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901 Kristin Ct.

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 To:

Kelly J. Canon Arlington, TX 76012

Cell: 817-929-3299

Hope Andrade, Texas Secretary of State Capitol Building 1100 Congress, Room 1E.8 Austin, TX 78701


Keith Ingram, Director Elections, Texas Secretary of State 208 East 10th Street Austin, TX 78701

Subject: Complaint Regarding 04.30.12 Meeting with Mr. Keith Ingram, Director of Elections Dear Madam Secretary: Yesterday, my colleague and I sat through a pre-scheduled appointment with Mr. Ingram where we presented our concerns that the Election division in the office of Secretary of State fails to provide the necessary election information that would inform the voters when we cast our votes. However, it was clear from the outset that Mr. Ingram was not interested in what we had to say. We had put a lot of work into preparing for this meeting, as you will see by reading the enclosed 2-page letter addressed to Mr. Ingram, which we presented to him at that time. We came with a fully researched set of problems laid out in a meticulously prepared report, and a rational set of solutions to address these problems, which fixes could be implemented immediately. On the other hand; while I was reading my prepared statement, Mr. Ingram was looking at his watch, or checking his email notifications. In short, he wasnt paying attention to me. When I had finished reading, he quickly dismissed our allegations, claiming these were just our assertion, and not facts. Yet, we had not only offered facts in our presentation, but also offered copies of the documented evidence we had compiled which supported our allegations! Again, he was not interested in seeing any of this documentation. Moreover, notwithstanding that we had just pointed out several examples which supported our allegation, the office fails to provide adequate voter information; he nonetheless insisted that was an impeccable resource for voters to rely on for election information! He went further to say that this system has been in place for years, and has worked just fine, despite the fact, we had just spent the last 10 minutes identifying what to us and millions of other voters were significant flaws in that same system. In addition, while the specific concerns we presented focused on the upcoming 2012 election; incredibly, Mr. Ingram actually made the inane suggestion that we take our concerns to the Legislature, pointing, for effect, over his shoulder at the Capitol building outside his window. Surely, he knows that the next legislative session doesnt even start until January 2013! With all of his gestures during our presentation, and his inane responses and absurd suggestions afterward; it is clear at least to my colleague and me that Mr. Ingram was not paying attention to the complaint we were there to present. On the contrary, his dismissive conduct toward us only reinforced our complaint. Thank you,

Kelly Canon