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48 Steps to Healthy Eating
1 How an Acid Diet Makes (and keeps) You Fat 2 Another Reason Why High Protein Diets are Dangerous! 3 Fruit and Veggies – What Science is Saying 4 3 Strategies to Prevent Overeating at Christmas 5 The Benefits of Antioxidants 6 Attention Men…Just Another Reason to Avoid Dairy 7 Those Damn Running Blisters OR How to Heal Skin Problems 8 Meat Linked to Colon Cancer 9 Want to Lose Weight? Boost Your Metabolism - Here are 5 Ways 10 Yuri’s Top 5 Success Habits for Creating Lasting Health and Abundant Energy 11 Canadian “Health Check” a Big Joke! 12 Skin Healthy Foods for the Summer 13 Are You Too Acidic? 14 7 Nutrition Secrets for Great Abs 15 Eat Greens for Fat Loss 16 Why Green is King 17 The Food Label Fallacy 18 Heart Health Alert 19 How to Lose Weight Learning From the Eating Behaviours of Overweight People - Part 1
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20 How to Lose Weight Learning From the Eating Behaviours of Overweight People - Part 2 21 How to Lose Weight Learning From the Eating Behaviours of Overweight People - Part 3 22 How to Test Your Body’s pH Level 23 Why You Are Addicted to Certain Foods 24 Want to Lose Weight? STOP Eating Sugar! 25 Sugar…It Ain’t So Sweet! 26 Hot Weather Hydration 27 Why Eating Raw Foods Will Help You Lose Weight 28 Prevent Cancer by Eating Berries 29 Is Fish Oil Really Better Than Flaxseed Oil? 30 Move Over Fish Oil – Vegans Bring in the Spirulina 31 Are Cacao Nibs the Same as Cacao Powder? 32 Dehydration is Detrimental to Resistance Exercise Adaptations! 33 Top 3 Ways to Curb Your Sugar Craving 34 3 Signs That Your Body is Too Acidic 35 My 3 Secrets to Having More Energy 36 Diet for Underactive Thyroid 37 Natural Organic Foods Less Healthy Than Non-Organic Foods? 38 Just Because You're Vegan Doesn't Mean You're Healthy 39 The Truth About Michael Phelps' 12,000 Calorie/Day Diet 40 Healthy Breakfast Ideas
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Great Workouts. Stronger Core 50 Resistance Band Workout 51 Do I Still Burn Fat When I Exercise Intensely? 52 Ask the Expert.. RHN 106 110 111 113 114 116 117 118 121 123 124 126 www..How to Get Over a Cold Naturally 48 Fight the Flu Naturally 87 89 91 93 96 99 102 103 52 Ways to Fitness. BPHE.Finally Exposed! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim...Have You Lost Your Marbles??? 58 4-minute Cardio Blast Workout 59 More Motivation to Help Make Exercise a Habit 60 The Biggest Cardio Myth.The Best Calcium Foods 43 Raw Food Diet Made Easy 44 Listeria .Just Another Reason to Avoid Meat! 45 Lycopene – Whole Tomatoes or Supplements? 46 Eating to Reduce the Signs of Aging 47 Cold Remedies . 53 Making Exercise Part of Your Daily Lifestyle 54 Advanced Core Workout 55 4 Minutes to "Fabulous" Abs 56 5 Keys That Will Unlock Your Door to Exercise Motivation 57 Backwards Walking on the Treadmill .TotalWellnessConsulting.5 41 Pre-Workout/Competition Meal Recipes 42 Calcium Nutrition . CK. and Weight Loss 49 5 Tips for a Healthier.ca .

How Often to Run per Week??? 73 Can You Build Muscle Using Resistance Bands? 74 Is Interval Training Best on the Treadmill or Outside? 75 Strength and Fat Burning Outdoor Workout 76 Fun Strength Training and Cardio Outdoor Workout 77 Recent Study Reveals Women Burn More Fat Than Men 78 What is the Best Type of Interval Training to Burn Fat? 79 Interval Training for Runners 80 Top 10 Reasons to Use Interval Training 81 Top 10 Ab Exercises for a Strong Core 82 Why it's Tough to Lose That Baby Fat 83 Why it's Harder for Women to Lose Weight 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.6 61 How to Get Strong and Sexy Legs 62 Best Type of Cardio for Burning Fat 63 How to Get 6-Pack Abs 64 Bodyweight Workout for Beginners 65 Fat Loss Interval Training for Beginners 66 Fat Loss Circuit Training Workout 67 Is the Exercise Ball Really Useful for Core Training? 68 Fat Burning Cable Workout 69 "Core of Steel" Workout (BOSU ball) 70 3 Secrets to Visible Abs They Won’t Tell You About! 71 The Best Way to Burn Calories 72 Beginning Runners . RHN 127 128 130 132 133 135 137 140 141 142 144 146 148 150 152 153 154 156 159 161 164 165 167 www. CK.ca .TotalWellnessConsulting. BPHE.

7 84 Interval Training Workout 85 Interval Training Workouts For Maximum Fitness and Fat Loss Results 86 Exercise Intensity.If Only More People Knew About This! 96 Cardio Before or After Strength Training? 97 The 5 Best Weight Loss Tricks 98 About Fat Burning .ca . RHN www.Week #5 93 Interval Training Workout #6 and What If We Just Ran Stairs Instead? 94 Home Workouts 101 95 Improving Your Cardiovascular Endurance .? 99 Study Links Muscular Strength to Lower Mortality in Men 100 7 Ways to Make Exercise a MUST 101 Treadmill Workouts to Boost Your Metabolism 170 172 174 176 179 181 182 183 184 186 187 188 191 193 195 196 197 199 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.. Fat Burning.Week #2 89 Top 5 Workout Items to Bring While You Travel 90 High Intensity Interval Training Program .Week #3 91 Another Interval Training Blast from the Track 92 Interval Training Workout ..Did You Know. BPHE. and the “Afterburn” Effect 87 Just Another Reason Why Resistance Training is Imperative for Fat Loss 88 High Intensity Interval Training Program .TotalWellnessConsulting. CK.

8 BONUS 3 Thought-Provoking Articles 102 What's the Story You're Telling Yourself? 103 Striving for Excellence Without Beating Yourself Up 104 The Way Out is By Looking In 201 203 205 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. CK. BPHE. RHN www.ca .TotalWellnessConsulting.

Along with refined foods. their weight goes nowhere and they don’t know why! 3 things you can do immediately to reduce the acidity in your body include: 1. your attempts will be in vain. An unattainable media and fashion portrayal of the “perfect” body has skewed the way many people see their body. So. then it requires more fat to be able to store all the acid. Fat cells and cellulite deposits begin packing up the acid and try to keep it a safe distance from your organs. One of the first things your body does to alkalize the blood is remove acid from within the blood stream. Adding more greens into your diet 3.TotalWellnessConsulting. Consider the example of a woman who is obsessed with losing weight. After all. The result is that more and more people (not just women) are stressing about how their body should look. So. So. Do you think that might create some unneeded stress? Unfortunately. if you’re hoping to lose weight. it quickly makes the decision to alleviate this dangerous situation. Starting your day with a glass of lemon water Eat alive and you will thrive! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.ca . It’s all she thinks about. Think about it – the human body is very intelligent. This type of worry or obsession creates greater amounts of acidity within the body and essentially works against their mission of losing weight. RHN www. Eating a more vegetarian diet 2. Not until you start reducing the acidity in your blood will your body begin to realize that it no longer needs as much fat. You can exercise all you like and will your way to a leaner body.9 How an Acid Diet Makes (and Keeps) You Fat! When your body notices that the blood has become to acidic and there are no longer any alkaline reserves. It is known that acid gets stored in fat cells. this scenario is far too common among women living in the Western world. stress is a big producer of acid. and animal products. CK. storing it in your fat cells. BPHE. but if you do nothing to alkalize your body. The fat may be saving your vital organs from damage. Makes sense – less acid means less fat is needed to store it! Many people have found that a return to a healthy inner biological terrain helps them to lose excess fat. As you become more and more acidic your body starts to set up defense mechanisms to keep the damaging acid from entering the vital organs. if the acid does come into contact with an organ it has a chance to eat holes in the tissue. if your body is acidic. then this is critical to understand. sugars.

Too much acid in the body (ie. Because high protein diets promote excess calcium excretion in the urine (calciuria) as a result of bone breakdown. Recent research published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism has shown that decreasing protein consumption from 1.3 to 6. Here's what they found: • • • • • • mean urine nitrogen decreased by 26% mean blood urea nitrogen decreased by 15% mean urine pH increased from 6. acidosis) is associated with almost every disease process one of which is a weakening of the bones (ie. if your body is too acidic it will leach calcium from your bones to alkalize the blood.10 Another Reason Why High Protein Diets Are Dangerous! It is well known that protein consumption produces acid in the body.it obviously was! The study investigated 39 healthy pre-menopausal women over a 2-week period and revealed several positive findings following the reduction in protein intake. osteoporosis) due to a loss of calcium.TotalWellnessConsulting. BPHE. which favour healthy bones. The results of this study show that within a very short period of time you can easily support your body's bones by reducing your meat (protein) consumption and by incorporating more alkalizing vegetables and fruit! Sounds pretty easy. the researchers wanted to investigate whether lowering protein intake would be beneficial to bone health . and greater bone resorption will be evident. Remember.ca .8 (becoming more alkaline net renal acid excretion decreased by 68% mean urinary calcium decreased by 32%.8 g/kg/day has a highly beneficial effect on bone health. This is a result of the phosphorus and sulphur ash that protein breakdown leads to. there will be greater urine concentration of nitrogen and urea (from protein breakdown). and bone resorption decreased by 17% All of these numbers suggest improved pH conditions. RHN www.1 g/kg/day to 0. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. CK.

.” .What Science is Saying. John Potter. Pliny declared that consumption of cabbage would cure as many as 87 diseases and that consumption of onions would cure 28 diseases. “The problem with taking a compound out of a food source is that it was originally combined with 11 closely related brothers and sisters and it may be that the combination is what makes for the overall beneficial effect. June. Richard DuBois. Here are some studies and excerpts as to the nutritional value of eating more raw fruit and vegetables every day: “A recent survey of 170 studies from 17 nations revealed that people who eat the most fruits and vegetables consistently have half the cancer rates of those who eat the least.” .” . Functional Foods For Health Research.Dr. University of Minnesota With respect to taking individual vitamins.” . alpha carotene and beta carotene likely to reduce incidence of cancer. 1997 “Men who ate fresh fruit every day had 70% less chance of dying from cancer of the digestive tract than those who ate almost no fruit.TotalWellnessConsulting.. Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention. RHN www. Your Miracle Medicine. deafness. with more than 20% reduction in risk of colorectal cancer from the addition of one daily serving.” . Georgia Baptist Hospital “Following a recommendation to increase fruit and vegetable consumption produces a change in plasma concentrations of vitamin C.British Medical Journal. July. September.” . Cruciferous vegetables were cultivated for medicinal purposes and were used therapeutically against headache.” . gout and stomach disorders.Cancer.Dr.Jean Carper. diarrhea.” . CK.International Journal of Cancer. “Studies show that your risk of cancer is often doubled . Food. 1997 “The beneficial role of most vegetables is confirmed. Chief of Internal Medicine. University of Illinois at Chicago 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.11 Fruits and Veggies . 1996 “People who ate fresh fruit every day had a 32% less chance of a fatal stroke and 24% less chance of a fatal heart attack. Garlic was considered a holy plant. BPHE.Phyllis Bowen.British Medical Journal “In ancient Egypt.and sometimes tripled if you are in the lowest percentile of the ingestion of fruits and vegetables.ca .

especially in their living state! Eat alive and you will thrive! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. RHN www. BPHE.TotalWellnessConsulting. CK.ca .12 Just some more reasons (backed by science) as to why it's important to be eating more fruits and vegetables .

This will help with digesting the upcoming food while simultaneously reducing your appetite even further.Drink water before your meal and then start with a salad (if available) Studies have shown that drinking water (lukewarm) before eating can reduce your appetite by up to 25%. you must fully appreciate it. cooked foods (ie. Fresh salad contains living vegetables which means added enzymes for your body. Now that the food is in front of you. Drink a glass of lukewarm water (with lemon for added benefit) about 10-15 minutes before the onslaught begins. STRATEGY #3 .) no longer contain enzymes which means that your digestive system has an added burden of trying to digest these foods with its own limited supply of enzymes. CK. Give thanks for your food and then fully appreciate every bite. Supplementing with a digestive enzyme helps your body do its job much more effectively. Feelings of stress and guilt shut down your digestive function making food assimilation near impossible.Be grateful for your food and fully enjoy it! Save the guilt for another time.13 3 Strategies to Prevent Overeating at Christmas Well. Remember.. Yes . With the water in your system you won't feel the need to eat as much.ca . RHN www. BPHE.TotalWellnessConsulting.it tastes great but what good is it if you're so full that you fall asleep at the table! Believe I'm speaking from experience. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. So with Christmas dinner just a few days away. here are 3 strategies that will help you stay awake at the dinner table and not feel painfully full and tired thereafter! STRATEGY #1 . STRATEGY #2 . etc.Use a digestive enzyme This alone may be the most meaningful thing you can do to help your body breakdown and digest all the food that you're feeding it. You will be amazed at how you feel afterwards! Give it a shot. turkey. Then. it's that time of year where many of us get together with family and friends and overindulge in a stuppor of food. Take 1 or 2 capsules before the meal and 1 or 2 during and/or after dinner/lunch depending on how you feel.. before the big meal try to have a salad. mashed potatoes.

TotalWellnessConsulting. So there you go.ca .14 Therefore. These just came to mind last night and I felt that they would be helpful for you. If you like sweating then you'll love this workout! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. CK. BPHE. if the food is on your plate you might as well enjoy it .even if they aren't the healthiest. RHN www.unless you decide that you're not going to eat anything! Feeling love for your food puts your body into receiving mode allowing it to more readily accept the foods you put into it . Watch this video to discover an awesome 20-minute workout routine that will burn more calories than you can consume in one sitting. So put them to use and enjoy your festivous meals.

pollution. The oxygen mixes with different compounds (proteins. The body likes all of its molecules/atoms to have even numbers of electrons. arthritis. vitamins.ca . obesity. It is important to remember that environmental factors like smoking. What food we put into our bodies markedly determines how we feel and function. Aging itself is not a disease. What is oxidation? All body cells use oxygen to make energy and to function. dementia. It has been reported that more than three-fourths of all deaths in patients over 65 years of age are due to heart problems. making it an unstable free radical with an uneven number of electrons. lack of exercise. All of these chronic illnesses are impacted by our nutritional habits. RHN www. certain cancers. Eating these as part of a balanced diet and exercise program can improve the quality and perhaps quantity of life. This article will help you understand how chronic illnesses occur and the process by which the body tries to limit the damage. Our bodies need natural foods to function and not supplements. The combination of various food products will produce a functional food which is a major benefit to our health. and dental problems are growing at rapid rates. and certain cancers.TotalWellnessConsulting. etc. we are facing more chronic illnesses than ever before. Chocolate (cocoa) and berries contain some of the most potent antioxidants available. BPHE. decrease intake of fruits and vegetables. Our nutrition impacts the quality of our lives and can impact the quantity of years. diabetes mellitus. depression. but we are seeing more aging-related diseases than ever before. The synergy of multiple antioxidants. The increase in fat intake. Coronary artery disease. hypertension. radiation. and elevated blood sugars can also oxide the body cells to form free radicals. respiratory problems. fat. They are even formed during infections (oxidation is necessary for health because oxidation is needed to kill microorganisms) or 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. When the oxygen mixes with the molecule it gains an extra electron. minerals. etc. CK. strokes. Oxidation occurs every time oxygen is burned as a food for energy. exposure to smoking. is just starting to be realized as vital to our health. diabetes.15 The Benefits of Antioxidants As our population ages. a high-fat diet.) or molecules to form highly unstable and highly reactive molecules called free radicals. It has been estimated that over 80% of elderly people have one chronic illness and more than 50% have at least two. Functional foods—foods which promote health and fight disease—need to be consumed in order to battle this rising epidemic of chronic illnesses. hypertension. and environmental hazards are contributing to chronic illnesses and aging.

and vasodilatory (relax blood vessel walls) actions. These free radicals like to hook to other cells to steal electrons and cause a major chain reaction as each cell tries to steal electrons. cardiovascular disease. But chocolate is high in saturated fats. each with health-promoting benefits. Cacao as an anti-inflammatory The bioflavonoids in cacao have been shown to inhibit COX-2 enzymes in your body. and stops further production of free radicals. dark chocolate (cacao) has been shown to decrease blood pressure. They cause a lot of inflammation and even scar tissue from their damage.ca . By blocking COX-2 enzymes your immune system works better. antithrombotic (anti platelet formation).16 chronic inflammation when free radicals are formed to fight the infection and overproduce themselves. Cocoa is thought to be a rennin-angiotension enzyme inhibitor. lower blood pressures. antiallergic. hormone-like. Even strenuous exercise will increase the production of free radicals. which is the same principle that many blood pressure pills work on (ACE inhibitors). these compounds have antibacterial. flowers and bark their color. which in turn decreases the damage to heart vessels.TotalWellnessConsulting. blue and red. and dementia. The free radicals can also damage cell proteins and even alter DNA within the cell. decreases pain in your joints. Flavonoids can increase energy levels. BPHE. purple. fruits. Chocolate as an ACE inhibitor (blood pressure alleviator) In several studies. These compounds also protect the plants from disease. dementia and even physical aging can result from free-radical damage. antiviral. CK. anti-inflammatory. and How Can They Help? Flavonoids or bioflavonoids (the old name was “tannins”) are compounds that give vegetables. RHN www. isn't that bad for you? 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. the same strong anti-inflammatory action that many prescription drugs have. What are Polyphenols and Flavonoids. This action helps stop damage to most of the body’s functions. leaves. grains. kidney disease. The colors include the deep red. liver-protective. antimutagenic (anticancer). arthritis. and have been shown to be helpful with Parkinson’s symptoms. diabetes. If you look at all the studies. UV light and from predators. They can help stop motor nerve deterioration and help improve cognition. There are many types of flavonoids. mauve. memory function. arthritis. Flavonoids are strong antioxidants which neutralize many free radicals. Blindness.

As a result. the stearic acid fat. In cacao’s case.17 Even though we are taught that saturated fats are harmful to the cardiovascular system. raw cacao (chocolate) does not sit around and accumulate in fat tissue as do conventional heat-treated chocolates. Why? All raw foods are loaded with food enzymes which are naturally built-in to the food to help its digestion in the body. RHN www.TotalWellnessConsulting. CK. This particular fat in chocolate is not absorbed well by the intestinal tract. is vital for cardiovascular health and proper cell functioning of our cells. It also has been shown that these cocoa fatty acids may modify LDL-C. Magnesium’s powerful relaxation effects is one reason many women suffering with PMS crave chocolate. the fat-digesting enzyme lipase ensures proper breakdown and digestion once in the body. Any food heated above 118° F loses its natural living enzymes and requires the body to waste its precious digestive enzymes to do the job instead.ca . does not promote weight gain. which is necessary for muscle relaxation. which is found in cacao does not elevate blood cholesterol like other saturated fatty acids. The cocoa bean contains several minerals and vitamins which are useful. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. nerve conduction.Potassium. and bone and teeth development and health. energy production. Dark chocolate contains very high levels of magnesium. although higher in saturated fat. BPHE. Probably the most interesting phenomenon though is that raw cacao. another vital mineral abundant in cacao. making it more resistant to oxidation.

These are far better and much healthier for your overall health. Ensure to get enough vitamin D and K along with calcium from non-dairy foods or supplements. If you're concerned about your bone health then the best advice I can give is to engage in weight-bearing exercise. So if you're thinking about good calcium sources then look to green coloured vegetables and sesame seeds.200 mg/100 g serving). This amount of calcium pales in comparison to many plant sources including kelp (1. BPHE.. eat more green vegetables.160 mg/100 g serving).000 men found that those who consumed more than 600 mg of calcium daily from dairy products had a 32% higher risk of prostate cancer than those who consumed no more than 150 mg of calcium per day over an 11 year period. We have been brainwashed to believe that milk is actually good for us. broccoli (130 mg/100 g serving). CK. and cheese then you may want to reconsider after recent research has shown a fairly significant relationship between dairy calcium and prostate cancer.Just Another Reason to Avoid Dairy! Men. and enjoy up to 20 minutes of natural sunlight each day.18 Attention Men.ca . I almost forgot to mention that dairy can build up to 1 gallon of mucus in the human body! It is also highly processed and fortified with all kinds of hormones and other steroids (if non-organic). the National Dairy Council has massive influence on our society. RHN www. It just may save your bones! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Not only is dairy the most acid-forming of all food types but now a massive study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition of nearly 21. What a joke! To learn more about calcium and how to make it work for you then grab a copy of my book . milk. 2% cow's milk contains 120 mg calcium/100 g serving.. and the mother-of-all sesame seed (1. To give you some perspective..watch out! If you enjoy your daily dose of yogurt. Remember.TotalWellnessConsulting.Eating for Energy..

Furthermore. As such. RHN www. cuts. So here goes. I've succumb to what many runners experience: a damn blister! But my determination hasn't allowed me to slow down as I decided to continue running despite worsening this foot sore. and food enzymes that are so beneficial to your skin's health. flax oil.19 Those Damn Running Blisters OR How to Heal Skin Problems As you now know I've been running like a mad man getting ready to knock about 5 minutes off my 5k time from last year (my goal is 17:30). Studies have shown that supplements are rarely as effective as whole food sources. So as you can imagine it's become a little worse than where it started. or wounds (ie. do your best to eat these foods in their living state for cooking destroys most the vitamins. walnuts. blisters) that are trying to heal.ca . kale.TotalWellnessConsulting. then the following nutrition tips will be very helpful. Need guidance and skin-nourishing recipes to give you glowing skin and improve your body's ability to repair itself? Get your copy Eating for Energy today! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. minerals. spirulina) vitamin A (carrots. eczema. I thought what better time to indulge some skin-healing secrets that I may not have shared with you before. CK. To promote the healthiest possible skin you want to focus on the following nutrients: • • • • omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil. and most fruits and vegetables) vitamin C (most fruits and vegetables) zinc (pumpkin seeds. BPHE. chic peas) The key is to get these nutrients through whole foods as much as possible. If you have any skin problems such as acne. Because I decided to go the advanced route (considering my ambitious goal) with my 5k training program.

The 517-page study also concluded that the intake of heavy meats (beef. healthy. deli meats) are also highly packed with sodium nitrite . First. cooking meats to high temperatures forms heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. veal. compounds shown to cause colon tumours in animals. Third. as I mention in my book Eating for Energy. lamb. lung. Now I can understand that some people have a fixation with their meat and are adamant about getting their daily dose but recent research proves yet again that such dietary choices increase your risk of cancer (amongst other problems)! Especially convincing was a review of 7.TotalWellnessConsulting. pork. stomach. Second. Other studies have also shown that processed meats increase the risk of breast. RHN www. And. meats are highly acid-forming in the body. CK. prostate. BPHE. and pancreatic cancers! How Does Meat Cause Cancer??? There are several ways in which processed meats contribute to cancer. goat) boosted the risk of colorectal cancer and therefore they recommended consuming less than 500 grams (18 ounces) per week.20 Meat Linked to Colon Cancer I've said many times that adopting more of a vegetarian diet is essential to living a long. So What's the Bottom Line? 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.5 ounces) consumed a day elevated the risk of cancer 21%. every 48 grams (1. an acidic internal environment is highly correlated with the development of cancer and other diseases. and disease-free life.a preservative added to meat to prevent botulism and give meats their red colour. Specifically.000 studies led by the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research that ultimately showed a significant relationship between the consumption of processed meats and an increased risk of colorectal cancer.ca . The problem arises during cooking when these nitrites begin to react with other compounds in the meat to form cancer-causing nitrosamines and nitrosamides. processed meats (ie. I personally take it one step further and recommend eating meat no more than twice a week.

I hope that it's pretty obvious after reading all the information above that eating meat on a daily basis doesn't do your body good. Vegetables.ca . In fact. RHN www. BPHE. But as the strongest and healthiest animals and longest living people keep reminding us it's all about eating more natural plant based foods. CK.TotalWellnessConsulting. fruit. and healthy grains is where its at! Need help moving away from meat? Get your copy of Eating for Energy today! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. it does it quite a bit of harm! I find it sad that we're all brought up believing that meat needs to be an integral part of our diet.21 Well.

. and a low frequency of dieting Take Home Message #3 .You can't maintain a healthy weight without a consistent effort towards improving your lifestyle.It's All About Lifestyle I don't know how many times I've said this in my life but it needs to said again..TotalWellnessConsulting. thinner people have a higher metabolism than heavier people. and what factors tend to influence your ability to successfully maintain a healthy body weight. a rather stable body weight (ie. why some people succeed at keeping weight off once they've lost it while others don't. You need to make healthy eating and resistance training a regular part of your life. no excessive fluctuations in weight gain/loss). the researchers in this study found that whether the 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. BPHE.Best Predictors for Keeping Weight Off. being fat is just in my jeans!" And that may be partially true BUT...22 Want to Lose Weight? Boost Your Metabolism! Here Are 5 Ways. RHN www. especially if you've been battling excess weight for most of your life... A ton of research has been done investigating why some people lose weight while others don't.. Very simply. CK.. Here's a simple reason why. Take Home Message #2 . A large meta-analysis on metabolism published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that formerly obese subjects had a 3–5% lower metabolic rate than control subjects.thin people have more fat-free mass OR lean muscle than their heavier counterparts. a high baseline resting metabolic rate (as a result of resistance training).. Now many people would just say "Well. Since muscle burns roughly 50x times calories than fat it would make sense that having more lean muscle would be a predictor of long-term success in weight management.ca .. The reason. Take Home Message #1: Resistance Train Resistance training builds lean muscle and is therefore ESSENTIAL to boosting your metabolism and thus helping you lose weight and keeping it off for good. A very interesting study out of the journal Obesity Research found that the best predictors for weight maintenance after weight loss were the following: • • • • an increase in dietary restraint during weight loss. What it boils down to is your metabolism.

Have a cup of GREEN TEA Green tea has been shown to boost metabolism. Eat small meals throughout the day We've all heard this before and for good reason. RHN www. Keep your fire burning by adding small amounts of wood to it throughout the day . These findings only further demonstrate the need for boosting your metabolic rate! And this doens't occur by spending endless hours doing cardio and following low carb diets! 5 Metabolism-Boosting Strategies: Here are 5 ways that you can immediately start revving up your metabolism for the long run so that you can achieve and maintain your ideal for good! 1. BPHE. or any other form of resistance. 13: 216268. and cinnamon . use dumbbells. N. Spend more time RESISTANCE TRAINING instead of cardio Lean muscle doesn't come about by doing cardio 7 days a week. Eat LIVING FOODS every day High amounts of food enzymes found in living foods allow your body spend more energy on metabolism and less on digestion. You need to stress your muscles to develop them. peppermint.that's the analogy.23 cause of this lower metabolism was genetic or acquired. CK.just to name a few. the existence of a low metabolism was likely to contribute to the high rate of "weight regain" in formerly obese persons. Use your body weight. Obesity Research. Here's how you can start. 3. 4. Predictors of long-term weight maintenance. References: Vogels. 2. Spice up your meals The following herbs and spices are well-known to speed up metabolism: cayenne pepper.ca . 5. use resistance bands. ginger. et al (2005). which increases your caloric burn. The key is to impose weight bearing resistance on your body! Use Fitter U™ if you haven't already. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. jalapeno peppers. Researchers believe that antioxidants in green tea can cause the body to waste calories as heat. use machines.TotalWellnessConsulting.

Meta-analysis of resting metabolic rate in formerly obese subjects. CK. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.24 Astrup. BPHE. et al (1999). 69 (6): 1117-1122. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. RHN www.TotalWellnessConsulting. A.ca .

Eat At Least ONE Green Salad Each Day North Americans are only consuming on average 2-3 servings of fruits and vegetables per day! When you consider that the recommendation is for 5-10 servings per day and that most of our produce is nowhere near as mineral-rich as it was just 50 years ago. and phytonutrient content and destroys their vital food enzymes that are so beneficial to our health. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. mineral. Simply incorporating more raw fruits and vegetables into your diet can make a profound difference in how you look and feel…and in no time at all! 4. Therefore. RHN www.25 Yuri’s Top 5 Success Habits for Creating Lasting Health and Abundant Energy From the pages of Eating for Energy 1. And remember. These are foods that have no nutritional value. CK. food enzymes. Cooking foods dramatically reduces their vitamin. No one has time for anything anymore – not even healthy eating. and alkalinity to your body is through juices and smoothies. BPHE. Eating empty foods only prompts you to eat more food since your body is not receiving the nutrients it requires.ca . Drink At Least ONE Fresh-Pressed Juice or Green Smoothie Each Day We live in busy lives. and the life-prolonging food enzymes that it needs. By eating smaller “nutrient-dense” foods more frequently throughout the day you will avoid cravings caused by blood sugar irregularities and you will also tend to eat less since your body will now be receiving all the nutrients it needs.TotalWellnessConsulting. one of the greatest ways of supplying tremendous amounts of vitamins. minerals. One of the reasons for this is eating copious amounts of “empty foods”. alkalinity. Eat 80% Whole Living Foods (raw) Ever wonder why animals in their natural habitats do not suffer from the diseases that plague mankind? Isn’t also interesting that humans are the only species on earth that apparently “needs” to cook their food! There is no greater gift you can give your body then eating foods in their natural state – that is living or raw. Eat Every 2-3 Hours (but only if you’re hungry) It’s a fact . consuming greater amounts of vegetables and fruit has never been as necessary as now for nourishing your body with vital nutrients. 2.most people eat too much food! It’s no wonder that more than 60% of the North American population is overweight. the greener the better! It might be tough for some people to physically eat 5-10 fruits or vegetables during a day but with just 1 juice or smoothie you can easily meet that quota! 3.

Both of these conditions are common to every single disease known to mankind! Oh.TotalWellnessConsulting. You can turn a blind eye if you want but the truth is that meat is acid-forming and causes inflammation in the body. RHN www. BPHE. Meat (especially red meat) also deprives your body of energy because it requires a tremendous amount of digestive energy and water to be broken down and assimilated into your body.ca . and inhumane conditions in which animals (for human consumption) are raised or the higher levels of cholesterol and saturated fats found in heavier meats. antibiotics. Eat Meat No More Than 2 Times Per Week Let’s face it – meat is detrimental to your body. and don’t forget about the hormones. CK. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.26 5.

Campbell's soup (which apparently paid $2. or form! The food business is big money and there are companies and lobbyist with deep pockets who will do what ever it takes to get their products into the hands of more and more people.STAY AWAY! By no means am I one to endorse eating anything that comes packaged from any big food conglomerate but new evidence is making me even more ill than these foods themselves. But guess which one has the "Health Check" on their label? You guessed it! Campbell's! I don't know about you but these findings make me sick! That's just another reason why I recommend in Eating for Energy to steer way clear of any foods that are advertised in any way.completely eradicating any objectivity in evaluating the quality of packaged foods. I just finished watching a startling report on CBC Marketplace where they revealed one the biggest food labeling fallacies I've seen in a long time... The highest rating any of the investigated "Health Check" foods received was an amusing 35/100 while the lowest received a shocking 9/100 in terms of nutritional value. the Heart and Stroke foundation has recently devised a program whereby they give certain foods that meet their criteria a "health check" (as shown above). the "Health Check" foods actually scored way lower on the ONQI scale (out of 100 points) than non "Health Check" foods. not surprisingly. In Canada.ca . shape. BPHE.TotalWellnessConsulting. What they concluded was that you are pretty much making healthier food choices by not selecting the "Health Check" foods. RHN www. called ONQI. even tested many of the foods that in Canada had received the "Health Check". And what did they find? Well. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. For instance.27 Canadian "Health Check" a Big Joke! Canadian buyers beware! If you ever see this logo on any packaged foods. What this CBC investigation revealed was that companies have been paying big bucks to have this "check" on their foods . CK. A new and much improved system for evaluating the nutritional quality of foods based in the USA. I couldn't agree more.2 million to the Heart and Stroke Foundation for the "Health Check") had 2x the calories and nearly 10x the amount of sodium when compared to lesser known organic soup.

If you can't pronounce the names of certain ingredients than perhaps you may want to reconsider what you're about to buy.TotalWellnessConsulting. RHN www. The fewer ingredients there are.ca . the better. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. BPHE. CK. Remember. Choose more fresh fruits and vegetables. But not just the calorie chart . If you think you don't have time or the know-how to prepare healthy dishes then get a copy of Eating for Energy and enjoy 120 recipes that take less than 10 minutes to prepare. you can't beat natural whole foods.28 If for whatever reason you feel compelled to buy packaged foods please do yourself a favour and read the label.look at the quality of the ingredients.

