Series 47, ADT 825

ACT-Navellier/Dial High Income Opportunities Portfolio
Investment Objective & Principal Investment Strategy
The Advisors Corporate Trust (ACT) - Navellier/Dial High Income Opportunities Portfolio invests primarily in interest-bearing corporate debt obligations rated investment grade quality as of the trust’s inception. Investment grade corporate bonds are rated BBB- or higher by Standard & Poor’s or Baa3 or higher by Moody’s Investor Service. The trust seeks to provide high current interest income and capital preservation. The portfolio was selected by Navellier & Associates, Inc with assistance from Dial Capital Management, LLC. Bonds were selected for the portfolio after a comprehensive analysis of each issuer’s ability to meet its obligations over various economic scenarios, with the goal of finding companies with sufficient cash flow and the financial stability which may help to weather unexpected market changes.

Ticketing Information
CUSIP (Cash) CUSIP (Fee-Based Cash) Ticker Symbol 00770E867 00770E875 ACTNGX

Essential Information+
Principal amount of securities Public offering price Initial date of deposit Distribution frequency Estimated current return* Estimated long-term return* Est. net annual interest income Est. initial distribution Est. subsequent monthly distributions Weighted average maturity Modified duration $890.27 $1,000.00 3/14/2012 Monthly 5.86% 4.14% $58.56 $3.41 $4.88 5.66 years 4.39 years

About Louis Navellier - Navellier & Associates, Inc.

Louis Navellier, Chairman and Founder of Navellier & Associates, Inc., is a recognized expert who believes that disciplined, quantitative analysis can select stocks that will significantly outperform the overall market. Navellier & Associates, Inc. guides thousands of investors by applying a disciplined, quantitative investment process to a broad range of equity markets in an effort to navigate today’s marketplace.

Thomas Ole Dial - Dial Capital Management, LLC
Thomas Ole Dial, Managing Director and Founder of Dial Capital Management, LLC, has managed top-performing high yield bond mutual funds and private equity funds for institutions and high net worth individuals for over 25 years.

+As of the close of business on 3/13/2012 and may vary thereafter. *Estimated Current Return is calculated by dividing Estimated Net Annual Interest Income per unit by the Public Offering Price. Estimated Long-Term Return is calculated using a formula which (1) factors in the relative weightings of the market values, yields (which takes into account the amortization of premiums and the accretion of discounts and estimated retirements of the bonds) and (2) takes into account the expenses and sales charge. There is no assurance that the Estimated Current and Long-Term Returns set forth will be realized in the future because the various components used to calculate these figures, such as Trust Expenses, market values and estimated retirements of the Securities, will change. In addition, neither rate reflects the true return you will receive, which will be lower, because neither includes the effect of certain delays in distributions.

Why Now?
 Market fluctuations and declines in consumer confidence have led to historically wide
spreads in the corporate bond market. We believe investors can find attractive credit opportunities in lower-quality investment grade corporate bonds.

 As of 3/12/2012, the yield on investment grade BBB rated corporate debt, as reported in the
Merrill Lynch BBB Rated 3-5 Year Index was approximately 3.22%, representing a spread over treasuries of approximately 2.51%. We believe the spread makes a compelling case for choosing corporate bonds over treasuries.

The ACT - Navellier/Dial High Income Opportunities Portfolio is a unit investment trust (UIT) which provides retail investors the opportunity to own a variety of investment grade, corporate bonds. Creating the same portfolio may be difficult and/or expensive for individual investors to achieve on their own. The permanence and definition of a UIT provides full transparency of the underlying bonds. Investors know the exact securities initially included in the portfolio, when the UIT is scheduled to mature, and what income stream the UIT is expected to generate.

Sales Charge (Based on $1,000 unit price)
Standard Accounts
As a % of $1,000 invested Amount per unit

Combined Credit Quality Breakdown
S&P/Moody’s Rating BBB+/A2 BBB+/Baa1 BBB+/Baa2 BBB/Baa2 % of Portfolio 9% 9% 5% 14% S&P/Moody’s Rating BBB-/Baa2 BBB-/Baa3 BBB-/Ba1 BBB-/Ba2 % of Portfolio 5% 18% 9% 5% S&P/Moody’s Rating BBB-/Ba3 BBB-/B1 BB/Baa3 % of Portfolio 9% 9% 8%

Initial sales fee Deferred sales fee Creation & Development Maximum sales fee Fee Based Accounts Initial sales fee Maximum sales fee

3.00% 0.00% 0.00% 3.00%
As a % of $1,000 invested

$30.00 $0.00 $0.00 $30.00
Amount per unit

Credit ratings shown are a combination of S&P and Moody’s. See back for complete ratings breakdowns. Ratings are as of the date of deposit. Bond credit quality, investment grade rating definitions: Aaa/AAA highest quality; Aa/AA high quality (very strong); A/A upper medium grade (strong); Baa/ BBB medium grade. Any rating below Baa/BBB is not investment grade. A “NR” indicates that the rating service did not provide a rating for that bond.

