FILA TABLE Conventional construction method is currently not suitable for fast track construction.

Time constrained and limited resources (labour and materials) requires the engineer to think on the other solutions (especially in new building product) to ensure that their project can be delivered on time, within budget and still achieve the desirable standard and quality. Your company was the manufacturer for precast concrete building materials. Your main specialized was in quick wall building system for housing and residential building. Your company is now expanding the business prospect to global market. From the statement above, you need to convince your customers to buy your product and ensure that the customers will choose your product and make it as the construction material for housing and residential building project. FACTS  IDEAS  LEARNING ISSUES  RESOURCES NEEDED / ACTION PLAN Group discussion.

1. Conventional method is commonly use on residential building structures. 2. Precast concrete building materials make the projects can be delivered on time, and within the efficient cost.

Conventional method is not suitable for fast track construction. Why precast concrete is fast? Quality control.

Find other suitable methods for fast track construction.

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Find out the installation procedures. Determine how to achieve the excellent quality control. Find out the types of connection joints systems.

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Surfing internet.

Group discussion

Connection method.

Surfing internet


Determine the advantages of precast concrete wall panels.

Find information from brochure.

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