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Lesson scenario Topic :”Travelling”


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To present new information about travelling To present new lexical units To practice speaking skills To develop spontaneous students’ speech. To practice reading skills To develop and practise the critical thinking skills. By the end of the lesson the students will be able to express their own attitude to the different types of travelling and to make a monologue about their preferences.

Scheduled flight, all-in package, hire, getting around, unlimited mileage, go as you please, self-catering, chalet, bed-and-breakfast, half-board, full board. stage time Teacher’s activity Students’ activity Stage Teacher’s activity Students’ activity 1.warmer Ask about students’ experiences in the sphere of Answer the questions and express their travelling fillings 2. presentation Presentation of the slides Reading and practicing new vocabulary 3. discussion Ask some questions from slides and discuss them with Discuss the information from the slides students.

New vocabulary:

2-3 min. 1. warmer

2. presentation

20-25 min.

-Good morning, my dears! How are you today? -Tell me please, why are you so-so? -And you want to have a rest. -What about holidays or a trip to some pretty place somewhere? -Who else does want to travel? -Very nice! Today we will study some useful information about travelling! Let’s us start! (the beginning of the computer presentation for students) - Look at the first slide please. It is general information that, I think, will be interesting for you. - What do you think about it? - (slides 2 and 3) try to answer this question. - (slide 4) Let’s us image that you want to travel then you should know this (slide 5) - What kind of travelling do you know?

S1: Fine, thanks! S2: I’m so-so S2: Because I want to sleep and I’m tied. S2: Yes. S2: I think it will be great! S: All of us!

(reading the information on the first slide)

(answer the questions) S1: travelling by car S2: travelling by bus S3: travelling by air. …

- Very good! You know a lot of them. But now I want you to discuss travelling by air. (reading and discuss the information on the (slides 5-8) slides) - (slide 9) Here we will check what you know (reading and answer the questions) now about travelling by air. stage time Teacher’s activity Students’ activity

2. presentation

20-25 min.

- Another type of travelling is travelling by car. Tell me please, what kind of experiences you have in this sphere of travelling. (slide 11, 12 : presenting of new lexical units) - It is very good when you have a car and you can travel anywhere you want and you can stop where you want. It gives you the freedom to go as you please. - But what about the place where you can stay for a night and have some rest? - Yes, you are absolutely right. And that’s why we will speak about accommodation. (slides 14-18)

Ss: (discuss the questions)

Ss: Of course, we need some places

Ss: (reading and discussion presented information about accommodation)

stage 3. discussion


Teacher’s activity Students’ activity - now you know a lot of information about types of travelling, accommodation and, I Ss: ((discuss the questions) students think, you can tell me: should make a kind of monologue.  What kind of travelling do you prefer?  What type of accommodation do you want to have?  Explain your choice. (slide 19)

Evaluation of the lesson:
• Teacher should give some comments to the students’ activity. He should give some advices to those students who have some mistakes. • Teacher should give some compliments to those who try to do their best during the lesson.