0.77% 0.77%

$7.50 $7.50

The initial and deferred sales fees do not apply to fee-based accounts. See the prospectus for more details about feebased account eligibility requirements.

Unit Investment Trusts (UITs) are sold only by prospectus. You should consider the trust’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. Contact your financial professional or call Advisors Asset Management at (866) 606-7220 to request a prospectus, which contains this and other information about the trust. Read it carefully before you invest or send any money.
Advisors Asset Management, Inc. (AAM) is a SEC registered investment advisor and member FINRA/SIPC.


Inc. Incorporated Telecommunication Services (18. a bond issuer might prepay or “call” a bond before its stated maturity.000 .999 units 1.999 units 5. An investment in this unmanaged unit investment trust should be made with an understanding of the following risks: Interest Rate Risk: Interest rate risk is the risk that the value of securities will fall if interest rates increase. For informational purposes only and not a recommendation to purchase or sell any security.9.60% BBBBBBBBB+ BBBBBB BBB+ Baa3 Baa2 A2 Ba3 Baa2 Baa2 4. the trust may terminate earlier than the specified termination date as stated in the prospectus. Incorporated Gannett Company. securities held with longer periods before maturity are often more sensitive to interest rate changes.35%) Con-way. L.999 units 10.33%) Qwest Capital Funding Incorporated/US West Capital Funding Incorporated Telecom Italia Capital Telefonica Emisiones. Any rating below Baa is considered non-investment grade.55%) ArcelorMittal. resulting in a reduction in the value of your units and may be unable to make interest and/or principal payment in the future.50% 6. Consult your tax advisor for possible tax consequences associated with this investment.000 or more units 3.00% 5.P. Incorporated Industrials (23.221% BBBBaa3 .A. Risks and Considerations: Unit values will fluctuate with the portfolio of underlying securities and may be worth more or less than the original purchase price at the time of redemption.15%) Expedia. Additionally.75% 6.25% 5.999% 6.05% BBBBB Ba1 Baa3 7.00% 1. A “NR” indicates that the rating service did not provide a rating for that bond.499 units 500 .ACT-Navellier/Dial High Income Opportunities Portfolio Portfolio Holdings (as of date of deposit) Issue Name Consumer Discretionary (13. S. Issuer Risk: The financial condition of an issuer may worsen or its credit ratings may drop.50% 2. Incorporated Financials (31.4. Any rating below BBB is considered to be non-investment grade.375% S&P Rating Moody’s Rating Interest Rate Series 47. Incorporated Materials (4.125% BBB+ BBBBaa1 Baa3 6. Not FDIC Insured. If this happens. 18925 Base Camp Road Monument. Not Bank Guaranteed.65% BBBBBBBBBBBB+ Baa3 B1 Ba2 A2 7. BB BBB BBB+ Baa3 Baa2 Baa1 6.95% 6.456% 9. Incorporated International Lease Finance Corp Masco Corporation Pitney Bowes Incorporated Information Technology (9. the trust will distribute the principal to you but future interest distributions will fall.50% 6. This may occur at any point in time.50% Sales charges are as a percentage of the public offering price per unit. Moody's highest credit rating is Aaa and the lowest rating is C. Rating agencies provide gradations of creditworthiness using rating symbols. / Icahn Enterprises Finance Corporation Jefferies Group.aamlive.14%) Computer Sciences Corporation Lexmark International. The ratings are by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s Investor Service and are unaudited. Additionally. Securities offered through your financial professional.50% 6.75% 1.606.U. Securities typically fall in value when interest rates rise and rise in value when interest rates fall. HRPT Property Trust The Goldman Sachs Group. Additionally. including during the primary offering period. Incorporated Merrill Lynch & Company.00% 2. 866.75% 2. Certain corporate bonds held by the trust may be rated as investment grade by only one credit rating organization and either are unrated or below investment grade by the other.249 units 250 .P.625% 8.25% 8.48%) Brandywine Operating Partnership. An issue credit rating is a current opinion of the creditworthiness of an obligor and their perceived ability to meet their financial obligations. A bond’s call price could be less than the price the trust paid for the bond.7220 www. CRN: 2011-1007-2808 R Advisors Asset Management. Incorporated Icahn Enterprises L. CO 80132 Volume Discount Less than 100 units 100 .25% 2. ADT 825 Maturity 8/15/2018 11/15/2017 4/15/2018 6/15/2017 1/15/2017 1/15/2018 3/15/2016 5/16/2016 1/15/2018 3/15/2017 10/3/2016 3/15/2018 3/15/2018 6/1/2018 6/1/2018 11/15/2018 6/4/2018 7/3/2017 As of 3/13/2012. There is no guarantee that the objective will be achieved.000 . Standard & Poor's and Moody's Investor Service are independent providers of credit ratings.125% 5. May Lose Value. Standard & Poor's highest rating is AAA and the lowest rating being D.

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