. So aside from covering yourself up appropriately I'd like to share with you some skin rejuvenating foods that will keep your skin healthy and glowing this summer! Here's a simple rule. RHN www.000 women ages 40 to 74. Here are a few examples: Guava Guavas are often considered superfruits. Guava has good levels of the dietary minerals. and very high levels of dietary fiber (important for digestive health). guava has nearly 5 times more vitamin C than a medium sized orange (377 mg vs. potassium and magnesium. 83 mg)! According to a recent study that tracked the diets of more than 4.TotalWellnessConsulting. giving them a high antioxidant value and skin protecting properties. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Research does show that 20 minutes a day of sunshine is all your body needs to produce adequate amounts of vitamin D. They contain both major classes of antioxidant pigments . But this increased exposure should be enjoyed with some caution. However.carotenoids and polyphenols. as you well know.ca . being rich in skin-enriching vitamins A and C. BPHE. but most touted for its exceptional levels of vitamin C (great for the skin due to its collagen building and antioxidant properties). women who eat a lot of vitamin C-packed foods have fewer wrinkles than women who don't eat many. Avocado Avocados are one of my personal favourite foods and for good reason. increased sun exposure can lead to increased free radical damage from the sun's UV rays. It's that time of year when most people come out of their gloomy hibernation to enjoy the glorious benefits the sun has to offer.drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. In fact. omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. They taste great and provide tremendous nutrition for your body.29 Skin Healthy Foods for the Summer With the summer fast approaching (at least in the northern hemisphere) extra caution should be taken when out in the sun.. CK. They are a great source of vitamin E (a highly potent antioxidant) and one of the best sources of monounsaturated fats.

BPHE. papayas are also a great source of the antioxidant lycopene which has been hailed for its numerous benefits which include reducing the risk of macular degenerative disease. When you think of young. serum lipid oxidation.TotalWellnessConsulting.30 Both of these nutrients are imperative not only for your health but also for the integrity and youthful glow of your skin. CK. and skin! Papayas also contain the digestive enzyme papain which has also been shown to speed burn recovery when used topically. Many people fear the fact that avocados are 90% fat but just remember that if you are eating avocados in their raw form then they will contain the needed enzymes for their digestion. bladder. They are not readily stored as fat in your body as are most cooked fats! Papaya One of the top sources of beta-crypoxanthin.ca . a cancer preventing compound. So if you get sunburned this summer smother a little papaya over top and feel its soothing effects. For more incredible superfoods along with 120 delicious recipes to get you looking and feeling great for the summer be sure to get a copy of my groundbreaking book Eating for Energy! It's been transforming lives! Are you next? 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. So there you go! 3 fruits that are not only delicious but also tremendously beneficial to the health of your skin. cervix. youthful looking skin think of antioxidants and healthy fats! These are a few of the numerous fruits and vegetables that can make a big difference not only for your skin but for your overall health. Like watermelon and tomatoes. RHN www. and cancers of the lung.

4) is bad for the blood as it increases its affinity for oxygen. If these buffers become saturated. illnesses. then your body may be too acidic! Why is pH Important? pH is a measure of how acid or alkaline a substance is and is based on a scale of 0 (acidic) to 14 (alkaline). CK. the body releases alkaline molecules into the blood (which may sound good but really isn't!). to neutralize the acid. unhealthy skin. Our bodies hold approximately 45 litres of fluid and most of these fluids thrive only if they are slightly alkaline.4. and sodium. as Noble Prize winner Otto Warburg discovered. the body begins to store acids in the tissues. Too much alkalinity (above ph = 7. sugars or dairy products • Strenuous exercise • Excess stress The 80/20 Rule 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. hair and nails. these acids may reach the level of the bloodstream causing it to become more acidic.31 Are You Too Acidic? Do you feel tired or lethargic? Are your nails. skin. and much more! At the ultimate level. or joint pain? If so. For example. cancer grows where there is no oxygen! What causes excess acid in the body? • Eating too many proteins. magnesium. The result is that the body will turn to its most alkaline substance. calcium. BPHE. our bodies use alkaline buffers to neutralize high levels of acidity. more and more calcium is leached from the bones. then these acids will ultimately be pushed into our cells causing the displacement of vital minerals such as potassium. and hair unhealthy looking? Do you suffer from frequent colds. grains. making it more difficult for the blood to release this same oxygen to the tissues. As a result. excess acid in our bodies will create a biochemical breakdown.TotalWellnessConsulting. predisposing the body to the development of osteoporosis and arthritis. In so doing. As compensation. Because the blood prefers a slightly alkaline pH of 7. the tissues and organs become oxygen starved putting them at greater risk for the proliferation of cancerous cells since.ca . RHN www. The result is bodily havoc such as being more susceptible to infection and sickness. As a person becomes more and more acidic.

especially green barley grass • Fruits .Pure Alkaline Energy! Green Barley grass is a nutrient rich grass grown in lush soils in the foothills of the Japanese mountains.TotalWellnessConsulting. For instance. because it is a whole food and 60% protein. BPHE.almonds.. One tablespoon is equivalent to the nutrient content of an entire head of lettuce. Examples of acid forming foods: • Animal protein • Sweets and Sweeteners • Nuts and Butters • Beans and Legumes • Grains • Dairy • Fats and Oils • Coffee Examples of "good" alkaline forming foods: • Vegetables . RHN www. No wonder we have so much sickness and disease in our society. It is probably best known for its beneficial alkalizing and energizing effects on the body. exclusively. the North American diet has reversed these percentages for the worse. The following are some of Green Barley's many benefits to the body: • Increased energy and stamina and youthful vigor • Decreased craving for junk foods and also reduces food intake • More rapid healing of injuries and infections • Improvement of hair.all except cranberries • Some nuts and seeds .32 Due to our overly acidic lifestyle. it has 7x more calcium than milk and 6x more vitamin C than an orange.ca .. sesame seeds. sunflower seeds • Quality water Green Barley Grass . skin and nails • Improvement of diabetes and hypoglycemia • Inhibits the growth of cancer cells • High alkalizing effect • Best of all. To maintain a healthy alkaline internal environment. it is necessary that we take the proper steps towards maintaining a more alkaline environment within our bodies. it is one of only two foods on earth that the body can survive on. flax seeds. CK. Unfortunately.it tastes great! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Moreover. it is recommended that our diets consist of 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acid forming foods.

RHN www. CK.33 You can get green barley grass at most health food stores. To learn about the entire pH balance story for the best health ever then CLICK HERE to get start with Eating for Energy! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.ca . BPHE.TotalWellnessConsulting.

34 7 Nutrition Secrets for Great Abs Many people say that "abdominals are made in the kitchen. RHN www. 4. millet. you can forget about getting a great set of 6pack abs. Their omega3 fatty acids actually assist your body in burning fat. amaranth. flax. at this 15-20% deficit rate it would take 8 to 11 days to burn 1lb of fat! Less fat means greater chance of seeing your 6-pack. So if you normally eat 2000 calories per day you would reduce your daily caloric intake to 1600-1700 calories. which are void of food enzymes. and olive oil should not be heated. Choose natural. Once this happens they become a source of freeradicals in the body and are much more easily stored as “unproductive” fats in your body! Instead. Spread your calories into 5-6 smaller meals instead of 2-3 big ones. When you consider that 1lb of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories.ca . simple carbs that contain white flour or white sugar. Be very conscious of portion size. If you eat too much of anything. 2. Add them to salad dressings. but if your nutrition is not in order. and fish oils in their cold (or raw) state. Late night snacks will get stored as fat. 6. oat groats. They are sensitive to air. smoothies. Avoid refined. If you’re a calorie-counter (I’m not). light. take more energy and time to digest and place greater stress on your body. especially if you eat them right before going to bed. You can do thousands of reps of ab work every week." and there's a lot of truth to that. Reduce carbs and simple sugars later in the day especially if you foresee being inactive. you can say goodbye to your abs. cooked foods. Conversely. and heat and become rancid when cooked. CK. and fat gain. 5. or take them by the spoon full. Consume the majority of your carbs during the earlier part of the day so that they can be used as fuel for your activity. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Eat about 1520% below your calorie maintenance level. 1. then you want to start off by simply decreasing the number of calories you’re consuming each day. brown rice).TotalWellnessConsulting. Look to feel satisfied NOT lethargically full. BPHE. vegetable. choose olive. 3. hemp. Raw foods are packed with enzymes that help your body digest and assimilate the essential nutrients that your body needs. Avoid cooked plant fats and animal fats. Eat raw foods as much as possible. not in the gym. These foods wreak havoc on your blood sugar and insulin levels predisposing to hypoglycemia. complex carbs such as vegetables and spouted beans and gluten-free grains (quinoa. Fats such as canola. diabetes.

ca . 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. RHN www. CK.35 7. Incorporate these 7 nutrition secrets to great abs into your regime and watch the difference they make. You want to aim for half your bodyweight (lbs) in ounces every day. BPHE. the other critically important component to burning fat is being physically active through both cardiovascular and resistance training.TotalWellnessConsulting. Remember. Drink plenty of water.

coagulate. However. Oxygen transport to the cells becomes compromised and the body begins removing dangerous acid out from the blood and storing in our fat cells.ca .full of its processed. and expel their waste into the blood. we invite disease and “fatness” to grow rampant. and sea vegetables are some examples. Once the acid lessens.TotalWellnessConsulting. dairy. Many years later. Therefore. For instance. The body’s fat cells hold onto this acid as a protective mechanism since acid in the blood or vital organs can be lethal. Being alkaline means not being acidic. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. If you’re like most people who want to lose weight you may feel somewhat bewildered and confused by all the diet and nutrition advice given by so many different fat loss experts. the fat will follow. all animal products (meat. A diet rich in green foods will not only help prevent the onset of disease but it will keep you thin. refined. It’s simple – your body needs to keep the fat around to hold onto to the acid. RHN www.is the exact opposite. The most important bodily tissue – our blood – requires a slightly alkaline pH to operate perfectly. It’s no wonder that obesity is such a problem in Westernized countries. If we are too acidic. Dr. though. was the first to show to that cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment. red blood cells begin to die. So when you hear “experts” promoting high protein diets or other similar weight loss gimmicks you need to ask yourself if the foods they promote are acid or alkaline-forming in the body. and magnesium while possessing lower concentrations of acidifying properties such as sulfur and nitrogen. your ability to burn fat is related to your body’s acid-alkaline balance. 2-time Nobel Prize winner. BPHE. Grasses. Most grains and refined sugars are as well. and high fat foods . The best sources of alkalinity of all foods are greens. The reason for this is that they are abundant in alkalizing minerals such as calcium. I’m sure you can see that the Western diet . You will find it very hard lose fat if you are acidic.36 Eat Greens for Fat Loss When it comes to fat loss and losing weight there is an overwhelming amount of information. potassium. iron. most people have no idea what being alkaline means. So What Foods Are Alkaline-Forming? Fruits and vegetables. CK. eggs) are acid-forming in the body. green vegetables. A diet high in these foods can only result in an acidic body. The tough part is that much of this advice overlooks the basic physiological premise for weight loss and long-term health – alkalinity! Our bodies operate within a fine pH equilibrium. Linus Pauling. It has been said that our diet should be 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. If not.

4. artificial sweeteners. How to Alkalize Your Body? Eat for health and you will alkalize your body and lose weight. their chance of staying thin is far better than someone who eats burgers and other garbage foods.TotalWellnessConsulting. CK. Minimize and avoid processed foods. Drink plenty of water.37 As you incorporate more green foods into your diet you will become more alkaline – displacing needless acid – and improving your fat loss efforts. You should drink at least half your body weight (lbs) in ounces each day. BPHE. My rule of thumb is to consume at least 1 green juice and/or salad each day. Breathe! Take a few minutes each day and focus on deep breathing. 3. RHN www. and nutritiondeficient drinks like coffee and sodas. 2. Think about it…how many overweight vegans or vegetarians do you know? Obviously being vegetarian doesn’t guarantee weight loss because many of these people can also have atrocious diets. Oxygen is alkalizing.ca . 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Here are 4 strategies to help you alkalize your body for optimal fat loss (and health) results: 1. Eat more fruits and vegetables and get plenty of greens. However.

But the true beauty arises when humans and animals consume chlorophyll via green plants. without chlorophyll plants cannot thrive.ca . grasses. and long-living animals that thrive on nothing more than the energy and nutrients provided by nature’s gift – the greens! The Power of Chlorophyll Why green plants are so amazingly powerful is because they are direct conduits of the sun’s energy. the elephant. and animal-based foods. the energy of the sun is directly inserted into your bloodstream. BPHE. This is important because disease cannot thrive in alkaline environments. This energy is then used to produce carbohydrates through a process known as photosynthesis. bad fats. cooked. Likewise. healthy. Instead of iron. we feel uplifted. The gorilla. Hemoglobin is the oxygen-carrying molecule in our blood which binds iron to oxygen. meat and dairy products.38 Why Green is King Have you ever noticed that the biggest and strongest animals are herbivores? Moreover. and a stressful lifestyle. and bacteria all thrive in acidic environments. Fat Loss & More The other vital characteristic of all plants is that they are highly alkaline-forming in the body. As a result. It’s no wonder the blood is known as the “river of life”. Once we (or animals) consume greens. RHN www.TotalWellnessConsulting. and the giraffe are just a few examples of strong. Unfortunately. Cancers. chlorophyll binds magnesium – one of the most deficient minerals in our diet. viruses. Green Equals Alkalinity = Energy. Not only do you enrich your body with this vital mineral by eating greens but you also help strengthen and build your blood since the molecular structure of chlorophyll and hemoglobin are almost identical. This is how the food chain begins. an overwhelming percentage of the North American population is acidic due to a diet high in refined sugars. CK. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Immediately. Health. Without hemoglobin we die. they eat nothing more than green leaves. Quite the contrast to the feelings of fatigue and lethargy that arise from the consumption of refined. The result – one of the most unhealthy populations on the planet. and in some berries. light. we immediately benefit from the sun’s life-giving energy that is held in the bonds of the chlorophyll molecule. and energetic. What’s amazing thing about chlorophyll is that it is the plant’s version of hemoglobin. The sun’s rays are absorbed by the green plants’ pigment called chlorophyll (which gives plants their green colour).

BPHE. How about cows. Do this and you’ll see what I’m talking about! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. just look at what we’re putting in our bodies and there’s your answer.TotalWellnessConsulting. CK. Greens Are Your Best Source of Protein Per gram. Humans drink their milk for its “apparent” rich calcium and protein content. try this delicious green smoothie: Even if nothing else changed in your diet. Greens help life thrive. Spirulina. an amazing blue-green algae. greens provide way more protein than meat. Why don’t we learn from what works in nature? Look at the elephant. provides 60 grams of protein per 100 gram serving versus only 24 and 29 grams for ground beef and chicken. respectively! It’s no wonder that the strongest and biggest animals are subsist on grass and green leaves. My rule of thumb is to try to have one green salad and/or one green juice per day. strongest. The alkalinity that greens provide helps the body age gracefully while maintaining a suitable level of health and vitality for survival (or life). RHN www. Do wild animals have access to packaged foods? Do have the luxury of using an oven or a microwave? Of course not! But we do. But where do cows get their nourishment from? That’s right – grass! I hope you’re starting to see my point.39 How many wild animals do you know of that suffer from “human” diseases? None! Why is that? Well. So the take home message from this article is simple – EAT MORE GREENS! To get you started. The elephant eats nothing but grass! The longest living animal in the world – the giant tortoise has a lifespan of 177 years! It too feeds mainly on grass. and smartest mammals on the planet.ca . you would notice a tremendous difference in how you look and feel by adding more greens to your diet. It is by far one of the largest. It even has one of the longest lifespan averaging 69 years.

especially in Canada. What to look for? Well. CK. One of the issues here is that certain products are given a "health check" approval (a Heart and Stroke Foundation campaign) while other products. The fewer the better. The first can had been awarded with the health check symbol yet contained 300 mg of sodium (fresh tomatoes contain about 10 mg) and a number of preservatives including EDTA (an agent that destroys both the cells and their DNA). these companies are big financial supporters of the health check program BUT claim not be paying the Heart and Stroke Foundation to have this label put on their products That too is a big fat lie.40 The Food Label Fallacy Well. I just got back in after appearing on Breakfast Television here in Toronto. BPHE. RHN www.ca . I was invited on the morning show to talk about the non-sense that is going on with regards to food labeling in North America. In my research on this matter I noticed that the only food products that had health check approvals were those from big-money food conglomerates. fat content low (and absent in trans-fats). 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. A recent investigation into this subject revealed that one of the big food companies had paid more than $2 million to have their soups approved with the health check symbol. It's just another reason to eat whole fresh foods. The second can of tomatoes had no health check yet the only ingredient here was organic tomatoes! How does make any sense? It's absolutely absurd and misleading to millions of consumers. and sugars negligible. As it turns out. If you see any ingredients that seem suspicious they most likely are. Ask yourself "Was this ingredient used when my grandmother was a child?" If the answer is NO then you probably shouldn't be eating it! The sodium should be minimal. if you need to buy packaged foods then be sure to first look at the list of ingredients.TotalWellnessConsulting. are not! One of the comparisons I made was between two cans of tomatoes. that actually healthier for you.

CK.41 In general though.TotalWellnessConsulting. RHN www.ca . BPHE. you want to choose a wider variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.

ages 16-64. It is little surprise that there has also been a corresponding rise in obesity and diabetes rates during this same time frame. heart patients rarely change their diet. any level. Surprisingly. 35-65.TotalWellnessConsulting. unintentional injuries. reduced physical education in schools and increased consumption of high-fructose corn syrup have massively contributed to the obesity explosion. The American Heart Association revealed that over 410. And the link between obesity. Their 23-year analysis demonstrated three categories of decline: high level. and heart disease has already been established through relationships such as Syndrome X. Men typically develop heart disease 10-15 years earlier than women— consequently dying in their prime. influenza and pneumonia. vegetable and fiber intake and were eating a ‘disturbing’ amount of trans fat. stroke. conducted a follow-up study of 555 heart disease patients for a year. The latest findings mark the first shift since the mid-1960s. RHN www. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that in 2003. CK. Yunsheng Ma of the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Of these deaths. A February 11 Reuters article demonstrates this finding. Dr. there has been an upswing in heart disease over the last 20 years. He and his colleagues discovered that few met “recommendations for fruit.ca . diabetes. You’d think they would considering they just suffered a heart attack but apparently old habits die hard. just over a million American men died.” 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. which has now become an epidemic in North America.000 men died of cardiovascular disease in 2004 and about one-fourth of all heart disease-related deaths occur in men. kidney disease. Alzheimer's disease). when a decline in heart disease began.42 Heart Health Alert! According to the Mayo Clinic (and every other authority for that matter). suicide. In the study. In fact. BPHE. diabetes. researchers from the Mayo Clinic and University of British Columbia reported that of 515 people. The researchers stated that 83% of that group had signs of coronary artery disease (CAD) and around 8% had a high level of the disease. 82% (425 persons) had “a degree of coronary artery atherosclerosis assessed at autopsy. age 16 on up – suggesting heart disease doesn’t only affect men and women in their 50s and 60s. the growth of fast food chains and larger portion sizes. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease/COPD. The introduction of computers and a more sedentary lifestyle. the degree of these declines stopped after 1995 and may have actually headed upward— after the year 2000. and average degree of CAD. approximately 80% died of heart disease or one of the nine other leading causes of death among American men (cancer. Yet. a recent study found clogged arteries in young adults.

TotalWellnessConsulting.” • The average score was 30.8% at four or more servings of fruit daily • Less than 8% met cereal fiber recommendations • Only 50% exercised for at least 20 minutes at least once in the past 3 months One of the problems is only 20% had cardiac rehabilitation following an event. Keeping Your Heart Healthy Regardless of your age.8—out of 80 • Only 12.43 According to the article. their programs typically focused on exercise.need help? Click here to try Fitter U. researchers used the Alternate Healthy Eating Index (AHEI). those that did. regular exercise. • Minimize consumption of refined sugars. a measurement of heart-healthy eating. BPHE. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Here are a number of preventive steps you can take: • Stop smoking or using tobacco products • Eat a varied diet rich in living fruits and vegetables • Minimize consumption of animal fats. RHN www. amount of trans fat consumed. you need to start making healthier lifestyle changes now. CK. and cooked plant fats. trans-fat. • Maintain a healthy weight • Exercise at least 30 minutes every day .4% at five or more vegetable servings daily • Only 7. • Have your cholesterol and blood pressure tested • Diabetics should keep blood sugar under control through proper nutrition. including “fruit and vegetable consumption.ca . and positive lifestyle habits. and ratio of white-to-red meat eaten. not nutrition.

44 How to Lose Weight Learning From the Eating Behaviours of Overweight People . CK. This also appears to be characteristic of formerly obese subjects and. and other confounding variables. Considering that 1 lb of fat is equal to 3500 calories. And in the long run. Get more active and start with low intensity cardio exercise that specifically burns fat. A lot of the research is inconclusive and some conflicting. Fat Burning Remedies: 1. For decades. researchers have been fascinated by the precise eating habits of overweight and obese people. to lose 1 lb of fat would take about 1 week if you did nothing else but reduce you caloric intake by about 15%. meaning that you need to consume fewer calories than you expend. losing weight has been “dummied-down” to creating a negative energy balance. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. a predisposition to obesity appears to be associated with defects in the ability to raise fat oxidation (or fat burning) in proportion to moderate or high fat intakes.Part 1 Losing weight begins by eating healthier foods and exercising on a regular basis. Walking for at least 30 minutes every day is a great start. with the necessary equilibration of fat intake and oxidation (fat burning) being achieved through expansion of fat stores. their fascination has not been easy to translate into concrete conclusions due to the complexity of eating behaviours. weight loss. as you can imagine. In general. if not through increased physical activity.ca . To achieve your weight loss goals it is also helpful to understand what prevents others from not just losing weight but also packing it on. However.TotalWellnessConsulting. non-obese restrained eaters. RHN www. Compromised Fat Burning Ability According to researchers from the International Journal of Obesity. It has been proposed that obesity is an adaptive response to a high-fat diet. This indicates that the body of an overweight individual (for whatever reason) is less able to burn fat as more fat is consumed. the only effective method for accomplishing this negative energy balance for weight loss is through a combination of regular exercise and a more moderate consumption of food. BPHE. Follow the Fat Burning Remedies for weight loss solutions to each issue. notably. but what follows are some of the more clear cut conclusions regarding eating behaviours that lead to weight.

ca . (1993). S32S36. BPHE. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. References: Astrup. 3. Use a fat-specific digestive enzyme such as lipase before eating. Resistance train using your bodyweight or weights 3-4 times per week. Resistance training is equally important since the more lean muscle you develop. CK. substrate balances and body fat in subjects with a predisposition to obesity.45 2. RHN www. Lipase specifically digests and breaks down fat in the body and helps prevent healthy fats from being unused. Diet composition. Suppl. 3. the more you boost your fat burning metabolism.TotalWellnessConsulting. A. International Journal of Obesity 17.

Today. This might be due to actual dieting or the fact that many overweight individuals may be engaged in a chronic struggle to restrain their eating against a biological drive toward further weight gain. and short-term weight fluctuation.having a faulty fat burning engine. inversely related to the size of the preloads in subjects scoring low on the Restraint Scale. one.46 How to Lose Weight Learning From the Eating Behaviours of Overweight People . While actual intake of ice-cream was. One of the crucial but initially surprising behavioural findings and correlates of restraint was a tendency to exhibit ‘disinhibited’ eating. as expected.Part 2 In part 1. a researcher from Psychology Today suggested that the obese-normal differences in eating behaviour could be due to greater hunger experienced by obese individuals. and then asked to consume ice-cream ad libitum as part of a ‘taste’test.TotalWellnessConsulting. This was demonstrated through a fascinating experiment whereby subjects were given “preloads” (a premeal) of zero. “I’ve blown it already. the presence 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. or two glasses of a milkshake. RHN www. so I might as well eat!” Many factors other than food preloads have been shown to precipitate overeating in restrained eaters. compared with the same preload identified as low in energy. BPHE. The pattern of thinking identified with such behaviour has been characterized as. such as emotional events (including anxiety). the ice-cream consumption of restrained subjects paradoxically increased with a greater preload! Subsequent studies showed that restrained subjects tended to eat more after a preload identified as high in energy. we talked about one of the predispositions to being overweight . This paradoxical behaviour apparently occurs when the perceived intake of energy is sufficient to cause normally restrained eaters to suspend their self-imposed restraint. The role of restrained eating in eating behaviour was initially explored in a series of studies by Herman and his colleagues (published in the Journal of Personality) assessing the concern with dieting and weight. CK.ca . thereby releasing an underlying desire to eat. Restrained Eaters Eat More In 1972. we're going to look at a specific eating behaviour that has led many people (especially those who diet) to pack on excess pounds. Follow the Fat Burning Remedies at the end to make sure you don't fall into the same trap.

term failure of losing weight. C. & Mack. Since you’ll be supplying your body with the minerals and nutrients it needs. Choose foods that are “nutrient-dense” not “energy-dense”. Restrained and unrestrained eating. the sight and smell of well-liked foods. at the same time. Mendelson. It’s no wonder that more than 60% of the North American population is overweight. Mela. (1975). Leiter and R. and even the anticipation of a forthcoming high food intake. London: John Libbey & Co. especially tendency for disinhibited eating. pp. C. and perhaps longer. editors]. In relation to the development or maintenance of obesity. Lau. Stop dieting! Severely restricting your caloric intake and depriving yourself can only lead to further weight gain.ca . (1996). L. your body will no longer crave “non-foods” as it did before. References: Herman. Anderson.TotalWellnessConsulting. and sprouted seeds and grains. D. D. Angel. BPHE. RHN www. CK. Fat Burning Remedies: 1. and suggest potential causal links between restraint and compulsive eating. The paradox is that we live in a weight-obsessed culture and environment where slimness is promoted as the ideal of beauty. 647-660. energy-dense foods and opportunities to eat are ubiquitous. These include fresh fruits and vegetables. Bouchard. remains suggestive. These findings confirm a major influence of cognition on short-term food intake. the role of restrained eating and related behaviours. J.47 of other people overeating. Journal of Personality 43. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. P. not weight loss! 2. D. 423430 [A. healthy fats. Assessing the dietary implications of macronutrient substitutes. In Progress in Obesity Research 7. H. self-control and success while.

and avocados that have not been cooked provide some of the best sources of healthy fats that actually do your body tremendous good – and they’ll actually help you burn fat! Living foods recipes such as raw chocolate any other amazing dishes are not only highly nourishing but are incredibly palatable. This means that high-fat foods (cooked or rancid fats to be exact) can be addictive by conditioning our sensory system to enjoy and subsequently crave such foods. coconut. Avoid cooked and rancid fats and oil. choose natural living foods. durian. For many people.ca . and that analysis suggests that postconsumption. cacao. BPHE. Palatability. but because such foods may present a particularly potent stimulus for the breakdown of restraint. RHN www. cashews. now onto the third eating behaviour that may lead to weight gain.. Transition to eating 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. the palatability (taste) of “energy-dense” (high calorie) foods may not be of concern solely because of their inherent nutritional composition. which makes them addictive and hard to put down. olives. and consumption of. The basis for fat preferences in general was recently reviewed in the journal Progress in Obesity Research. Present knowledge is consistent with the view that preferences for.TotalWellnessConsulting. unfortunately many of these “traditional” yummy foods are fairly high in fat (and not the good kind). and overeating of these or other foods. High-Fat Foods and Weight Gain It makes sense that we would want to eat foods that taste better.Part 3 Ok. although the fundamental cause of high fat preferences and intakes in obesity remains somewhat obscure. dietary fat (specifically cooked and rancid fats) are linked to weight gain.48 How to Lose Weight Learning From the Eating Behaviours of Overweight People .. Instead. Consumption of diets moderate or high in fat or energy density (with low physical activity levels) appears to be critically implicated in the development of obesity amongst susceptible individuals. Fat Burning Remedies: 1. right? Well. through which a liking for fat-associated sensory qualities is acquired by experience. CK. “psychobiological” effects of fats may contribute to an associative conditioning process. loss of dietary control. Foods such as walnuts. Palatability is commonly invoked as an explanation of overeating leading to obesity.

D. Leiter and R. In Progress in Obesity Research 7. Lau. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.TotalWellnessConsulting. L. follow the fat burning remedies recommended in this article and your weight loss efforts will be rewarded! References: Mela. RHN www. editors]. creates ideal nutritional and psychological conditions for excessive food intakes leading to weight gain and perhaps obesity. now that you understand some of the eating mechanism for gaining weight you have the power to change.49 more living foods and watch your cravings for addictive foods vanish into thin air! Conclusion By any mechanism. D. Anderson.ca . London: John Libbey & Co. high-fat foods. H. Angel. Assessing the dietary implications of macronutrient substitutes. or given a tendency for uninhibited eating. the physiological effects of energy-dense. Bouchard. (1996). C. J. CK. Mendelson. pp. when combined with a heightened responsiveness to such foods. Nonetheless. BPHE. Simply. 423430 [A.

Saliva testing is easy and inexpensive. Ideally. you can get a pretty good idea of your body’s general acid-alkaline state. which comes in a small roll and is available at most health food or drug stores. But how do you know what your body’s pH level currently is? How do you know if you’re too acidic? Well. In other words. lips. your saliva pH should be between 7. Urine Testing Urine testing also uses pH paper.ca . It usually costs between $10 and $15. whether you like it or not – simply based on our crazy diet and hectic lifestyle. Over time. and vital organs to compensate and buffer the excess acid. If your pH routinely tests acidic then you’re body is most likely consistently acidic. which means that your body may be dumping alkaline minerals from your muscles. and greater energy. Nonetheless. Try not to let it touch your tongue. place a 2-inch strip of litmus paper in your urine stream 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. bones. your blood (the most important tissue) requires a slightly alkaline pH between 7. Remember.0 and 7.35 – 7. The best time to test your saliva is first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything. or gums.4 as it is naturally slightly more acidic than the blood. fat loss. by keeping a log over time.45. here are some simple methods for helping you quantify whether your body is too acidic or whether is has just the pH balance. Also. Simply but some pH paper (litmus paper). Saliva Testing Saliva testing gives a general range of the saliva’s pH and should be used only as a rough guide.TotalWellnessConsulting. Immediately check the strip’s color against the color scale on the back of the roll.50 How to Test Your Body's pH Level One of the fundamental components of my book Eating for Energy is the importance of proper pH balance within the body. most likely you are. our body’s ability to maintain an appropriate acid-alkaline balance for optimal health. RHN www. BPHE. CK. Simply tear off a 1-2 inch strip of the litmus paper and place it under your tongue in some saliva. To test your urine. It is more accurate than saliva testing but should still be used as a general guideline of your body’s overall acid-alkaline status. it can provide a broad picture of your overall state of acid-alkaline balance.

If you find that your blood is too acidic then you’ll most likely also have any number of symptoms including fatigue. frequent colds or illness. These are 2 of the most convenient and common pH testing methods. RHN www. your urine’s pH should be around 6. being overweight.TotalWellnessConsulting.51 or collect some of your urine in a paper cup and dip one side of the paper strip into it.ca . For best accuracy you can have a look at your living blood through a process called “Live Cell Microscopy”. Similarly to the saliva. lethargy. Not to mention reading my book.8. your urine should be slightly more acidic than the blood. deep breathing. and many more! To combat the negative effects of an acidic body you need to alkalize your body – obviously! This can be done through a number of methods including eating more green vegetables and juices. exercising. As with saliva testing. and drinking lemon water. BPHE. Keep a log of your results over time for best accuracy of your body’s pH state. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Ideally. you should test your urine first thing in the morning. Eating for Energy. CK.

