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Mills And Boon At The End Of The World
by anxiousgeek Summary

Sam/Jack, Cam/Sam, Zombie!ficlet.

The bullet whizzed through the air, slicing through a few leaves before hitting its target as intended, with a thud and squelch as it hit the zombie straight in the forehead. "Yes!" Cam cried, throwing a hand up in the air, "Nice." He grinned at Sam sat next to him, who rolled her eyes and went back to her book. "Haven't you read that already?" he asked, picking the binoculars back up and looking into the forest, past the large metal fence that kept the zombies at bay. "No, all Mills and Boon books look the same." "I didn't realise O'Neill was such a big fan." "I think they were his grandmothers," she said. "They were," Jack said, smiling at Sam, then hitting Cam around the ear, knocking his cap off. "Stop taking pot shots at the zombies," he said, "you'll attract more." "I'm using a silencer!" Cam protested, leaning over in one of the deck chairs they'd mounted to the top of the cabin's roof, to pick up his cap. "Doesn't matter." "I thought we were forgetting ranks at the end of the world."

Cam rolled his eyes this time and put the binoculars back to his eyes." "All Mills and Boon." Sam laughed at them both. Yeah. then try and silence it when Jack glared at him but found himself starting up all over again when the older man turned to look at Sam as she made her way down the roof. sitting down in the chair between them. it was Robbins."I don't remember saying that. "I count seven this side. "I'm sorry Jack." "Cam I come?" Jack asked as she got up." he said with a smirk." "You've read Mills and Boon?" he asked raising an eyebrow. and there is nothing wrong with Mills and Boon. with a smile. I don't want to attract any attention." He handed the binoculars to Jack and pointed at a zombie shuffling aimlessly into a tree." "You're not. When he turned back Cam was looking into the forest again." "Jack!" She swatted him with the book. "No." he said." she said. "You did!" "Did not." "Oh." "Leave them." He out his hand out and Cam haded the gun over. "I'm going inside." "Nah. there's your neighbour." . "I see him." "Gonna take a shot?" "No. you did." The flat out refusal made Cam laugh. "No. "that's how you got me into bed. And neither are you." "No. Sam reads them and then we have sex. "Sorry." she said looking away from her book. "I think you shot my neighbour you know. including your neighbour. "There are plenty of books to read Mitchell.

" "Yes Sir. longer than the younger man would admit to. at the mental fence he'd put up at the beginning of this mess. Though." Please drop by the archive and comment to let the author know if you enjoyed their work! . "I wanted to thank you. They were quiet for a while. "Sir?" "It's the end of the world Mitchell. a throw away gesture and Cam smiled. Cam had carried Sam for miles." "A while?" "Just accept that I don't know Mitchell. she'd been in a pretty bad way when they'd finally arrived. with the six or more zombies that were roaming around the cabin. we should do okay for a while. banging at his fence." he said. "What for?" "Bringing Carter up here." he waved a hand. As long as we can. we didn't know where else to go." Cam said. His truck was wasting away just inside the perimeter. but no where else to go beyond that. "And you?" "I wanted to be safe." Jack nodded." "Hell." he said. "I knew where she wanted to be. "How long d'you think we can survive up here Sir?" he asked. turning to look at him. when he found out DC was gone and so was any route to theSGC . "You should tell her that?" he said." Jack said. "and wherever she is. with enough gas to get to the next gas station. "If Sam can get her garden going. Jack looking down over the front of his cabin.Cam nodded but kept looking. They were safe for now." he said. He knew that. then after a pause. He still wasn't sure how Mitchell and Sam had made it up here alive. we can get rid of the ranks and the rules. "Yeah well.