Brain drain has become serious problem and a subject of worry for developing countries.

It is a global issues and the common phenomenon nowadays. Brain drain defined as the emigration of high skill individuals, where a high-skill emigrant is a foreign-born individual, aged 25 or above with an academic or professional degree beyond high school. This phenomenon also occurred in our country itself. This situation will give the big impact especially the bad effect to their own development of their country. According to the 2005 World Bank report, over 10,000 educated Malaysian’s who could have contributed their intellectual talent and skill to improve this country for development has been lost to other countries. From this situation, our development has become low in progress to achieve one of the develop countries status. Brain drain or international movement of human capital has been caused by economic situation of a country. It really can not be denied where many of us are motivated by money and economic intensives. Nowadays, people like to join to the country which is high-income where they would be migrating from the low-income economies to high-income economies. They will be migrating to developing and modern country because their opportunity to get what they want is higher than their original country such as excellent in their career, luxury and else. This situation can be seen where our citizens like to migrate to high-income countries such as Singapore, Australia, United State and United Kingdom. From the fact where Malaysian residing in Australia was 31,598 in 1981 and this increased to 92,337 in 2007. This number will be increased rapidly in every year due to economic situation of a country. Education aspect is one of the main causes of brain drain phenomenon. Many peoples like to continue their study at modern countries which is higher skill in science and technologies. The current global high technologies in education have been encouraged our Malaysian migrating to abroad to continue their study especially in medical, engineering and technology field. After finish their study, they won’t back to their own country because their have big opportunity in their career field there than their country. This situation has become a subject of worry for our country. To overcome this phenomenon from happen in all times, the government should be do the aggressiveness and drastic plan. Based on 10th Malaysian Plan where our Prime Minister has been announced to “create globally competitive wages” to attract Malaysian to came back to help our country with their skill and knowledge. The government institution such as JPA should be provide the related job to their scholars after six months graduation to ensure that their not preferred to working at abroad. Other than that, government should be change the old policy with new policy where the local company and abroad company in Malaysia must take the talented or professional people from this country. From this way, more career opportunity will be present for our citizens and the brain drain situation can be reducing. As a conclusion, to combat the brain drain phenomenon as a major problem in our country, we as citizens must have nationalism spirit to help develop our country with all skill and knowledge

that we have. Finally we can contribute a big impact in our country itself as a modern and develop country .

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