Obsession with a particular food 2. Food sits too long in the digestive tract All of these factors place extra burden on the immune system and allow time for it to mount an immune response against a given food. CK. A good way to know for sure if you’re addicted to a certain food is if there’s initial relief when the craving is satisfied (by eating the food) but then the craving returns shortly thereafter. One of the reasons we become addicted to certain foods is that these are often the food residues that are most present in our blood. Cravings often go hand-in-hand with allergies.52 Why You Are Addicted to Certain Foods Like with any drug you can become addicted to certain foods. In the case of food addiction it is a little bit different. Some experts believe that cleansing the blood through alkalizing green juices and other cleansing protocols can help.ca . This is not a good thing for overtime these foods end up becoming a source of unneeded stress in our body. Over time. The 4 Signs of a Food Addiction 1. Over-consumption of a particular food 2. In the case of a drug addiction the cause is usually due to the specific receptors for that drug not being “filled”. this leads to an overburdened immune system that eventually becomes fatigued and no longer able to deal with the allergen (the food that is craved). RHN www. Denial 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Lack of control when around that food 4. This causes the feeling of withdrawal and the urge for more of the drug. By consistently eating the foods we most crave. BPHE. Negative consequences upon eating it 3. The 3 Main Causes of Food Addiction 1. we place a tremendous stress on our immune system. Too frequently consumed 3. We are often allergic (or sensitive) to the precise foods we crave.TotalWellnessConsulting. We are often allergic to our most desired foods because each time the craving is satisfied there is a dampening of the immune system.

since I’ve radically altered my diet and have more or less removed wheat and dairy. Start today! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. The results have been outstanding. I craved these foods (and still do to some degree) and ate them incessantly. and dairy. Unfortunately. and eventually an autoimmune condition called alopecia where the immune system attacks the body’s hair follicles. asthma. I was brought up on breads. This is a whole other topic but little things like “really” chewing your food and using a digestive enzyme can make the world of a difference! You too can get rid of food cravings with Eating for Energy. after years of abusing my body with these “drugs” my immune system had had enough.ca . environmental allergies. CK. and my asthma (which was out of control when I was young) is now almost undetectable. Nowadays. pasta. My triumphs are not miraculous but rather simple commitments to improving my digestion. and eating more raw vegetables and fruit. Improving your digestion is also absolutely paramount. RHN www. I know longer have to wear gloves over my hands to hide what used to be terrible eczema. Because of this constant bombardment I had developed an allergic terrain which manifested eczema.53 In my case.TotalWellnessConsulting. This can be very difficult for most people so I usually suggest to begin by eating more raw whole foods. I enjoy much greater health and have regained the hair that I once lost (although I still keep my head shaved because I like it!). rebalancing my intestinal flora. Furthermore. Getting plenty of alkalinity through green salads and juices and preparing alternatives to your favourite foods so that you’re prepared if you slip back into old habits. BPHE. The best way to identify and then eradicate food addictions is to follow an elimination diet whereby you remove the suspected food from your diet for 4-6 weeks and then slowly reintroduce it to test its consequences. cereals. The key is to identify which foods you most crave and avoid or minimize their consumption.

these pathogens feed on the sugar. and expel toxic wastes that make us feel and look even worse. The sugar. Only once you rid your body of excess acid and restore its proper pH balance will you be able to shed excess fat. and bacteria . and the acidity that it creates. and so forth. Since excess acid in the blood will eventually be stored in fat cells. our body begins to crave more sugar in the form of sweets. Elevated blood sugar and blood lipid levels are usually the result. The Liver.54 Want to Lose Weight? STOP Eating Sugar! Sugar may taste sweet but its health effects are anything but. sugar-laden foods. We end up feeding these microorganisms and fuel their growth and place further toxic acid into our body. BPHE. Because these critters feed on sugar.TotalWellnessConsulting. it is futile to further acidify your body if you want to lose weight. RHN www. Excessive sugar consumption throws the body’s pH levels out of balance making it harder for us to lose weight and maintain good health. multiply. CK. your weight loss attempts will be in vain. the toxins they expel create more acid in our blood and pose added stress on our liver. In turn. nutrient void. an excess intake of calories through sugar obviously leads to weight gain (considering everything else remains equal). a large portion of our sugar intake comes from hidden sources which include: • Livestock are often fed sugar prior to slaughter to improve the color and taste of the meat. fungi. This is because the liver is not only the body’s major filter but it also regulates sugar and fat metabolism. breads.ca . As this vicious cycle continues not only do we feed these toxin-producing microorganisms but we also intake huge amounts of calorie-rich. Over time. then it can more readily be metabolized.ultimately making it much harder to lose weight and maintain optimal health. and Weight Loss The other aspect of sugar that prevents weight loss is the fact that as we fuel more and more microorganisms. provides an internal environment that is ripe for the overgrowth of dangerous yeasts. Similarly. Hidden Sources of Sugar While we typically eat a lot of sugar in the form of desserts and sugary beverages. If fat isn’t needed to store acid. Toxins. If the liver is not functioning properly then its ability to metabolize sugar and fats will also be compromised. Acid. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. pastas. if your liver becomes stressed and compromised as a result of having to filter tons of toxins floating through your blood.

You’re much better off eating natural sugar from fruit then chemically altered and manufactured refined sugar that you can buy from a store. especially greens. and relish are heavy sources of sugar. • Sugar is added to many mixes and roasted nuts. and cereals contain added sugar of some sort. In fact. • Canned fish are often glazed with sugar.TotalWellnessConsulting. BPHE. Greens are one of the best sources of alkalinity and help rid your body of excess acid produced by sugar consumption. sugar is most often the first ingredients in these foods. The key is move away from packaged and processed foods and move towards fresh whole foods. • Condiments such as ketchup. RHN www.ca .55 • Corn syrup and molasses are often used in restaurants to prevent shrinkage of hamburgers. mustard. CK. pastas. • Most breads. • Most table salts contain sugar. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. So as you can see we are bombarded by sugar. The choice is yours but if you want to lose weight then you need to make the right choice. Opt for more fresh vegetables and fruit.

. First and foremost. has many detrimental effects on the body. Sugar is used as an additive in foods ranging from meat to ketchup to salt. and compromises the health of our vital organs. the naturally occurring minerals and vitamins in the sugarcane plant are completely removed. are still present in the product. arthritis. which imposes further stress on the body’s energy metabolism regulation. It is known to compromise the immune system response for between 4-6 hours. The manner in which sugar is processed exacerbates the problem. dextrose. More than 60 chemicals are used in the processing of natural sugarcane’s thick beige stalks into the fine. lowering the body’s natural defenses and making less capable of fighting harmful pathogens. In fact. At same time. One such mineral is chromium. diabetes. In packaged foods sugar can take the form of glucose. disrupts normal mineral relationships. while wreaking havoc on our blood sugar levels (promoting diabetes and weight gain) and leading to excess caloric consumption. hormonal disruptions. Refined sugar is one of the worst poisons you can put into your body. The fact chromium is not present in refined sugar poses a problem for sugar uptake and metabolism. This is one of the reasons why refined sugar causes a rapid spike and then crash in blood sugar levels. and many other degenerative diseases. The major concern is that sugar provides no real nutritional value. sucrose. then here a couple of strategies that will help you from joining the “dark side”: 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Many of these chemicals. the greater the likelihood for disease to flourish.ca . BPHE. cataracts. Chromium is a critical player in the body’s ability to uptake sugar from the blood and into the cells.56 Sugar..it Ain't So Sweet! The average person in North America consumes 150 lbs of refined sugar per year! This is astronomical in contrast to the 5 lbs per year consumed by the average person at the turn of the 20th century. obesity. It suppresses the immune system. especially in its refined state. CK. Sugar. including bleaches and deodorizes.TotalWellnessConsulting. It’s no wonder that research has linked sugar consumption to cancer. This means that sugar consumption throws off your pH balance so that your blood and other important become more acidic. white granular table sugar that we’re all to familiar with. the majority of our sugar intake comes from hidden and unexpected sources such as processed and packaged foods. And it’s not just the refined table sugar that is the problem. or the ever-present high-fructose corn syrup. If you’re a big sweet tooth and constantly seeking your next fix. RHN www. osteoporosis. The more acidic your body becomes. it is highly acid-forming.

Agave is probably best since it is a much lower glycemic index option. or maple syrup if you must sweeten your foods. • When you get a sugar craving drink a big glass of water. salads. you purify your blood. which is favourable for maintaining normal blood sugar levels. • Alkalize your body through lemon water and green juices. RHN www. • Eat schizandra berries or take a schizandra supplement. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. and drinking lemon water. Since we often crave what is in our blood. • Supplement with chromium. Supplementing with 200 mcg/day of chromium can be immensely powerful at restoring normal blood sugar levels and ensuring proper sugar metabolism. CK. Chromium is a mineral that is often lacking in our foods (because everything is so refined).ca . Many times we have cravings for unnecessary reasons such as being bored. As you alkalize your body. Drinking a tall glass of water can help curb this urge and prevent you from making the choices that you will later regret.57 • Use natural sweeteners such as agave. This is accomplished through plenty of green juices. honey.TotalWellnessConsulting. it is necessary to cleanse the blood of excess sugar and acidic compounds. BPHE. This natural herb/berry helps restore normal blood sugar levels and can help reduce the need for sugar.

Electrolytes such as sodium. and chloride are all "perspired" away in hot conditions. Instead try this delicious and quenching "natural sports drink" from my book Eating for Energy: 500 ml water or coconut water (coconut water is nature's sports drink) Juice of 1 lime Juice of 1 lemon 4-5 tbsp of maple syrup Pinch of sea salt * Combine all these ingredients and enjoy! This natural energy and electrolyte replenisher will keep you exercising longer and recovering quicker from your outdoor workouts . That's why your skin is salty when it's sweaty. As a base. Hydration Help With exercise in the heat comes a substantial amount of sweat.your body is already slightly dehydrated. the more water you need to drink. commercial sports drinks are consumed to help replenish these electrolytes as well as depleted sugar stores but my issue with these drinks is that contain nasty food dyes and colourings that don't do your body good. the more sweat you lose. BPHE. or even a slight headache. then you should be drinking at least 75 oz of water per day. then these are also signs that you haven't had enough water. Generally. If your lips are chapped.TotalWellnessConsulting. you should be drinking half your weight in ounces. If the weather is hot then you'll also benefit from drinking ice cold water for this will help lower your body temperature. If you're active then that number will obviously go up. potassium. However. RHN www. If you're exercising outside then you want to ensure that you are rehydrating yourself with water at least every 15-20 minutes. This is your body's way of keeping you cool. A good rule of thumb is that if you're thirsty then it's too late . 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.58 Hot Weather Hydration With the hot weather now approaching (at least for us in the northern hemisphere) the importance of proper hydration cannot be forgotten. the more calories you burn during your day. So it's also important to replenish these lost electrolytes. So if you weigh 150 lbs. Normally. the more electrolytes (and water) you also lose. mouth and throat dry.especially in hot conditions.ca . CK.

It’s by eating nutrient-void foods (ie. However. Food enzymes are so powerful because they help digest the foods you eat and help provide the necessary catalysts for every single chemical reaction in the body. processed and fast foods. then your body is forced to send out its “limited” digestive enzymes to do the work. Eventhough you don’t have to eat as much food when you eat living raw foods. Since your body is receiving more minerals.ca . BPHE. When foods are heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit 100% of their enzymes are destroyed – not to mention the majority of their vitamins and minerals as well. Furthermore. and phytonutrients than it’s used to. Reason #1 – Raw Foods are Nutrient Dense By choosing to eat more raw fruits and vegetables you inevitably bring more vital nutrients into your body. For instance. you can still get away with eating more food without packing on the pounds.TotalWellnessConsulting. you actually consume less food. the fact that you heated this “fatty fruit” means that the fats inside the avocado have now become rancid and are now dangerous to your body. etc…) that your body will constantly seek new foods simply because it’s trying to meet its mineral quota. colas. a raw avocado will digest itself inside the body because it contains the enzyme lipase – which breaks down fat. which facilitate their host’s (the food) digestion. unrecognizable. But here’s the irony. CK. Your body’s precious digestive enzymes need not worry. It’s also quite funny that we’re the only species that struggles with obesity and a contrasting weight obsessed culture. RHN www. How many wild animals suffer from obesity (or even other human diseases for that matter)? NONE! Why? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they eat living foods – that is foods that are not cooked. and more easily stored as fat! Reason #3 – Raw Foods are Water-Rich 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Here’s why… Reason #2 – Raw Foods Contain Food Enzymes Natural living foods are unique because they contain enzymes. if you cook this avocado.59 Why Eating Raw Foods Will Help You Lose Weight The concept of eating natural raw foods in their living state makes sense to every species in the world except for humans. vitamins. So let’s have a quick look at how eating more raw foods can help you lose weight (and keep you amazingly healthy).

When foods are cooked. they become dehydrated as their water is “burned” away.ca . and watch your body melt the fat away and return to its ideal weight! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. The clarity of mind. As a result. Just watch the energy you will feel. their incredible water content is left intact. It is also an essential component for anyone trying to lose weight. You Need to Feel it to Believe it! I could write all day about the benefits of eating more raw living foods. Oh yeah. CK. This takes more energy and dehydrates your body – not a good thing! But since raw foods are water-rich they provide your body with tons of fresh water. This is important since water is needed to flush away toxins and “garbage” from within the body. RHN www. the less hungry you become. The more water you drink. The calmness and tranquility.60 Because raw foods are not cooked. the body is forced to work harder and use its own water to digest the food.TotalWellnessConsulting. BPHE. But the only way to ultimately understand the power of eating natural fresh foods is simply to do it.

and E and folic acid. and lutein. any food (or berry) that has a deep colourful hue will most likely be a high source of 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. interim findings from 10 patients with BE supported the finding that daily consumption of BRB promoted reductions in two markers of oxidative stress. cranberry. beta-carotene. a rapidly increasing and extremely deadly form of cancer. Berries contain high levels of a diverse range of phytochemicals. flavonols. black raspberry.TotalWellnessConsulting. and strawberry extracts inhibit the growth of human oral. CK. modulate cell cycle arrest. and induce apoptosis (programmed cell death) in cancer cells with little or no negative effects in normal cells. At the time of the publication. a pre-cancerous esophageal condition. proanthocyanidins. triterpene esters. and phenolic acids. Some researchers have studied the health benefit of specific berries while others have focused on isolating the health-promoting bioactive compounds that give berries their claim to fame. calcium and selenium. C. and prostate cancer cells. BPHE. a 2006 study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry showed that blackberry. colon. For example.61 Prevent Cancer by Eating Berries It has been well established that a diet high in fruits and vegetables is helpful in preventing many diseases including cancer. Some of the known cancer-preventive agents present in berries include vitamins A. They are all more or less different types of antioxidants. phytosterols such as beta-sitosterol and stigmasterol. respectively) of freeze dried black raspberry powder (BRB) to patients with Barrett’s esophagus (BE).ca . the journal Nutrition and Cancer published a 6-month cancer-preventive pilot study that was conducted by administering 32g or 45g (female and male. breast. ellagitannins. are able to inhibit cell proliferation. but their biological properties extend beyond antioxidation. blueberry. If you’re not familiar with the majority of these compounds then don’t worry. and phenolic molecules such as anthocyanins. In fact. What has also been feverishly investigated is the effects of berries on the body. red raspberry. That berries exhibit potent antioxidative properties is widely accepted. RHN www. most of which are phenolic molecules. As a rule of thumb. berries also exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. In 2006. So it goes without saying that berries are a blessing. These traits make berries an awesome addition to any health-minded diet. alpha-carotene. BE’s importance lies in the fact that it confers a 30-40-fold increased risk for the development of esophageal adenocarcinoma.

Here’s a berry-licious recipe to get your taste buds started: Berry Fusion Breakfast ½ cup each of blueberries. to your morning cereal and salads. blackberries ¼ cup goji berries. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.ca .62 antioxidants. soaked (optional) 4 tbsp shredded dried coconut 1 cup rice or nut milk of choice *Combine berries in a bowl. raspberries. strawberries. ENJOY! Get more great recipes here. sprinkle coconut overtop. BPHE. and top with milk. RHN www. The key is to incorporate a wide variety of different colours in order to benefit from all their respective antioxidant properties. CK. Add berries to your smoothies.TotalWellnessConsulting. or enjoy them on their own.

prevention and treatment of skin diseases.TotalWellnessConsulting.but primarily only if fish oil is the omega-3 source (more in just few lines). But what if I told you that one of these oils doesn’t present us with a viable or usable source of omega-3s in the body? Pretty shocking. Each was given 750mg for 3 weeks and then 1. They were divided into 3 groups. Both the EPA groups had significant increases in EPA in red blood cells however there was no increase in EPA in the ALA (flax) group. eh! Well the truth of the matter is that fish oil offers you a much better omega-3 “bang for your buck”. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. One got ALA (alpha linolenic acid from flax) and the other two with a supplemental form of EPA. Why? It all boils down to two important compounds known as EPA and DHA. I will often add flaxseed oil to many of my salad dressings and other foods but it is not the oil I use for EPA and DHA.500mg for 3 weeks in a supplement. We need EPA and DHA to protect our heart. Neither the ALA nor EPA group showed significant increases in DHA. RHN www. Having said. They all had normal cholesterol and were asked to eat olive oil as their oil source. which. One study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition evaluated 45 healthy men and post-menopausal women (18 to 65). means that we should also supplement with DHA.63 Is Fish Oil Really Better Than Flaxseed Oil? Fish oil or flaxseed oil? That is the question posed by millions of health-conscious people each day. Why Not Just Eat Flax? For decades a debates have been fought about whether flaxseed oil could provide adequate levels of EPA. arthritis. Flaxseed oil is a wonderful healing oil but it is not a source of EPA. But what is the main reason why millions of people are reaching for either fish oil or flaxseed oil? If you said omega-3 fatty acids then you’re correct. CK. The verdict . for immune function and more. BPHE.ca . Omega-3 fatty acids are ultimately broken down into these two fatty acid derivatives .flaxseed should never be used for its EPA producing ability. Research shows that flaxseed oil is poorly converted to EPA and that it provides absolutely no DHA. for healthy brain and eye development.

BPHE.ca . The Flax Council of Canada states that flaxseed has a limited conversion to EPA in healthy people of up to only 8%! However. and for the development of the nervous system and visual abilities. DHA research has also shown it reduces the risk of heart disease. new sophisticated studies are showing that this is even rare. stops the conversion of ALA to EPA. It is essential for smart babies too. vegans. and DHA. and raw foods dieters are also at risk of insufficient DHA unless they supplement with DHA. besides the fact that these artificially-enhanced foods provide no nutritional value whatsoever. we are looking for the creation of prostaglandins 1 and 3 which are fastacting anti-inflammatory hormone-like molecules. B6. Ideally.TotalWellnessConsulting. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. The human brain is about 60% fat. CK. vitamin C DHA for the Brain Perhaps you may have seen recent commercials promoting “white bread” now infused with DHA and then claiming that this “white bread” is now essential for the healthy development of our children’s brains and nervous systems. Well. The reasons why the Delta-6-desaturase enzyme does not work as well as why we can't convert ALA to EPA are as follows: * Anyone with diabetes has a faulty delta-6 enzyme * Viral infection * Allergic disease * High cholesterol * Stress hormones * Aging * Menopause (menopausal women have been found to have an inactive enzyme) * Alcohol * Smoking * Arachidonic acid * Saturated fat * Trans fatty acid consumption in the diet * Nutrient deficiency of Zinc.64 The reason why the flax ALA group did not witness an increase in EPA in red blood cells is because of an enzyme in the body that is needed to convert ALA to EPA. and DHA is one of the crucial structural fatty acids in both the brain and the retina. RHN www. Many vegetarians. the point still remains that DHA is essential for the proper functioning of the brain. if not working properly. This enzyme called the Delta-6-desaturase.

for the answer you’ll just have to stay tuned for the next article where I’ll talk about one of the world’s most incredible superfoods that even blows fish oil out of the water (no pun intended)! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. So if you want a super smart and healthy child you may want to consider supplementing with fish oil (not flaxseed oil) for its high content of readily available DHA and EPA. CK. DHA plays a role in our babies IQ. BPHE.65 Studies have also shown that North American babies have much lower levels of DHA than babies born in Asian countries. But what about vegans who are adamant about getting their omega-3s from plant sources? Well.TotalWellnessConsulting.ca . RHN www.

If you’re a vegan and looking for an alternative to fish then spirulina is what you want. These fish are then eaten by larger ones. spirulina fed rats absorbed 60% more iron than rats fed the iron supplement! So next time someone asks you where you’re getting your protein. Spirulina usually grows in waters of lakes naturally alkaline localized in arid zones.TotalWellnessConsulting. Cold water fish. It’s called spirulina and it is one of the most incredible foods our planet has to offer. vitamins (vitamin A. Since spirulina contains high iron concentrations its bioavailability has been tested in comparison to ferrous sulfate which is the typical iron supplement. or B12 from just tell them you’re eating an incredible blue-green powder called spirulina. Furthermore. Algaes are what small. an area exclusively aimed at spirulina growth may produce 125 times more protein if compared to an area of the same size aimed at growing corn and 70 times more protein if compared to the breeding of cattle. BPHE. Here are some more incredible nutritional characteristics of spirulina. according the journal Human Nature. dividing itself three times a day! Therefore. the spirulina presents some advantages in relation to other algae and seaweeds such as presenting no problems with digestion and no toxicity to humans. Iron is the most common mineral deficiency in the world. iron. An important note (especially for vegetarians and vegans) is that spirulina is a terrific source of vitamin B12 and iron. like spirulina. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. which are well-known for their omega-3 fatty acids. and then eventually by humans. Spirulina is a blue-green algae. are athe original source of omega-3 fatty acids. For instance. One such comparison was revealed in the journal Nutrition Research. Spirulina has unparalleled health benefits (explained later) and is an incredibly sustainable food source. RHN www. even if indirectly. owe their “omega-3 fame” to the consumption algaes such as spirulina. bottomfeeding fish consume. especially) and tons of important minerals from deep in the seabed. spirulina is the probably the highest vegetarian protein source consisting of 60-70% protein! It is also rich in chlorophyll and carotenoids. Spirulina – the omega-3 food choice for vegans! Now let’s get to the good stuff. For starters.66 Move Over Fish Oil – Vegans Bring in the Spirulina For all those vegans (and non-vegans) out there who are hesitant to supplement with fish oil there’s an even better solution for you. This is because algaes. CK. This can’t be said for other seaweeds such as Chlorella. spirulina presents a fast reproduction rate.ca .

67 Aside from human breast milk and evening primrose oil, spirulina is the only food source rich in gamma linoleic acid (GLA). The GLA content comprises 25% of the total polyunsaturated fatty acid content of spirulina, a number that is much higher than the GLA content of evening primrose oil (only 7%)! The Importance of GLA GLA is essential fatty acid that has numerous benefits to the body. Along with omega-3 fatty acids, GLA has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Both are excellent skin fatty acids for preventing and treating eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles, rashes and more. Research has confirmed that GLA has positive effects in breast cancer treatment; they enhance lubrication in those with Sjogren's syndrome; help relieve PMS symptoms, breast pain, skin conditions (including eczema and psoriasis, and wrinkles), and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children; improve cardiovascular health, mental health; and much more! A British study published in 2000 observed women who had locally advanced and metastatic breast cancer (when cancer cells spread elsewhere in the body). They found that women with breast cancer who were taking Tamoxifen (a drug that blocks estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer) and received GLA demonstrated faster clinical response than those taking Tamoxifen alone. Study participants received 3 grams of GLA. The researchers concluded that GLA was a useful adjunct to primary Tamoxifen treatment with no serious side effects: "… this study suggests high-dose oral GLA to be a valuable new agent in the treatment of hormone-sensitive breast cancer." Spirulina’s Effects on Blood Lipids and Cholesterol Numerous studies on rats have shown that spirulina has powerful effects on blood lipids and cholesterol. Almost all these studies show a reduction in LDL (bad) cholesterol, triglycerides, and fat deposits in the arteries upon consuming spirulina. A human study investigating the cholesterol-lowering effect of spirulina published in Nutrition Reports International looked at 30 male volunteers who had mild hyperlipidemia and mild hypertension. They were divided into two groups. Group A subjects were given spirulina at 4.2 g/day and group B subjects the same amount of spirulina for 4 weeks and, then were observed for the next 4 weeks without spirulina. The results showed a statistically significant reduction of LDL-cholesterol in Group A subjects after 8 weeks. The LDL-cholesterol also fell significantly in Group B subjects after 4 weeks of spirulina consumption, but thereafter increased to its baseline value after administration of spirulina was discontinued.
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68 Anti-Cancer and Anti-Radioactive Properties of Spirulina Several animal studies have shown that spirulina inhibits tumor and protects the body from cancer propagation. There are also unpublished reports from scientists and doctors about the radioprotective effect of spirulina in experiments conducted on child victims of the Chernobyl radiation. In a study involving 49 children, 3-7 years old, in Beryozovka, administration of spirulina for 45 days resulted in an increase in Tcell suppressors and beneficial hormones. In addition, the radioactivity of the urine decreased in 83% of the children! These are just some of the powerful benefits and healing powers possessed by spirulina. So whether or not you supplement with fish oil, I would highly recommend spirulina as an addition to your diet for lifelong health, strength, and vigor!
References: Furst PT. Spirulina – a nutricious alga, once a staple of Aztec diet, could feed many of the world hungry people. Human Nature 1978;3:60. Nakaya N, Honma Y, Goto Y (1988) Cholesterol lowering effect of Spirulina Nutr. Rep. Int. 37: 1329-1337. Johnson P, Shubert LE (1986) Availability of iron to rats from Spirulina, a blue-green alga. Nutr. Res. 6: 85-94.

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Are Cacao Nibs the Same as Cacao Powder?
Cacao (in its raw form) is one of the most incredible superfoods that our planet has to offer. It is the highest source of antioxidants of all foods and provides a tremendous amount of magnesium (the most deficient mineral amongst North Americans). Cacao is more commonly known as the main ingredient in chocolate and that's why "health experts" advise eating chocolate that is at least 70% dark chocolate basically meaning that there is more cacao (good stuff) and less sugar and milk products (bad stuff). But all these experts forget to mention that eating raw cacao is really the best way to benefits from all its health-giving glories. You can get raw cacao in two main forms: raw cacao nibs and raw cacao powder. So what is the difference? The difference between the two basically boils down to these 2 points: 1. Cacao nibs still contain most of the cacao bean's essential oils (healthy fats that also make up cacao butter). 2. Cacao nibs are grittier and don't dissolve as well as does cacao powder - an important consideration if you're making smoothies and other fun raw food desserts. My advice... 1. Get both and use them together in any of your favourite raw cacao-based recipes, OR 2. Get raw cacao nibs ONLY and run them through a coffee grinder before throwing them into your recipes - more cost effective than buying both. You can buy raw cacao in either format in pretty much all health food stores. If not, you can also get them directly from Sunfood.com.

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Dehydration is Detrimental to Resistance Exercise Adaptations!
A recent study in the Journal of Applied Physiology (July 10, 2008) reveals that being dehydrated can significantly impair the strength and body fat loss results you might be looking for from a resistance exercise program. Methods The researchers from this brand new study looked at 7 healthy, resistancetrained males and subjected them to 6 sets of squats (at 80% of 1RM) in three different hydrated states: euhydrated (normal), dehydrated (-2.5% of body mass), very dehydrated (-5% of body mass). The subjects were asked to complete as many reps (over the 6 sets) as they previously had completed during their pre-study test. The Three Main Findings of The Study Were That: 1) dehydration significantly increases circulating concentrations of stress hormones cortisol and norepinephrine, 2) dehydration attenuates the testosterone response to exercise, and 3) dehydration alters carbohydrate and fat metabolism These are significant findings if resistance exercise is an integral part of your fitness regimen (and it should be!) because it highlights the importance of remaining adequately hydrated to get the most from your strength training workouts. Several other studies have shown the negative impact of dehydration on endurance exercise but this study is one of the first to investigate the importance of exercise hydration status for resistance training individuals. Discussion of Findings The novel results from this study show that dehydration causes an increase in catabolic stress hormones such as cortisol and norepinephrine. These are hormones that are released during stressful conditions and do not favour the maintenance or building of lean body mass. Instead, as catabolic stress hormones, they are known to “break down” reserves in the body for immediate energy needs. The dehydrated exercise states likely stimulated these catabolic hormones by increasing the body’s core temperature and cardiovascular demand resulting
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In Conclusion The results of this new and novel research indicate that dehydration produces a less beneficial post-exercise hormonal milieu by increasing catabolism (break down) and potentially decreasing anabolism (build up). Again. Oh. the current study demonstrates that resistance exercise in a dehydrated state attenuates the resistance exercise-induced increases in testosterone. et al. This rise in insulin (an anabolic hormone) is known to inhibit fat breakdown. as well as 150 ml of water every 15-20 minutes during your workout. 2008.ca . July 10. Therefore. Does Dehydration Eat Away at Lean Body Mass? One of the main ways that our muscles get stronger (and larger) is via an increased release of testosterone after resistance training. Remember.TotalWellnessConsulting. therefore. BPHE. Reference: Judelson. Not a good thing if you want to preserve your lean body mass. A. glycogen). 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. CK.71 from a decreased blood plasma volume. conditions such as an elevated core body temperature and lower blood plasma volume result from having less water in the body and represent a state of “stress”. reducing the efficacy of strength workouts for strength and/or development of lean body mass. there was also a significant rise in blood glucose. and metabolism. cortisol breaks down carboydrate reserves (ie. and don’t forget to drink plenty of water and a post-exercise recovery drink or smoothie after you’re finished working out. Journal of Applied Physiology. cortisol became elevated during the dehydrated state. this study also found that there was a rise in insulin (to remove the excess glucose from the blood). be sure to drink 500ml to 1 liter of water 1-2 hours before your workouts. However. Subsequently. leading to a rise in blood sugar. catabolism. these findings suggest that if you routinely complete resistance exercises in a dehydrated state you are probably compromising the strength and body fat loss results you may have otherwise achieved! What To Do? To stay properly hydrated. Since. Effect of hydration state on resistance exercise-induced endocrine markers of anabolism. RHN www.

your mood and energy will be more stable. sugar? It's crazy! The amount of refined sugar that we eat in North America is ridiculous.. you must create a more oxygen rich. green juices.. Choose Lower Glycemic Index (GI) Foods Foods that have a lower GI do not cause you to go through the "blood sugar roller-coaster".ca . This occurs because these microorganism feed off your sugars! And remember. The result is that you end up seeking more sugar! So by choosing foods that have lower a GI. green salads deep breathing. wheatgrass or barley grass.. these little critters cannot thrive. As a result. yeast. and drinking living water. alkaline environment within your body.TotalWellnessConsulting.. only 100 years ago. You know the ride I'm talking about where you eat something sweet and feel great for a few minutes. 2. you avoid these unwanted peaks and troughs in your blood sugar levels. only to crash later on. If you fail to alkalize your body. In fact. But NOW. the proliferation of unfriendly bacteria. and fungus within your digestive tract make you crave more sugars. no other measure will make much difference! Alkalizing tips: lemon water in the morning.the white devil! How many millions of people are addicted to. the average sugar consumption was 5 lbs/person/year. RHN www. When your body is acidic. BPHE. Alkalize Your Body This first step is a MUST. CK. When your body is alkaline. You cannot overcome a sugar craving if your body is acidic.sugar equals acid. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.72 Top 3 Ways to Curb Your Sugar Craving Sugar. and crave. So in order to fend off these fungi and yeasts. and you won't have those insatiable sugar cravings. the average sugar consumption per person has skyrocketed to more than 150 lbs/year! So with sugars and sweeteners being added to so many foods how to go about minimizing and eliminating your sugar craving? Here are 3 ways that will help you overcome your sweet tooth: 1.

lentils. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. you must stop eating sugar. 3. Choose natural alternatives such as low GI fruit or a low GI sweetener such as agave nectar. It's that simple. it just might be! To have fewer sugar cravings. millet. pears. In fact. STOP EATING REFINED SUGAR! This is the most obvious one of all. green vegetables. and berries. Refined sugar is truly one of the most evil man-made poisons. BPHE.TotalWellnessConsulting.ca . chic peas. RHN www.73 Examples of low GI foods include: apples. CK. Do I even need to explain this point. amaranth. quinoa. avocados. it goes through a very similar refining process as heroin! Sugar is heroin?? For some people.

With less oxygen comes less energy. which under ideal alkaline situations. the greater will be your cravings for sugar in order to satisfy "their" hunger. Therefore. However.especially if you want to live a long. If your body is too acidic. Said otherwise. candida albicans) in the digestive tract.TotalWellnessConsulting. and other conditions. 3. then the oxygen delivery to your cells is compromised. these bugs can lead to the occurrence of colds. You Wake Up Feeling Like a Truck Hit You! Feeling tired in the morning on a consistent basis is an indication that your body is not in a very energetic (or alkaline) state. BPHE. the more of these yeasts that inhabit your digestive tract. are not harmful to you. RHN www. if you are too acidic these microorganisms literally "switch on" and become harmful to your body. healthy. and yeast (ie. viruses. CK. we don't contract bugs. Cravings for Sugar Having an acidic body promotes the proliferation of fungus. These undesirable critters feed on sugars. remedy your internal environment through alkalinity. Stop polluting your body with acid! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. But there are literally billions of people who are walking around each and every day in a chronic state of metabolic acidosis (high acid in the body) without even knowing it. Fatigue sets in and you feel like staying in bed all day! 2.74 3 Signs That Your Body is Too Acidic Living with a body that is too acidic is not a good thing .ca . So here are 3 signs that you (or someone you know) are too acidic: 1. and energetic life. we simply provide them an environment which they'll thoroughly enjoy! When your body is acidic. Frequent Colds and Infections Your internal environment is host to trillions of microorganisms. Don't kill the "bugs". molds.

RHN www. confidence. and Power Moves My great mentor... especially when I'm not feeling all that bubbly.it's impossible to feel sad when you're smiling! Next. but with just a few "power movements" I get into my zone and am energized to start my day! So here's what I do. which in turn is shaped by our physiology (or how we use our body). CK. and joy I raise my right hand above my right shoulder and whip it down across my body with a big "Shhhhh" sound. I repeat this about 3 times and then relish in the vibes of energy. The beauty is that I can repeat 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.TotalWellnessConsulting. Although I give numerous of tips and strategies on building more energy in my book.75 My 3 Secrets to Having More Energy Many people ask me "how can I get more energy?" I guess that's a fitting question since I wrote a book called Eating for Energy and focus tremendously on exercise that not makes you stronger but energizes you beyond belief. My day starts bright and early at 6:30am and to be honest some days I don't feel as energized as others. and what I love about my life. Upbeat Physiology. BPHE.ca . My 3 Energy Secrets: Visualization. Finally. come my power moves! Standing in a position of absolute certainty. I'd like to share with you 3 of my personal strategies that get me energized. This was a big trigger for me back in my soccer days and it for me it stimulates my body to the fullest. I do all of this for about 3 minutes with a huge smile on my face . always says that emotion is caused by motion. I do anywhere from 2-5 fist pumps with the accompanying "YES!" and then I'm set! • • This whole process takes less than 5 minutes and it gets me energized and into the right state to accomplish absolutely anything.the fist pump with a big "YES!". When I was first introduced to this I immediately realized that a huge amount of our energy comes from our psychology. Boy is this ever true! Simply by moving your body and using your voice with intensity can muster enough energy to last you several hours. • I start by visualizing exactly what I want to create in my life. what I'm grateful for. The intensity of this movement along with the sound creates instant energy within my body. Tony Robbins. I finish with my all-time favourite energizing power move .

