sale). Consequently, such computation that it be done manually for each salesagent; a task that is both time and cost inefficient. • Reports: The present DBS does not have the ability to generate any type of reports. PROJECT OBJECTIVE AND SCOPE: The resulting product will allow Scansys Inc to populate its database with detailed information on the following key areas: • Employee • Customers and Customer’s Credit Card(s) Information • Vendors

• Inventory with Pricing Information In addition, the designed database will have the ability to track all sales for the company as well as track all sales per agent. In turn, this will enable Scansys Inc to implement a bonus/commission system built into the database based on a set of given parameters. METHODOLOGY: Will complete tomorrow!