CK.TotalWellnessConsulting.ca . RHN www. BPHE. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.76 my power moves at any point during my day when I need to be in a more resourceful and energetic state.

The irony is that these same foods also inhibit the growth of cancer . millet.7 times more common in women than men.ca . brussel sprouts.. High consumption of goitrogens Goitrogens are foods that suppress thyroid function.go figure! Mercury toxicity Mercury attaches to the thyroid hormone receptors and thus block thyroid hormone utilization.. adrenal fatigue may shunt away tyrosine from thyroid hormone production into stress hormone synthesis. pine nuts. Iodine deficiency Not having enough iodine in the diet impedes the synthesis of thyroid hormones since iodine is a key component of the T3 and T4 hormones.77 Diet for Underactive Thyroid Underactive thyroid (or hypothyroidism) is a common concern in Western culture. kale) and others such as soy.TotalWellnessConsulting. constipation. cauliflower. They include most of the members of the brassica family (ie. Recently. depression. cabbage. lethargy. RHN www.amongst others. I was asked the following question by one of our Eating for Energy clients: "What natural fruits and vegetables would you recommend for underactive thyroid problems?" First off. let's look at some of the factors leading to low thyroid function. the Thyroid Foundation of Canada estimates that thyroid disorders affect one in twenty Canadians and that most thyroid disorders are 5 . Adrenal fatigue Since the adrenal gland's stress hormones have the same amino acid base as the thyroid hormone (tyrosine). Diet for an Under Active Thyroid If you know that you have an under active thyroid then you will benefit from these dietary guidelines: 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Symptoms of an underactive thyroid include: weight gain. cold intolerance. and peanuts. menstrual irregularities. In fact. broccoli. CK. and dry skin. BPHE.

etc. CK.an incredible source of iodine Eat 1-2 brasil nuts each day . excessive animal fats.ca .TotalWellnessConsulting. non-foods. RHN www. Avoid goitrogenic foods (see above) or at least lightly cook them as this seems to disable their goitrogenic properties.78 • Avoid dietary stressors (food additives. BPHE. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables Eat plenty of sea vegetables . another essential mineral for proper thyroid function.they are the highest food source of selenium.. • • • • 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.) since any additional stress on the liver will compromise thyroid function even further.. coffee.

TotalWellnessConsulting. BPHE. Once again. The second method involved applying a low input of nutrients using animal manure. the third method comprised a combination of a high input of nutrients through mineral fertilisers and pesticides as legally allowed (conventional growing method). mature peas. After harvest. as much as allowed by regulation. animals were fed a diet consisting of crops grown using three different cultivation methods in two seasons. a new study showed that they are not! In this first ever study looking at retention of minerals and trace elements. combined with use of pesticides. In the case of the organically grown vegetables. The first cultivation method consisted of growing the vegetables on soil which had a low input of nutrients using animal manure and no pesticides except for one organically approved product on kale only (most organic method). But are they really as nutritionally beneficial as "promoters" make them out to be? Are natural organic foods better than conventional foods in terms of their nutrient quality? Recently. The study looked at the crops of common foods such as carrots. all were grown on established organic soil. kale. CK. All were harvested and treated at the same time.ca . the results showed there was no difference in retention of the elements regardless of how the crops were grown. Produce from the organically and conventionally grown crops were then fed to animals over a two year period and intake and excretion of various minerals and trace elements were measured. apples and potatoes. RHN www. The crops were grown on the same or similar soil on adjacent fields at the same time and so experienced the same weather conditions. results showed that there were no differences in the levels of major and trace contents in the fruit and vegetables grown using the three different methods. Finally. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture.79 Natural Organic Foods Less Healthy Than NonOrganic Foods? Natural organic foods have become incredibly popular over the last 10 years or so.

flavonols in apples. The current study did a fairly good job at controlling for these factors.80 Yuri's Rebuttle Although this study shows us some interesting findings. CK. crop genotypes. polyphenols in potatoes. BPHE. As with vitamin C. roughly 80% of studies have concluded that organically-grown foods have equal or higher amounts of these essential minerals. One of the speculated reasons is that under natural stressors. Less than 20% of studies have shown that important minerals like calcium. Instead. but the protein quality is greater in organically-grown foods. Importantly. conventional food" papers concluded that organic crops appear to be higher in vitamin C. failed to compare the two types of produce properly. magnesium. Dominant Trends in Nutrient Quality of Natural Organic Foods Nonetheless. Roughly 59% of studies have shown that vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is higher in organically grown fruits and vegetables. and phytonutrients (lycopene in tomatoes. a large review of some 400 previous "organic vs. Pretty cool! Other vitamins show little difference between either growing method. heart disease. these phytonutrients are the real disease-fighting compounds that are now helping us prevent cancer. according to the author’s criteria. there have been some dominant trends in the literature regarding the nutrient quality of natural organic foods. For instance. these compounds develop out of the plant's need to defend itself from natural stressors. magnesium.TotalWellnessConsulting. some essential minerals (calcium. zinc. it should be remembered that studies conducted in the area of organic farming and their subsequent foods is very difficult. They are the following: • Protein content is usually higher in conventional foods (due to higher nitrogen input from non-organic fertilizers). Studies consistently show that the levels of defense-related "secondary metabolites" (or phytonutrients) are also higher in organic foods. for humans. plants will produce more vitamin C as a defense-mechanism. RHN www.ca . and iron are greater in conventionally grown foods. It is important to note that the study excluded many trials that. and resveratrol in red wine) (Heaton. iron and chromium). Many variables come into play such as soil. and many other degenerative diseases! • • • 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. weather. But there have been hundreds of studies on organic foods and the results are anything but conclusive. and much more. 2001).

especially in our sick culture.TotalWellnessConsulting. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. increased fertility. healthier body weight. Heaton S (2001): Organic Farming. natural organic foods are better! After all. In my opinion. fragments our view of foods and underscores the importance of understanding foods as "whole foods". healthier off-spring. References: Kristensen. like the nutritional value. organics should be an integral part of anyone's diet looking to stay healthy for life! Furthermore.ca . might that not be a hint as to the possibility that such foods are actually healthier for us as well??? Part of the the organic philosophy is that an agricultural system is more than the sum of its parts. So at the end of the day I say organic is the way to go. the quality of a food product should be considered as the result of the general quality of its production system. The USDA even says that at this time the evidence is unclear as to whether organic foods pack more nutrient punch. et al (2008). it's the way we've farmed since the beginning of time (until recently). But just remember that you will nonetheless greatly benefit from eating more fruits and vegetables. Food Quality and Human Health: A Review of the Evidence . M. Bristol: Soil Association. BPHE. if animals thrive on organic foods. The big selling point about organics for me is their overwhelming abundance (10-50% greater) of phytonutrients compared to conventionally-grown foods. And by focusing on only one aspect of food quality. though. CK. and lower deaths at birth are just some of the benefits of raising animals on organic foods! At the end of the day. Not only for you but for the health of the planet as well. So whether or not organic foods are worth the price difference is up to you. and therefore. Makes sense to me. Findings such as better health. Effect of plant cultivation methods on content of major and trace elements in foodstuffs and retention in rats. less disease. Aug 5. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. the fact still remains that the nutrient quality differences between organic and non-organic foods are still quite small (except for the levels of phytonutrients in organics). RHN www. Considering their (phytonutrients) impact on thwarting disease.81 • An overwhelming majority of animal studies show that animals prefer and thrive on organic foods. regardless of their growing method.

banana. Whatever the motivator. Daily Meals: Vegan A Cereal with rice/soy/nut milk Soy milk mocha frappucino Roasted vegetable sandwich Vegan brownie Vegetable pad thai take-out Daily Meals: Vegan B Green juice Shot of wheatgrass Big green salad with assorted veggies Blueberries in cashew milk Power smoothie (coconut. I'd like to point out that just because someone is vegan doesn't make them any more healthy than a non-vegan. Here's an example of what I mean. but most of them transitioned because of the aforementioned animal issues.ca . agave. BPHE. CK.some did.. hemp seeds) Zucchini pasta with fresh marinara sauce So what's the difference between Vegan A and Vegan B? 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. for the most part. I am vegan except for the occasional indulgence if I go out for dinner. Most of the vegans that I know didn't go vegan for health reasons .TotalWellnessConsulting.82 Just Because You're Vegan Doesn't Mean You're Healthy Do you know anyone who is a vegan? Are you a vegan? Well. Most people go vegan for health reasons or because they have a firm belief that cruelty to animals is not acceptable or they refuse to eat the "disgusting" products of animal suffering.. RHN www. cinnamon.

I know plenty of vegans were look and feel terrible because they pollute their bodies with lots of sugary foods. So. The difference? ENORMOUS! Yet both are still vegans. As with non-vegans. then the answer is "IT DEPENDS". processed. and nowhere near enough fresh whole foods.ca . then would it be fair to say that you need to change your approach? 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. and wheat-based. Conversely. ultimate health comes down to the foods you choose to put in your mouth. Vegan B focuses more on fresh veggies. fresh juices and smoothies.TotalWellnessConsulting. On the other hand. BPHE. and how you look and feel. if you think that vegans are generally are healthier based on how they eat. for the purposes of this example I've used some extremes of the vegan food choice spectrum where Vegan A chooses more foods that are higher in sugar. body weight. CK.83 Well. and overall fresher (less processed) ingredients. plenty of bread. But you need to eat the right foods! If you're fed up with not knowing how to eat healthy (whether you're vegan or not). RHN www. I believe that following a vegan diet (preferably raw as much as possible) is one of easiest ways to radically improve your health.

Foods are not just calories. aside from needing tons of calories to meet his training demands..000-calorie/day diet. how can he perform with such domination considering the "garbage" he is consuming each day? There was never any mention of fruits or vegetables. My concern is that once Phelps stops competing and training at such a high level. Wouldn't it make sense to consume tons of antioxidant-rich foods to combat the harmful effects of such body-destroying free radicals? I think so. chocolate chip pancakes. CK. and more on a daily basis. and how much quicker he could recover if he was actually eating a healthy diet with tons of body rejuvenating fruits and vegetables. his body is going to show the consequences of years and years of dietary abuse. But Michael Phelps is a champion and because of that I believe that he has the mental fortitude to overcome his poor eating habits (at least I hope so) and make better food choices in the future. it just doesn't happen. an entire stuffed crust pizza. RHN www. how do you go from training 3-4 times per day and eating 12.000 Calorie/Day Diet If you were glued to your TV sets over the past 16 days watching the Olympics then you have surely heard of Michael Phelps' 12. 5 egg omelettes. french toast. It's pretty scary to think how much harder he could train. unless he is able to improve upon his poor eating habits. they are much more. I was baffled! I mean. After all. if you eat like Michael Phelps. Think about how many free radicals his body produces from all the training. and will most likely pack on a significant amount of excess weight.84 The Truth About Michael Phelps' 12.ca . There is an important message to remember which is.. at least one pound of refined white pasta.000 calories to no longer competing and radically changing your diet? For most people. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. I predict that he will age faster. When I first heard that Phelps was eating 3 fried egg sandwiches.TotalWellnessConsulting. succumb to more chronic injuries and other bodily problems. you will become an overweight blimp and cause your body severe damage! Even if you're training like an Olympic champion there's no reason why you shouldn't be getting your calories through whole foods that nourish and energize your body. Pretty scary indeed. BPHE. how much faster he could swim.

ca . CK. RHN www.TotalWellnessConsulting. Few athletes do it successfully and hopefully Phelps will be one of them! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. BPHE.85 One of the most common occurrences with professional athletes is that once they stop competing. they fail to adjust their dietary and lifestyle habits to their "new" life.

So here's what a typical "energizing" breakfast looks like for me: • • • 500 ml of water with the juice of 1/2 lemon (upon waking) Green juice (wheat grass. I'm not like many people who rely on boxed cereals. or combined fresh-pressed vegetable juice) Blueberries and goji berries in fresh-made cashew/cinnamon milk topped with ground flaxseed Please note that I don't eat/drink all of this at the same time. water. fish oil. ground flax.banana.ca . hemp seeds. Other days might see my breakfast consist of: • • Spirulina-Fruit Smoothie . Give these a shot and feel the difference! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. To allow my body the chance to fully digest everything.86 Healthy Breakfast Ideas Today I'd like to share some of my personal favourite breakfast ideas and recipes with you. RHN www.kale. hemp seeds. agave or honey. bagels and cream cheese.not me! Occasionally. agave or honey. CK. Kale Smoothie . these foods are consumed over roughly 2 hours. BPHE. or even bacon and eggs! Nope. strawberries. but I never bring those foods into my house in the first place. blueberries... banana. spirulina. ground flax.TotalWellnessConsulting. water. fish oil. 2% milk. barley grass. yes.

4. healthy fats. maple syrup. here are 2 of my personal favourite pre-workout/competition meals that are not only highly nutritious. working out. 2. CK.TotalWellnessConsulting. and antioxidants for a great exercise session. Blend all ingredients (except for the blueberries) in a food processor or blender.87 Pre-Workout/Competition Meal Recipes There's nothing worse than going for a run. RHN www. BPHE. So with that in mind. or competing. but will also help fuel your performances like never before! Pre-Workout Meal #1 . 5. This recipe will yield about 4-5 pancakes. or honey 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. no dairy. Prep time: 5 minutes 1 cup buckwheat flour 1/4 cup ground flaxseed 1 cup rice/nut milk 1/2 cup water 2 cups blueberries 4 dates 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp baking powder pinch of sea salt How to prepare: 1. while other times it's simply a matter of not having the proper quality or amount of fuel in your body to begin with. By "hitting the wall" I refer to the point at which your body no longer has any energy to continue. Serve with agave nectar. Add the blueberries to the mixture.Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes No wheat. Use a ladle to add pancake mixture to pan and cook and low-medium heat until ready. 3. and nothing but high quality carbohydrates. Sometimes this occurs simply as a function of duration and intensity.ca . only to see yourself fall way short of your best performance because you've hit the wall. Heat pan on medium heat and use coconut oil to lubricate.

ca . 3. This smoothie is one of my all time favourites and is featured in my book. chop off the top of the coconut. They're only $1-2 each and totally worth the time and effort. while the coconut (water and meat) provides the perfect balance of electrolytes and healthy fats (MCTs) for sustained performance. By far. 2 hours before should suffice. You can buy young coconut at most asian/chinese markets in your area. Pour coconut water into blender and scoop out the fleshy coconut meat with a spoon and add that into the blender as well. fruits such as dates (readily available glucose) are great! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. 2.BananaMania Smoothie Liquid meals are incredible since they're easier on the digestive tract and allow for optimal nutrient absorption. since they're liquid. Eating for Energy. If you need a quick fix before your exercise session or competition. Add all remaining ingredients into the blender and blend away! How to Time Your Pre-Workout/Competition Meals You should allow yourself to finish these (and any other) meals at least 3 hours before exercising. CK. For smoothies. BPHE. RHN www.88 Pre-Workout Meal #2 . Using a cleaver. BananaMania is one of the best smoothies you will ever experience!!! You can also click here to watch me make this smoothie Prep time: 5 minutes 1 banana 1 young coconut (meat and water) 2-3 tbsp cinnamon 2 tbsp ground flaxseeds 1 cup raw cashews How to prepare: 1.TotalWellnessConsulting. especially the pancakes or any other solid food. The banana provides great pre-exercise carbs (and other valuable nutrients for exercise).

are all the rage because of their apparent ability to prevent osteoporosis. BPHE.200 mg (and assuming that milk/dairy is a balanced source of calcium .. considering that more than 70% of the population has some type of sensitivity to milk . After all. and many other critical body functions. For many people. which do you think is the best calcium food? • Milk • Soy milk • Green leafy vegetables • Sesame seeds Sesame Seeds . Calcium is needed to build strong bones and teeth.Your Best Food Source of Calcium Congrats to the respondents of yesterdays' question. That's a whopping four to five 250 ml glasses of milk per day! That's crazy! Especially. hint.9 . you would need to drink 0. where do cows get their calcium from? Grass! Hint. Now.1.2 liters of 2% milk per day to meet this requirement.89 Calcium Nutrition . let's have a look at why. how would you know that sesame seeds or green leafies are better sources of calcium than milk if no one ever told you over and over again? Well.which it is not).TotalWellnessConsulting. Cow's milk provides roughly 118 mg of calcium/100 g.. calcium foods and calcium nutrition. RHN www. billions of dollars of milk and dairy advertisements from the dairy industry would have you believe otherwise. especially women. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.whether it be its lactose or casein content. With that in mind. Considering that the recommended daily intake for calcium is between 800-1... It has never has been and never will be. Why You Shouldn't Drink Milk for Calcium First off. CK. Indeed it's true! Dairy is not your best source of calcium."which is the best food source of calcium?" who posted sesame seeds as the best source of dietary calcium. allow your muscles to contract.The Best Calcium Foods Calcium is an essential mineral for your body. in general. now you know. Unfortunately.ca .

More phosphorus = less calcium absorption! Cow's milk has 3x more protein than human milk making it the most highly acidic food you can consume. Sweden. More acid in the body = calcium loss from the bones! Don't get me wrong.90 So forget what you've heard about drinking more milk.35 : 1 but it is only 1.ca . Add kelp to your diet and your health will improve dramatically! After these 2 super-sources of calcium. After all. This incredible sea vegetable (which can easily be sprinkled on salads and soups) provides an amazing 1. BPHE. USA) also have the highest incidence of osteoporosis. RHN www. Here are a few more reasons to reconsider drinking milk for calcium: • The ratio of calcium to phosphorus in human milk is 2. CK. cows grow to be roughly 3-4x heavier than humans .093 mg of calcium/100 g serving. These northern countries (but not the USA) also enjoy less vitamin D from limited sun exposure. alkalinity. Anything green provides tremendous nutrition. This is an important ratio given that phosphorus impairs calcium absorption.they need that extra protein! • The Healthier Calcium Alternatives As the title of this post mentions. milk for the same serving size.160 mg of calcium/100 g serving! That's about 10x the amount of calcium vs. One such mineral is iodine . a factor that is important to consider with regards to bone health. Those little seeds that make up tahini (and are a part of hummus) provide a whopping 1.27 : 1 in cow's milk. your next bet is any green leafy vegetable ranging from green grasses to kale and broccoli.a critical mineral for those who suffer from a malfunctioning thyroid gland. Claiming the silver medal for calcium content is kelp. sesame seeds are your best food source of calcium. Kelp is also one of the highest sources of incredibly rare and health promoting minerals found deep in the sea bed. and high amounts of calcium. Research has even shown that the countries that have the highest dairy consumption (UK.TotalWellnessConsulting. Finland. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. but not a human. cow's milk is great to meet the needs of a calf.

Why? Raw foods are the best source of naturally occurring "food enzymes". As a result. unhealthy weight loss. CK. your body can digest and metabolize these healthy fats instead of storing them. as such. then eating a greater amount of foods in their raw state will surely do the trick. For instance.a weight that is healthy for you. my diet is close to about 40% fat (mostly raw plant fats) yet my body weight has hovers around 7%! Ask any person whose on a raw food diet what they first noticed. the less you have for other more important functions. you feel alive! Raw Food Benefit #2 .TotalWellnessConsulting. your body has to work that much harder to produce its own enzymes and spend more energy digesting "dead" foods.Natural Weight Loss Enzymes in raw foods also play a role here.. Think of the last time you ate a massive meal. If you want more energy. Enzymes bring life force and. If you're not yet aware of the benefits of incorporating more raw foods into your diet.how did you feel? Energetic? I don't think so! Food enzymes are the spark plugs to your internal engine. What a raw food diet allows is for your body to return to its normal weight . the delicate enzymes within these foods are destroyed.91 Raw Food Diet Made Easy The power of a raw food diet is truly breathtaking. no. Personally. raw foods are considered "living" foods. it comes loaded with its inherent fat digesting food enzymes. So even if you're skinny.More Energy Than a Nuclear Power Plant! That's right kids. As a result. BPHE. you might 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. which are critical to your body's ability to digest and perform its metabolic functions. When you eat living raw foods.. The more energy you waste on digestion. when you eat a fattier raw food.ca . RHN www. such as an avocado. uncontrolled. Raw Food Benefit #1 . No. They will say "more energy and weight loss!" But we're not just talking about ridiculous. then let me highlight some of the reasons why you should. When you cook (or heat) any food above 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you're serious about your health and want way more energy in your life. RHN www.ca . It really is a pain in the ass! However. Only when you begin to alkalize your body through live raw foods will it naturally cleanse itself of toxins and raise its alkalinity to a level that will allow your fat stores to shrink. Less acid means less storage space required. without spending hours in the kitchen or grocery store. Therefore. your body will send a "protective-mechanism" message to get the acid (and toxins) out of the blood. The fat needs to be there to store the acid and toxic overload in your body. A lot of their raw food recipes require hours upon hours of dehydrating foods.TotalWellnessConsulting. meaning that you might an entire day attending to. Alkalinity in your body (specifically your blood) is critical to your health. CK. animal products. and high-sugar foods) it tends to hold on to its fat stores. there is a much simpler and more powerful solution! Why spend 24 hours waiting for a delicious raw food meal when you can whip up a delicious raw food recipe in 10 minutes? Personally. your next meal. If your body is acidic (mainly as a result of eating acid-forming dead foods such as refined carbohydrates. and waiting for.92 actually gain a bit of weight as your body cleanses itself of many of the toxins and energy-depleting microorganisms that have been ravaging your body. Fat protects your body's vital organs. Raw Food Made Easy Many raw food books and courses are complex and time consuming to apply. BPHE. Just reading the testimonials alone will blow your mind! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Out of the blood and into your fat stores! That's why if your body is overly acidic you will have a tough time losing weight. If too much acid is circulating in your blood stream. your fat stores diminish in size. Why? One of the roles of fat in your body is protection. I'd rather spend my time enjoying the meal rather than waiting for it. then you owe it to yourself to learn more about Eating for Energy. The other big reason being the natural weight loss that occurs on a raw food diet is the greater intake of alkalinity.

meningitis) and even death. In some instances. sewage. Listeria is widespread in the environment . Those who do will likely become ill from eating food contaminated with the bacteria. vegetation. Listeriosis. or Persistent fever. which has a less than 1% mortality rate. the elderly or individuals with a weakened immune system.compare that to Salmonella. The Health Risks of Listeria Many people may be carriers of Listeria. Listeria Scare in Meat Listeria seems to be of biggest concern when it comes to the handling of raw meats and fish. especially among pregnant women. BPHE. RHN www. In serious cases it can lead to brain and nervous system infection (ie. a rare but lethal food-borne infection has a devastating case fatality rate of 25% . but few will actually develop listeriosis. either of which can result in death.found in soil. CK. Symptoms may start suddenly and include: • • • • • • • Vomiting Nausea Cramps Diarrhea Severe Headache Constipation.Just Another Reason to Avoid Meat! Listeria monocytogenes (commonly called Listeria) is a very hardy type of bacterium often found in food and elsewhere in nature. the incubation period is generally much longer . these symptoms may be followed by meningitis encephalitis (an infection of the brain or its surrounding tissues) and/or septicemia (blood poisoning).up to 70 days after exposure. Animals and humans can carry the bacterium without knowing it.93 Listeria . water.TotalWellnessConsulting.ca . The mild form of foodborne listeriosis usually begins about one day after eating heavily contaminated food. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. often seen as an outbreak of what people would call 'food poisoning'. silage and in the faeces of humans and animals. For the more serious form of the disease. It can cause a rare but serious food-borne disease called listeriosis.

dishes and food preparation surfaces.838 pounds of raw and frozen beef products were recalled after the USDA determined it unfit for human consumption due to improper inspection. Salmonella . You May Have Heard of These as Well. CA: Ground beef sold at Safeway stores 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.94 In light of the recent Maple Leaf Foods listeria outbreak. Canada (August 2008) has already claimed the lives of 12 people. This is just another reason to avoid garbage foods! Why eat meat that is heavily processed and poorly inspected or supervised? The sad part is that this by no means the first case of food-borne illnesses (and deaths) related to packaged and processed animal products.Newport. : Raw and Frozen Beef • 143. the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has recommended the following foods should be avoided. Brie. The fluid within hot dog packages may contain more Listeria than the hot dogs. cutting boards.383. • • Hot dogs. Camembert and blueveined cheese if they are made from unpasteurized milk Refrigerated pâté and meat spreads Refrigerated smoked seafood and fish Raw or undercooked meat. Avoid spreading fluid from packages onto other foods.. BPHE. Hallmark/Westland Meat Packing Co. Maple Leaf Foods has recalled the packaged deli meats that were blamed for the outbreak.ca . especially straight from the package without further heating. RHN www. Wash your hands after handling hot dogs. especially if raw or processed? The recent Maple Leaf Foods listeria outbreak in Ontario.. CK. since listeriosis has an incubation period of up to 70 days. more cases could be coming in the next few weeks.TotalWellnessConsulting. Non-dried deli-meats Soft and semi-soft cheeses such as feta. poultry and fish • • • • • Notice how all the recommendations revolve around avoiding meat and other animal products. However. utensils.

coli: Totino's and Jeno's frozen pizza • 21 illnesses as a result of E. but nowhere the outbreaks caused by improperly handled and inspected animal products.ca . Salmonella: Banquet turkey and chicken pot pies • 272 illnesses related to these foods The list goes on and on! It should also be noted that some packaged and fresh veggies (ie. BPHE. some spinach and some tomatoes) have been at the heart of a few salmonella scares. coli contamination in this General Mills frozen meat pizza. CK. Avoid packaged and processed deli meats. your best off minimizing your intake of animal products (simply from an overall health perspective) and increasing your intake of whole foods such as fresh vegetables and fruit! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. My Rule of Thumb Avoid "big conglomerate" food products! Avoid raw meat. In general. RHN www.95 • 38 illnesses reported E.TotalWellnessConsulting.

96 Lycopene – Whole Tomatoes or Supplements? Lycopene is the compound responsible for the red colour of tomatoes . In fruit..TotalWellnessConsulting. and that the whole food is truly what we should be after.and many other fruits. do we really need to supplement??? Furthermore. In the case of lycopene. CK. As you'll soon discover. the yellow fluid around the tomato seeds also contains compounds that help prevent cardiovascular disesase! Lycopene's health promoting properties have been so impressive that even the nutraceutical industry has isolated lycopene in supplement form.tomatoes take a little bit more thought! It may also be helpful to realize that tomatoes are the 4th most commonly consumed fresh fruit and the most commonly consumed canned fruit/vegetable in North America. After all. Lycopene is a fat-soluble antioxidant whose role in tomatoes is to protect the seeds from damage created by oxygen and light. then why not take a truckload of it in pill form? That seems to be most peoples' thinking. In a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. the whole tomato evidently contains a plethora of phytonutrients that render the whole tomato (not necessarily lycopene itself) so powerfully beneficial. BPHE. rats were fed either a whole tomato powder or an isolated pure lycopene supplement (extract) and the results were nothing short of amazing.ca . Plus. lycopene can absorb UV light and its antioxidant activity allows it to neutralize free radical damage. RHN www. pills and supplements are easier to take . Therefore. let's find out. Lycopene's action against prostate cancer is an example of the power of whole foods versus supplements for health benefits. The risk of death from prostate cancer was significantly greater in the rats that were fed the pure lycopene extract! Such results show us that there MUST be other compounds in tomatoes that have a protective and synergistic effect. The power of whole foods lies in the synergy that exists between all the nutrients inherent in a given food. if lycopene from a tomatoes can help prevent cancer. does lycopene in supplement form offer the same protective benefits (or better) as do whole tomatoes? Well. Lycopene in Whole Tomatoes Protects Against Prostate Cancer A study by the Harvard School of Public Health showed that men who had 10 or more servings of tomato-based foods per week had a 45% reduction in the rate of prostate cancer.

and lycopene benefits. CK. and phytonutrient levels are decrease when foods are cooked. it also offers some protection against UV light.000 women for 11 years. these flavonoids could reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke. It was shown on a BBC television series called The Truth About Food that less reddening of the skin and less DNA damage occurred in a group of women who consumed the equivalent of 3 tsp of tomato paste daily (16 milligrams of lycopene)! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Because lycopene concentrates in fatty tissue. In a landmark study derived from the Women's Health Study. vitamin. So stick to the fresh tomato as best as possible and you'll reap far more mineral. Again. vitamin. However. For raw tomatoes. Lycopene is also a fat-soluble antioxidant.TotalWellnessConsulting. RHN www. which means that its absorption into the body will be assisted by consuming tomatoes along with healthy fats such as olive oil. A Few Things to Consider About Tomatoes It has been said that pureed or cooked tomatoes are more protective than raw tomatoes. in many cases just underneath the skin.ca . For those women who consumed 7 servings or more of tomato-based foods like tomato sauce and pizza each week. No wonder the Italians love the combination of olive oil and tomatoes. which followed 40. Theoretically. it is also known that raw foods are far stronger in nutrient properties than their cooked couterparts. such results are not seen in research that specifically isolates lycopene on its own. it only sense to eat more of your foods in their fresh raw state. BPHE. juicing or blending them has the same lycopene-enhancing effect that is seen in pureed cooked tomatoes. Considering that the enzymes in fresh foods are destroyed when heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit and that mineral.97 Lycopene in Whole Tomatoes Protects Against Cardiovascular Disease The yellow fluid that surrounds the seeds in tomatoes contains an impressively large amount of flavonoids that have anti-clotting properties. The power of whole foods cannot be undermined. who were free from cancer or cardiovascular disease (CVD) at the start of the study. Women who ate more than 10 servings per week had an even more pronounced reduction in risk (65%) for specific CVD outcomes such as heart attack or stroke. tomato consumption was significantly correlated with a reduction in (CVD). there was a nearly 30% risk reduction in total cardiovascular disease compared to the group with intakes of less than 11/2 servings per week.

T.98 Morning Glory . H. juice the apple. or Energy-Restricted Diets. 133: 2336-2341. Lycopene. and Prostate Cancer Risk. RHN www. et al (2003). et al (2002). Journal of Nutrition. In a juicer. Prostate Carcinogenesis in N-methyl-N-nitrosourea (NMU)-TestosteroneTreated Rats Fed Tomato Powder. E.A Tasty Tomato-Based Fresh Juice This recipe is from my book. tomato. I often like to get my day started with this nourishing and tasty juice that takes 2-3 minutes to prepare! 1 apple 1 large tomato 2 carrots Juice of 1 orange 1/4 lemon 1. Add the orange juice.TotalWellnessConsulting. 95(21): 1578-1586. and carrots. Lycopene. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Eating for Energy. Journal of the National Cancer Institute.ca . 2. et al (2003). Journal of the National Cancer Institute. and enjoy! References: Giovannucci. CK. A Prospective Study of Tomato Products. BPHE. Sesso. Tomato-Based Food Products and Cardiovascular Disease in Women. Boileau. lemon. 94(5): 391-398. mix well. Dietary Lycopene.

and most every other disease you think of. Examples of antioxidants include vitamins A. But what does eating healthy have to do with anti-aging.TotalWellnessConsulting. For instance. Antioxidants Disarm Free Radicals Antioxidants are compounds that fight free radicals and render them useless in the body. eye degeneration. However. flavanones. However. CK. Examples include the most popular group of antioxidants known as polyphenols (ie. Like all mechanical things. flavones. eat healthier foods . everything! Free Radical Damage Accelerates the Aging Process Certain foods produce free radicals in the body. anthocyanidins.we are what we eat. rancid fats. becomes a reflection of the quality of our nutrition. That's why it's important to consume plenty of antioxidants. Free radicals play a big role in heart disease. BPHE. Want healthier looking skin? Then. it is only a matter of time before our bodies break down for good due to the aging process.99 Eating to Reduce the Signs of Aging ging occurs because our bodies break down due to wear and tear... cancer. This is known as the "free radical theory of aging" whereby our body simply ages more and more with years of excess bodily damage caused by free radicals. and most acid-forming foods produce a cascade of free radicals that multiply throughout the body. they have overlooked the simple fact that how we look and feel is a direct reflection of how we eat. Over time. flavonoids). 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. and zinc. Pure and simple. You see the cosmetic industry has it all backwards! They think by applying a "mask" of creams over your skin you'll be able to regain that youthful glow. catechins. and isoflavonoids. But that doesn't mean we can't delay our biological clock and look (and stay) younger for longer than most.don't use expensive creams! The ultimate anti-aging solution is to make healthy eating a part of your daily regime. C. our bodies become like an old car that has driven hundreds of thousands of miles. alcohol. you might ask? Well. sugars. Our skin.ca . which include flavonols. The most important thing for you to understand is that no anti-aging skin cream will ever make you look younger. whole foods contain a plethora of tiny phytonutrients that also act as powerful antioxidants. digest . selenium. E. and along the way destroy and mutate our cells and their DNA. RHN www. and absorb. then.

Raw foods are immensely rich in enzymes. peanuts. olive oil. your health suffers and your body ages rapidly. Over time. Research consistently shows that whole foods are a much better and more bioavailable source of antioxidants than supplements. it is essential that you eat more of your foods in their living state .ca . Their blood 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. this does not occur because their bodies are far too acidic.that is. Notable sources of polyphenol antioxidants include berries. and comprising up to 50% of the dry weight of leaves. CK. And put the supplements aside. if dead foods are chronically consumed. its inherent enzymes become denatured and no longer useful. However. and other fruits and vegetables. So wouldn't it make sense to eat more live foods that actually "deposit" enzymes into your body rather eating dead foods that deplete your enzyme reserves? Alkalinity Will Give You the Glow Consume more alkaline-forming foods and watch your skin look 10 years younger in the matter of a few weeks. This means that an apple contains all the enzymes it needs to digest itself once inside the body. their raw state. RHN www. if this apple is heated or cooked. If this happens. Some experts believe that life ends when you run out of enzymes. BPHE.TotalWellnessConsulting. In time. your body is forced to waste its own enzymes on digesting "dead foods" which cannot be digested otherwise. As a result. That's why the skin of fruits and vegetables are the best sources of antioxidants. But remember that you want eat the whole food so that you benefit from the antioxidant-rich skin! The more antioxidants you bring into your body. enzymes can be destroyed if heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. They are tiny protein molecules that are needed for any and all metabolic reactions to occur within the body. yerba mate. walnuts. your body will be robbed of its limited supply of digestive enzymes. tea. when your blood is alkaline (as it should be) it flows smoothly and freely.100 The most abundant polyphenols are the condensed tannins. Enzymes Determine How Long You Will Live Enzymes are the spark plugs of life. in most people. delivering all the oxygen and nutrients to your body's cells. However. For this reason. pomegranates. found in the "skin" and leaves virtually all families of plants. But because they are proteins. guaranteed! How does this happen? Well. chocolate/cacao. this may have a profound effect on your ability to delay the aging process. grapes. the less free radical damage you will incur.

the most alkaline-forming foods are green vegetables. followed by all other vegetables and fruit. You need to heal your skin (and your health) from the inside out. 3. Here are 3 action steps to help you put this anti-aging information into practice: 1. Start your day with a glass of lemon water Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into 500 ml of water first thing in the morning. Get your 5-10 fruits and vegetables in the raw Snack on raw vegetables and fruit throughout the day to ensure you get the nutrition that your body requires. Every cell of your body will thrive and as a result. and food enzymes. your skin will regain a youthful glow that will make you look and feel much younger than you really are. a fruit salad sprinkled with cinnamon.TotalWellnessConsulting. not the other way around. or anything else that you help you get your need nutrient fix! But remember. RHN www. BPHE. Not only will this rehydrate your body but the lemon will alkalize your system and get your digestive system into gear. apple and pear wedges. Prepare some carrot and celery sticks. alkalinity. food enzymes. Try one of my favourite juicing recipes: 4-6 stalks of kale 1 handful of spinach 1 handful of parsley 1 carrot 1 apple 1/2 lemon *Juice all ingredients in a juicer and enjoy the ride! 2. It looks unhealthy and therefore so too does their body and skin! But if you can eat more alkaline-forming raw foods. you will give life and energy back to your skin and body. Drink at least ONE green juice and/or green salad each day This will give you tons of antioxidants.101 moves slowly and is sluggish. Be sure to stay away from the highly acidforming dairy and animal products! Putting it All Together Antioxidants. To help you out. keep them raw to get the most benefit. and alkalinity .ca . CK.these are the healthy eating secrets to anti-aging that no skin care company will ever tell you about. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.

RHN www. Perhaps there's one in your neck of the woods as well? One thing is for sure though. CK.ca . Now whether this is the common cold or the flu.TotalWellnessConsulting.102 Cold Remedies .How to Get Over a Cold Naturally For some reason there a nasty little bug getting around Toronto. A lot of people are getting sick with high fevers. What I do know is that I got a little taste of it and I'd like to share some of natural cold remedies with you so that you can prevent and/or get over a cold naturally! Watch the video to learn my natural cold remedies 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. BPHE. I don't know.

and turbocharge your immune system than regular physical exercise. subway poles. BPHE. and it is virtually impossible to avoid exposure to the viruses and bacteria that fester indoors in the cooler months. enjoyable hobbies. sweet potatoes. communal pens. elevate serotonin. Consume seasonal foods that elevate your mood . Sleep well . Drink plenty of water . parsnips. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. your hands would become raw and dry.ca . thereby improving your mood. RHN www. it will be able to keep you healthy even in the presence of bacteria and viruses. sunlight also increases serotonin. warmer liquids (at least room temperature) are easier for your system to process.There is no easier way to increase your energy. In the cooler months. Your immune system is your body's natural defense system to fight off invaders. and ensures your cells are hydrated to function optimally. CK.. or find techniques for stressreduction (meditation.This helps with circulation and elimination. will stimulate serotonin production. 5. it's enough to drive you to paranoia! Do try to keep your hands clean as best as you can. bank machine buttons and especially on your colleagues’ friendly handshaking hands. found in whole grains. deep breathing. exercise) 4. Find a new approach to stressful situations. your immune cells and tissues need this essential time to recuperate and regenerate 6. which in turn strengthens immunity 3. Wash your hands and use sanitizer they tell you. Exercise . Plus.. Do not stress . Sunlight Exposure . particularly with the fluctuating temperatures! They come in waves.Ensure that you get adequate rest. if you can. an often overlooked tactic is to support your immune system.103 Fight the Flu Naturally Plenty of colds and flus have made their way through Toronto. but instead of worrying excessively about your exposure to pathogens.TotalWellnessConsulting. Guaranteed.but if you did this as much as you needed to. fruit.In addition to increasing vitamin D in your body. Here are ten ways to maintain your immune strength: 1. you will find bountiful colonies coating door handles. If it is functioning well.High levels of stress will depress your immune system.Complex carbohydrates. 2.

fish oil.Vitamin C..A huge reason that people get ill in the cold season is that they stay indoors. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.For some people who really detest the cooler months. echinacea. CK. and oregano oil are beneficial to support immune cells and combat pathogens. your body will be better equipped to fight off impending sickness. avoid them and you will be much better off. 10. Reduce sugar and refined carb intake .A surefire way to depress your immune system and increase your risk of illness is to eat these foods. B-complex. BPHE. Supplement essentials for immune health . Recirculated air and indoor toxins will prevent your immune system from optimal functioning.. Get outside! . 9.TotalWellnessConsulting.ca .104 7. the best and only antidote is a quick trip to a sunny destination to recharge your batteries. but if you dress warm and enjoy the fresh outdoor air.not because they are outdoors. 8. RHN www. as is commonly thought. Take a vacation .

CK. RHN www. Great Workouts. BPHE.105 57 Ways to Fitness. and Weight Loss 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.TotalWellnessConsulting.ca .

running. as such. the body’s waist belt muscle. Third. and many others revolve around the pelvis. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. raise your pelvic floor by performing a kegel (contracting the pelvic floor muscles up as if you holding in a full bladder). First. TIP #1 – Brace your abdominals This is the first thing you should be aware of during any and every movement that you will ever perform. these muscles will remember their roles and tend to maintain a tighter constricted waistline. Abdominal bracing consists of three parts. latissimus dorsi. most stability ball movements. and so forth. The following are 5 tips you can use to train the inner and outer units of your core with maximal efficiency. even without you being aware. This will activate your transverse abdominis. erector spinae group. With repetition. Most people view the core as simply being their abdominal muscles and. The inner unit consists of smaller. The outer unit is comprised of larger phasic (or dynamic) muscles that generate movement such as the gluteals. draw in your belly button as if you were to put on a tight pair of pants. step-ups. and peroneals.TotalWellnessConsulting. CK. Second. spinal health. these muscles work synergistically to provide much needed pelvic stability during motions such as walking. miss out on a tremendous amount of value that other functional movements provide. lightly create tension in your abdominal muscles as if you were about to get punched in the stomach. not simply the midsection. biceps femoris. they will offer tremendous core training effects when done with proper technique. When I refer to the core I allude to the inner and outer units of our body. Stronger Core Core training has become the new “buzz” word over the last few years as more and more people have begun to realize its role in posture. squats. By performing all three of these actions you will ensure that your spine is well protected through all movements. This activates the internal and external oblique muscles. multifidus.106 5 Tips for a Healthier. and the pelvic floor and diaphragmatic musculature. RHN www.ca . What is less commonly known is that the core is anatomically defined as the region between the shoulders and knees. performance and overall aesthetics. Because all functional movements such as lunges. Abdominal bracing should be initiated before and maintained through each and every exercise. Aside from generating movement. more static stabilizing muscles such as the transverse abdominis. This helps to increase intra-abdominal pressure which will aid in spinal stabilization. BPHE.

Perform 10 reps with the weight in one hand. Once you have completed the 6 repetitions simply allow your back (spine) to relax. RHN www. What is instructed to do in such a case would be to squat down keeping your torso tall (ie. in conjunction with abdominal bracing. Hold for 3 seconds. Hold for 3 seconds. neutral spine). Repeat 6 times. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. The last thing you want to do in the situation is reach down without bending knees and picking up the box…this is a sure way to throw your back out. and lift through your legs as opposed to extending up through your torso. especially if the load is heavier. and tighten your abdominal muscles. Wherever it feels most relaxed is your neutral spine! TIP #3 – Incorporate unilateral lifting Unilateral refers to the concept of carrying (or pushing) a load on only side of the body. with your abdominals braced. Inhale. especially lifting. CK. This. and then switch. raise pelvic floor. This is best achieved by ensuring that your back is flat (with slight lumbar lordosis) during all movements.107 Exercise: Belly tucks Lie face down on the floor with your forehead rested on the back of your hands. equivalent to 10% of your body weight. The key is to focus on keeping your torso upright and minimizing and lateral swaying. you place you spine at a greater risk of disc herniation. pushing your belly button into the floor (“ballooning” your abdomen). the body automatically activates its contralateral (opposite) side to stabilize the torso and maintain good posture. Exercise: Unilateral Lunge Walks Perform your lunge walks while holding a weight. Let us take the example of picking up a heavier box from the floor.TotalWellnessConsulting. Exercise: Cat/Camel motions In a four point stance (hands and knees) take your spine through a series of cat and camel stretches. Studies have shown that this type of lifting stimulates much greater core muscle activation compared to bilateral lifting (equal load on both sides). BPHE.ca . Meaning that you round out the back like a camel and then arch it out like a cat. is essential to better support the spine during all movements. If these lifting mechanics are not met. walking to work holding your brief case in one hand. TIP #2 – Maintain a neutral spine A neutral spine is attained when your spine is kept in its natural alignment. drawing your belly button towards the ceiling (as if being pulled by a string). Repeat 10 times. For instance. Exhale. By doing so. in one hand.

and muscle activation. and swinging a tennis racquet or golf club. reach over and across your body grabbing the handle (with 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. and is immensely beneficial for athletes of all endeavors. Working on the stability ball offers several benefits such as increased balance. and even for people who want more balance while standing in the subway. RHN www. co-ordination. Simply by sitting on the ball. Often. side to side). keeping your body upright and strong. This type of body awareness is known as proprioception. BPHE.108 TIP # 4 – Use a Stability Ball Incorporating a stability ball into your workouts will make such a difference in your core strength and spinal health. your core muscles fire to a much greater degree in order to stabilize your body. Did you know that 80% of our core musculature inserts on a diagonal.000 bill between them. Any unstable surface for that matter will foster much greater core muscle activation as your body is constantly readjusting itself to maintain proper posture. CK. Examples are throwing. range of motion. our movements require us to move through several different planes such as when walking and looking back over your shoulder. front to back. Repeat 12 times and then switch arms. With the feet shoulder width apart raise your hips so that your body is in one straight line (essentially forming a bench within your body). it is important to strengthen those core muscles accordingly to ensure movement efficiency and injury prevention. Squeeze your buttocks together as if holding a $1. Ensure to keep your body and then ball as still as possible. with a DB in one arm. Exercise: Cable chop (from knees) Position yourself in the middle of the cable crossover machine. Incorporate the aforementioned unilateral lifting and you get twice the benefit! Exercise: Stability Ball 1-Arm DB Chest Press Position your body on the ball so that only the shoulders. I’ve seen clients improve their golf drive by 30 yards by simply incorporating these multi-planar movements into their routines. push it up and towards your body’s midline as if creating an arc like motion.TotalWellnessConsulting. It is important to remember that all movement stems from the core. kicking. Next. especially rotation based movements. Starting from your knees. neck and head are resting on it. Face your body at a right angle from the cables.ca . This means that our bodies are anatomically constructed for such multi-planar movements involving diagonal and rotational movements. Notice the muscle activation in the posterior side of the body especially in the glutes and lower back! TIP #5 – Incorporate multi-planar movements Our bodies rarely operate in one single plane (ie. As such.

And. stronger and more performant core muscles. you can look forward to having firmer.ca .TotalWellnessConsulting. Return slowly and repeat 8 times on each side.109 both hands) on the highest setting. if you participate in regular sporting activities you will have an added edge over your untrained counterparts. BPHE. Not only that but you will also be more efficient and stable in all your movements. By incorporating these 5 core essentials. Keeping both arms straight “chop” the cable across your body from above your starting shoulder to the opposite hip. CK. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. RHN www. Be sure to drive the movement from your obliques and not your arms.

Give them a try and you'll see just how challenging they are! Do as many repetitions of each exercise during a 30 second set. Complete all 7 exercises with little to no rest in between and repeat 2-3 times! Click here to watch the resistance band workout 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. It is amazing at what can be accomplished using a resistance band and many studies have shown that it to be tremendously beneficial at developing strength. Click on the link below to watch one of my brief workout videos showing you 7 great full body exercises that you can do with resistance band. BPHE.TotalWellnessConsulting. RHN www.ca . CK.110 Resistance Band Workout Don't have any dumbbells? Don't feel like lifting heavy weights or waiting for machines at the gym? Not to worry! There is a solution and it is a simple piece of rubber tubing known as the exercise or resistance band.

There is a phenomenon known as EPOC (or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). one of the reasons being that their carbohydrate stores are more quickly dissolved and utilized. this doesn’t mean that working at high intensities doesn’t burn fat.. The muscles on the other hand. RHN www. here is the answer . intensities greater than 70% of VO2 max (or maximum heart rate for our purposes) will have carbohydrates as the dominant fuel source. Typically.111 Do I Still Burn Fat When I Exercise Intensely? This is one of the most frequently asked questions I've been asked in my life as a fitness expert. What this refers to is a process whereby the body expends calories (and many more that in your workout in most cases) after the workout as your body is re-establishing homeostasis . tap directly into their glycogen stores for energy production.TotalWellnessConsulting.. That's why I'm a huge fan of intense workouts and interval cardio training sessions. your body will rely on more complex carbohydrates (stored as glycogen in the muscles and liver) and fatty acids for its fuel. Carbohydrates are stored in the body as glycogen. They are by far the best way to burn calories and thus fat .hopefully it makes sense to you! Your body’s first choice of fuel during exercise is carbohydrates. The liver’s job is to break down glycogen into glucose to maintain suitable levels of glucose in the blood. Fitter individuals can last much longer 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Someone who is totally unfit will obviously fatigue sooner. they tend to be used over longer durations when compared to carbohydrates. NOW LISTEN UP.it's point of balance.not during the workout (as you'll see on many cardio machine screens) but after the workout. However. CK. So. there is more reliance on carbohydrates for fuel.VERY CAREFULLY! However. both in the liver and muscle.ca . BPHE. Depending on the duration and intensity of the exercise. the body wants to conserve its blood glucose and glycogen stores. Some studies have shown that the body's metabolic rate can stayed elevated for up to 16 hours after just 20 minutes of interval running! The point is that your body chooses different fuels during different situations. Working at higher intensities allows more total calories to be burned and that’s what really matters if you’re looking to lose weight. As you become fitter your body will become more efficient at using fats for fuel while sparing your vital carbohydrate reserves. Because fats yield more calories and are slower burning as they are metabolized. What happens is that as the intensity of exercise increases.

TotalWellnessConsulting. the liver breaks down its glycogen stores into glucose for the blood. As intensity increases.. and therefore conserve their energy better. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Blood glucose use also increases slightly. However. so I’m sure you can appreciate why it’s pretty important. BPHE. Blood glucose is the main fuel source for the brain.intensity is king! Don't pay attention to those "cardio" and "fat burning" zone graphs on all the cardio machines .. RHN www.. muscle glycogen is increasingly used. to offset its usage and to maintain stable blood sugar levels (for the vital organs). Within carbohydrate metabolism blood glucose and glycogen are used to varying degrees depending on the nature of the activity. the body’s first order of business is in maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. However.ca . CK. So the point is this. Carbohydrates that are used during exercise come from both glycogen stores in muscle and from blood glucose.they do nothing but confuse you.112 because they have developed the ability to use the slow burning fats as fuel.

ca .113 Ask the Expert. This video will show you the ABCs of getting started and will give you some great exercises to start you on your way! Watch this video to learn how and where to begin 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. The good news is that if you're a beginner you don't need much in the way of machines or weights. RHN www..TotalWellnessConsulting.. CK. BPHE. "How To Start a Resistance Training Program? Many people don't necessarily know where to start when it comes to resistance or strength training.

if you despise your body. Once you are truly grateful for being able to move your body in any way shape or form you will then begin to see exercise in a different light. 16% want to grow personally (spiritually). In any situation there is always something to be thankful for. In other words. the key is for exercise to be an integral component of your life.. breathe. It needs to be a lifesyle habit.ca . So. ride a bike.. based on the above results. (you get my drift). Well. Happiness attracts more happiness. Love yourself and be grateful for where you are at and you will get to where you want to be.. or finding the time to go to the gym. Express gratifude for as much as possible such as your ability to walk. As a result of these thoughts. climb stairs. After all. or feeling too tired. and 11% want to eat healthier. Love your body every moment of the way. move your limbs. run for an hour. or whatever else you can do.114 Making Exercise Part of Your Daily Lifestyle You may have noticed that over the last month we ran a poll asking what your number #1 New Year's resolution was. then you're simply transmitting a message of disgust and discontent. or that it's too cold outside. If you don't. you need to put exercise into your life. RHN www. CK.. Gratitude is always a choice. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. the focus of this post will be on helping you make exercise a regular occurrence in your daily life.be grateful and love your body as it is right now. BPHE. Like attracts like. lift weight. or. Stop Whining! Many people complain about having to workout. The results of our poll revealed that 38% of you want to exercise on more regular basis.. not your life into exercise! Be Grateful for Having the Opportunity to Exercise One of the keys to long-term success is to think of exercise as something you GET to do not something you HAVE to do.TotalWellnessConsulting. you will only get more of that in your life. Love attracts love. Even if you want to lose weight. you know what? Too bad! If you want to live a healthier life then you have to move your body no matter what! It's not about exercising 3 times a week following a specific program but rather finding enjoyable ways to move your body every day of your life.. 32% want to lose weight.

CK. Contract your muscles.all the time! When you see yourself you will begin to take more empowering actions including exercising more often (and enjoying it). Run down the street. BPHE. RHN www. Don't settle for anything less than what you can truly achieve! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.115 Walk you dog. Walk to the store. Maybe you think that exercising 3 times a week is good enough for you. There are so many ways to stimulate movement in your body Raise Your Standards . eating healthier more often (and enjoying it).ca . In order to truly make exercise a lifestyle thing you need to raise your standards and identify yourself no longer as an occasional exerciser but someone whose life is about looking and feeling vital and energetic . You might even believe that since you exercised several times this week that you deserve to indulge in "crappy" and supposedly "yummy" food. You will now be living in integrity with who you know you were meant to be. Carry your groceries.TotalWellnessConsulting.Change Your Identity How good can you stand it? How good are you allowed to feel before your sabotage your progress and success? Many people (including myself) don't realize that subconsciously they are limiting themselves from a tremendous quality of life. We like to trick ourselves into believing certain things that correspond with how we identify ourselves. Ride your bike. and feeling happier. These are rationalizations that we tell ourselves. Take the stairs.


Advanced Core Workout
Kids...don't try this at home. Unless of course you consider yourself somewhat fit and like to push your limits. Here are 3 amazing core exercises that revolve around the stability that will bring you greater balance and stability, a stronger and tighter core, and will make your friends say WOW! Click here to watch the core workout video. Enjoy...

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4 Minutes to "Fabulous" Abs
No explanation needed here. Just watch the video and do the exercises. Your abs will be on fire! Mine definitely were.

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5 Keys That Will Unlock Your Door to Exercise Motivation
Recently I asked the following question on my blog... “What’s your biggest challenge to exercising regularly?” What was revealed was some pretty interesting, yet expected, results. A whopping 83% of respondents said that a lack of motivation is what kept them from exercising regularly. The rest of the answers were equally split between not having enough time and not knowing what to do. So, with these results in mind it would only make sense to give you some added ways to get motivated to exercise on a regular basis. 1. Know the Benefits of Exercise Isn’t true that you are more motivated to do things that you'll benefit from. The more you benefit, the more motivated you are. For example, if I told you I'd give you 5 dollars to take a 30-minute walk tomorrow morning, would you do it? Maybe, maybe not? But what if I put $1 million on the table for taking a walk? You bet you would take that walk! What you need to realize is that the benefits of exercise are even more compelling than a million bucks! What if you were a multi-millionaire but all of a sudden could no longer walk up a flight of stairs of fell ill due to a poor lifestyle and lack of exercise? You see, nothing matters more than your health and vitality – NOTHING! Exercise keeps you young, strong, capable of performing your day to day tasks with ease, makes you feel more confident and happy, and much more! So, it’s simple…MOVE YOUR #SS! 2. Realize the Consequences of Not Exercising The consequences are many. Lethargy, disappointment in yourself, being fat, being out of breath, unable to walk of stairs easily, sore joints and muscles, lack of flexibility, lack of strength, more susceptible to injury, difficulty shoveling snow, mowing the lawn, or gardening, sour outlook on life because of how you feel about yourself, inability to reach your full human potential, tough time fitting into clothes that make you
101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN www.TotalWellnessConsulting.ca

119 feel sexy, feeling uncomfortable in social settings, depression, disease, premature death, etc… I could go on forever but I’m sure you get the point! Maybe you need to take a trip to a nursing home or amputation ward at a hospital to gain some perspective. Believe me; most of these people would do anything to be in your shoes. So lace them up and get moving! 3. Create as Many WHY’s as Possible Keep a piece of paper and pen handy for a couple of days. Jot down EVERY reason you can think of that you want to get healthy/get fit/lose weight through consistent exercise. The reasons WHY you have, the more motivated you will feel. Your reasons WHY give you the energy and juice that will keep you rockin’! Having a goal without knowing WHY you want to achieve it is like spending $30,000 on university tuition without having a clue of what you want to do with your degree besides paying off your student loans! So make a long, extensive list. This may not seem important, but it is critical to be able to read this list when your motivation to exercise is waning. It's a powerful way to quickly get "re-motivated"! 4. Exercise With a Friend Statistics reveal that people who exercise with a friend are more successful at exercising consistently. Basically, it comes down to having accountability. Most of us need something outside of ourselves to keep us going when you don’t feel like working out. Having an exercise partner enables you to keep each other accountable. Knowing that someone is waiting for you to exercise with them can be great motivation to show up and get it done! 5. Exercise First Thing in the Morning, Every Morning There is no better feeling than starting your day knowing that you’ve gotten your exercise out of the way. Plus, you’ll feel much happier and better about yourself. Your metabolism will be revved and you will have a much more fruitful day – guaranteed! Your body was made to be active on a daily basis, and when you are, all sorts of wonderful things happen. You even get healthy and fit!
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CK.ca . go for a run…just get your body moving in a way that gets your heart rate and muscles working! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. RHN www. take your dog for a stroll. do yoga.120 People who exercise 6 to 7 days per week first thing in the morning are much more successful at exercising consistently than those who do the 2 or 3 day thing. hit the gym.TotalWellnessConsulting. Get out there and take a 30-minute walk. BPHE. It doesn't have to be a huge workout everyday.

Have You Lost Your Marbles??? No.. Now. BPHE. CK. Variations of Backward Walking Backwards Walking With Incline: Walking backwards with an incline is something else! When working on the treadmill I add this into all of my warm-ups.121 Backwards Walking on the Treadmill .TotalWellnessConsulting. and ankle stabilizers for added benefit to your daily tasks and sporting endeavours. They are forced to take serious action. Try this: set the incline at 15 percent and 2 mph.. One of these benefits is an improvement in your proprioception or balance.Incline lowwalk: As you walk. by walking backwards on the treadmill (especially on an incline) you engage the quad muscles (front of thigh) and calves to a great extent. that’s perfectly fine.ca . I'll even grab some hand weights and power walk while really focuses on driving and pushing forcefully off each leg. large people. do that for an intense thigh burn. for 30 minutes. Start slow and build from there. lower your center of gravity so that you’re in a one-quarter squat position. Keep your back straight! Do not pitch forward! This will intensify the fire in your quadriceps muscles. Don't be a hero right off the bat. You will soon feel a nice burn in your thighs. The key is to work at a pace that is initially comfortable for you to allow you to get used to the novel motion. alternating with walking forward with a lower incline (or level) for a few minutes. as with any type of treadmill exercise your goal is walk the hands off of the side rails for best results. That’s why walking backwards at faster speeds. knee. hips and the muscles that control your ankles. and people who are new to exercise—can walk backwards without holding on. By Walking Backwards on the Treadmill with Hands Off the Rail You. RHN www. actually I haven't! Walking backwards or jogging backwards on the treadmill works muscles in an entirely different way than walking forwards. Engage your postural muscles to much greater degree. without holding on. Specifically. If you can go faster. Do brief intervals at 15 percent/2 to 3 mph. assuming that you are adjusted to walking backwards level without holding on. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. will condition your hip. So are your legs. Sometimes. Ideally. Start Slow When Walking Backwards on the Treadmill Anyone with 2 healthy legs—and this includes older people. back and forth. if you can’t last longer than a few minutes.

Daniel JA. Props JE.ca . CK. 2004 Feb. Sawyer SF. Even if you're a runner training for a race give a couple of these "power-building" backwards workouts a try. Bruce BA. that will surely contribute to your fitness goals. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. I guarantee that in just a few minutes your thighs will be burning like never before! Just watch what it will do for you runs. RHN www." J Orthop Sports Phys Ther.122 Backwards Walking Intervals You needn’t spend a whole lot of time walking backwards to reap benefits.TotalWellnessConsulting. Dunn DM. "The effects of graded forward and backward walking on heart rate and oxygen consumption. References: Hooper TL. So if you prefer to do a one-minute interval here and there of these creative uses of a treadmill.34(2):65-71. BPHE.

CK. and feel awesome in just a few minutes.. watch this workout video and discover how you can burn calories.123 4-minute Cardio Blast Workout Pressed for time? Want to a metabolism workout that takes just 4 minutes to complete? Well.TotalWellnessConsulting. RHN www. BPHE.ca .and with absolutely no equipment! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. rev your metabolism..

Put something on the line that you will have to do (or give up) if you don't follow through with your commitments. Pretty bold. Now. you don't have to involve this type of money but the trick to find something that motivates you to take action. By looking at your vision board your subconscious will automatically find ways of bringing those results into your life. The key is to just get moving! Motivation Tip #1 .Get Massive Leverage! Let's say I were to ask for a $10.you need the time for yourself! Motivation Tip #2 ..ca . 2.then watch how sick you will feel! 3. commit to eating an entire box of greasy donuts (all 12) if you don't keep your word . 1. don't you think that you might be a little more motivated to keep your commitments (ie. do. This is essentially a collage of images and words that reflect what you to be. and have. Tell a friend. or co-worker about your plans to exercise and make sure they keep you on track.124 More Motivation to Help Make Exercise a Habit In my last post we covered some ways to make exercise a more regular occurrence in your life. For instance. run. Here are just a few examples of getting leverage. RHN www. eh? Well. BPHE. My vision board helped me attract the car of my dreams into my life. These should be fixed and nonnegotiable . working out 3 days per week) with so much at stake? Of course! This is just one example of leverage. CK.TotalWellnessConsulting. The car was literally sitting right in front of me as I pulled into the dealership! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.Focus on the Outcome and Create Your Results By focusing on your ultimate goals you will constantly be reminded of what you're working towards. Keep a journal or daytimer with specific workouts scheduled into your days (much like a business meeting). or other exercise session.. Today I'd like to give you some cool ways to get and stay motivated so that you're always juiced up to get in your workout. family member. This will keep you pumped even when you feel down and out. One the best ways to do this is by creating a vision board.000 deposit to ensure that you would do what you said you were going to do.

Create a vision board for yourself with images and words that excite you. a sub 4-min mile. It is truly amazing when you set a goal or intention and see it manifest in real life.125 I show this picture not to brag but because it is a reflection of being able to manifest what it is that I wanted. etc. Notice what thoughts and feelings you're experiencing when you don't feel motivated and ask yourself "why?" Then. a slim body. CK..TotalWellnessConsulting. RHN www.ca . Believe you can achieve it . Express love and gratitude for what and who you already are and you will become and have much more! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. you can easily change your focus by feeling grateful for what you already have..) . The same can happen for you.and you will! Eventhough you're envisioning your goals do your best to enjoy the moment. BPHE. But you must believe you can what it is that you want (ie. Stay in the present and just be.

Here.TotalWellnessConsulting.126 The Biggest Cardio Myth.Finally Exposed! If you are interested in burning fat and want to know the most efficient way to do so.. RHN www. apply it. I answer one of the most commonly asked questions about cardio training and I expose the truth about your "fat burning" zone! Watch (click here). BPHE. learn. CK. then you need to watch this video.ca .. and watch the fat melt off while your fitness level goes through the roof! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.

BPHE.127 How to Get Strong and Sexy Legs Attention guys and gals who want to sculpt their legs and develop a rock-solid back side. Forward-Backward lunges x 10 reps (each leg) 2. and powerful legs. sexy. After all. RHN www.ca . CK. Dumbbell diagonal squat raise x 10 reps (each side) 5. Sumo squats x 10-15 reps 4. Put the "buns of steel" video aside and enjoy! Here are the exercises: 1. Heel push-ups x 10-15 reps (each leg) 3. Lunge into step-up x 10 reps (each leg) Give these a whirl after you've completed a comprehensive warm-up. Train hard! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. summer (and thus shorts and skirts) are just around the corner. Attention all those who are looking for more lower body strength and power athletes included! Check out this awesome leg workout video to learn 5 new movements (sorry I actually said 6 in the video!) that will give you strong.TotalWellnessConsulting.

Running. But we’re interested in not only what works but works what best for burning fat! We want to get the best bang for our buck. this terrific sport idealizes large 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. All forms of exercise will work in the long run given the right training program and consistent effort. making them calorieburning machines.TotalWellnessConsulting. and obviously many outdoor sports such as cross-country skiing. Most of the male rowers are upwards of 6’4’’ and 220 lbs of shear muscle. This is because the more muscle that is needed to perform an activity or movement. the highest VO2 max on record exist not in runners (as many would think) but rather cross-country skiers and rowers. the more oxygen that will be needed to supply those working muscles. walking. upper body ergometer. stair climbing/stair master. So there are many forms of cardio to choose from and they all work. CK. Your working muscles need oxygen otherwise they will quickly fatigue and will be unable to perform their functions. swimming. let’s look at the typical options. Therefore. Think about that for a second. elliptical. rowing. BPHE. These male and female rowers can get away with their large frames because rowing is not a true weight-bearing sport.128 Best Type of Cardio for Burning Fat The goal in any fat loss exercise regimen is to choose activities that consume large amounts of oxygen. It’s important to always remember that. what do you think would be the best type of cardio to do for fat loss? Well. Make sense? Oxygen is the precursor to all the energy your body produces. RHN www. It is well known that athletes in sports that require large amounts of muscle have the highest VO2 max (maximum aerobic capacity) because their sports demand a massive supply of oxygen to their working muscles. Both cross-country skiing and rowing involve just about muscle in the body working against resistance. As such. right? Since the goal is to maximize oxygen consumption (and thus VO2) it is essential to find activities that will recruit the greatest amount of muscle.ca . This is because the body burns 5 calories for every liter of oxygen that it consumes. In fact. biking. If you’ve ever watched Olympic rowing you will have undoubtedly noticed towering men and women stacked with large and lean muscles. Both the upper body and lower body muscles are pushing and pulling a given resistance which makes these sports not only great aerobic training tools but also fantastic fat burning cardio machines.

However. First. their aerobic capacity is astronomical. If you have a tough time envisioning this. the more calories you will burn (assuming equal intensity as someone who is lighter). Second. the heavier you are. even if it’s muscle. This is great for those who want to lose weight but not so great for those looking for efficient modes of movement. However. right? That’s because cycling is one of the most mechanically efficient human movements. expending more calories. But it makes sense if you think about it. BPHE. most cross-skiers don’t exhibit the same physical stature as rowers. both aerobically and muscularly. running is your best option. Yet. then I encourage you to go for a run with a 20 lbs pack on your torso. CK. through their large muscle mass. This also means that a lot of calories are being spent. RHN www. There are two main reasons for this. at the same intensity. You will immediately notice the difference. It is therefore the most effective type of cardio for burning fat and helping you lose weight. running is weight bearing which means that the muscles of your lower body must work harder to support you and propel you forward. It simply makes their movement much easier. they are more similar to runners in physical stature as cross-country skiing is a weight-bearing sport and thus does not reward athletes with lots of weight. Running burns more calories than other activities. thus. running is one of the least efficient of human movements.TotalWellnessConsulting. Find me an overweight runner and I’ll be amazed.ca . Less weight to carry means less effort. meaning that more of the energy you put into the movement actually results in movement (and not as much heat production as running!) But we’re interested in what burns calories and fat. Therefore. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. they would most likely have a difficult time – not only because of the specific nature of running but also because they would be “carrying” a lot of mass. If you took these same rowers and asked them to run at the same intensities at which they row. Cycling is easier than running.129 muscular athletes because they can produce a lot of power. which means that it produces a lot of heat/energy expenditure for its movement. Similarly. How many 6’4”. right? Therefore. 220 lbs runners do you know of? Most runners are slim and slight.

especially among men. can be detrimental to your pursuit of a 6-pack. RHN www. Every person inherently has the same amount of muscles. too. If the goal is to burn fat (and it is!) then the key to fitness training lies in your ability to choose exercises that burn a huge amount of calories. The only difference is whether or not you can see them. lunges with biceps curls. You can exercise all you want and do thousands of sit-ups each day to little effect if your diet is out of whack. Most active individuals score in the teens and thus require a little bit more work in their training and especially in their diet if they wish to achieve their goal of washboard abs.TotalWellnessConsulting.ca . For instance. This type of mentality. Both you and I have the 8-pack rectus abdominus muscle (most people think it’s just a 6-pack) – that’s our human anatomy. But whether or not you can see yours depends on the amount of fat you have covering these abdominal muscles. BPHE. CK. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. These are exercises that require large muscles. Let’s first tackle the diet issue. To visually see the tone of your abdominals your body fat needs to be about 10% or lower. I will cover the fundamentals of a 6-pack healthy diet in a future article but for now I’d like to show how you can better your chances by choosing exercises that maximize your body’s fat burning potential while strengthening your abs and core. it boils down to 2 main factors – training and diet. Training to Burn Fat When it comes to training the first thing to realize is that abdominal exercises have little effect on your ability to see your abs. especially if adopted by recreational exercisers. Many women. squat presses.130 How to Get 6-Pack Abs One of the most common goals that fitness enthusiasts have is to develop 6-pack abs. But why is it that so many people have such a hard time achieving the 6-pack or the toned abs that they so desire? Well. limited movements that involve a small group of muscles. That’s nonsense. It’s important to keep in mind that you can never out train a bad diet. Sit-ups and crunches have little fat burning effect simply because they are small. and step-ups with shoulder presses are all great examples of movements that use a huge amount of muscle. are motivated to sculpt their abs (perhaps not to the same degree of men) along with losing weight and burning fat. Many athletes seem to think that they can get away with eating whatever they want because “they need” the calories.

One of my personal favourite abdominal “props” is the BOSU ball. So having said that here’s a sample 5-exercise BOSU ball core workout for you to try: NOTE: BOSU ball is placed so that the flat surface is against the floor – rounded side facing up. the greater the “burn” you’re going to feel and the stronger your abs and core will become. RHN www. BPHE. • • • • • Push-ups with Knee Drive Deadbug Hovering Back Extensions V-Sits Alternating Jackknife Watch this video to see what these ab exercises look like. greater muscle activation). CK. 6-Pack Ab Exercises But if you’re bent on focusing on your abs then let me give you some helpful pointers to get a great abdominal burn in your workouts.ca . A simple set of crunches on the BOSU ball is much different and more effective than doing them on the floor. Just remember through – ab-specific exercises won’t get you any closer to your goal. Assuming that you have no history of lower back pain the key to challenging your abs is to work them to fatigue and constantly challenge them with new and exciting exercises. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. But here goes. The BOSU ball challenges your core and abdominals like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.131 Try them and just watch how your breathing and heart rate immediately go through the roof. One of the keys to core and abdominal training is muscle activation.TotalWellnessConsulting. Any time you perform exercises that recruit more muscles (ie. All exercises should be performed to fatigue. Repeating the same boring exercises over and over is not an effective way to train. Its inherent instability requires your deeper core muscles to constantly work to keep you balanced while you attempt to perform the movements at hand.

some of my most challenging and caloriecrunching workouts revolve around nothing more than push-up and pull-up variations. or looking for some great workouts to enjoy at home. are traveling.ca . 30 seconds rest) Y Squats Plank Standing Lunges Side Plank Hip Bridge with Leg Extension Push-ups 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.TotalWellnessConsulting. You will then rest 30 seconds before moving onto the next exercise. it might be tougher than it looks so pace yourself. What I mean is that by simply using your bodyweight you can enjoy incredible workouts that will not only help you burn fat but sculpt and tone your body as well. To this day. jumping jacks (3-5 minutes) CIRCUIT WORKOUT (30 seconds work. Watch this video for detailed instruction WARM-UP Jogging on spot. don’t feel like using weights or machines. I’d like to share one such workout with you. Repeat this circuit 2-3 times. BPHE. CK. RHN www. then you’ll be happy to know that you’ve already got everything you need. Believe me. So if you’re sick and tired of going to the gym and would like to try something new and fresh at home (or even while you travel) then give this bodyweight workout a shot. some full body cardio movements. and some great core and abdominal exercises. Please note that this workout is designed for beginners so stay tuned for more advanced variations. Bodyweight Workout Structure: After your warm-up you will be performing a 6 exercise bodyweight circuit where you will perform as many reps as possible (where applicable) in 30 seconds.132 Bodyweight Workout for Beginners If you ever find yourself at a loss for workout ideas. Bodyweight workouts are not only great for beginners – they can even by used by the fittest people.

and since you are a beginner. is by far the most superior training method to improve your running speed and endurance while maximizing your fat burning potential. Start with this interval training workout: 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.TotalWellnessConsulting. you may want to consider interval training. HIT refers to a method of cardio training whereby you combine bouts of high and low intensity. then the workout I’m about to take you through will make your day a happier one. RHN www. also known as HIT. Interval training. Instead. One way to build up your running endurance is to simply run a little bit longer each time you run. the desire to run is present for many people because of its fat burning and overall cardiovascular benefits. BPHE. This progression allows your body to adapt to new running demands while minimizing your risk for injury.133 Fat Loss Interval Training for Beginners Do want to burn fat by running but don’t feel that you can? Do you enjoy walking but at the same time looking for the added fat burning benefit of running? Well if so. They would then repeat this sequence for a given amount of time – usually 10-15 minutes depending on their initial fitness level.ca . you would be combining bouts of walking and jogging. So for our purposes. this is a great place to start for most beginners but there comes a point when it becomes rather boring and its fat burning potential lessened. Each bout would last a certain amount of time and would be executed at a certain speed. However. This method of running at the same pace for a given distance or duration is known as steady-state cardio or running. The wonderful thing about interval training is that there are thousands of possible interval combinations that you can use. That’s to be expected since the body hasn’t been trained to accommodate the greater demands imposed by running faster or longer. CK. For most people who have never run before (and who want to start) I usually get them to start with intervals that consist of 90 seconds of walking followed by 30 seconds of jogging. And as you become fitter the amount of time at the low and high intensities would vary to give you more of a challenge. Initially. When most people start running (at whatever stage of their life) they usually cannot run for a very long period of time. A good rule of thumb is to increase either your distance or speed (not both) by no more than 10% per week.

it might be tough to run (without stopping) for a full 10 minutes but with HIT you can actually spend more time running at a faster speed because you have those lower intensity recovery bouts. For more great interval training workouts check out my Treadmill Trainer™ iPod running workouts. That is to walk for 90 seconds and then jog for 30 seconds. then go for it. your metabolic rate will increase and you will be burning fat even while your resting.ca . RHN www.TotalWellnessConsulting. Repeat this sequence for a total of at least 10 minutes. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. If you feel you can go longer. Working at higher intensities also means that you burn more calories and while maximizing your body’s ability to burn fat. When it comes to fat loss the key is intensity. Have a look at this video for an example of this workout The true value of interval training is that it allows you to exercise at a higher overall intensity because it is broken up. BPHE. Over time. CK.134 Assuming that you’re a complete beginner I’m going to suggest that you begin by following the workout I mentioned above. So start off with this walk and jog HIT workout and progress from there. Starting off.

and a step. Once you’ve completed the entire first set you can then grab a sip of water and rest for 1-2 minutes. So here’s how the workout structure will look: WARM-UP 5 minutes light cardio CIRCUIT 1 (30 sec. Another great advantage of this workout is that all you need to complete it is a set of dumbbells. and get fit then this workout is for you. if you are on the bike you would pedal as fast as possible (at a good resistance) for 10 seconds and then follow that with a nice and easy 50second recovery. you will then choose a cardio machine and perform 5 minutes of intervals. After each exercise you will then rest for 30 seconds before moving on to the next one. The fat burning workout I’m about to provide you with is an example of the type of circuit training workouts that are a key component of my Fitter U™ fat loss fitness program. rest) Standing lunges Plank Step-ups with biceps curls and shoulder press Push-ups Stability ball crunches Ball squats (against wall) with biceps curls 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Got it? Awesome! Both the circuit training and interval training sequences are repeated twice. tone up. CK. RHN www. After your 1-2 minute rest period. a stability ball. A cardio machine is advised for your interval training component. For these intervals you will be working hard for 10 seconds and recovering for 50 seconds. The interval training component is a great way to spike your metabolism and burn further calories in just a few minutes. BPHE.135 Fat Loss Circuit Training Workout Today I’d like to give you an exciting full body workout that will burn tons of calories and leave you feeling great in just 40 minutes. This will be repeated 5 times for a total of 5 minutes.ca . work. For instance. For each exercise you will be completing as many repetitions as possible in a 30 second time period. So if you want to burn fat. 30 sec. So here’s how it’s going to work. We’re going to take 6 exercises and set them up in a circuit training routine.TotalWellnessConsulting.

work. 30 sec.136 Rest 1-2 minutes INTERVAL TRAINING 1 (10 sec. 50 sec. BPHE. Watch the video to see what the workout looks like: Give it a shot and experience the difference. hard. rest) Standing lunges Plank Step-ups with biceps curls and shoulder press Push-ups Stability ball crunches Ball squats (against wall) with biceps curls Rest 1-2 minutes INTERVAL TRAINING 2 (10 sec. CK. RHN www. 50 sec. recovery) This entire workout should take you no more than 40 minutes.ca .TotalWellnessConsulting. recovery) Rest 1-2 minutes CIRCUIT 2 (30 sec. hard. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.

your nervous system fires signals to the necessary stabilizing muscles that will enable your body to maintain a balanced position as best as possible.TotalWellnessConsulting. you develop a better sense of balance. and other processes that enable your body to perform on unstable surfaces.137 Is the Exercise Ball Really Useful for Core Training? If you’ve stepped into a gym in the last 10 years you’ve most likely noticed those big rubber balls known as exercise balls (or stability balls or Swiss balls). Many trainers and athletes alike have adopted the use of the exercise ball to enhance the effectiveness of their core training programs. Think about running on uneven grass. Here’s why: Reason #1: Improved Proprioception and Sense of Balance Proprioception refers to the body’s sense of spatial awareness in relation to stimuli it receives from the position and movement of the body. standing while riding the bus or subway. In my experience. when you are sitting on a exercise ball there is an element of instability. walking on an icy sidewalk. It also means that the body has a greater ability to know where it is. Therefore. one of the big benefits of performing exercises on the stability ball is the heightened training that your nervous system receives. CK. most times these balls would sit all alone in the corner unless they were being used in a special “ball class” or by a creative trainer showing his client some new challenging movements. Popular opinion 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. But the question is “Are exercise ball workouts needed and useful in an exercise program?” I believe that they are. In turn. and exercise balls. BPHE. All of these conditions require “real time” adjusting and responsiveness that will be bettered if you have trained your body on unstable surfaces such as wobble boards. Reason #2 – Greater Core Muscle Activation Core stability training has become a key aspect of most athletic training programs. In English what this means is that your body has a better sense of balance. RHN www. muscle firing sequencing. This is important because the ability to respond to sudden surface changes is a reality of life.ca . As a result. right? Because of this your body’s “receptors” send your brain and nervous system specific messages telling it where it is positioned. For instance. A greater sense of balance and stability in an ever-changing environment presents many injury prevention benefits especially among the elderly and those who are less co-ordinated to begin with. bosu balls.

But in all honesty. CK. it is still an effective tool for developing greater core strength and stability. However. muscle activation in stabilizer muscles and physical loading demands placed on the body. allowing your workouts to be more 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Nonetheless. When any muscle undergoes a greater stretch it’s subsequent activation is enhanced and strength increased! Reason #3 – The Exercise Ball is FUN! Aside from the fact that the exercise ball provides more challenge and allows for greater core activation in many instances. For instance. my advice is to try it for yourself. Try these 3 movements and see for yourself which ones are more challenging. the research to support or refute these claims is minimal. The vast number of possible uses for the exercise ball also makes it difficult for researchers’ to assess and are therefore limited to measuring the effects of a few exercises and extrapolating results to various other versions of exercise ball exercises. external obliques.TotalWellnessConsulting. RHN www. and erector spinae. The ball enables you to extend further back as you come back from the crunch or sit-up enabling a greater stretch in the abdominal muscles. To date most studies have only been able to measure the muscle activation in global stabilizer muscles such as rectus abdominus. 3. BPHE. Here are a couple of core-based movements that are far more challenging on the exercise ball (thus eliciting greater muscle activation).ca . They would definitely make great party tricks that’s for sure. one of the reasons why crunches on the exercise ball are so much more effective is that they allow a greater motion in the eccentric (or “stretch”) phase of the crunch. Although the research is conflicting and somewhat inconclusive. Research examining exercise ball use is limited due to the difficulty in measuring actual core stability. 1. my Fitter U™ program incorporates it for another important reason – FUN! Simply mastering some of the more advanced functional exercises on the exercise ball is an exhilarating feeling. Push-up knee roll-ins with feet on ball INSTEAD OF knee raises. You’ll notice an immediate difference. Planking on the exercise ball with feet raised on bench INSTEAD OF planking on floor. Crunches on the exercise ball INSTEAD OF crunches on the floor 2.138 and clinical wisdom would suggest that the use of the exercise ball is beneficial in that it provides an unstable surface requiring more muscle activation by the body to maintain stability.

BPHE.TotalWellnessConsulting. RHN www. This will ensure that the ball you have chosen is just right for your height.139 enjoyable will better enable you to stay on track to reach your goals. Most people fall off their exercise programs because they’re boring and monotonous.ca . CK. There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun while putting in some good hard work! A final note – when choosing an exercise ball you want to ensure that it is well inflated (not soft and mushy) and that when you sit on it your thighs are parallel to the floor. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.

With this type of movement all of the large muscles in your legs are working at the same time as your biceps muscles. the more oxygen it needs. you perform a set of seated biceps curls I’m sure you can appreciate that you wouldn’t be huffing and puffing. for example. Watch this video for some great full-body exercises that you can do on the cable machine.140 Fat Burning Cable Workout One of the best ways to burn more calories and shed fat in your workouts is simply to use more full body movements. CK. The reason for this is simple.TotalWellnessConsulting. What a workout! For more calorie-crunching full-body workouts click here to check out Fitter U™. if you performed a set of cable squats with an upwards rotation (don't worry watch the video for details) all of a sudden your body requires much more oxygen to fuel all the working muscles .ca . BPHE. Your body burns 5 calories for every liter of oxygen it consumes. RHN www. However. right? Therefore.thus it can burn more fat. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. If. More muscle working means more oxygen needed which means that more calories will be burned. there isn’t a great oxygen demand for that type of movement because it is solely focusing on the small biceps muscles. and the more muscle required for a given movement.

141 "Core of Steel" Workout (BOSU ball) Here are 5 core exercises on the BOSU ball that will challenge your core BIG TIME and will leave it feeling a little sore (but great!) for a few days. CK.TotalWellnessConsulting. Once you master them they also make great party tricks! Here’s the workout video 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.ca . RHN www. BPHE. Do as many reps as possible for each exercise.

Therefore. leg lifts. like with any other muscle in the body. the more calories that are burned. plank. SECRET #2 When it comes to visibly seeing your 8-pack there is little use for abdominal exercises! That’s right. abdominal crunches are close to useless because they’re focused on such a small group of muscles that there is little metabolic effect. You can do 1. Perhaps you fall into this category as well. using a variety of exercises (crunches. SECRET #1 It’s first important to realize that we’re not dealing with a 6-pack but instead an 8pack. Although there intentions were honest.142 3 Secrets to Visible Abs They Won’t Tell You About! Having trained thousands of individuals from all walks of life I would say that one of the most common goals among exercisers is to develop a “visible” 6-pack. Think back to all those people who have told you to do leg lifts to train you lower abs and crunches to train your upper abs. The more muscle involved in a movement. Let’s see how you can accomplish this goal and discover 3 secrets that you need to know in order to do so.ca . when you do situps.000 sit-ups a day if you like but your efforts will be in vain. Performing a ton of ab work will get your abs strong but they won’t be visible if they’re hiding behind a layer of fat. The reason for this is simple.TotalWellnessConsulting. RHN www. This means that from a neuromuscular perspective there is no difference between the upper and lower abs. or leg lifts you’re training the exact same muscle – the 8-pack OR rectus abdominis – and the full length of this muscle. However. Those 2 lower abdominal muscles that most people forget to consider help make up the 8-pack or rectus abdominis muscle. The second thing to realize is that rectus abdominis muscle is innervated by only 1 nerve. And the best way to burn fat is by using fullbody movements that utilize a large amount of muscle in order to burn as many calories as possible. In order for you to visibly see your abdominal muscles your body fat percentage needs to be around 10% or lower. Therefore. CK. there is simply no differentiating this 8-pack muscle. etc…) is helpful in order to stimulate individual muscle fibers within the full range of motion of the muscle and to maximize it’s performance and strength. I know I did at one point. or crunches. BPHE. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.

The same can happen for you. Pretty silly I know but it worked. You want to spend time developing and strengthening your trunk stabilizers – namely your transversus abdominis (TVA) and your internal (IO) and external obliques (EO). Realize that it will take some time and hard work to get a chiseled waistline. In fact. instead of thinking about of activating these muscles. the incorporation of high-intensity interval training is needed to rev up your metabolism and maximize your calorie burning potential. they simply acquired a natural tonicity to provide me with a tight. in the meantime. IO. After much conscious effort. This 2-step activation is known as “abdominal bracing”. these muscles learned how to tighten and strengthen my core naturally. lunge walks with arm raises.TotalWellnessConsulting. It sounds pretty ridiculous put back in junior high school I simply began “abdominal bracing” (not knowing what it was at the time) in order to get those washboard abs. The easiest way to train the TVA.143 Full-body movements such as squat presses. wouldn’t it? Ok. you could reduce your waist size simply by using a couple of easy-to-do core strengthening exercises? That would be already. and burpies are great movements that expend huge amount of calories. It is beyond the scope of this article to go into full-out detail but simply by eating a higher percentage of living foods that alkalize your body your success will be that much closer. so here’s what you want to do. slim. RHN www. However. and EO is simply to abdominal brace whenever you can.ca . the most important component is certainly your diet. BPHE. stepups with biceps. when it comes to shedding body fat. SECRET #3 Let’s say that you’re working hard to strengthen your abs but you still have a bit of gut that is showing. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. these critical muscles help tighten your tummy while supporting your spine. That’s fine. this is how I started out way back in the day. The funniest part is that I was doing it to impress a girl. You can get a feel for their activation by putting on a tight pair of pants (drawing in your belly button) and slightly tensing your abs (as if you were about to get punched). So. In conjunction. and strong core. Aside from full-body movements. CK. But what if.

Start off by performing 2 sets of 10-12 reps for each movement (after a comprehensive warm-up obviously). Your body burns 5 calories for every liter of oxygen it consumes and the more muscle required for a given movement. Squat presses INSTEAD OF squats alone. With these types of exercises you get to train your entire body in less than 30 minutes while other people are spending 1 hour or more targeting one or two little muscle groups. If. RHN www.144 The Best Way to Burn Calories One of the best ways to burn more calories in your workouts is simply to use more full body exercises. you perform a set of seated biceps curls I’m sure you can appreciate that you wouldn’t be huffing and puffing. Give these movements a shot and you’ll notice an immediate difference. Lunge walks with lateral raises INSTEAD OF lateral raises alone. Therefore. 4. CK. right? Therefore. More muscle working means more oxygen needed which means that more calories will be burned. Step-ups with shoulder press INSTEAD OF seated shoulder press. However. for example. With this type of movement all of the large muscles in your legs are working at the same time as your biceps muscles. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.ca . if you performed a set of wall squats with biceps curls all of a sudden your body requires much more oxygen to fuel all the working muscles. 2. These types of calorie-crunching workouts are hallmarks of my Fitter U™ program and are great because they are so effective AND they save you tons of time. BPHE.TotalWellnessConsulting. there isn’t a great oxygen demand for that type of movement because it is solely focusing on the small biceps muscles. You will also receive a greater cardiovascular training effect while developing lean muscle. Wall squats with biceps curls INSTEAD OF biceps curls alone. If your heart rate is more elevated then you will burn more calories. If you wear a heart rate monitor during your workouts then you’ll also notice that movements that use a lot of muscle mass or that move weight over a greater distance will elicit a higher heart rate. The reason for this is simple. with full body (multi-muscle) movements you will burn more calories! Give it a shot. Here are some typical exercises that can be spiced up by using full-body caloriecrunching movements. the more oxygen it needs. 3. 1.

101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. BPHE.145 The key to burning fat and building a functional and fit body is to train movements NOT individual muscles. Think of how your body moves on a daily basis – that’s how you want to train it.TotalWellnessConsulting.ca . RHN www. The results will speak for themselves. CK.

lose weight. and get in great shape. I usually suggest to move onto volume 2 when you feel comfortable running at least 15 minutes without walking or stopping.How Often to Run per Week??? Like with any form of training. Between each of these running workouts should be at least a day of recovery to allow your body to regenerate and bounce back stronger for the next run. Watch this video for more insight on this common running question: When do you know you're ready to move onto Treadmill Trainer™ volume 2? That's a good question. BPHE. How many times a week should I run the beginners program (Treadmill Trainer volume 1) and for how long before I start the next level (volume 2)? Thanks for your help. volume 1 takes you through intervals of walking and jogging with the goal of getting you fitter and more comfortable with being able to run for a longer period of time.146 Beginning Runners . you become a stronger and more endurant runner as you run on a consistent basis. CK. As a beginner. I am very excited to start the Treadmill Trainer™ volume 1 running workout! I want to start running but right now I am beginner.Veronica Because the Treadmill Trainer™ running programs are based on interval training they are inherently designed to make you a more proficient runner with less training.ca . 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.TotalWellnessConsulting. Recently. So having said that. It really depends on how your body adapts to your running training. one of our Treadmill Trainer™ beginner running clients asked me the following question relating to running frequency: "Dear Yuri. there is a fine balance between frequency of running and when you should rest to allow your body to recover. as a beginner using Treadmill Trainer™ running workout 2-3 times per week is plenty to help you become a better runner." . However. RHN www. My main objectives are to lose weight and to get in shape.

CK. BPHE.just do it now and you'll be amazed at well you do! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim...TotalWellnessConsulting.147 Treadmill Trainer™ volume 2 is definitely more challenging than volume 1 but as with all the Treadmill Trainer running workouts you can end your run at the end of any of the sections within the workout.ca . RHN www. So don't be intimidated.

First. So it’s almost like starting the movement with 10 lbs dumbbell and finishing it with a 30 lbs dumbbell. Just like using a 10 lbs dumbbell forever will force you to plateau and realize no further strength gain. performing a biceps curl with a resistance band is far more challenging than using dumbbells. as an example. the answer to your question is yes! I recommend using resistance bands for several reasons. As you get 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. creating more tension and work in the biceps muscle. much like a rubber band that has been stretched. This provides an incredible eccentric or “negative” load on the working muscles that can produce amazing gains in strength. The natural tendency then would be for the band to “snap” back to original length.148 Can You Build Muscle Using Resistance Bands? Recently I was asked if resistance bands could be used to build strength and muscle size similarly to dumbbells. using resistance bands is a great way to develop strength. as the resistance band is stretched it stores a tremendous amount of “recoil” or kinetic energy. RHN www. BPHE. So the combination of increasing tension and intrinsic eccentric properties make the resistance band an amazing workout tool for developing muscular strength and size. is a tremendous way of developing muscular strength. Million thanks. A growing body of research is showing that “accommodating resistance”. CK. In general. The constant pull of the band creates an ever-growing amount of tension making any muscular movement challenging throughout. much like a outstretched spring. so too will a band of similar tension.” Well Elvis. For instance. This is due to the fact that as you raise the band it becomes more taut. I’ve watched all of your YouTube videos on different types of exercises. as you lengthen the band it creates more resistance. Elvis. Any suggestions of how to get ripped using such exercise bands or is it possible? I hope you can tell me as you are a pro in this.TotalWellnessConsulting. a phenomenon whereby the band’s tension becomes more challenging at your muscles’ strongest length (or angle).ca . However. I would like to ask you if it’s possible to build muscle using a resistance band (just like you can with weights)? I'm a frequent traveler who wants to sculpt my body but i can only travel with the resistance bands. it is important to progressively use tauter bands as you become stronger. Second. Here is what was asked… “Hi Yuri.

Squat Presses 2. BPHE. Progression and overload are 2 important aspects of any training program and need to be implemented for maximum gains in strength and muscular growth. Lateral Lunge with Diagonal Chop 3. Reverse Lunge with Back Row 5.ca .TotalWellnessConsulting.149 stronger move onto a tougher more resistant band. Enjoy! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. *For each exercise. Squat Sit with 1-Arm Back Row Repeat for 2-3 sets with 1-2 minutes rest between each set. Resisted Crunches (on stability ball) 4. Resisted Step-ups with Biceps Curls 3. while you travel. CK. 1. Standing Alternating Chest Press 6. or even in the gym. Here is a great resistance band workout that is great for doing at home. RHN www. Watch this video to learn how to do each movement. complete as many reps as you can in 30 seconds.

I'd truly and greatly appreciate it if you will answer these questions for me. "I saw your video and it encouraged me to try this system out because I am pressed for time a lot. One method of doing these interval runs outdoors (if you 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. For example. you can set up a simple interval where you run 100 m in 12 seconds and then recover for 300 m in under 1 minute. 8.TotalWellnessConsulting.2 mph and than 1 minute at 4. BPHE. CK.3 mph finally finishing with a 3 minute cool down. Personally. Answer #1 Doing interval training workouts on the treadmill is fine if you're using longer intervals since it takes most treadmills a fair amount of time to reach the desired speed.ca ." .. I would suggest using the treadmill for running workouts that involve intervals of at least 30 seconds. That way you'll know exactly how much distance you cover in a given amount of time and thus can calculate your speed or pace. Using faster and thus shorter intervals of 10 or 15 seconds could be more difficult because it will take the treadmill that long to reach the intended speed.. RHN www.3 MPH and than went into 7 sets of 1 minute at 8.Mike The answers to these questions are "it depends". You could then repeat this protocol for 10-15 minutes. I have heard that the treadmill is not the best thing to use when doing the HIIT (interval training) workout and I was wondering if this is fact or fiction??? Also if a treadmill is not the best item how would I go about doing this on an open field? Finally. Answer #2 To do interval training outside is fairly simple yet not as accurate when it comes to calculating running speed. My best advice is to use a track if you can. today I went on the treadmill and did 3 minutes at a brisk walk around 4.2 is basically a legitimate run for me at this point so I was wondering if this is fine.150 Is Interval Training Best on the Treadmill or Outside? Recently I was asked the following question by someone who was watching one of my YouTube videos on cardio interval training.. I prefer doing interval runs outdoors because you can usually reach greater running speeds in only a few seconds (instead of waiting for the treadmill to change speeds).

2 street corners). For instance. The same can be done in a park using big trees or other landmarks that you choose to use. BPHE.ca . if you're running on a sidewalk you could accelerate to full speed between streetlights or street corners and then jog for recovery for twice that distance (ie.TotalWellnessConsulting. Give those workouts a shot and if you need more assistance then be sure to get your hands on my Treadmill Trainer™ iPod running workouts as they provide you with my auditory coaching right over your headphones for the best interval running workouts ever! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. RHN www. CK.151 don't have access to a track) is to arbitrarily assign landmarks as your start and stop locations.

right? Personally. Have a look at the video for this workout 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.ca . watch the video to learn how to do the exercises.10 min Complete as many reps as possible in 30 seconds. Squat Presses (using band) Push-ups Squats with Back Row (using band) Lateral Speed Skater Strides *Optional cardio: 1 minute . RHN www. Especially as the weather gets warmer who wants to workout in a gym anyways. WARM-UP . after having worked indoors training clients in gyms for 10 years I think I might even have an aversion to working out in one nowadays. Then move on to the next exercise with no rest.5 minutes Jogging (on spot or for distance) and/or jumping jacks WORKOUT . BPHE. jogging on spot. All you need is an exercise band and your bodyweight. then you probably enjoy exercising outdoors as well. Also. hills. As such. If you're looking for outdoor strength training and cardio fat burning workouts then give this a shot. treadclimbers.TotalWellnessConsulting. I try to do as many workouts as possible outside using a combination of stairs. burpies.152 Strength and Fat Burning Outdoor Workout If you're like me and love spending time outside. Repeat for 2-3 sets. Rest for 1 minute after all are complete. and an arsenal of bodyweight (and tubing) exercises for the best workout experience ever! Plus. CK.jumping jacks. I even get my vitamin D from the sun! Here's an outdoor workout that will take about 15-20 minutes of your time and leave you feeling pumped and refreshed.

I would run every other step (more strength than speed).TotalWellnessConsulting. CK. (3) We then ran about 1/2 km to a nearby pull-up bar and performed several different pull-up and hanging core and abdominal exercises. I would do a combination of the two and I finished off the stairs with a set of 2 legged hops half-way up followed by a full-out sprint! (2a) After each stair run. You don't any equipment except your bodyweight and some creativity! Who needs the gym anyways? 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. relief! I encourage you to try this or a similar outdoor workout. (2) We then came across a great set of stairs that I love running. I did a set of push-ups to failure. By this time. Jax.153 Fun Strength Training and Cardio Outdoor Workout This morning I took my dog.ah. And. We ran this staircase 6 times.ca . best of all. Each run was slightly different. and went for an awesome cardio and strength training workout. my legs were toast and my heart was beating out of my chest. Our workout was complete within 40 minutes and I felt absolutely amazing. Here's what we did: (1) We started off by running about 2 km to get warm. Then. Jax was so tired that he spent most of the day sleeping . Next. RHN www. First I would run fast up every single step (training foot speed). There are probably a total of about 150 steps. BPHE. Play this video to see what they look like.

There are many mechanisms thought to be involved in the fat oxidation difference between men and women. 3. Conversely.154 Recent Study Reveals Women Burn More Fat Than Men A recent fat loss study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology (2005) has shown that women burn more fat than men during exercise. briefly. these include levels of circulating hormones and catecholamines (adrenaline). whereby fatty acids comprise roughly 55% of total energy expenditure at low intensities but diminish as exercise intensity increases. there are several mechanisms that inhibit fat burning at higher sustained intensities including lactic acid accumulation and an increasingly acidic cellular environment. However. and the study cited. The shifting of fat and carbohydrate contribution to energy expenditure is known as the “crossover effect” and occurs anywhere from 50-75% of maximum heart rate depending on gender. Fitter individuals burn more fat 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. and activity of the fat burning enzyme hormone-sensitive lipase. as exercise intensity increases so too does the contribution of carbohydrates to total energy expenditure. training status. CK. RHN www. The researchers studied the effects of an incremental treadmill test to fatigue on 300 male and female subjects of varying fitness levels. It has been well established that the most important determinant of fat burning during exercise is in fact exercise intensity. 2.ca . Relative to lean body mass. fat free mass (lean body mass). and most importantly exercise intensity. women burn more fat than men at all exercise intensities. They wanted to determine whether the ability to burn fat was influenced by gender. Some of these findings include: 1. The present study found several interesting findings that have also been confirmed by numerous other studies. muscle fiber type proportion. This goes back to the “crossover effect” that was mentioned above.TotalWellnessConsulting. BPHE. This is the point (or intensity) at which carbohydrates take over as the predominant fuel source for exercise. training status. adrenergic regulation of fatty acid mobilization. Fat is a greater contributor to total energy expenditure at lower exercise intensities.

As your body adapts to endurance training it becomes better at saving important carbohydrate reserves and instead utilizes unneeded fat. (2005).155 Both VO2 max (maximum aerobic capacity) and training status are significant predictors of fat oxidation. 2005. Therefore.ca . walk to work or home or to the grocery store – just do it! Reference: Venables. as this studies (and tons of other studies have shown) low intensity exercise uses fat as a major source of fuel. get active on a daily basis to allow your body to become a fat burning machine. M. J Appl Physiol 98: 160 –167. Training has also been shown to be an effective means of increasing fat oxidation during exercise in obese men and women and that the intensity found to induce these changes was low (40% VO2 max – roughly 50% of max heart rate). It also has been firmly established in training studies that trained individuals utilize more fat at the same relative (higher absolute) exercise intensity than untrained individuals. At least 30 minutes per day should do the trick. Take Home Message Based on these findings it is clear that the fitter you are the better your chances of burning fat. This would imply that VO2 max and training status can increase fat oxidation by increasing fat free mass and also by increasing the capacity of the muscle to burn fat. Take your dog for a walk. RHN www. BPHE. CK. at a minimum you need to make walking (a relatively low intensity activity) a fundamental aerobic activity in your daily life. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. walk with your loved one. et al. Determinants of fat oxidation during exercise in healthy men and women: a cross-sectional study. The second piece of advice I’d like to give is to you is this… WALK EVERY SINGLE DAY! Why? Well.TotalWellnessConsulting. Therefore.

TotalWellnessConsulting. And in reality there are literally thousands of different interval training protocols to follow depending on your goal and fitness level.but it isn’t what you think. with 36second rest periods. Here’s why… Research published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology compared the fat-burning effects of two different interval training workouts. But as with any type of training. there were large differences in fat oxidation. Despite the fact that exercise intensity and duration were kept constant during both trials. There have been so many studies investigating the fat loss and performance benefits of using intervals versus long boring cardio – and the results truly speak for themselves.156 What is the Best Type of Interval Training to Burn Fat? Over the past decade the popularity of interval training for fat loss and performance improvements has been amazing. 1 minute hard. your body will adapt to how it is trained. both lasting 40 minutes. BPHE. 2:3 work to rest). meaning that the total amount of time spent running on the treadmill (16 minutes) was also identical. RHN www. So the answer to the interval training for fat loss question is yes . and different energy systems will be used depending on the intensity and duration of the exercise. Moreover. CK. But what about the average person who doesn’t want to train for track and field or a particular sport and is solely concerned with burning fat? Is there an interval training protocol that is best to maximize fat loss? Some people recommend long duration intervals (ie. The first consisted of short intervals lasting 6 seconds. It's important to note that the treadmill speed was identical during both the short and long interval workouts.ca . a 400m sprinter might run intervals lasting up to 60 seconds and then recovering for 3 minutes because that type of training would most closely resemble what he/she would be going through in a race. The second workout involved long intervals lasting 24 seconds. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. 2 minutes recovery) while others recommend shorter duration intervals that can elicit a much harder effort. with 9-second rest periods. the ratio between work and recovery bouts was also the same (ie. For instance.

TotalWellnessConsulting. a by-product of carbohydrate metabolism.ca . you’d need more time to recover. The mysterious myoglobin Myoglobin is a large protein that binds to oxygen inside your muscle cells. Studies also show that shorter intervals don't feel as physically demanding as long intervals. Therefore. because myoglobin holds enough oxygen to last for 5-15 seconds it would make send to perform short. As the blood has hemoglobin. To understand why the short intervals were so much more effective at increasing fat oxidation. carbohydrates then provide a greater proportion of energy. it's important to understand a little more about a substance called myoglobin. which means that you can get better results without feeling like you're working harder. intense intervals that continue beyond the point at which myoglobin loses its supply of oxygen (usually above 15 seconds or so) rely to a greater extent on carbohydrate as a source of energy and. As mentioned. the muscles have myoglobin. Your body needs more oxygen to burn fat as a fuel (compared to carbohydrate or protein). 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. and the longer it takes to "reload". And furthermore. As such. Think of it a little like a "reserve" oxygen supply. How much rest should you take between work bouts? This depends on the duration of the work intervals and your fitness level. When oxygen supplies become limited. RHN www. the more myoglobin gets used up. "blocks" fat burning. According to physiologist Olof Astrand. because lactic acid. then limit your work intervals to a maximum of 15 seconds. However. myoglobin’s oxygen stores are reduced. if your goal is to lose fat. as the duration of the work period increases. thus. This is also seen in the “crossover effect” where carbohydrates become the more dominant source of fuel at higher exercise intensities compared to fats which are mainly oxidized at lower intensities. the number of fat calories burned was approximately 3 times LOWER during the long (24 seconds) interval workout. CK. don’t burn as much fat as shorter intervals.157 In fact. Both store oxygen. intense rather than long intervals to promote a greater rise in fat oxidation. myoglobin is repeatedly used and reloaded during the work and recovery phases of interval exercise. BPHE. The longer the work interval.

give yourself 45 seconds to recover. 436-447 . European Journal of Applied Physiology..A. (1999).158 The study alluded to earlier used rest intervals that were 1. RHN www. Effect of work and recovery duration on skeletal muscle oxygenation and fuel use during sustained intermittent exercise.G. if you’re new to interval training I would recommend starting with a work-to-rest ratio of 1:3.TotalWellnessConsulting. CK.5 times greater than the work intervals (6 seconds work: 9 seconds rest). & Arthur. Reference: Christmass. a 15-second work interval would require a minimum of 22 seconds rest.. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. This means that if you work hard for 15 seconds. However. M.ca . Dawson. 80. then you can reduce the amount of recovery. P. B. BPHE. As you become fitter. Based on these findings.

at least initially. Today we're going to discuss the best type of interval training to improve your running performance. The 5k is usually run at a pace that is close to 80-85% of your maximum heart rate. If you want to run your 5k in 18 minutes then you could train using the following interval training workouts 3-4 times per week: WORKOUT #1 Warm-up: 5 minutes (talk test pace) Interval Training Workout: 2 minutes at 5k pace (ie. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. BPHE. For instance. their pace would equate to 3 to 3. especially if you aren't prepared properly. If you're not used to running a 3. but the good news is that with proper training one can achieve such goals. we talked about the best type of interval training for burning fat. specificity. CK. 3.5 minutes/km. this may be tough for many intermediate 5k runners at first.5 minute/km then it will be very tough to maintain that pace for longer than a minutes at most . For obvious reasons. running a 5k can be very demanding if you give it your all. So instead of going all out and hitting the wall. Believe me.TotalWellnessConsulting. that's very fast! That means that over a 5k distance. As such. specificity! The key to achieving the best running results from your interval training workouts is to set-up your training runs so that they closely match the energy demands of your actual race pace.5 minutes/km that means that means that you'd have train at that pace (or faster) to best prepare yourself for the energy demands of that run.5 minutes/km) : 1 minute recovery jog Repeat for a total of 9 intervals or 27 minutes.159 Interval Training for Runners Yesterday. this type of run can lead to build up a lactic acid and fatigue fairly quickly.ca . So if you take an average pace of 3. Most advanced 5k runners can run a 5k in anywhere from 15 to 18 minutes. you can break up your training runs into intervals that mimic your goal pace while allowing yourself to recover in between. Specificity. RHN www.

Once you've followed this interval training workout for 2-3 weeks you should be ready to move onto the following (more challenging) interval training run that will get you ready for your 5k race. After all. RHN www. Here are 2 other interval running workouts to try: Interval training workout 1 – video Interval training workout 2 – video 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. WORKOUT #2 Warm-up: 5 minutes (talk test pace) Interval Training Workout: 3 minutes at 110% of 5k pace (ie. 2 minutes). specifically) accustomed to running at or faster than your race pace for longer periods of time while allowing less recovery over time. you will be ready to run your 5k race and find it easier to run compared to your interval training runs! And who doesn't like that? Give these a shot and enjoy. BPHE. As a result. when do you get to recover in an actual 5k race? Never! Furthermore. you're also maintaining this pace of longer than the previous workout (3 vs.160 Running this workout for 27 minutes would mean that you would be at your 5k race pace for the desired 18 minutes (because we've broken it up with recovery bouts).TotalWellnessConsulting. CK.ca . 3 minutes/km) : 30 second recovery jog Repeat this interval 6 times for a total of 21 minutes This second workout more closely resembles your desired 5k race pace because your running faster than you would in the race and you give your body less time to recover. The goal with these workouts is to get your body (cardiovascular system and legs.

cardiovascular system and nervous system to a greater degree. CK. a typical 30 min steady state run on the treadmill could be reduced to 10 – 15 min of HIT due to its demands on the aforementioned systems. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. HIT burns more calories. Interval training increases post-exercise energy expenditure (calories burned following exercise) more than steady-state exercise. Traditional steady state cardio training can become quite boring. more fat and carbohydrates are burned to support the expanding energy demands of the body during. reduce heart rate). As an example. which is an indication of more fat. which means that more fat is burned. carbohydrate) and restore the body to its normal state (e. What are the benefits of interval training? 1. 5. Interval training increases the activity of enzymes involved in fat burning. replace energy stores (i. and after. With interval training sessions. Interval training is awesome for fat burning and aerobic conditioning but let’s have a look at some more reasons to use interval training for your cardio workouts. research shows that metabolic rate is higher for several hours following interval training compared to steady state exercise. Research has shown that after a bout of interval training there is more fat in the blood (i.g. HIT causes a greater increase in VO2max (aerobic capacity). being used for energy production. you alternate between a bout of higher intensity exercise followed by a lower intensity or “active recovery” bout. Therefore. you will keep on burning more calories long after the workout is over. 30 minutes on an Elliptical machine using a steady state program will burn roughly 292 calories. 4. As this can take many hours. For instance. Interval training stimulates the respiratory system. whereas 30 minutes of intervals will burn approximately 584 calories! 6. 3. the body needs extra calories as it works to repair muscles. HIT allows for better time efficiency.161 Top 10 Reasons to Use Interval Training Interval training (HIT) involves a combination of high and low-intensity training within a single workout session.e. In fact. free fatty acids). By stimulating your cardiovascular system to work closer to its maximum capacity for a longer duration than steady state exercise. HIT offers more variety and excitement to your workouts. After intense exercise. Interval training is in contrast to the more familiar “steady state” exercise where the intensity is much lower but longer in duration. 7.TotalWellnessConsulting. 2. Intervals vastly reduce boredom.ca .e. BPHE. RHN www. intense exercise.

The ratio of work to recovery can be varied and will depend on your fitness level and desired goal. If you are more advanced you can play around with this ratio for increased difficulty. As an example.ca . This is particularly beneficial for those looking to maintain their muscle mass and at the same time reduce body fat. which means an increased opportunity to exercise at higher levels that burns a lot of calories. this could represent a high-intensity (work) interval of 15 seconds followed by a 60 second recovery interval. 9. HIT offers 1000s of different program variations. This promotes an increase in lean body mass and increased fat burning. 10. The more glycogen you use during exercise the more fat you will burn following exercise! Guidelines for Interval Training 1. this type of training can be done on any cardio machine. BPHE. This is very beneficial for fat loss as the body will conserve carbohydrate following exercise and thus use fat as an energy source for the body’s energy requirements. By increasing the conditioning of these type 2 muscle fibres you will greatly increase your capacity to tolerate high-intensity exercise. Duration of high-intensity interval 4. the lower its intensity. Intensity of low-intensity interval 3. switching between machines periodically will stress your body differently and lead to the best results! It is recommended that the intensity for the high-intensity interval range between 75 – 100% of your maximum effort.162 8. as the longer the interval. the body adapts best to changing stimuli. Because of the high-intensity of this exercise and the increased use of anaerobic type 2 muscle fibres there is an increased use of the body’s glycogen (muscle-stored carbohydrates) stores. The recovery interval should range in the 55 – 65% of maximum effort. This is great for those looking for variety and change. This is in contrast to steady state exercise that only makes use of type 1 fibres. CK. Intensity of high-intensity interval 2. This will depend on the duration of the interval. For instance. Again. if you're an absolute beginner I would recommend starting at a work : rest ratio of 1:4. Number of Intervals Because of its versatility. HIT results in increased amounts of circulating growth hormone (GH) following exercise. Duration of low-intensity interval 5.TotalWellnessConsulting. Interval training makes use of both aerobic (type 1) and anaerobic (type 2) muscle fibres. After all. Furthermore. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. This does not occur to the same extent with steady state exercise. RHN www.

163 What you will notice is that over the duration of the interval training session your average heart rate will tend to drift upward. This is due to the fact that, depending on the interval protocol and your fitness level, the length of your recovery bouts will not be sufficient to allow your heart rate to fully return to rest; thus, you end up working at a greater percentage of your maximum heart rate even while you recover. Here is a sample 10-min interval training workout that is sure to leave you exhausted: 1. 10 seconds at 100% effort 2. 20 seconds at 60% effort Repeat 20 times Enjoy!

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Top 10 Ab Exercises for a Strong Core
Add these 10 abs exercises to your strength training routine and watch your core strength improve as you sculpt a solid 6-pack. 1. Plank 2. Side Plank with Twist 3. Stability Ball Crunches against Resistance Band 4. Deadbug 5. V-sits 6. Prone Knee Roll-ins (with stability ball) 7. Spiderman Push-ups 8. Hanging Knee Raises 9. V-Sit Medicine Ball Scissors 10. Touch the Sky Set these exercises up in a circuit training fashion performing 30 seconds of each without rest in between. Perform 1 or 2 sets and enjoy the burn. You can also try my "Super Abs Workout" which is shown in the following video:

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Why it's Tough to Lose That Baby Fat
For most people, losing weight is life-long battle. One that can be amazingly fulfilling, while at other times utterly depressing. Having worked with 1000s of individuals whose goals have been centered around weight loss (and specifically fat loss) I've noticed certain predispositions that make losing weight more difficult for some people than others. Losing Baby Fat Unfortunately, nowadays childhood obesity is a "big" problem. Kids are, in general, less active due to the amount of time spent watching TV, playing video games, and a decreased level of physical education in most schools. This problem is furthered by poor eating habits fostered by advertisements that promote high-sugar "addictive foods", lack of proper nutrition education in most households, and several other factors. All of this predisposes our youth to become fatter and more lethargic. The concern here is that at a young age the body grows more fat cells until the beginning of puberty. This sets up the affected child for a long and tiring struggle with their weight for the rest of their life. Since our body actually grows more fat cells at a young age (if fed a lot of dietary fats, sugars, and calories), it only follows that this critical period of time must promote proper nutrition education and dietary habits as well as an active lifestyle. If an individual has more fat cells he/she will have a greater tendency to easily gain weight as they grow older. Similarly, it will also be harder for such a person to lose weight and keep it off. Once we've passed puberty we are pretty much set with a finite number of fat cells - much as we are with muscle cells. Therefore, any weight loss/fat loss efforts cannot be directed towards losing actual fat cells but instead "shrinking" their size. It's almost like taking the air out of a balloon. Unfortunately, the more balloons (fat cells) there are in the body, the more work it takes to deflate them. That's one of the reasons why people who were overweight as children may find it tough to keep a healthy weight as they grow older. Naturally skinny people, on the other hand, have fewer fat cells and thus don't have to work as hard to maintain a leaner body. I'm sure you know such people! Those who can eat whatever they want and never put on an ounce of body fat.
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Here's the Good News The good news is that if you find it naturally harder to lose weight you will be forced to live a healthy lifestyle with a good focus on healthy nutrition and regular exercise - this is a great thing! Although some people may disagree, I believe you have to work with what you've got and turn your "weaknesses" into your "strengths". Naturally skinny don't necessarily have the same "need" to worry about their weight and as such tend not to focus too much on what they eat and drink or whether or not they're very active. As such, my experience with such people has shown that they predispose themselves for an unhealthy future. Even if they're not packing on the pounds, they are definitely not doing their internal body any good by eating "garbage" foods and not exercising. Now obviously not everyone who is thin is unhealthy but I'm simply highlighting the tendency. Overweight individuals "generally" have a greater motivation to exercise and eat well in order to lose weight, which, in turn fosters better overall health.

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TotalWellnessConsulting.ca . First. and your activity level. Prior to puberty. an 85-kg male running 10 kilometers in 45 minutes would expend 917 calories. as a result. CK. According to exercise physiologists William McArdle and Frank Katch. It can be looked at as being the amount of energy (measured in calories) expended by the body to remain in bed asleep all day! Amazingly. RHN www. they will in turn have a higher ADMR (average daily metabolic rate). Since men have a higher BMR than women. your BMR can be responsible for burning up to 70% of your total calories on a daily basis. men and women are 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. the average daily metabolic rates (ADMR) for women will therefore be less than that of men of the same ages and body sizes. according the American College of Sports Medicine. women generally have smaller body sizes. their energy expenditures have been shown to be less than that of men performing the same activities. lose or gain weight.167 Why it's Harder for Women to Lose Weight It has been my experience that. There are a couple of reasons that can help explain this phenomenon. in general. The average basal metabolic rate (BMR) for men is considered to be 38 kcal/m2/h while it is only 35 kcal/m2/h for women. However. The differences between men and women such as increased muscle mass and BMR are mainly hormonally caused. age. Your BMR is the largest factor in determining overall metabolic rate and how many calories you need to maintain. but this figure varies due to different factors such as lean body mass. For example. A 55kg female running the same distance in the same time would expend only 593 calories! The lower energy output is primarily due to the fact that women have a smaller body mass than men. the average maintenance level (BMR) for women in the United States is 2000-2100 calories per day and the average for men is 2700-2900 calories per day. The fact that women are in many cases smaller than men and that their ADMRs tend to be lower than that of men makes the weight loss process more difficult for women than for men. BPHE. and. genetics. Women are also at a disadvantage because they tend to have less fat-free mass than men. women are at a distinct disadvantage when compared to men when it comes to obesity and their ability to lose weight. therefore. gender. BMR is the minimum number of calories your body needs to sustain life in a resting state. Since fat-free mass (or muscle mass) is responsible for fueling our metabolism.

desk job) Lightly active = BMR X 1. contest etc.725 (hard exercise/sports 6-7 days/wk) Extremely active = BMR X 1.55 Your TDEE = 1. It’s known as “Katch-McArdle formula” and it’s a helpful tool because it calculates BMR based on lean body weight (it’s more accurate than other formulas that simply look at body weight). (54.e marathon. it is the presence of either testosterone or estrogen that leads to physiological changes. CK. Increased testosterone leads to an increase in muscle mass whereas estrogen leads to an increase in fat deposits. then you can get the most accurate BMR estimate of all. BPHE.6 X lean mass in kg) Example: You are female You weigh 120 lbs. 96 lbs. With exercise. lean) Your lean mass is 96 lbs.375 (light exercise/sports 1-3 days/wk) Moderately active = BMR X 1. BMR (men and women) = 370 + (21. fat.TotalWellnessConsulting.ca .9 (hard daily exercise/sports & physical job or 2X day training.5 kg) Your body fat percentage is 20% (24 lbs.2 (little or no exercise. To determine your TDEE from BMR. this single formula applies equally to both men and women. i. Since this formula accounts for lean body mass (LBM). This formula takes into account lean mass and therefore is more accurate than a formula based on total body weight.6 kg) Your BMR = 370 + (21. women increase their levels of testosterone.) Example: Your BMR is 1312 Your activity level is moderately active (work out 3-4 times per week) Your activity factor is 1. Here’s a simple formula you can use to figure out your basal metabolic rate.55 (moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days/wk) Very active = BMR X 1. you simply multiply your BMR by the following activity multiplier that most suits you: Activity Multiplier Sedentary = BMR X 1.168 physiologically similar.55 X 1312 = 2033 calories 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.6 X 43. (43. thereby increasing their muscle mass and BMR.6) = 1312 calories Now that you know your BMR would you like to know how many calories you’re “actually” burning on a daily basis? This is referred to as your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). RHN www. If you have had your body composition tested and you know your lean body mass.

ACSM’s guidelines for exercise testing and prescription (5th ed. pp. Eat more raw foods – raw living foods are rich in enzymes.. I. 53-54. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. and the more you increase your metabolic fat-burning engine! References: American College of Sports Medicine. 62-64). 4. BPHE. pp. long.. Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins. RHN www. boring cardio. Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins. nutrition. CK. F. It is a safe thermogenic aid that also contains tremendous amounts of antioxidants. McArdle. Katch. and human performance (4th ed. Interval cardio train – studies have shown that high-intensity cardio can raise your metabolic rate for up to 24 hours post-exercise. (1995). the more energy you’ll feel. 3. the less stress you impose on your digestive system. & Katch.. The more enzymes you can acquire from food. These enzymes are essential for every single metabolic reaction in your body. Use your body weight or dumbbells but make sure it gets done. Interval training allows you to work at a greater intensity while saving you tremendous amounts of time versus low-intensity. Exercise physiology: Energy. V. D. L. 408-411. Drink 2-3 cups of green tea each day – green tea has been shown to increase BMR by increasing your body’s temperature.TotalWellnessConsulting. (1996). 541-542). W. 151-152.ca .169 It has to be said that I’m not huge fan of counting calories so if you want to lose weight without tediously counting calories then here are few things you can do to increase your basal metabolic rate to allow your body to burn more fat even while you’re asleep! 1. Resistance train – a minimum of 3 times per week is recommended. 2.

Warm-up: 4 x 400m @ light jog/talk test pace (final 100m was faster) Dynamic stretching with light accelerations: 5 minutes Sprint Interval #1: 50m @ 100% : 150 @ 65% recovery x 8 Recovery: 1 x 400m (+plus rehydration) Sprint Interval #2: 100m @ 100% : 300m @ 65% x 4 Cool down: 1 x 400m + core exercises + static stretching + rehydration 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. The goal of this interval training workout was to increase aerobic endurance and speed endurance via short-duration (no lactic acid production) intervals.. BPHE.TotalWellnessConsulting. we are playing in one of the most competitive soccer divisions in the province of Ontario and we've all committed to giving it our all. So here's what I did. At the same time. This would give our guys plenty of time to recover from Monday's session and optimally prepare our bodies for the upcoming game on the weekend. here's what our first interval training session looked like. the commitment (and thus fitness level) from each player is limited due to family... So taking full advantage of the beautiful weather and the wonderful running track at the University of Toronto. work.170 Interval Training Workout After an embarrassing 2-0 loss last week to a team that we totally outplayed. RHN www. The beauty of soccer is that there is a change of pace (and direction) every 5-6 seconds. CK. unlike professional soccer or competitive youth soccer. there are players who can only last 20-30 minutes while others are exhausted after just a few full field sprints.ca . Nonetheless. Unfortunately. I initiated a optional (yet highly recommended) interval training fitness session to take place on Wednesday nights. On top of our regular Monday night training sessions. the average elite player covers around 9-10 km in a 90-minute game. etc. See the problem with playing men's soccer is that.. The interval training fitness session would last no more than 45 minutes and consist of soccer-specific running.also known as Toronto Blues FC) in better running shape. I decided to take action and get the members of my soccer team (University of Toronto alumni .

Again.TotalWellnessConsulting. It's an awesome sport-specific training session for any sport really and even a great for 5k runners to start building some more running speed into their training. Next week's session will build upon this one but feature slightly more distance and a reduced recovery time during the intervals. That was never the goal. then give this interval training running workout a shot. I wanted to keep it soccer-specific. Stay tuned for that workout later next week. BPHE. For now. CK. RHN www. if you access to a running track. The goal was to get the guys used to running repeated short bouts at their maximum running speed.ca . 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.171 Total distance covered = 4 km (800m run at full speed) Note that this was our first session and as such was not "vomit-inducing" by any means.

I’ve taken the time to answer these questions by providing you with some tried.172 Interval Training Workouts For Maximum Fitness and Fat Loss Results Interval training has been shown to be the most effective cardiovascular training method for improving cardiovascular endurance. INTERVAL TRAINING PROGRAM #2 Cardio equipment: treadmill (running) Purpose: speed/anaerobic running endurance (great for 5k runners) Interval training protocol: 1 minute @ 85% : 2 minutes @ 60% x 5 = 15 minutes Be sure to allow a few seconds for the treadmill to change speeds. tested. Ensure that you get a good 5-10 minute warm-up before beginning your interval workouts.TotalWellnessConsulting. RHN www. and true interval training programs that will spice up your workouts – and in less time! Throw these interval workouts alongside your resistance training 2-3 times per week and just watch how you’re going to look and feel. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. But how do you start interval training? Which cardio machines do you use? And what type of interval training protocol do you follow? To make your life much easier. You can lower the resistance if you like during the 30-second recovery. INTERVAL TRAINING PROGRAM #1 Cardio equipment: stationary or spinning bike Purpose: burning fat Interval training protocol: 10 sec @ 100% : 30 sec @ 60% x 18 = 12 minutes Ensure that you use a flywheel resistance that prevents you from bouncing up and down on the seat. and burning fat! With such amazing accolades to its name. you should feel a good amount of resistance during the 10-second work period. interval training should be used by anyone and everyone interested in any of the aforementioned benefits.ca . BPHE. CK. boosting metabolic rate. Thus. sport-specific performance.

heart. and most importantly fat! VIDEO: Interval Training for Runners Watch this video and give this workout a shot as well. CK. Interval training protocol: 2 minutes @ 90% : 1 minute @ 60% x 4 = 12 minutes For most fit individuals a rowing pace of 2:00/500m is a challenging pace for the 2-minute interval. BPHE. The 1minute rest will surely seem too short as this workout will burn your arms.TotalWellnessConsulting.ca .173 INTERVAL TRAINING PROGRAM #3 Cardio equipment: rower Purpose: aerobic power endurance and metabolism boost for maximum postworkout calorie “afterburn”. This will obviously vary depending on your fitness level. RHN www. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.

A greater EPOC or “afterburn” leads to an increase in calories expended following the conclusion of the exercise bout. the duration of EPOC following the highest intensity exercise was significantly longer when compared to the lower-intensity bouts (10.174 Exercise Intensity. This.ca .3 and 3. would increase the absolute number of fat calories expended during exercise of a given duration. This has been shown in numerous studies. had subjects complete exercise bouts at intensities of 29%. and the “Afterburn” Effect Traditionally. in turn. more total calories are expended during high intensity exercise for a given duration. 50% and 75% of their VO2max for a period of 80 minutes. the magnitude and duration of the “afterburn” increases. (Note: it is well understood in all exercise physiology and nutrition texts that for every liter of oxygen consumed.3 hours). RHN www. This may be true but it becomes very significant when this type of training becomes part of your fitness routine. For instance. this line of thinking failed to consider the fact that even though high intensity exercise might have a relatively lower percentage of fat calories expended. as greatly as high intensity exercise. In addition. However.5 hours versus 0. And for good reason since physiologically the body burns a greater percentage of fat calories is at a lower intensity.) Additionally. Fat Burning. it was thought that low intensity exercise was more beneficial for fat loss than high intensity exercise. CK. A higher exercise 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. As exercise intensity increases. or as I like to call it – the “afterburn”. low intensity exercise fails to increase the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). Assuming everything else to be the same. That’s an astounding difference! Now some people might say that 150 calories over the course of 10 hours isn’t very significant. BPHE. a study in the journal Metabolism. approximately 5 calories are burned. It was therefore thought that this equated to more fat loss. an extra 150 calories burned at rest on a daily basis would equate to a 1 lb fat loss every 23 days! Exercise Intensity and Your Resting Metabolic Rate The most important aspect of how high intensity exercise causes weight and fat loss does not necessarily occur during the exercise itself.TotalWellnessConsulting. The greatest EPOC was reported following the highest exercise intensity (75% VO2max) with 30 liters of oxygen consumed or 150 calories burned. especially high intensity exercise of longer durations.

V. such as those from a 1995 study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. (1996). and human performance (4th ed. R.. have also found that high intensity exercise facilitates fat loss as well as preserving fat-free mass at a greater rate than low intensity exercise.. A. Furthermore. Schutz. Rupp. & Shern..TotalWellnessConsulting. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.. Exercise intensity does not effect body composition change in untrained.. Grediagin. unlike extreme duration low intensity cardio. BPHE. (1985). I. E. RHN www. even though high intensity exercise does not use as much relative fat as a fuel source during exercise. F. 408-411. Cody. An increase in RMR will automatically increase caloric expenditure throughout the day since your RMR accounts for up to 75% of your total daily energy expenditure. M. 95. fat is burned to a greater extent following exercise in order to replenish the glycogen stores depleted during the high intensity exercise.. Researchers.. Y. One of the reasons for this is that high intensity exercise promotes the release of growth hormone . in the case of resistance or high intensity cardiovascular exercise. W. CK. 69-82.a hormone necessary for muscle development. Journal of the American Dietetic Association. & Katch. does not allow you to exercise for excessive durations that could potentially cause the body to tap into muscle protein reserves for fuel. (1995). 541-542). 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. J. high intensity exercise. Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins. moderately overfat women.. What Role Does Caloric Restriction Play in Fat Loss? Some researchers have concluded that exercise without caloric restriction is not an effective means of absolute weight loss because exercise preserves or. nutrition. 661-665. Exercise physiology: Energy. pp. McArdle.175 intensity can also cause an acute increase in resting metabolic rate (RMR) for up to 24 hours post-exercise (as shown by Bielinski and colleagues in a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition). Additionally. D. Reduce the number of calories coming and increase the amount of calories you expend and your weight loss becomes a whole lot easier.ca . D. Energy metabolism during the postexercise recovery in man. R. References: Bielinski. Katch. 42. 151-152. increases fat-free mass. L. Benardot. & Jéquier..

Resistance training is the key. which is a really a reflection of the amount of muscle on your body. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. The more muscle you have. And one of the biggest determinants of your RMR is fat-free mass. CK.ca . our culture’s dependence on quick weight loss fixes has led people to believe that there are secret fat loss “cheats” (such as pills. The fact is that this simply isn’t so.176 Just Another Reason Why Resistance Training is Imperative for Fat Loss The pursuit of fat loss boils down to 2 main factors: diet and exercise. At the end of the day. BPHE. which in turn will burn more fat – 24 hours a day! A significant amount of research has dedicated to figuring out the ideal “formula” for exercise that will stimulate a maximum amount of fat loss. you will inevitably burn more fat calories. And since your RMR increases as you increase your muscle (or lean body mass). Study Shows No Difference in Fat Burning After 16-Weeks of Sub-Maximal Cardio Training Not too long ago a study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology showed no difference in the body’s ability to burn fat after 16-weeks of cardio training among lean and obese women. Instead. the more calories you burn because muscle is much more metabolic than fat. RHN www. RMR is an important source of fat burning because fat is the body’s primary fuel source at rest and during low-intensity exercise. etc…) that will promote increased fat burning. losing weight boils down to creating a negative energy balance (ie. your ability to burn fat depends on several factors. The good news is that there isn’t a strict formula for success.TotalWellnessConsulting. none more important than your resting metabolic rate (RMR). long and boring cardio has little effect on your RMR because it doesn’t promote muscle development. magical herbs. Unfortunately. There’s no way around this fact. there are numerous exercise approaches that will help you burn fat. But one fact remains…you need resistance training to burn fat! Why? As I’ve mentioned in previous writings. Unfortunately. burning more calories than you consume) and burning fat may be even more dependent on your ability to maintain a favourable amount of fat-free mass (or muscle) that will naturally raise your metabolic rate.

there was difference in the obese (and nonobese) participants ability to burn fat during their post-training test. the group of obese women did not alter their fat burning capability but did increase their carbohydrate oxidation. This tendency was predicted to be even more pronounced after 16 weeks of cardio training. Both a decreased and increased fat oxidation has been reported after endurance (cardio) training. the researchers failed to mention that one of the limiting factors that possibly could have accounted for little change in their results was the fact that neither the lean or obese women showed any improvements in lean body mass after the 16 weeks of training. Apparently there are mechanisms (still unexplained) that inhibit this from occurring among obese individuals. the ability to burn fat increases with endurance training. But unfortunately.177 The researchers hypothesized that cardio training (walking at 70% of VO2 max. 3x/week for 16 weeks) would lead to an increased ability to burn fat. Resistance training can take the form of bodyweight and a multitude of other weight-bearing movements. CK. BPHE. RHN www.TotalWellnessConsulting. Other studies have shown that obese individuals actually burn more fat during exercise because they have more free-fatty acids (FFA) circulating in the blood.ca . Lean and Obese Individuals Respond Differently to the Same Training Research has also demonstrated that in lean individuals. The result will be an increase in lean body mass. In obese individuals however. and especially among obese individuals. the findings are controversial. In the present study. Although their discussion of the study was interesting. especially among the obese participants. Since your RMR accounts for 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Resistance Training is Paramount for Fat Loss The take-home message from all of this is that resistance training is an essential component to burning fat (not just losing weight). The key is to engage in resistance training workouts anywhere from 2-4 times per week. But how are we supposed to expect an increase in lean body mass simply as a result of walking on a treadmill? It just doesn’t happen. will increase your RMR. This is an interesting finding since endurance cardio training usually enhances the body’s ability to spare carbohydrates and. That’s why resistance training needs to be an integral component of any fat loss exercise program – especially for obese individuals. which in turn. use fat as a more predominant source of fuel. instead.

Reference: Kanaley.TotalWellnessConsulting. CK. 85: 68-73 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Substrate oxidation during acute exercise and with exercise training in lean and obese women. BPHE. J. (2001). even a small increase can make a huge fat burning difference.ca .178 roughly 70% of all the calories you burn on a daily basis. RHN www. et al. European Journal of Applied Physiology.

Do 2-3 of these high intensity interval workouts per week and you’ll be flying! Here’s the high intensity interval training program that we followed. even if you didn’t.ca . Last week’s high intensity interval training routine featured a work to rest ratio of 1:3 allowing us to recover slightly longer. INTERVAL TRAINING PROGRAM Warm-up: 4 x 400m @ talk test pace (with 5 minutes of dynamic stretching) Interval#1: 50m @ 100% : 100m @ 65% x 6 = 900m Recovery Lap: 1 x 400m (light jog or walk) Interval #2: 100m @ 100% : 200m @ 65% x 6 = 1800m Recovery Lap: 1 x 400m (light jog or walk) Interval #3: 200m @ 100% : 200m @ 65% x 3 = 1200m Total distance: 6300m (1500m run at 100%) Wow! I just got tired from writing that workout.I couldn't get to sleep until 1am. Did you get a chance to try last week’s high intensity interval training session? Well.Week #2 Well. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. But last night we reduced the recovery time so that that ratio become 1:2 (except for the final 200m intervals which were 1:1 ratio).179 High Intensity Interval Training Program . If you’re not sure how to incorporate these cardio routines into your running schedule – it’s pretty simple. it’s Thursday and that means that last night marked my second high intensity interval training workout with my teammates from the University of Toronto soccer program. It's a wonderfully humid evening and the combination of pouring sweat and a tremendous endorphin rush made for quite the euphoric high . RHN www. let me tell you that last night’s cardio routine was a killer! And in a good way. Believe me it is a challenging run training workout.TotalWellnessConsulting. BPHE. CK. The goal of this session was to continue developing aerobic power and cardiovascular endurance without producing much lactic acid. Having said that. I’ll explain the rationale in a second.

if you’re a runner doing 5k training or 10k training or an athlete training for a particular sport. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. As you can see from the numbers we spent roughly 25% of the total distance at 100% of our max – that’s a full 1500m at 100% sprint. RHN www. Now. Give this workout a shot and stay tuned for next week’s interval training program. BPHE. then this high intensity interval training is a must. That’s what’s so wonderful about interval training – it allows you to work at your maximum because you break it up into bouts of high intensity and low intensity – or sprint and jog.TotalWellnessConsulting.ca . CK.180 interval #3 was a fun addition which was meant to simply finish us off – there definitely was some lactic in the muscles by that point.

Running shoes . bring an mp3 player and enjoy one of my iPod guided workouts (such as Fitter U™ or Treadmill Trainer™) for the best fat burning and "feel good" workouts you'll ever experience! It's the next best thing to having me right there beside you. RHN www. It is so versatile.) you need a decent pair of running shoes.without stepping into the gym! TOP 5 WORKOUTS ITEMS TO BRING ON YOUR NEXT TRIP: 1. Need I say more? 3. iPod or Mp3 player .let's get serious. CK. you won't have to worry about what to do for your workouts! 5.181 Top 5 Workout Items to Bring While You Travel Traveling any time soon? Going on vacation and don't feel like spending much time in the gym working out? Well. running.wouldn't it be nice to have your own trainer with you wherever you go? Well. Skippping rope .. Alarm clock .to get your butt out of bed and into exercise mode! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.if you're going to be active while you travel (walking.ca . Try this resistance band workout.this is an absolute must. BPHE. allowing you to pretty much hit every single body part.. while also taking up precious little space in your suitcase.. here are my top 5 workout items to bring the next time you travel. In just a few minutes you can have an amazing workout . etc. jumping rope (or "skipping" as some like to call it) can give you one of the most tremendous cardio workouts while shaping and toning your arms and legs. 2.in just 5 minutes.TotalWellnessConsulting. 4. Resistance band .. Plus.

although my legs felt like cement. Although we covered less distance. we did spend 60% of that distance at our maximum running speed! Not bad. CK.last night's interval workout was intense. Apparently we still had a bit of gas left in the tank after the interval running as we through in some core exercises. And for good reason .. Here's last night's interval running workout: Warm-up: 4 x 400m @ talk test pace Interval #1: 50m @ 100% : 50m @ 50% x 10 Recovery: 400m @ talk test pace (in reality it was a walk) Interval #2: 100m @ 100% : 50m @ 50% x 8 Recovery: 400m @ talk test pace (again. then give this high intensity interval training workout a shot? 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. eh! The goal of last night's high intensity interval training workout was to minimize recovery time while continuing to build soccer-specific speed endurance. when you remove the light pace warm-up and recovery laps we ended up running 3. we were toast) Interval #3: 200m @ 100% : 100m @ 50% x 3 Total distance = 5.100 m of which 1.Week #3 I love interval training! But WOW was I tired when I woke up this morning. BPHE. and a serious of pull-up exercises before terminating the workout with some much needed stretching and rehydration.that's for sure. there was still some juice left in the them to keep pushing strong past the finish line. RHN www.900m were at our 100% running speed..182 High Intensity Interval Training Program .walking. push-ups. Some of the other guys felt the same.ca .TotalWellnessConsulting. My legs are pretty stiff today . This occurred to me on the last 200m sprint where. yet highly enjoyable.5 km However. I must say that I noticed a significant improvement from last week's interval session. So are you ready to challenge yourself.

183 Another Interval Training Blast from the Track Last night's interval training workout was scheduled to be the toughest one of our workouts to date. However. allowing us to only get in about 2/3 of our interval training running workout. CK. So here it is.TotalWellnessConsulting.ca . 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. workers at the stadium decided to close early. BPHE. for some reason. The focus with this workout was to start building greater anaerobic endurance you know the point at which lactic acid starts to pour into the muscles .and believe me it worked! Warm-up: 4 x 400m @ talk test pace Interval #1: 200m @ 100% : 200m @ 65% x 10 Recovery: 1 x 400m Interval #2: 300@ 100% : 200m @ 65% x 4 (wasn't completed to to time constraint) Interval #3: 1 x 400m @ 100% So because we were "kicked out" of the stadium a bit early we decided to skip interval #2 and go right for the big 400m finale! It was yet another grueling run but boy did we feel good afterwards! Stay tuned next Thursday for yet another awesome interval training workout. RHN www.

What this means is that instead of simply running. After all. next week will be easier. Oh well. I think it had something to do with last night's high intensity interval training workout and the fact that my body may have needed a bit more rest! As you might suspect by now.400m or 63% of distance running at max speed) 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Here's last night high-intensity interval training workout. As such. not so much the work bout.184 Interval Training Workout .you can't! You're forced to maintain a certain pace to reach the given distance in a specific time. for instance. Try it! Warm-up: 4 x 400m @ talk test pace (followed by 5 minutes of dynamic stretching) Interval #1: 400m in 80 seconds (work) : 200m in 60 seconds (recovery) x 4 Recovery: walking. The ability to recover at faster pace than you'd like makes a huge difference.ca . light jog for 5 minutes Interval #2: 200m in 35 seconds (work) : 100m in 35 seconds (recovery) x 6 Recovery: walking.TotalWellnessConsulting. Last night's workout was different as I implemented "forced time and distance" work and recovery bouts. I subjected ourselves to running 200m in a set time. CK. ultimately not reaching our distance target in the required time. BPHE. the focus of this interval training workout was the recovery. especially in a sport like soccer or even for runners of 5k and 10k distances. when do we really get to walk in such events.400m (3. light jog for 4 minutes Interval #3: 100m in 15 seconds (work) : 100m in 45 seconds (recovery) x 6 Total Distance = 5. RHN www. This type of interval protocol is much more challenging because when all you want to do is walk or trot slowly to recover . many of the guys (including myself) ended up walking or lightly jogging during our recovery bouts. each week's interval running workout progressively gets more challenging to force our bodies to adapt and become stronger and faster.Week #5 I wasn't able to get up at my usual 6:30am wake up time this morning. However. followed by 200m recovery in a set time as well. 200m and recovering for 200m. I will admit that since it was a VERY DIFFICULT interval workout to adhere to.

to feel the rush of lactic acid pouring into the legs and still having the ability to get to the point where the adrenaline and endorphins have kicked in so that you can just keep on going. RHN www. CK. yet beautiful. you will feel like a million bucks after you've completed this interval training running workout! Are you going to give it a shot? 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.ca . though. It's deadly.185 Once you go through this workout you'll realize that the goal is the build anaerobic endurance. BPHE. especially considering the first 2 intervals. regardless of the pain! One thing is for sure.TotalWellnessConsulting.

for some reason. Return run: 1.7 km at talk test pace Warm-up on stairs: 1 ascent (200 stairs) with dynamic stretching at top (5 minutes) Stair Workout: 2 ascents (200 stairs) back-to-back followed a 100m recovery jog x 5 = 10 times up the stairs total.TotalWellnessConsulting. ran about 3.5 km. I've got it ready for you. kids.I actually rang some of the sweat out of my shirt! Damn Toronto humidity.7 km back to the stadium at 80% max heart rate. So here's how the workout looked: Warm-up run to the stairs: 1. Varsity stadium was closed! But that didn't stop us. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.. CK. we worked without stopping for a total of about 52 minutes. In total.ca . though. We decided to run over to Casa Loma and run the flight of about 200 stairs that leads up to this beautiful Toronto landmark. BPHE. And I was dripping sweat. But I must tell you that we didn't have one of our typical intervals sessions because.. RHN www.186 Interval Training Workout #6 and What If We Just Ran Stairs Instead? I woke up this morning and realized that today is Friday and that I forgot to post our most interval training session from Wednesday night in yesterday's post! No worries. and ran up more than 1000 stairs! Quite a workout I must say.

RHN www. then this post is for you. In my mind. Perform 2-3 sets of this circuit with each exercise lasting 30 seconds. a lack of money. In and out! Other times I enjoy working out home or even outdoors when it's nice. If you want to make it more challenging do each exercise for 1 minute or allow no time for recovery between exercises. When you think of the fact that the biggest obstacles to staying active revolve around a lack of time. it only makes sense to figure out an alternative to paying monthly fees and dreading walking into the weight room. and intimidation.ca . BPHE. So here's a great home workout that you can do the next time you don't like feel like going to the gym. CK. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. All you need for this workout is your body weight! No home gym equipment or weights required.TotalWellnessConsulting.187 Home Workouts 101 If you're like me and not a huge fan of going to meat-head filled gyms that play pounding music. Try this home workout. I do go to the gym about 3-4 times per week to maintain my strength but these workouts are as short as 20-30 minutes. it's all about the home workout! Truth be told.

188 Improving Your Cardiovascular Endurance . your heart rate (at a given intensity) usually decreases .If Only More People Knew About This! Cardiovascular endurance is often measured by what's known as your VO2 max. It appears that in order to induce the maximum change in cardiac output. which coincides with the your VO2 max. It is the product of your heart rate and stroke volume (blood ejected per heart beat). But what is the best method to elicit the greatest possible increase in aerobic endurance? A lot of people spend hours upon hours doing endless cardio with the hope of improving their endurance but fail to realize the basics of cardiovascular physiology. Improvements in VO2 max occur as a consequence of sufficient physiological disturbance to the factors that determine it. In particular it appears that cardiac output is the major determinant of VO2 max and therefore its improvement should be a major focus of endurance training. Therefore. For instance.both indicate an improved level of cardiovascular endurance. As you become fitter. you should sustain exercise training near your VO2 max for as long as possible. many marathon runners and elite cyclists have resting heart rates hovering around 30 bpm while the average person's resting heart rate is between 72-90 bpm. and more specifically your VO2 max. cardiac output (central component) and arterio-venous difference (peripheral component).TotalWellnessConsulting. So it goes without saying that your VO2 max and cardiovascular endurance will be greater with the proper aerobic endurance training. That's why very fit individuals have a much lower resting heart rate. distribute. RHN www.ca . in order to maximize the physiological determinants that affect your VO2 max. Cardiac output is the amount of blood pumped out by the heart each minute. Cardiovascular Endurance Explained So bear with me for a moment as I explain the fundamentals of improving your cardiovascular endurance. pushing out more blood per contraction. training needs to extend the stroke volume to its maximum capability. your heart muscle becomes stronger allowing the stroke volume to increase. This represents the maximum amount of oxygen that your body can intake. CK. At the same time. and utilize at the cellular level. BPHE. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.

Treatment 3 Constant rate run: 20 min constant rate run on a treadmill at a velocity equivalent too. Therefore. RHN www. if you're 40 years old.ca . *Treatment 2 2 min intervals: 5 × 2 min efforts at Vpeak interspersed with 5 × 2 min efforts at 0. Because your maximum heart rate and VO2 max are closely related. Try This Interval Training Workout For Maximum VO2 Improvements A recent study looked at 3 different endurance training protocols: Treatment 1 1 min intervals: 10 × 1 min efforts at the velocity corresponding to VO2 peak (slightly lower than VO2 max) interspersed with 10 × 1 min efforts at 0. CK. a simple rule of thumb is to simply ensure that you exercise at a high percentage of your maximum heart rate for as long as possible.your age" to determine your maximum heart rate. just use the simple formula "220 . and determined by the mean velocity of treatment A and B (75% VO2 peak). So which one do you think produced the greatest improvements in VO2 max? Well. Obviously. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Without getting complicated.5 VO2peak (50% intensity).TotalWellnessConsulting. most human beings cannot sustain their maximum heart rate for more than a couple of minutes so the key is to spend more of your time near that level through the use of interval training. Instead. the researchers observed that the "2 minute intervals" resulted in significantly more time above 90% of VO2 peak and a significantly greater percentage of participants to exceed 90% of VO2 peak than "1 min intervals". in order to elicit the greatest possible VO2 max improvements you'd want to do more of your cardiovascular endurance training near 180 bpm. then your maximum heart rate would be 180 bpm.5 at VO2 peak. it is easier to track your exercise intensity by using a heart rate monitor or by simply taking your pulse.189 What If You Don't Know Your VO2 max? Don't worry too much about the knowing your VO2 max unless you feel like going through a grueling incremental exercise test on the treadmill or bike. BPHE. So.

2%. CK. (2007). Give them a shot! References: O'Brien.5 and 7. the researchers suggest that longer intervals may be more effective than shorter intervals of the same average intensity to enhance VO2 max. et al. 39(4):665—71 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. produced smaller percentage gains in VO2 max than 4 min of running at 90—95% of max heart rate with 3 min recovery (5. The effects of interval-exercise duration and intensity on oxygen consumption during treadmill running. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. These running workouts were specifically designed to push you harder and longer so that you become a faster and more endurant runner with just 2 workouts per week. et al. You'll automatically feel a big difference as you continue to push your body at a higher intensity for a longer period of time.TotalWellnessConsulting. With just a few interval training workouts you'll notice some massive improvements in your overall cardiovascular endurance! Also. 11: 287-290. Your Homework Try the "2 minute intervals" protocols described above and compare it to the "1 minute intervals" workout. (2007). Aerobic high-intensity intervals improve VO2max more than moderate training. Helgerud J. Wang E. RHN www.ca . Med Sci Sports Exerc. BPHE. you will want to have a look at my Treadmill Trainer Volumes 4 and 5 interval running workouts.190 Consequently. respectively). Evidence for this contention has also been provided by recent research that revealed an 8 week training regime of 15 s of running at 90—95% of max heart rate with 15 s recovery. Hoydal K.

one of the reasons is that doing cardio (at a moderate to high intensity) elicits a greater degree of lipolysis (fat breakdown) and post-exercise oxygen consumption. you will require a different strategy. The answer though depends on your goals. Why? Well. however. Are you looking to build strength and/or burn fat? Depending on your answer. Although you may have less glycogen (or energy reserves) left for your strength training routine. As a result. Why? Because. it really doesn't matter if you can't lift an extra 5 lbs.ca . both of which result in a greater amount of fat used as fuel. you may increase your fat burning potential by doing your cardio BEFORE your strength training workout. BPHE. the goal with fat burning is to continue to maintain an elevated heart rate for more of your workout. Let's look at each case individually: Building Muscular Strength If your goal is to develop more muscular strength then you're going to want to do your cardio AFTER your strength training workout. aside from doing a light cardio warm-up.191 Cardio Before or After Strength Training? Is it better to do cardio before or after strength training? One of the most popular questions I come across on regular basis. RHN www. CK. thereby burning more fat! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. When it comes to burning fat.TotalWellnessConsulting. you will have less fuel in the tank for your resistance training exercises and thus will experience sub-par strength workouts simply because you won't be able to push as much weight! Burning Fat If your goal is to burn. as opposed to building strength. The key is to be able to lift a challenging weight 6-8 reps (or about 20-30 seconds) through full body movements that call upon more muscle and oxygen consumption. excessive (or high intensity) cardio before lifting weights depletes your glycogen (energy) stores.

CK.TotalWellnessConsulting. That's right! A 3-in-1 DEAL! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. RHN www.at the same time -while giving you a great cardio workout. BPHE.ca .192 Here's a great workout that will help you build strength and burn fat .

you want to build up to working up a good sweat for at least 20-30 minutes to get your day started.. This means that even at rest you'll be burning more calories than someone who has less lean body mass than you.Start Your Day With Vigorous Movement Exercising first thing in the morning is a fantastic way to crank up your metabolism for the day ahead. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.TotalWellnessConsulting. If you're body's not used to getting out of bed and moving right away then just start with some brisk walking.it's that simple. BPHE. jumping jacks. and pullups Weight Loss Trick #2 . It's a pretty simple formula but for some reason so many people get it wrong (approximately 66% of North Americans!). Here are some ideas: • Train your muscles at least 2-3 times per week with a weight that will only allow 6-10 reps (women too!) for 2-3 sets.. It's keeping it off once you've lost it that is more challenging. Losing weight comes down moving more and eating less. So here are 5 weight loss tricks that can help burn those excess calories starting today.Strengthen Your Muscles How much more research do you possibly need to hear about to realize that strengthening your muscles is the KEY to maintaining a healthy lean body for life? The more muscle you have. RHN www. Weight Loss Trick #1 . lunge walks.losing weight isn't hard. Here are some ideas: • • • • Hill walking (with a knapsack to make it more challenging) Walking or running on the soft sand of your local beach Skipping rope. the greater your metabolic rate . CK. or walking/running stairs Body weight exercises such as push-ups.ca .193 The 5 Best Weight Loss Tricks Let's face it. squats. Eventually.

and salads will literally transform your life! Here are some ideas: • • • • Make 1 green juice each day Make 1 green salad each day Try a raw vegan restaurant in your area . 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.ca . the first thing most people notice when they start eating a greater amount of foods in their raw (or living) state is that the weight simply disappears. of single muscle exercises like seated biceps curls. or dumbbell cleans. the more calories you burn.. The more muscle you involve. enjoying more of your fruits and vegetables in their living state through the use of fresh juices. Jog If you guessed interval training.Jog. smoothies. if it's been done before (even by someone else). instead. BPHE. Weight Loss Trick #4 . Although you don't have to become 100% raw. Do you want to lose 5 lbs.? You need to be specific here! Second.. you're right! By now. Remember.Set Yourself Up For Success First.Go Raw! Eating more raw foods is one of the most powerful dietary strategies to losing weight for good! I know of no raw foodist who is overweight and in fact. lunges with biceps curls.TotalWellnessConsulting. 20 lbs. Sprint. what are your reasons WHY? This is the most powerful component of any transformation because it is your reasons for doing something (or your WHY) that will keep you going even when the going gets tough.194 • Use full body exercises such as squat presses. CK. you can do it as well. etc. Weight Loss Trick #3 . believe you can do it! Believe you have the ability (no matter what may have happened in the past) and that you deserve the result you're after. RHN www. start by determining what you want to achieve. All you have to do is model an effective weight loss strategy.you'll be surprised at how amazing it is! Try Eating for Energy Weight Loss Trick #5 . List as many reasons WHY you want to lose weight and make them emotionally compelling. you probably know that interval training is by far the best form of cardio for burning fat. Third.

J.S. and C. Trueth. References: Osterberg.. Sports Nutr.H.R. Physiol. Fat burning. Melby. Just another reason to add regular resistance training to your fat loss regimen. Exerc. researchers measured the effects of resistance training on resting metabolic rate and fat burning and discovered a 62% increase in fat burning 16 hours post-exercise! An earlier study in the Journal of Applied Physiology also found similar results in elderly women.TotalWellnessConsulting. R. Energy expenditure and substrate utilization in older women after strength training:24-h calorimeter results. which results in an increased rate of lipolysis or fat oxidation (fancier names for fat burning).. RHN www. 78:2140–2146. G. Glycogen is the stored form of glucose that supplies the muscles with energy during exercise.. 1995. And since carbohydrates are being restored at a greater rate after exercise than before exercise. Weinsier.. Int.10:71– 81. K.? Did you know that fat burning can be increased by resistance training? Of course you did! But here's how it works (at least partially).195 About Fat Burning . In a 2000 study. eh! Increases in fat burning may also be attributed to an increase in catecholamines. J.Did You Know.ca . Metab... Hunter. CK. BPHE. and S. the body must utilize fat as a primary source for energy.L. After 16 weeks of resistance training. fat burning at rest had increased by 63%. 2000. M. in the simplest terms. 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. Several studies have looked at the relationship between resistance training and post-exercise fat burning. Pretty neat. The mechanism by which fat burning acutely increases (after a workout for instance) is thought to be the increased use of carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores in the muscles. Effect of acute resistance exercise on postexercise oxygen consumption and resting metabolic rate in young women. is the breaking down of fat for energy . Kell. Appl.

101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. to muscle type/configuration. The protective effect of muscular strength against mortality risk may be due to muscular strength in itself. taking action is GOD" References: Ruiz. the identified the following 4 findings: • • • Muscular strength is significantly inversely related with the risk of death from all causes! Men with lower muscular strength are at a 60% higher risk for cardiovascular death and overall have a higher mortality rate. A study published earlier this year in the British Medical Journal (July 12. get started today! I'll leave you with a great quote from Mike Myers' "The Love Guru" where he says that. CK. Everyone knows the benefits of regular resistance training (and exercise for that matter) but why is that so few take action? Don't wait any longer. et al.762 men (aged 20-80).. Resistance training may help reduce all cause mortality among men! • Pretty strong findings. "Knowledge is good. The researchers. But intuitively. we more or less no that these results are no surprise. J. 337: a439. BPHE. RHN www. or a consequence of regular exercise.TotalWellnessConsulting. who assessed strength using the 1 rep max for bench and leg presses among the men. 2008) revealed some very impressive findings of an 18.9-year study conducted on 8. then this is it . (2008).especially if you're a man.196 Study Links Muscular Strength to Lower Mortality in Men If you need yet another reason to make resistance training a regular part of your lifestyle.ca . Association between muscular strength and mortality in men: prospective cohort study. BMJ.. showed that greater muscular strength can be a preventive measure against all mortality. Specifically.

Well.ca . If you have a blog. 2. and you must believe that you can achieve them. Put up beside your bed (that's where I have mine). the easier it will be to get out there and move your booty. CK.197 7 Ways to Make Exercise a MUST I would say that the majority of the population knows that exercise is important for their health and vitality. Wouldn't you agree? But why is it that so few people actually exercise on a regular basis? The same goes for eating well. or a family member what your goal is and have them hold you accountable to achieving it. Write down where you're starting at in terms of weight. then write a post about your goal . 4. CREATE LEVERAGE BY TELLING OTHERS Tell your spouse. I believe that most people simply don't have enough leverage against themselves to make exercise (and healthy eating) an absolute MUST. Here are 7 ways to help make exercise a regular part of your life: 1. strength. MAKE IT A MUST Goals are great but you need to WHY you MUST achieve them. measurable. SET YOUR GOALS You need to set goals in order to have something to work towards. They need to specific. 3. CREATE A VISION BOARD Put together a collage of pictures and words of what you want to look and feel like once you've achieved your goal. or any measure that you're trying to improve. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS Companies create financial reports to track their progress. The more reasons WHY that you have. That's why having a fitness trainer is so powerful. BPHE. on the 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. you fail to plan so plan your goals and get to it. Update your progress on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and you'll be amazed at how much more motivated you will be! 5. RHN www. flexibility. your friends. If your goals are only a SHOULD then you'll never accomplish them .there's nothing more powerful then having other people to be accountable to. If you fail to plan.TotalWellnessConsulting. Having many reasons WHY will help with that. Keep this vision board visible to you as much as possible.they must be a MUST for you. You too should do the same but in relation to your health and fitness goals.

BPHE. 7. Don't underestimate the power of this one! 6.and it works! Find some way to reward yourself (other than indulging in bad foods on a regular basis) that will charge you up to work towards! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. If you can associate a pleasurable reward with exercise. CK.ca . or anywhere else you're likely to see on a regular basis. Wake each other up first thing in the morning or meet up after to work and get outside for a run or hit the gym for a quick workout.198 fridge. then you're more likely to repeat that behaviour .it's basic classical conditioning. REWARD YOURSELF You need to acknowledges all of your successes along the way and reward yourself accordingly. WORKOUT WITH A BUDDY Get a friend to commit with you to exercising regularly.TotalWellnessConsulting.. RHN www.. Having someone to workout with makes the process that much more enjoyable and at the same time keeps you accountable.

High Intensity Interval Training Work = 1 minute @ 95% Recovery = 1 minute @ 65% Repeat 10 times for a total of 20 minutes Treadmill Workout #3 .TotalWellnessConsulting. So if you enjoy running on the treadmill and need more spice for your treadmill workouts. That's not to say that running outside in the cold isn't refreshing. RHN www. but for most.Long Duration Interval Training Work = 4 minutes @ 85% Recovery = 2 minutes @ 65% Repeat 4 times for a total of 24 minutes. more people are turning to treadmill workouts for their cardio sessions. boring cardio. Each of these running workout should begin with a light 5 minute warm-up (ie. then here are 3 interval training workouts that will give you maximum benefits while saving you tons of time. especially for several hours after the workout is complete.199 Treadmill Workouts to Boost Your Metabolism With the cold coming. BPHE. running inside seems to be a better option when the temperature falls below zero! Interval training (on the treadmill) is one of the most effective ways to boost your metabolism since it allows you to work at a higher intensity for a longer duration of time compared to slow.ca . Treadmill Workout #1 .Super High Intensity Interval Training Work = 30 seconds @ 100% Recovery = 1 minute @ 65% Repeat 10 times for a total of 15 minutes. Treadmill Workout #2 . jogging). 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. The result is better cardiovascular fitness and greater fat burning. Note as well that these interval training workouts are fairly challenging so give them a shot and see how you do. CK.

RHN www. CK.200 3 Thought-Provoking Articles 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. BPHE.TotalWellnessConsulting.ca .

BPHE.I'll do it tomorrow! The list goes on and on.does your story give you a feeling of significance? Does it make you feel more connected or loved by others? Does your story give you a sense of certainty? I'm almost certain that it doesn't give you a sense of growth or contribution (which are ultimately what we want to be striving for)! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim... These are stories that many people keep telling themselves. the need to feel connected and loved 5.201 What's the Story You're Telling Yourself? I'm too tired. the need for variety 3. But here's the interesting part. the need for certainty 2..TotalWellnessConsulting.. You just have to figure out which of those needs is being met by making up stories and believing them. then perhaps you've been telling yourself that you don't have time to exercise or that other people might judge you while you're working.I don't have time. these stories are holding them back from achieving their desired goals. The 6 basic human needs are the following: 1. Unfortunately.. If you fit into this category of individuals then you need to realize that: The only thing keeping you from what you really want is the STORY you keep telling about why you can't have it! You can call stories EXCUSES if that works better for you.I want to but I have to do something else first. the need to contribute For instance.. if you're looking to lose weight and have not succeeded. RHN www. you haven't taken action. As a result. CK. the need for growth 6.ca . the need for significance 4. The point is that in order to achieve your goals you need to stop telling yourself (and others) stories about why things haven't worked out for you OR that you don't have time (to exercise) OR whatever else! Why do we make up stories in the first place? Every human being has the same needs...

Stop telling stories and take action! 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim. What have you missed out on? What have you not become? Once you identify these issues then you can redirect your energy to find empowering ways to feel a sense of growth. RHN www.ca . CK. and love each and every day.202 Think about this for a second. Some people tell stories so that others will empathize or feel sorry for them and so they feel a sense of connection or love from other people. If you keep telling a story to get sympathy from others you will not succeed at attaining your goal because you've associated too much pleasure to the story (because of the attention you receive). BPHE. learning new things.TotalWellnessConsulting. The point is that you need to find other ways to get these primal needs met. are just a few examples of empowering DAILY HABITS that will make feel more fulfilled.. we do for a reason.. eating well. So here's what you need to do to break the habit. contribution. loving others and yourself. Everything we do. Exercising. Ask yourself the following question: "What is this story costing me?" Get associated with the pain that your story(ies) have cost you.


Striving for Excellence Without Beating Yourself Up
It was another disappointing loss! I just got home from a frustrating loss to one of the top soccer teams in our division. It was a game that saw our guys miss a penalty shot and plenty of easy scoring opportunities, while making the "usual" defensive mistakes giving our opponents ample scoring chances. The final score: Toronto Blues FC (our team) 2 - Peterborough City 3 Now, I usually get pretty pissed off when I play soccer since, as a goalie, I'm constantly directing my teammates and ensuring proper defensive shape, only to see my efforts get flushed down the drain game after game because of the same errors we continue to make. It is frustrating...believe me! The other thing that often bothers me is that I can be very hard on myself when I let in a goal or don't to something as well as it could have been done. In short, I'm a high achiever who is very self-critical - a recipe for sure unhappiness! Very seldom do I win according to my definition of "winning" - which is in essence a perfect game. As such, I spend a lot time playing the sport I love in misery and frustration. No wonder I stopped playing soccer professionally! Excellence is Good Enough The thing to realize, as I have in the last few years, is that the pursuit of perfection is like chasing a movement target. It just doesn't happen! Perfection does not exist. It is an illusion created by our own sets of rules and expectations based what we think should happen in any given situation. But we can be excellent! The pursuit of excellence should be the goal. This is the pursuit of being the best you can be in any given situation. It is the true test of being a champion. Excellence is leaving the playing field knowing that you gave 100% of yourself regardless of the result. Excellence is an intrinsic feeling that comes about when you dedicate yourself to constant improvement upon which you grow as a person and can finally feel fulfilled.

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204 Excellence differs from perfection in that it allows for error. It allows you to make mistakes to learn from. The key is to be aware of these lessons and grow from them. On the other hand, perfection is black or white. You're either perfect or you're not! Pretty hard to live up to. The problem with striving to be perfect is that too much time is spent in "selfcriticism". We beat ourselves for everything little thing that doesn't go according to our "plan". In the end, we never win and constantly feel like a failure. Over time, this self abuse leads to a weakening of our spirit, self-esteem, and joy for life! We feel that no matter what we do, it (and we) will never be good enough never be perfect enough. The pursuit of perfection reflects our feeling of not being (good) enough. Instead, the pursuit of excellence highlights our ambition to be the best we can be, do the best we can do, and give the most of ourselves. What more can we really ask of ourselves? Strive to be excellent, not perfect!

101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN



The Way Out is By Looking In
Last night I watched Mike Myers' most recent movie, the Love Guru. I'm a sucker for stupid comedies and this was definitely one of them. However, the movie did have its moments of tremendous insight. If you have yet to see the movie, Mike Myers plays a Guru of Love (a la Deepak Chopra) who, on his mission to helping an ailing Toronto Maple Leaf, offers message of wisdom all throughout the movie. For instance, he refers to the word INTIMACY as "INTO ME I SEE". Funny and brilliant at the same time! One of the most profound messages from the movie is that to get out of a situation we want to change, we must look inside ourselves! How true indeed. It makes sense too since we can never change anything or anyone, just ourselves. If we want something to change... we must change. Praying that someone will become more like us or drop certain undesirable behaviours is selfish and naive. For change to occur, it must come from within ourselves. By looking inside ourselves we begin to understand that WE control our thoughts and feelings through the power of focus. What you focus expands. What you focus on is your life. If you focus on how nasty people are then your world is going to be a pretty bitter place. Conversely, if you focus on how people are kind and giving then your world will be a much different (happier) place. So the key to "getting out" or changing something is by changing either... ... what YOU focus on ... the meaning YOU give to a certain situation ... the way YOU respond (ie. your behaviour) That's it! That's pretty much all you can control in any given situation. So let's look at a hypothetical example. What are you focusing on? Suppose your spouse does something that annoys the hell out of you - like not taking out the trash (something pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things). If this annoys you then most likely you are focusing on the fact that your spouse never takes out the trash. You probably embellish this fact even further to make it more dramatic and convincing to yourself (and your spouse). So part of the problem is that the focus is constantly on your spouse NOT taking out the trash.
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206 What's the meaning you give to this? That your spouse is selfish, doesn't care about you, etc....It could be anything you make it out to be. But remember the only thing that matters is the meaning you give to the situation. Reality is the meaning we give to a situation even if it isn't true in actuality! Therefore, reality is totally subjective. Yours may be different from your spouse's! No wonder it can be hard to live with someone else, let alone get along with everyone in your life. How are you responding to this situation? Do you get angry, annoyed, depressed? Do you get passive aggressive? Do you have to respond this way? What does responding this way do for you? Does it make your spouse aware of the fact that they're not doing what you want them to do? Remember that everything we do, we do for a reason and a purpose and it serves us in some way or another. We control the decisions we make At the end of the day, our control lies in our ability to DECIDE. To decide what we focus on, what meaning we give to any given situation, and how we decide to act. To change the way you feel about a situation all you have to do is make a different decision. Sounds overly simplistic. And it probably is for most of us who get caught up in the hussle and bussle and take little time to step back from a situation and "look within". So my challenge to you is to identify something that bothers you. I then want you to look inside and ask yourself... "What am I focusing on? What does this mean to me? How am I acting in response?" Then, I'd like you to take a more empowering approach to overcome this "negative situation" and reprogram your psychology by asking yourself... "What do I need to focus on to feel happy?" "Does this really mean that much to me?" "How can I behave to be more supportive, communicative, and loving in this situation?"

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BPHE.207 Ask and you shall receive.TotalWellnessConsulting. You will always get the answers you are looking for so why not ask yourself more empowering questions??? 101 Ways to Total Wellness Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim.ca . RHN www. CK.

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